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A Night At Bliss

        Ms. Cameron has decided it is time to take her little sissy man to a real sleaze club downtown. The glory hole adult bookstores just aren’t doing it for me. Since it is all about Ms. Cameron’s pleasure, off to the Bliss Club we go.

I bring my Sissy Slut in on a leash wearing pink lace panties, a matching bra, heels and full face of makeup. The eyes light up of the men and women once they see him. She/he is seriously cute and fuckable. Dylan, one of the male dommes takes my sissy slave and has him go to work. He is definitely the hit of the party! Usually the swingers Club is men and women but tonight when I told everyone about Amanda/Allan, they were all super excited. The women were lining up wearing 8 inch strap-ons to fuck his tight little holes.

The club closed a little to early and not everyone got a chance to fuck or be sucked by Amanda. We all headed off to my home for some after hour partying. This is where things got interesting. He was fully dressed at Bliss so no one got a look at his clity. Sometimes I enjoy fucking Alan when he is fully dressed as Amanda. When the clothes came off everyone saw how big his cock actually was. Now, the ladies were really lining up to get fucked by my sissy. Really what is better than taking a big, thick dick and feeling nice big tits on your back?


Written By: Cameron
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When He Needs To Be A She

 Well isn’t that just the cutest little set of balls I have ever seen. They look like tiny little grapes. Let me bounce them around for you as they’re just so amusing. You have no other way to please me but make me laugh. You know if I bend it back towards your bottom, and have you wear frilly pink and white panties, no one will know you’re male. Awww, now look at you? Ms. Cameron wants to make you her sweet little girl. 

Let’s head over to the spa where they will take all that nasty body hair off of you. Makes me wonder how such a little sissy can be so hairy? I certainly can’t have that. All you need now is makeup, a wig and some sexy but tacky clothes.

Now that you look the part, it is time to take you out on the town. I wonder how many dicks you can take in your hot fuck holes before anyone notices you aren’t an actual girl.


Written By: Cameron
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Slutty Pantyboy Phonesex

You are ready for a big sexual adventure. Time to play!

I have everything ready for our night of tantalizing desires and fulfilling naughty fantasies. 

I take you to my bedroom where I have pink lingerie on the bed for you to put on. First, let’s get you into your pink panties. Next a little sheer pink babydoll nightie of Mommy’s. Last, we have a sexy pair of lace top stocking in the same matching shade of pink. You resemble decadent cotton candy. All you need is a sexy pair of heels and a gorgeous shade of fuchsia pink on your lips. Feel your Mommy’s hands rubbing you and teasing you through the front of your panties.

I see that bulge in the front of your panties, and that is a signal to me that you are ready for our game tonight. I take you by the hand, and we walk into our guest bedroom.  Mommy’s lover is naked on the bed, stroking his big cock. He smiles when he sees you, my slutty, little pink pantyboy. I help you in your heels walk over to him. I pull down your pink panties and make you touch his cock. His cock is big, long and hard. Take that cock into your mouth, and show me what a sexy little pantyboy you are for your naughty Mommy Morgan. 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Lingerie Shopping for Pantyboys

I am so excited. I got a part-time summer job lined up at an upscale lingerie shop. The owner of the shop is an exquisitely dressed, very sophisticated lady.

During the interview, she was impressed with my extensive knowledge of the some of the lingerie designer lines.

I demonstrated by taking off my skirt and showing her the lacy La Perla thong I was wearing.  She was impressed to see something other than something from Victoria Secrets. 

Also, during the interview, I surprised the owner with my experience in dressing and playing with panty boys. She invited one of her panty boy customers to join us. I knew I was being tested. I selected a stunning hot pink nightie and a lovely shade of cream stockings instead of black. Both the panty boy and the owner were thrilled.  The owner closed the shop and gave me a strap-on to use on our panty boy.

It is going to be one hot summer!



Written By: Layla
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Guy On Guy Action Makes My Pussy Cream

I couldn’t decide what to wear for girls night. I have so many sexy dresses, heels and panties that I needed some help choosing. Who better to help me decide than one of my sissy boy friends. I mean he is good for so many fucking things, and fashion is just one of them. My condo is pretty much a 24/7 party so when I came back down in my shortest dress and stilettos I noticed two of my fuck buddies where over too.

It was obvious they thought I looked amazingly hot by the bulge in their pants. Normally I would have fucked them both but I had plans, and we had reservations for table service at a very hard to get in club. I winked at my sissy friend whose mouth was already drooling. LMAO, not at me, at them, of course.

I love guy on guy action, but I didn’t have time to stick around and watch. My Uber was waiting and my wet pussy would have to wait till I got in the car. I can always count on my deviant lot of friends. While I finger banged my hot, creamy pussy, they were sending me pictures of sissy boy sucking cock and getting fucked. An awesome start of girls night.


Written By: Harley
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Sissy Boi Phone Sex

malaya I see the way you look at me, but it isn’t that you want to fuck me, you want to be me! Trust me little sissy bitch, you couldn’t handle being me. You are way to girly and giggly to be me. To be me, you must have ice water running through your veins and have no mercy with fools like you. 

Go to the garage and get ready for your company fag face. I have your pretty pink clothes hanging on the rack. I want to see your makeup perfect like I have taught you and that wig better be on fucking straight. Make sure it is pinned on so when you’re getting your face fucked it doesn’t come off. Who the fuck wants to see a bitch without her hair?

The men are on their way over and I plan on you making me a lot of cash. I did pay for your clothes, makeup and hair sissy slut. Don’t forget my cruel streak. Disappoint me and your night terrors are minimal compared to what I will do to your ass.

  Deviant Malaya Max


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Mommy Shows You Her New Lingerie

mommy morgan 2

As you are walking into the house, you pick up a UPS package next to the front door. You bring it inside. Looking down at the return address, you see Mommy Morgan ordered something new from Victoria Secrets.  You can’t help it, but just looking at that label makes your cock twitch. You find her in the kitchen, and you hand her the box. She thanks you, sets the box down on the counter and continues to make dinner. 

WTF? Why is she not as excited as you are? You ask her if you can open the box, and she tells you to do your homework. You cannot concentrate on math knowing that something special is inside that box.

Mommy calls you to dinner. The box is still on the counter. You ask her what is in the box and she asks you if you washed your hands. 

You roll your eyes and wash your hands in the sink. During dinner, you are a tenacious little brat. You are relentless and ask a dozen times for Mommy so show you what is in the box. 

Mommy spoils you, so it is hard for her to say no. You wear Mommy down, and after dinner, she models for you. She wears her new very sexy black lingerie for you. 

Hugs and Kisses,

Mommy Morgan


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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What pair of panties are you wearing today?

I was thinking about my sluty panty boy as I was looking for a pair of panties to wear this morning.  I was sifting through my thongs, satin’s, bikini briefs and I was thinking what pair you have on today? We get along so well because we’re both panty whores. I literately have 100 pairs of sexy panties and I love describing them when we talk. It’s not fair if I do all the talking, you know I like when you tell me in detail the panties you’re wearing and how they feel on you.

What really turns me on is how sluty you can be in your panties. Since we’re both whores, we need to act like it. Big toys make big messes in my panties, how about you?  I think we should play a little game today and see who can make the biggest mess in their panties.


Written By: Sunny
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Sissy Fun with Faith

Don’t worry my sweet little sissy. I’m going to help you look fabulous for your date tonight. Chocolates, roses, and big cocks. What more could a girl ask for on a day like this?

I know you’ve  been waiting for this day all year. Your favorite holiday,  you dream about being a beautiful woman. You want to look just like me. Big boobs, pretty, smooth silky hair and lips that were made to suck cock.

I’m going to transform you into everything that you’ve wanted from the first day we spoke. When I’m done with you, you’ll be a confident, sexy sissy who will be ready to go out on your own. I will turn you into the perfect woman. You just need a little push and today is the perfect day.

Your Valentines day transformation is going to be perfection. 




Written By: Faith
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Fucking Thinking Of You

  I guess you thought this might be some kind of fucking sappy romantic I miss you kind of blog? Fucking hardly, you twat face. I was surfing for a movie around 4am and one was on that made me laugh so hard I spit out my fucking drink. My fuck buddy was asleep but I had to wake him for this. It wasn’t so much the movie was funny but when they said “squeal like a pig” that made me think of a certain caller. 

Can you imagine talking to someone and all of a sudden they make pig sounds? I had him keep going so I could put my phone on threeway. Seriously? You think I wouldn’t share such stupidity with a friend or two? I know you might want to think I might have a sweet bone in my slamming body, but I don’t dumb ass. 

Humiliation is my specialty, and don’t think I will hide my laughter; because it is all about me and the fun I have on the phone with my collection of sissy boys, CBT lovers, freaks and little dick losers. Give me a call, and if you’re lucky I just might share you with my hot friends.


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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