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Faith Knows How To Train her Panty Boys

Everyone knows that I like to spend my money on sexy lingerie. I have so many outfits that it would be a shame not to share.

I dress you up in a pretty little pair of pink panties and show you off to my girlfriends. They laugh hysterically at your little girly outfit. My friends are very sexy with extremely hot boyfriends with big, thick cocks. They have never seen a tiny little penis like yours on a grown man.

I make you pull out our little dickie and touch it with a couple of fingers, so they can have a really good laugh and call you names.

After the laughter dies down, I make you drop to your knees and lick all my girlfriends pretty pussies. You have to lick each of them until you make them cum. If you don’t follow my orders, I will give you something else to suck!

 I will train you to be the perfect little panty boy slut!



Written By: Faith
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Gracie Loves Panty Boy Phone Sex

I’m a bit of a panty whore! I have every kind of panties you can think of. I change my panties 2-3 times a day so they tend be all over my bedroom.

One of my favorite types of calls I get is from panty boys! Right off the bat, we have something in common. It’s such a fun call because I get to talk about my panty obsession, and describe all the different kind of pairs I own. I love hearing what my panty boys are wearing, or would like to wear as well.

We don’t have to stop at panties, I would love if you fully dressed up in a lace bra, garter belt, thigh highs, and a hot pair of stiletto heels. I want you to describe to me how good the silky fabric feels on your skin.

Dressing sexy always makes me feel so horny and I’m sure it has the same affect on you as well. We will both get so turned on during our call that we both make a big mess in our panties. Doesn’t that sound like fun?



Written By: Gracie
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Forced To Wear Green Panties

Mommy Morgan knows what is best for her boy. He got a little naughty on St. Patrick’s Day and needed to be punished. A little humiliation helps him remember that Mommy is always in charge. 

We have ancestors from Ireland, and we celebrate our heritage in the most fun ways in our family. I invite the entire family over for dinner. After dinner, there will be dessert and game night. I make homemade soda bread and Dublin Coddle for dinner. Since it is a special occasion, I allow my boy to have some of grandpa’s Irish Whiskey, which makes him forget his manners.

In the middle of dinner, he asks me if I am wearing a green bra and green panties. I give him a look and scold him.

After dinner, the ladies clean the kitchen, and the men relax in the front room. I pull my naughty boy into my bedroom. I unbutton my blouse and show him that I am indeed wearing a green bra. I explain to him the historical significance of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Now, as his punishment, I force my boy to take off his clothes and put on my green panties. Once he is wearing them, he has to go into the kitchen and show his aunties that he is wearing green panties. They laugh so hard as his young cock grows and squirts into the pretty panties. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Panty boy!


Mommy Morgan 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Valentine’s Day Panties


 You have been snooping in my bedroom again, haven’t you?  You see the sexy red satin panties on my bed. For a brief moment you think about me in them, but then your thoughts go in a very different fucking direction. You check the time, and know I won’t be home for several hours. You giggle, as you rub them against your face, feeling how soft they are. Checking the clock again, you  slowly strip as you watch yourself in my full length mirror. You put on Bump and Grind, and begin to dance as you slip on my red panties. You run your hands down your body, feeling so sexy.

You hear laughter at the door, and turn around to see me and 2 friends watching you. Don’t you look so adorable?  My girls dance with you for a few, as I pick out sexy lingerie for you. A red clincher, red 6 inch stilettos, red satin bra, cherry red lipstick, and a red wig. You look like a slut! You’re so excited, and begin to dance some more. 

You beg us to take you out for the night with us. We pick the perfect dance club. There is always hot professional men looking for a walk on the wild side. You flirt with the bartender, and you get all our Painkiller cocktails for free. That gives us all an idea. We’re all giggling but you have no idea why. I talk to the bartender and soon men are waiting in line at our table. I take their money and follow you into the restroom. You pull up your dress and take off your panties. A line is forming, and I watch you take 4 cocks at once. Quite impressive, I must say.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Sissy Sluts!


Written By: Harley
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Answer to My Pantyboy’s Question

My sweet boy asked me, “Why do you like me to wear your panties, Mommy?” I ran my fingers through his hair and gave him the most honest and loving answer.

It puts a smile on my face when my boy wears my panties. It is aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. His cute butt is just even more adorable, and my panties are so tight on his cheeks. I wish for him to wear my panties everyday! Also, when I find the strained fabric in the front stretching over his hard shaft, it’s very sexy. I cannot help myself and seeing my son wearing panties makes me want to kiss him all over.

More importantly, I want my boy to wear my panties because of how the silky, satiny fabric makes him feel. The scent and the wetness of my dirty panties make him hard and horny. The silky sensation creates tingles, forcing a bit of an erection inside those panties. The feeling of my panties against my boy’s cock and balls is excellent foreplay before playtime with me.

Now, be a good boy, grab my panties and call me for a naughty, exciting Mommy/son phone sex fantasy.

Love and Kisses,
Mommy Morgan


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Secrets  It is our first date. I hadn’t seen you since high school. You look hot as fuck, but there is just something that seems different. I can’t quite figure it out.

After a fun date, I was starting to think the chemistry was off. You are in town for a few days so you stay at The Ritz. You invite me to spend the night. You tell me not to worry because the suite is huge, and I can have my own room. Definitely looking like no chemistry. Of course, once I got a look at your cock while you are changing, I knew there definitely won’t be any fucking.

I fall asleep, and wake up to the sounds of you giggling and trying on my lingerie.  You are posing, smiling in the mirror, and being very girly. Things are starting to make sense. It’s still a bit early, so I excuse myself, and explain I have forgotten a few things. You ask to go with, but I tell you to try on more of my things, and I will be back shortly.

I return wearing something most unexpected. A man’s suit. You lick your lips when you see the bulge in my pants. You crawl to me and unzip my pants. You smile when you see I am in sexy black lingerie. You are in frilly, lacy pink. You beg me to let you suck my strap-on. While you are on your knees sucking my cock, you hear a knock at the suite door. There is 5 very tall, muscled and hot men. I sit back and watch. Commanding you to be a good little girl, and please my friends. This is going to be one hot, dirty, sexy, filthy night.

Written By:  Tiffany
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Nerdy Brother “Cums” Home

My brother is wicked smart, but he is a bookworm. I asked him to come home last weekend to fix my computer. Lucky for me, he is a techy guy, and he fixed my computer quickly. He found all the porn that I’ve been watching, and he was shocked. He told me that he didn’t realize that girls watched porn too. I laughed at how naïve he is.

I suggested that we watch porn together. I went to Pornhub and found a girl who looks like me with a pantyboy. It turned me on. I made my brother watch as my panties got wet! I talked my brother into wearing a pair of my little panties by bribing him. I would take off everything but my panties. My big, nerdy brother is intelligent but gullible, sitting there in silk, pink panties.

The girl in the porn used a strap-on and fucked his pantyboy ass. My brother asked if I had a sex toy like that and if I had ever used it. Before I could answer him, he said that since I was so tiny that he was sure that I couldn’t fuck with the same force, the same intensity as the girl in the porn. It was simple physics. He seemed proud of himself that he had answered his own question.

Haha! I had him right where I wanted him. He was so innocent. This was too easy! I am such a bratty teen girl! I had my brother bent over, panties pulled to the side, and gave him one hard fucking. It was amazing to see him cum like that! He shot cum everywhere. I showed him! 

He sat back on the bed and smiled. Oh, fuck! He played me! I thought I was controlling him in the most seductive way possible. He knows my weakness, and used me, tricked me, manipulated me to fuck his ass. It was a ton of fun, so I was not angry.

If you want me to fuck your ass, you do not have to trick me. All you have to do is ask! I would love to put you in my panties and fuck you!


Written By: Layla
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Feminization Phone Sex

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

He has been unemployed for a while now. He had been a Professor of Woman’s Studies at a small university. Because of budget cuts, they had eliminated his job. He was popular with the ladies. The young, hot women in town found him sensitive and sensual, a man who really understood women and knew how to please them.

It’s hard to feel like a man when a beautiful lady at the bar asks what he does for a living. The ladies lost interest in him and he had not had a date in months. Also, his bank account was dwindling down to nothing. He was losing everything he worked for all these years. 

He learned of a teaching position at an elite all-girls college on the east coast. There was one problem, they had very few men on the faculty, and he knew his chances to get hired were not in his favor.  

Instead of wallowing and feeling defeated, he contacted me. I oversaw his full transformation to becoming a woman. I gave him a head-t0-toe makeover. He had always enjoyed wearing panties and thigh highs, but only for me in private. I coached him about hair, makeup, and lingerie. Although he found it all humiliating at first, he got the job.  With my help and counsel, he nailed the interview.

Feminization is possible, so let’s have some fun. 


Written By: Brynna
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Sissy Bitch Show Off Party

I know just how excited you are to show off your new outfit I got you for Christmas!  You just love getting all slutted up don’t you?  Well, I hope you’re ready, my little cum whore. I’ve planned a special event and you’re the Guest of Honor!  You’ll also be the sweet little party favor, you sexy little sissy bitch! 

First, I’ll pamper you a bit in a sensually scented bubble bath. I’ll even have your fingers and toes painted while you soak. Oh don’t you worry my dear, we’ll have pillows at the party so you don’t hurt your knees like the last time. This time you are the Bell of the Ball, and will be treated as such, or until you end up covered in cum shots. One more slap on that bare ass of yours and then you better get in before the water gets cold.


 Written By: Amber
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Holiday Surprises with Paris

I love the twinkle in your eye when I mention that we are going to be finishing up our holiday shopping. I know how much you adore a beautiful, elegant pair of panties. Even the slutty, sexy panties get you excited. I get such pleasure watching you run around the store picking out an early gift for yourself. I want you to wear them on X-mas eve when we have our special time together. You have been such a good sissy slut this year and took all the cocks that I gave you. You’ve become my #1 cock sucker, which makes me very proud. Just wait until you see what is under the tree for you. Get ready to let those yummy girl juices gush out.


Written By: Princess Paris
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