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Fetish Phone Sex with Skylar

Do you have a fetish?

I am the perfect phone girl who understands the difference between a sexual desire and a true sexual fetish.  Your specific fetish is part of you. You need something specific to truly enjoy an orgasm to the fullest. Normal, everyday sex might be okay, but you need to tap into that fetish, no matter how odd it may seem to some.

Embrace your fetish. It is part of you. Let’s explore your desires together. Maybe it is tickling, boots, leather, lace, feet, sneezing, balloons, diapers, baby talk, enemas, exhibitionism, domination, hair, latex, legs, watersports, humiliation, or toys.

You probably keep your fetish a secret from your lover, wife, or girlfriend. Phone sex with me is a great way to dive into that part of you. We can share this experience together by creating a little world where you feel extremely comfortable to achieve that gratification that you need to have the optimal orgasms.



Written By: Skylar
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Spring Break Staycation with Mommy

With everything crazy that is happening in the world right now, lots of snuggle time with Mommy is what is best for you. Traveling, at the best of times, is a hassle. I know how much you love seeing Mommy in her sundress and bikini, but no Spring Break travel for us this year. Of course, Mommy can make staying home a sweet adventure too! There is always lots of fun and games and delicious, decadent treats with your Mommy Morgan. 

There are lots of fun times ahead for us during Spring Break this year, even if we never leave the house. We can have an intimate picnic lunch on the floor in the family room. Afternoon Delight! Time spent alone with Mommy is always fun and playful. You never know what special surprises she has planned for you. Maybe the two of you have a tickle contest, which ends up being foreplay. Discovering which pair of panties she is wearing is always fun, but taking them off is super exciting. Mommy feeds you something extra sweet for dessert.  

You are Mommy’s special boy. You and Mommy both share a love for the beach, but this year to keep you safe, staying home for Spring Break seems wise. Mommy will bake you your favorite cookies. The two of you can break the rules and eat them in her bed while watching a sexy movie. Mommy has a collection of her favorite erotic films on DVD, but wouldn’t it be fun to try something new?  You and Mommy create your own movie that you can watch later. Always a new and fun adventure with your Mommy Morgan. 

Stay inside and play today! Mommy Morgan knows best! 



Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Your New Little Girl Wants To Play!

You have been dating my Mommy for a long time now. Soon you will be married and I will be your little girl. You will be my new Daddy. Yes, I flirt with you. It is not your imagination. I tease you when I walk around the house looking hot and cute. I show off my little tits. You tell my Mommy that you love her big tits, but I know you really love my tiny tits better. My tight little body, sitting on your lap, grinding away. Mommy doesn’t make you hard as much as I do. You’re only marrying Mommy so you can spend more time with me. Like every night, in the same room, with me in my little pj’s, bouncing around the house. You want to get inside of my little, white cotton panties. My little pussy is getting creamy just thinking about you being my new Daddy.


Little Lucie 



Written By: Little Lucie
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Tickle Fetish Phone Sex

I have odd little fetish that makes my tiny little pussy wet in more than just one way. That is to be tickled! I love it but hate it all at the same time. I was telling my phone sex daddy all about it and he came up with the hottest call for us.

I was in my room getting dressed after a shower and daddy came in my room. I was really mad because he didn’t knock and  I told him he should get the fuck out of my room. Daddy called me a brat and said everything in the house was his because he paid all the bills. I told him to fuck off. I mean it is MY room!

Daddy grabbed me and began to tickle my tiny, teen feet. I started to laugh and couldn’t stop. I begged him and tried to push him away but he kept tickling me everywhere. He tickled my flat little tummy, the back of my knees, right below my tiny little butt till we were both out of breath.

Daddy finally stopped but he was staring at my little white panties. With all the tickling, I had peed a bit in my panties. I had never pissed my panties before and wasn’t sure what to do or say. Daddy pushed me back on the bed and pulled them off. I thought he was going to toss them in the hamper but he began to lick them. I mean he really got into it till his daddy dick was hard and poking out of his shorts. That wasn’t enough for daddy so he tickled me even more. I called him a fucker and told him to stop or I would tell mommy. Then it happened, I squirted juice all over daddy!

Teen Torrie Loves Tickling

Tickling Phone Sex

I’ve been noticing you been watching me at the playground. You undress me with your eyes and think about taking me home with you. I can tell you’re nervous to fully approach me so I come up to you and get in your car.

We get to your house and you remove all of my clothes. I’m thinking you were going to fuck me but you had other plans. You tie my hands and feet together with rope. Looking at me squirming gives you a big bulge in your pants. Your intentions are not to fuck my young, tight pussy. Your cock thrives on something else. You get off with putting your hands on my soft, tender skin. Rubbing your hands all over my body, touching me in sensitive areas where you watch me fidget. You get even more turned on with the sounds I make when your tickling becomes more intense. I am very ticklish and I can feel my panties getting soaked. As you started tickling and rubbing my wet panties, I started getting really aroused and I felt myself squirting. I never thought I would be so turned on with a complete stranger tickling me.

Tickle Me, Pickle Me

My phone sex brother can be a bit of a pain in my ass but he is adorable and so funny. It seems like one of us gets grounded and our phones taken away constantly so we invent silly games to play. His latest is Tickle Me, Pickle me. Sounds innocent enough, right? *Giggles*

It began as one of us would surprise the other and jump on them, tickle and make them eat a sour pickle. I mean a real pickle, get your minds outta the gutter..or don’t! We did that for a couple of days and it kind of began getting old, especially the pickle part. I told him to come up with another game and I would play.

A few days later he jumps on me and yells tickle me, pickle me. Not again!! We start rolling on the bed and he is just in his boxers and me in my sleep shorts and tank. I can feel he has a boner and I am trying to hide the fact my cute teen tits have come out of my tank and my nipples could cut glass. I can’t believe we are both getting excited, I mean he’s my brother. I can’t help myself so I begin to tease him telling him he has the hots for me. He tickles me some more and we roll off the bed onto the floor with him on top.

OMFG, what he does next I can’t believe, Okay well I can. *Giggles* He pulls off my shorts and his boxers and yells Tickle me, pickle me and next thing I know his dick is inside my hot little fuck hole. I try and push him off but it feel so good I just wrap my legs around his back and kiss him and nibble his neck. My moans of pleasure just make him fuck me harder. I try and tell him to pull out before he cums as I am not on birth control. That just makes him fuck me harder and harder till he drains his balls in my tight little pussy. Oh Fuck!! It is the time of the month I am fertile. He pulls out with a smirk on his face and yells…Your Pickled.

Bratty Teen AJ

My Bestie Slept Over

Well, maybe I should say she STAYED over, because we didn’t get any sleep! We did the typically girly things.. nails, makeup, gossip.. but then things took a crazy turn. We were lying on my bed, talking about boys when she started to tickle me. I squirmed on the bed and tried to get away from her, but she straddled me and held my arms over my head and tickled even harder. I tried and tried to buck her off of me, but she was just too strong! I laughed so hard that tears started to flow down my cheeks and I couldn’t catch my breath. I begged her to stop. My whole body was starting to ache. Then it happened. I felt that warm sensation between my legs and realized that I had peed in my little cotton panties. I tried to hide it, but she pushed my hands away, giggling. Once I caught my breath, I laid there for just a little bit, still in shock but then planning my revenge. While she laughed at me, I slowly pounced on her, digging my fingers into her ribs.
It was a long, wet night, in more ways than one! 😉