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Leather Shopping

   I needed a new pair of sexy boots and a new leather store opened up. I was so excited to see what they had. The smell when you walked in the boutique was incredible. It was their grand opening, and all the employees were dressed to the nines. I do love the smell of leather.

A tall, sexy gentlemen handed me a glass of bubbly, and stayed by my side to help. I love having a slave while I shop. I found several items to try on, including a red leather corset. He showed me to the dressing room where there was more bubbly.

          He asked if I would mind him helping since all of the female staff was busy. Once in the large, plush dressing room, I began to undress. I tried on a few of the items, and he honestly looked unfazed by the whole thing. Gay? It was time to try on all my boots. The smell of the leather was making my pussy gush. Having a cute guy on his knees, made the situation even hotter. 

As he helped me on with the boots, I noticed he was getting a bit breathy and flushed. He looked up at me, down at my boots, and then begged me to let him kiss and lick the leather. I let him kiss, and lick them for awhile. A fuck in the dressing room is hot, but I decided at my home would be even better. 


Written By: Brianna
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How About Some Girl On Girl Action?

My friend said he had someone he wanted me to meet. Of course, I’m expecting some really built gorgeous guy, right?

I show up to my friends party in a sexy outfit; tight, little black & white dress, very low cut to show off my pretty titties, and thigh high stiletto heeled boots. My hair was hanging straight down my back, ready to be pulled, should he decide to bend me over and take me suddenly from behind in the bathroom at the party!

I show up, my pussy already creaming in my panties, fantasizing about this guy with a huge cock. I see my friend and move as quickly through the crowd as I can. My friend knows what a naughty girl I am so she tells me to follow her to her bedroom.  I think I feel pussy juices rush right into my boot!

We get to the door and she tells me to enjoy my belated birthday surprise. She gives me a kiss on the lips and a slap on the ass as she closes the door behind me. They’re only candles for light. All of a sudden, I feel arms slide around me from behind cupping my tits in small hands.  I slide my hands up to feel the hands and discover long fingernails. I spin around in complete surprise and she presses herself into me shoving her hot tongue into my mouth!

Want to know what happened next?  Stop stroking your cock long enough to call me. Let’s get off together!


 Written By: Amber
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“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

 My best friend’s dad tried to end our rather odd but profitable relationship last night. I was dressed to party a bit, restrain him and take what I want, but he argued. He kept telling me he really had to leave and his wife would be worried. Maybe he should have thought about her before he started our affair. I laughed at him reminding him of the time I tossed his clothes out the window so he had to leave naked.

He began to beg more, but the sounds were muffled by my wet pussy on his face. As I shouted out commands, I told him how this whole thing could get a very cold turn. I could show his wife and daughter all the videos I have taken over the years. 

After I came on his face, I went for the credit cards and began shopping. Baby it might be cold outside, but not as cold as me when I don’t get what I demand!  Best of holidays from your party girl Harley.



Written By: Harley
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Fetishista Frankie Phone Sex

  I am called Fetishista Frankie by my friends for a reason. I am into just about any fetish you can imagine. I get bored very easily and need dark fetishes to amuse myself. There is nothing that will shock me. In fact you fuckers, I encourage it. Do something to fucking amuse me. I love it when a man calls me and immediately lists his toys. I am very much into inflicting pain on you. Hearing a man yelp in pain makes my sweet cunt incredibly wet. 

Gather your toys, read my blogs and give me a call. Let’s see if you are worthy.



Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Frankie’s Den Of Pain

        Welcum to my world of pain and pleasure. You’re late, and that annoys the fuck out of me. Do you think I have all day bitch? Look at all my pretty, shiny, leather toys. Get on your knees and kiss the heels of my boots. Oops, did I accidentally kick you in the face and knock you over?

Eyes away from me, and on my walls. Look at all the lovely fucking implements of torture. Pick three items from the wall, and of course you know my boots will be part of it. A blindfold, spiked belt and a flogger. Perfect choice, my pain slut. I can see the bulge in your pants, and that is not acceptable. It is not my fault you actually have a big, thick cock and trophy balls. Not my problem. 

Time to strip for me, and do it slow. Even a twisted bitch like me loves a good, slow strip. Now, put on your blindfold. On all fours as I guide your head into the guillotine. Stop begging, you pathetic loser. You know the guillotine could be fake, or the blade could chop things off. You wail, beg and cry as I flog your  back, legs, balls and cock. I hate to disappoint you, but the fucking belt just isn’t working for me. Your ass looks completely fuckable spread out like that. I believe it is time for me to use my huge strap-on. I promise it will only hurt for as long as I desire. 


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Putting Him In His Place


  Men with attitudes  seriously need to be put in their place. I have my collection of subs but once in awhile, I find it amusing to reply to a request for a strong woman who can take charge. I can’t help but laugh knowing there is women out there who are subs themselves. Why? Men are here to be used, abused and taken for every penny.

 I met him at his hotel, and quickly found out there was a misunderstanding on his part. He made a ridiculous assumption that I would submit to him. What a fucking joke! I went along with it for a few minutes to test him. That was when things got hysterically funny. His dick? I mean that is what he called it. It was maybe 4 inches at best. He was proud of that tiny thing, wagging it all around. Minutes later he was on his knees sucking a real dick for me.


Written By: Brianna
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She-Male Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Hey, there all my cock sucking fags or should I say my cock sucking want-to-be sluts. Are you wondering how good it would feel to be with a she-male? In other words, I am a CHICK WITH A DICK! I just love having a man to suck on and a huge cock to give him pleasure with. I love my cock sucked and I love sucking cock.

Teaching guys how to suck and lick a delicious cock like mines gives me so much pleasure. Watching my rock hard cock growing into your throat while I ram it down your whore throat is the best. I’ll bend you over and shove this fat cock up your sweet little tight asshole and make you my bitch. Be amazed as I blast a huge load of cum down your throat or inside your asshole, whichever you prefer. We can switch the tables and you can fuck me up my ass too.  Pick up the phone and give me call for the thrill of being with a she-male, I promise you will enjoy it. Honey, your little secret is safe with me.


Tranny Mindy
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Pale Legs, Dripping Cum And A Pathetic Loser


 Home late from a Fetish Ball and you were waiting outside my door. You just had to talk to me to get things right in your head.  As always you help me out of my latex gown while I let you fucking ramble on about life, sex and what a pathetic loser you are. 

When everything is off, except my fine ass boots you see the cum dripping down my pale beautiful thighs. You automatically assume the ball had many musicians, and well loser; you would be right as you know the only men I fuck are artists or men that can help me in this world to get what I want. In other words people I can USE!

You want to talk about the little blonde girl you saw outside after school let out but the cum dripping down my leg has your attention now. You seem hypnotized at how much there is and how it is slowly dripping down to my beautiful boots. We can’t have that, now can we? I grab the back of your head and force your tongue right where the drip on my thigh is about to hit my boot. You no longer need forcing as you taste the tangy, salty nectar of my cunt juice mixed with jizz of several beautiful men. Sometimes, you crave more than little birds, don’t you bitch?


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Love Hurts

   He showed up at my door with Black Roses, boxes from Hades Malaya1boots, and gift boxes in red with black ribbon from Kinky Angel Clothing. He bowed at my feet and begged me to just give him a chance.  Stupid fucking men, I can buy my own things. There is but one way to win my affection. That is to willingly offer yourself up to moi.

     We shall call it a fucking love sacrifice. So, that he did. He quietly stripped down and asked where I wanted him. I told him to lay down on the clear plastic tarp laying on the cold concrete floor. I was getting immensely excited and I took my tools and assembled them on the plastic. I told him that if he really loved me he would never avert his eyes from the above mirror. He must watch everything.

Details? No, there is no time for that. If you really want to know what I did for him you must hear it from my lips. Eventually  he begged me to let him blow his head off in the name of love.   Happy Early Valentine’s Day.


Your Balls Versus My Stilettos

  I have been thinking about those big, hairy balls of yours. Some 3215-300x370might call them trophy balls but I call them cushions for my stilettos.  I had to laugh when you came over for our “date” and thought I had several pairs of boots out to decide what to wear out.

       Then you thought we were going to just fuck, sure yes that would fucking happen. My plans were to stomp, trample and destroy your balls with 4 different pairs of  boots. A bit different than your plans, hey loser.  

         Let’s be honest, you will take me anyway you can. The only way that is will be a kneeing, punching and trampling of those balls.  Your Pain, my pleasure.

                                Fetishista Frankie