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Bree’s Pantyboy Playhouse

Tuck your little dick inside your sweet little pink panties. All my girlfriends are coming over for a sexy lingerie party. You can hang with us girls today because you possess more girly traits than masculine ones. For starters, your cock is just so tiny that it is more like a clit. Also, your ass has a round curve which is why you look so cute in panties! You are soft and small, petite and sweet, not big and strong like our boyfriends. We tease you and embarrass you, but you love humiliation.

You are one of the girls. We tell you our secrets, we let you go shopping with us, you borrow our clothes, and we put makeup on your face. We tease you about being a girl, and you love it!

Be a good girl and you can cum in your panties.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Dirty Little Sissy

       I wonder what your girlfriend would think if she knew what a dirty little girl you are. You have been stealing her panties and bras for years. Maybe she would actually be turned on by the thought of bending you over the bed like a little bitch. I know that I love humiliating you, spanking you and treating you like a little sissy slut.

She is standing at the door watching. Time got away from you, didn’t it? You didn’t expect her home so early. Now she knows the truth as she walks in the room calling you names. She slaps you, spits on you and takes the strap-on laying on the bed.

She slaps you in the face with it, and makes you gag on it. You are such a dirty little girl!  Now there are two of us, I am fucking your pretty little face and she is filling up your pussy.


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Mommy’s Pantyboy Phone Sex

Sometimes your Mommy Morgan makes mistakes. This week, I got behind in the laundry, especially the whites. I made sure that you had a clean shirt and jeans before I went to bed last night, but you didn’t have any clean underwear to wear to school this morning. All your tidy-whities are in the hamper. You are upset and very angry with me. You yell and scream that you can’t go to school. I come up with a solution. I go into my room and return with a pair of black bikini panties. You argue with me that you cannot wear girl panties. I beg you to try them on. I help you put on my panties. The bus will be here in a few minutes. They are tight on you, but you like how they look and feel. The satiny fabric is kind of fun against your cock and balls as you run to catch the bus. 

When you come home from school, you give your Mommy a big hug and kiss. You ask if you can wear panties every day. You love wearing panties! Mommy watches you take off your jeans and sees that you are hard. There is a big bulge in your panties, and Mommy Morgan will take care of that for you. 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Kinky Shopping Trip

You and I go out of town for a couple of days. We spend one of those days shopping. We stop for a late lunch at a little bistro. The handsome waiter talks the two of us into sharing a bottle of wine, instead of just getting a glass. Something about red wine makes me horny. After lunch, we are both very relaxed and feeling a little naughty. We continue our shopping. The next store we enter is an expensive upscale lingerie boutique. I find a La Perla bra and panty set to try on, so I step into the dressing room. You find a Chantelle bra and pair of panties in my size, and you bring it to me while I am trying on the first set. I like the lingerie you picked out for me, but we are both feeling sexy, silly, and a little kinky, and I talk you into putting on the lingerie. I help you out of your jeans. I rub your cock to get you very turned-on, then I watch you put on the bra and panties. We start making out. Your cock is dripping pre-cum into those panties. Our giggles turn to moans. We are going to go for it and fuck right there, but we hear someone approaching. The manager kicks us out of the store. She demands payment for the lingerie that we are wearing. We give her some cash and don’t wait for the change. We throw our clothes on and run out of the store red-faced and laughing.

We feel like a couple of naughty kids. I see a big bulge in your jeans, and my pussy is throbbing. We need to fuck, and fuck now! I get a very kinky idea. We head to Dillards. You think we are going for more lingerie, but I pull you into the men’s suit department. There is a very hot guy always working there. I talk him into a sexy threesome in the big dressing room. You both rub up against me as you get me naked, except for the thigh highs. He loves that we both are wearing our new lingerie. I talk you into sucking his cock after he makes me cum. You take his cock into your mouth and suck him. We end up fucking and cumming all over each other.


Written By: Brynna
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Pantyboy Masturbation Party Phone Sex

Hey there, Pantyboy! I have some new little panties for you. They are so soft and silky. You are adorable in my panties. Your cock is so tiny that we can tuck it in your panties. You are as smooth as I am between your legs. 

It is time for a Pantyboy Party. I invite you over for an evening of fun and sex games. I talk you into putting on a pair of my panties for me. My hot roommates are waiting for you to start the show. Come out and show off for the girls, my little exhibitionist pantyboy. Shake your little ass! It makes the ladies laugh and tease you. 

You are hilarious. The night is full of so much laughter because you are walking around all night in just your panties. The girls and I surround you. You are excited but intimidated. You feel weak and controlled by girls half your age. It is humiliating but exhilarating to be in nothing but a pair of panties in front of so many giggly girls. 

Spread your legs, pantyboy, and rub yourself through your silky panties. Your cock tingles and twitches. Put your hand inside of your panties. Grab your little cock and rub that head against your panties. Put on a Pantyboy Masturbation Show for us girls. Keep playing. We guide you, control you, tell you what to do until you cum in your little panties.

The girls tease you and laugh so hard when you finally squirt into your panties!


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Old Lingerie In Trunk In Attic

You have an unfavorable task to complete this weekend. The family is getting together to go through your Aunt’s big old house. It is something that you have been dreading. There are so many things that you would rather be doing on your days off.

Your oldest sister has taken charge, and she has assigned you to the attic. There is a lot of old junk up there. It is going to take a while. Most items will be thrown out. You don’t have the sentimentality for keepsakes that your sisters have. You have made your way through most of the items. There is a heavy old trunk in the corner. You open it. You find a wedding dress and underneath some very sexy black vintage lingerie. Maybe this was lingerie worn on the honeymoon. You cock tingles. You hold it up to and imagine what this sexy lingerie from the 60’s would feel like on your body. Auntie had a naughty side. Who knew? Auntie always seemed rather conservative, but we all have a secret side, don’t we?

You put the lingerie in a box and put that box in your car. Your sisters are arguing over some dishes and a clock. This is your opportunity to get away and head for home. You are thrilled by what you found in the trunk.

As soon as you get home, you take a shower. You style your hair and put on some gorgeous red lipstick. Carefully, you pull on the fragile, silk black foundation garment. You attach your own black Woolford stockings. You slip into your classic black pumps. Wow, you absolutely look stunning. You have never felt so girly and so sexy in your life! The transformation is incredible.


Written By: Brynna
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Panty Boy Shopping Spree

One of my favorite panty sluts is having a birthday soon and I know the perfect present… a shopping spree! Every once in a while, he’ll decide to be a man and take me, so sex could be good, but I know him better than he knows himself. He would be so much happier with the panties.

He always enjoys when I dress him up and turn him into a sexy little whore. We’ll pick out all sorts of panties together and then he can come home and model them for me. When he’s in his tall sexy heels, he struts around like a high priced call girl. Since he’s such an obedient little slut, I’ll throw in some stockings and garters too. It won’t take much prancing around out of him before I have him on his hands and needs with my fingers inside his “cunt”. It will be the best birthday present he ever had!


 Written By: Ginger
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Shopping for New School Clothes

Mommy has always wanted a girl. She has been slipping you some special vitamins that are giving you some very cute little curves. Over the summer, the two of you have been experimenting, and Mommy has slowly been transforming you into a girl.

Now it is August, and soon it will be time to go back to school. You are too embarrassed to return to your old school with your old friends.  Mommy has enrolled you in the private school across town, all girls and no boys. You have a few weeks to shop and get ready before the first day. There are so many things that a girl needs. As a boy, there was one trip to the mall, and in a couple of hours, you had everything you needed to start school. It is so different for you as a girl. There are daily trips to a large variety of stores. Previously, you dreaded shopping; however, now shopping with Mommy is fun. She gets extremely excited finding the perfect outfits and accessories for you. 

Today, Mommy takes you to the lingerie stores. You try on so many pretty bras and panties. Mommy explains the different types of panties and sizes. A nice sales lady helps you and Mommy find matching bras in your size. There are bras for every day and bras for special occasions. You are having a lot of fun shopping for all your wonderful girly things you need for your new school as a girl! You are going to be the sexiest girl in town! 

Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Devil With An Angel Face


Men tell me I have the most angelic face, and they couldn’t imagine me being anything but sweet. Looks can be very deceiving can’t they? I am anything but a sweet, innocent submissive chick. Just for fun, why don’t you give it a fucking try. Ask me out to go see a chick flick, bring me pink roses and gift certificates to mundane stores and restaurants. Let’s just see what that gets you? 

There is three things I want from a man and all that depends on the type of man you present yourself as. You can be my little sissy bitch and suck dicks dressed like a little girl while I catch it all on film. How do you like that option? 

Our second option and that does get my deviant little mind excited, that is to slowly torture you till there is nothing left of you but a bloody pulp.  I play rough and I am sadistic, but you can have the satisfaction in knowing it DID fucking excite me.

Then there is a third kind of man, a very special man that you most likely aren’t. He gets the best fuck of his whole life but sadly for him, I will most likely choke him at that special moment where the bitch in heat explodes.


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Pantyboy Cuckold Phone Sex

I ask you to party. You think you are my date! That is hilarious! You are small! Yeah, you are tall, but you are small where it really counts! It is so humiliating for you when you realize that you are not my date, but rather the pantyboy cuckold for the party! College girls need a good laugh as much as we need a real man to fuck us.

I have cute pink frilly panties for you to wear. All the girls are gorgeous. You can look but not touch. You are just too small. You are relieved that your tiny cock is tucked in your panties. All of us girls are talking about all the guys we fucked over the summer break. Every single girl is talking about the size of the guy’s dick. Yes, of course, size matters!

Finally, the highlight of the night! A real man joins the party. You are forced to your knees and made to suck his cock. All the beautiful college girls are teasing you, calling you naughty names, embarrassing you. Your eyes are watering. You are gagging on his cock, but secretly the more humiliating, the harder your own little dick gets. Humiliation makes you hard!

I pity you. Little pantyboy cocksucker, play with your tiny dick and cum in your pink panties!

Bratty Bree