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I really must confess…incest is best

My big brother “J” has been taking care of his hot lil sis for years. Those long summer nights staying up talking, teasing, playing at the beach house. Running around in nothing but my g-string bikini beckoning him to touch and taste. I have always been an unruly tease!

Weekends when mom & dad were away and we would have the house all to ourselves.  I used to love to “play house” with my big brother.  I would be the sweet, loving wife and take care of his every need even cook for him. He loved crawling in bed next to his young sexy sister knowing how wrong it was only made it more hot for us. I remember the first time he touched me “there”.  I was standing in the kitchen making a glass of water and he came up and wrapped his arms around me from behind.  I could feel his bulging cock rub against my tight, young ass and then suddenly felt his hands wandering up my little cheerleader skirt.  He found my tight, hot virgin slit and started to probe and tease.  At first I pulled away but I could no longer resist what it was we both so badly desired from each other.  I wanted my brother’s cock and I wanted it right then and there. “Let’s go to your bedroom Sadie.” My brother always has a way of reading my mind, knowing what I want before I even realize what it is. Needless to say, he took his little sister’s V-card that night and that was only the beginning of the kink we shared.

Thank you sexy bro “J” for all the hot & taboo calls we do .I love making you cum hard over & over again.  *giggles* You know I do too~

Kisses on your yummy mushroom head,

Sadie 😉