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Putting Him In His Place


  Men with attitudes  seriously need to be put in their place. I have my collection of subs but once in awhile, I find it amusing to reply to a request for a strong woman who can take charge. I can’t help but laugh knowing there is women out there who are subs themselves. Why? Men are here to be used, abused and taken for every penny.

 I met him at his hotel, and quickly found out there was a misunderstanding on his part. He made a ridiculous assumption that I would submit to him. What a fucking joke! I went along with it for a few minutes to test him. That was when things got hysterically funny. His dick? I mean that is what he called it. It was maybe 4 inches at best. He was proud of that tiny thing, wagging it all around. Minutes later he was on his knees sucking a real dick for me.


Written By: Brianna
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She-Male Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Hey, there all my cock sucking fags or should I say my cock sucking want-to-be sluts. Are you wondering how good it would feel to be with a she-male? In other words, I am a CHICK WITH A DICK! I just love having a man to suck on and a huge cock to give him pleasure with. I love my cock sucked and I love sucking cock.

Teaching guys how to suck and lick a delicious cock like mines gives me so much pleasure. Watching my rock hard cock growing into your throat while I ram it down your whore throat is the best. I’ll bend you over and shove this fat cock up your sweet little tight asshole and make you my bitch. Be amazed as I blast a huge load of cum down your throat or inside your asshole, whichever you prefer. We can switch the tables and you can fuck me up my ass too.  Pick up the phone and give me call for the thrill of being with a she-male, I promise you will enjoy it. Honey, your little secret is safe with me.


Tranny Mindy
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Pale Legs, Dripping Cum And A Pathetic Loser


 Home late from a Fetish Ball and you were waiting outside my door. You just had to talk to me to get things right in your head.  As always you help me out of my latex gown while I let you fucking ramble on about life, sex and what a pathetic loser you are. 

When everything is off, except my fine ass boots you see the cum dripping down my pale beautiful thighs. You automatically assume the ball had many musicians, and well loser; you would be right as you know the only men I fuck are artists or men that can help me in this world to get what I want. In other words people I can USE!

You want to talk about the little blonde girl you saw outside after school let out but the cum dripping down my leg has your attention now. You seem hypnotized at how much there is and how it is slowly dripping down to my beautiful boots. We can’t have that, now can we? I grab the back of your head and force your tongue right where the drip on my thigh is about to hit my boot. You no longer need forcing as you taste the tangy, salty nectar of my cunt juice mixed with jizz of several beautiful men. Sometimes, you crave more than little birds, don’t you bitch?


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Love Hurts

   He showed up at my door with Black Roses, boxes from Hades Malaya1boots, and gift boxes in red with black ribbon from Kinky Angel Clothing. He bowed at my feet and begged me to just give him a chance.  Stupid fucking men, I can buy my own things. There is but one way to win my affection. That is to willingly offer yourself up to moi.

     We shall call it a fucking love sacrifice. So, that he did. He quietly stripped down and asked where I wanted him. I told him to lay down on the clear plastic tarp laying on the cold concrete floor. I was getting immensely excited and I took my tools and assembled them on the plastic. I told him that if he really loved me he would never avert his eyes from the above mirror. He must watch everything.

Details? No, there is no time for that. If you really want to know what I did for him you must hear it from my lips. Eventually  he begged me to let him blow his head off in the name of love.   Happy Early Valentine’s Day.


Your Balls Versus My Stilettos

  I have been thinking about those big, hairy balls of yours. Some 3215-300x370might call them trophy balls but I call them cushions for my stilettos.  I had to laugh when you came over for our “date” and thought I had several pairs of boots out to decide what to wear out.

       Then you thought we were going to just fuck, sure yes that would fucking happen. My plans were to stomp, trample and destroy your balls with 4 different pairs of  boots. A bit different than your plans, hey loser.  

         Let’s be honest, you will take me anyway you can. The only way that is will be a kneeing, punching and trampling of those balls.  Your Pain, my pleasure.

                                Fetishista Frankie

After Hours With Maleficent Malaya


         A few of my callers will ask why I leave around midnight amal4s I am clearly an after hours girl. After playing deviant games with you fuckers I have other even more depraved plans for my night. You won’t see me getting into bed, anyone’s bed till the sun comes up.

       If you are wondering just how someone gets me into bed, they must have something I crave or need. My fuck buddies are musicians, artists, and men I can stomp on to climb the ladder going down to hell. You? I don’t know what can you do for me. Nothing? Then fuck off you are in the never will touch my beautiful body category. 

       Tonight I am off to a combination Burlesque and sex show. The main show is first then if you didn’t pay a small fortune you are gone.  Go find yourself a cheap crack head whore, if you can get it up again.  Loser!  Unless, of course, you are willing to submit to every and anything I demand. Later bitches.



Surrender To Your Mistress Koko


Kneel before me. Admire my beauty. You know your place. You are my little pet. You are my most devoted love slave.

Despite the warm temperature, I wear my tall black leather boots for you. I know your weakness for black leather boots. Suck on the sexy heel. Suck on it like a little cock. Come on, show some enthusiasm.  Lick the toe of my boot. Smell that leather. Close your eyes and just smell. Rub your cock against my leather boot. Good Boy!

Now put your face between my legs. Enjoy that sweet sexy scent of my wet pussy. Get your tongue under those panties. You know your only purpose is to amuse me, obey me and pleasure me.  Now pleasure me. Worship your Goddess. Lick me until I cum all over your face. Good Boy!

 Time to bend over and be my bitch. Spread apart your cheeks and offer up your ass to me. I know you need this. I give your ass a couple of playful spanks. Fetch me my Super Big Black Strap-On. Watch me put it. Beg for it. Beg to fucked.

Mistress Koko


Tits & Cum

I get wetter and wetter as I anticipate about his big cock fucking me. You watch me as I lay in our bed and arch my back pulling down my panties. Soaking the bed sheets already with my pussy juices. You get impatient but you know better. I know what you need. Your eyes get wider and wider as you watch me spread my legs for another man. You watch him fuck me with his enormous cock. You sit, you watch, and you stroke. His cock throbs in my wet pussy fucking me slow and long. I can feel the head twitching. He pulls out running his cock along my lips letting me taste him. I know how curious you are about all the men who fuck me. Now is your chance, do you want to taste his cum?  I know you want to try. I take all of his cock in my mouth working it in until he’s ready to blow his load. I look over at you and you look so pathetic begging for a taste. I finish him off all over my tits spraying me down with his warm load. You stare with hunger, what are you waiting for? Lick this cum of my tits. 😉

I Have a Boot Fetish

I love stiletto heeled boots more than anything else I wear. I have them in leather, latex and pvc in all different colors. The one thing that is a constant is the heels. Those 8 inch heels make my legs and ass look even more amazing than they already are. I see how men and boys alike stare.

As pretty and hot as they look, they have so many more uses. Ha, you dumb ass fucking loser, I see you are already holding your balls. You guessed these heels were made from grinding into your worthless balls. Do you think covering them and cowering away like a sniffling worm will help you? Not a fucking chance! I get what I want and right now, I want to destroy your worthless balls.

I am laughing so fucking hard now because you assume your balls is the only part of you I will destroy. Why don’t I just leave you with this thought LOSER. My boots work just as good as a strap on and you will be expected to clean those heels and a little ass to mouth when we are done.

Your hot and mean ball buster,

Freaky Frankie

What’s it going to be?

You want me so bad you lick your tablet screen. Admit it fucker, there is nothing you won’t do for me. Isn’t the real question on your mind “what would I do for you’? That would be nothing, absolutely fucking nothing. You can beg, I love the sound of a man begging but not as much as the sound of cha ching as he pays me for fucking nothing but my voice and a gaze at my scrumptious curves.

Now, there are things I will do to you and I promise you, they will hurt! Not just a little slap or pinch BUT pain. Sweet, hot, salty tears of your pain. What are you waiting for, are you a pathetic cunt boy?

So this is how it is going to be. You want me? ROFLMFAO, get your toys and have your information ready because I have no patience for stammering stuttering dick socks. You do have a dick, or do you?  I don’t wait on people either, so do it NOW!

Fetish Frankie for all your fetish desires.