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Transformation Phone Sex With Your Mommy Morgan

 Hey there Cutie! I caught you wearing my panties. Now, Mommy Morgan has a surprise for you.  I have a super sweet pair of pink panties for you. Oh, your new panties look adorable on you. You might as well try on the matching pink bra. You look so girly! A pair of white stockings would really complete the look.

Mommy is transforming you into a beautiful and sexy girl! By throwing away all of your boy clothes and painting your room pink, we can let your inner Diva start to blossom. Being a girl is so much more fun. There is the hair, the makeup, the lingerie, but oh so much more.

The heels will help you learn how to walk like a girl, but I want to teach you how exciting it is to be a sexy/slutty girl, just like your Mommy Morgan.  One of the first lessons is how to have orgasms like a girl!

Love you,

Mommy Morgan

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I Completely Dominate You!

I lure you to my place with my tantalizing curves and seductive ways. I tease you. I tell you that it will be a night that you will never forget. You know that you can’t say no to me. You think I am having a party. Well, I am having a party, but you will be the entertainment. When you arrive, you are told to strip. Yes, I want you naked. In the next room, all of my best girlfriends are waiting for you. They are sizzling hot, wearing only their best lingerie.

There is a sexy black thong for you to wear. Now, serve the ladies! Get on our knees and start licking. Be my good boy! There is a BIG reward for you. While you are pleasuring the ladies, I fuck you with my sexy strap-on. You love it! When I pull out, I show off that nice gaping hole of yours.

Then the real fun starts! I bring in another guy, super big cock! I know you are a size queen. I have complete control over you. Now start sucking his cock while the pretty ladies watch.


Dirty Little Ass Licker


My friends were hanging out and we were all having Bailey’s slushies, laughing and talking about boys when my phone rang. I knew by the caller ID exactly who it was so I thought I would give my friends a good laugh. I answered with my phone on speaker and this little sissy voice said ” Princess Delaney, I am sorry for not calling you in so long but I have been eating dirty assholes”. I thought my friends were going to die!! One even spit out her drink.

Normally, I would go into my bedroom for some privacy but this was way too juicy not to share. He began going on and on about all his boyfriends and how they let him suck their big dicks and make out with their big hairy balls. Taylor grabbed the phone from me and began to flirt with him.  She told him he could be her sissy maid and clean her house and wash her lingerie. Of course, he would probably try to wear her sexy things.

Before I knew it, she had his silly ass on cam and he promised to suck dicks for 5.00 a pop and bring her the money. Five Dollars? I mean you would think a dirty little cocksucker like him could make more than that. We kept him on the phone for like three hours as we drank and giggled. My house was always known for amazing sleepovers but this was the best time ever!

Princess Delaney

DelaneyWritten By: Delaney
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Mommy Teaches You How To Be A Girl


You have fun spending time with your Mommy Morgan.

I love to spoil you and make you feel so good. Sometimes we play dress-up.  Girly things are so much more fun.  I put your hair in pigtails, and I do your make-up. We go shopping for new panties, bras, stockings. Like best girlfriends, we talk about boys and paint each other’s nails.

Learning how to suck cock, like a pretty girl, is a very special thing that Mommy teaches you. Mommy shares her boyfriend with you. He has a hot body. Suck his big cock. Get down on your knees wearing your pink lingerie. Look up at him. Smile with your eyes. Softly moan so he knows that you are enjoying the experience.

Be a good girl for Mommy and make him cum!  

Mommy Morgan


Sharing My Lingerie Fetish With You

You and I are like BFF girlfriends. You adore my boyfriend’s cock as much as I do. We have many common interests, shopping, talking about boys, and dressing in our sexy lingerie. Tonight, we are in matching bras and panties, laying on my bed together in front of my laptop. I show you some of the sexiest lingerie, on my favorite site. We are giggling and getting a little excited. Looking at exquisite lingerie makes me wet.

I show you some pieces of the gorgeous lingerie that are so unique and beautiful like a piece of fine art.  Chantel is one of my favorite designers. Pastels are pretty. Black, of course, is always classy and sexy, but I find white sheer lace is extra enchanting on my skin. Red lingerie will always be my favorite.

As we scroll down the site, I spot some sexy little panties that I think that would look so adorable on your cute butt. I point them out to you, and you blush. You are so sweet! I find this pink pair with a bow in the back. We imagine you wearing this pair. My face gets flushed, and my pussy tingles. The panties happen to be on sale. I click and order them for you. We will have to have a panty party when they get here.

I click on the hosiery tab. We look at the Wolford pantyhose and tights. So fucking sexy. I pull two pairs from my lingerie drawer. I rub both of them against your panties. You immediately feel the difference between the Woolford’s and other pantyhose. I tease your cock and edge you a little bit. Finally, I let you cum in your panties.

Hugs and Kisses,


Pain and Humiliation Phone Sex

koko 2

You make me laugh, but you make all the girls laugh at you. You are cute, but you have such a tiny dick. You get turned on by humiliation. You place yourself in situations where beautiful women tease you and laugh at you. You like ladies catching you masturbating. How can they do anything but laugh? Gorgeous women attract guys with big cocks, real men. You are so super tiny that you bring out my wicked sense of humor.

You take pictures of your little dick, and I share them with my girlfriends who need a good laugh at the end of a stressful day. I make you order panties and sex toys. I wonder what your mail lady thinks of you when she delivers packages from Luscious Lingerie and Adam and Eve. She knows that you live alone and she has caught you masturbating through the window. Yeah, I made you do that. I made you open your curtains, sit on the sofa next door. As she walked on the porch to deliver your mail, she saw you playing with your little tiny dick. It would be dishonest to use the word “stroking.” You don’t have enough dick to stroke. Ha ha. She probably went to the bar that night and told all her girlfriends about the tiny dick guy on her route that masturbates like crazy, orders panties and sex toys. You are extremely embarrassed, but you are also turned on, my little dick wonderboy.

I make you wear your panties. Pose pretty and send me selfies. I need a good laugh today. Now actually degrade yourself. Piss in your new panties and take another selfie. Stand there and think about how embarrassed you are. You make me laugh! Now smack your balls. Hit them harder. Do it now. I want to hear it. Wow, that just your little dick harder. Put ice cubes all over your balls and cock. Want you soft again. Your cock is so tiny soft. Almost nothing there at all. I tease you. I threaten to fly you to my place and turn you into my most devoted and loyal houseboy. You find that exciting but it was meant to be punishment. You love the idea of worshipping me and entertaining my girlfriends by making them laugh at your little cock and your panties. You send me pics of you doing housework in your bra and panties. Oh my, these are best pics yet. I did not even ask for these pics, but you are such an exhibitionist that you sent them. You make me laugh. The harder I laugh at you, the harder your cock gets.

I think I will just keep edging you, but I am not going to let you cum. Just tease and denial is all you get from me.

Mistress Koko

College Girl Blackmails Pantyboy

I was down in the laundry room of the apartment building. I had several loads to do setting near one of the washers. I got really behind in my laundry because I was so focused on preparing for final exams. It was early afternoon, so I thought I could leave the first load of laundry in the washer unattended. I ran up to my apartment to do a very sexy call with one of my favorite callers. He made me cum so hard that I drifted to sleep, forgetting about my laundry.

When I woke up and an hour later, I felt fantastic, but I wanted more. I started touching myself. Suddenly, I remembered my laundry. I threw on some clothes, and I ran downstairs. There you are, my naughty neighbor sniffing my dirty panties from the dirty laundry basket. Your pants are open, and your cock is exposed. I know that you were going to masturbate with my dirty panties. I threaten to tell the landlord that I caught you stealing my panties if you don’t do exactly what I say. I am a horny college girl in need of a really good fuck. Fuck me right here in the laundry room, and I won’t tell anyone your secret panty fetish. Don’t deny it. I know a pantyboy when I see one. Just shut the fuck up and fuck me now! You are lucky. I could be worse. I found you while in need of a hard sexy fuck, and I like the look of your cock, so I blackmail you into fucking me just the way I want it. 


Your Naughty Girlfriend Skylar
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Loving Mommy Catches You In Her Panties


Mommy Morgan is driving home from work. She is hurrying because spending time with you is the favorite part of her day. You are loved and cherished.  Mommy does a mental checklist as she is driving. She thinks she has all the ingredients to bake your favorite, chocolate chip cookies after you to go to sleep tonight. She went to the store on her lunch hour and bought chocolate chips. Mommy loves putting a smile on your face.

You left your bike in the driveway, so Mommy parks behind your bike instead of putting the car into the garage. Mommy uses the front door and comes up the carpeted stairs. You are not expecting Mommy home yet or for her to walk in through the front door. Usually, you would hear the garage door open, so you know Mommy is home, and you can put her panties back in her lingerie drawer.  When Mommy gets to her bedroom, she finds you have all of her favorite silky panties spread out all over her bed, plus you are wearing a pair of her sexy red panties. Mommy gasps at the mess you made.  What in heaven’s name is going on in here? She smiles with a wicked little smile. Mommy is as smart as she is sweet. She understands your panty fetish. Panties are so soft, why wouldn’t every guy want to wear them?  She hugs you and tells you that is ok. Mommy will happily share her panties with you.  She grabs your chin and looks deep into her eyes. Her smile is sweet and beautiful.  Mommy admires the fit of her panties on your bottom.  She sees that you got a stiffy.  Mommy helps you have a good cum right in her panties.


Mommy Morgan

Dominate You While You Are Wearing My Panties

blue 1

You are a big guy. You have muscles, sexy hairy chest, and you have a long cock. We enjoy having sex together. One day you confess that you have a panty fetish. You are kind of shy about it, but you share your secret with me when we are in bed. You ask me for an old pair of panties that you can take home and masturbate with when we are not together. I smile and give you a kiss. I am such a wicked girl! I play a domination game with you. I get up out of bed, and I pull out a pair of very stretchy silky textured panties from my lingerie drawer. I command you to put on the panties. You are shocked, and you stammer and mumble some words that I don’t understand. I look you right in the eyes, lean down and start rubbing my silky panties against your balls. Teasing you and dominating you, I am in control now. Put on these panties! You take them from me and put them on. You feel shame but excitement at the same time. The experience is thrilling for both of us. I stand over the bed, towering over you and instruct you to masturbate in my panties. I edge you and edge you. Finally, I let you cum in my panties.

All The Pretty Panty Boys

Teen DelaneyI love playing with all my little sissy boys so much! Dressing them up is so much fun for me and of course, never forget lipstick and a wig! I always get dressed up too and make them call me Princess Delaney, lol, because everyone knows I am a Princess.

I learned at a very young age that they’re ALL kinds of sissy boys but the main thing is, they all love big cock even though some don’t admit it. Didn’t I catch you calling my strappy a cock in a heated moment? Don’t deny it my little slut, Princess knows just what you desire.

Some of them want to be treated like dirty little girls and others….well, I can’t even say without laughing so hard my flat, soft tummy hurts. You know who you are!  Make sure you are prepared and don’t keep Princess Delaney waiting.

Delaney Loves Sissy Boys

DelaneyWritten By: Delaney
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