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Daddy is a Sissy Slut

 What is he doing in my room?  I come home from the beach and daddy is laying on my bed wearing just my panties. He is pinching his nipples and making girly sounds. I watch for a bit, then decide daddy needs to be punished for going through my private things. I tell him that his punishment is me dressing him up like a girl. He shakes his head and tells me no. Well, for someone saying “no” his tiny dick sure is hard. 

When I show him the panties, cincher, and heels he is to wear he just coos like a little bitch. I put red lipstick on him and he is just perfect.

   I tease him with my dildo, making him suck it. His eyes glaze over and he really gets into it.

I get an idea!  I text 2 of my guy friends and ask them to come over. Phone sex daddy needs some real cock! Come to think of it, so do I.  



Written By: Baby Bethany
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I know that you want to look and feel like a pretty girl. Let’s discover your inner goddess. You need a complete transformation. Let me turn you into my living doll.

Let’s get you naked. Your naked body is my blank canvas. Now let me create something beautiful. Just give yourself over to me and I will bring out your pretty assets. I can transform you from a guy to a beautiful girl with big tits and tight ass.

I will find you the perfect lingerie and hosiery to get your heart racing. You’ll absolutely love the feel of the soft, silky fabrics against your skin. Maybe something classy or maybe something even a little slutty, we will find that perfect outfit for you. I’ll find just the right accessories to complete the look. I’m also really good at makeup. I’ll give you some tips for makeup and style your hair. It takes a little work to be a be a pretty girl, but it is so much fun!

Now, stand in front of me and let me admire you. You look so sexy! Let’s have some fun and find some girly time together.


Written By: Brynna
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Sticky, Wet Panties


You have been playing in my dirty panties again. I wonder what you do with them? I used to think that you licked, smelled, and rubbed them on your cock. I noticed something yesterday, which really made me begin to wonder. Just what you do in my room and laying on my bed?

I devised a plan to see. I asked you if you could feed my kitty because I was going to be gone all day. Yes, the entire day! Giggles. I knew as soon as I left you would do whatever it is you do in my pretty, pink bedroom. I expected to see you with your big cock out and licking my yummy panties. But, wait?  You are trying them on. Oh no! I am afraid you will stretch them out!

Then you found a matching bra. You slowly put in on and rubbed your nipples. Then you slapped your ass and began to dance around my room. Just what am I seeing?

  Not my toys! You opened my closet and found my toy box. You started sucking on my vibe. Oh no, this is just way too much! I opened the door, barging in on you. I bet you wonder what this naughty little girl did next?


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Panty Boy Daddy on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend, but I am celebrating with you! Mommy left years ago, so my fantasy Daddy has raised me to be a thoughtful but playful daughter. He did his best teaching right from wrong, but I have my Daddy wrapped around my finger. Being bad is always more fun than being good.

I wanted to get a special gift for my special, sexy Daddy for Mother’s Day. Maybe that seems odd, but my Daddy has a dirty secret. He likes wearing my panties!

I just got home from the mall with a pink bag in my hand. Daddy will be getting new pink panties in a Victoria Secrets box with a big bow. By spying on my Daddy, I learned he likes lingerie and dressing like a Mommy. I know his secret, and I will expose him.

At first, Daddy will lie. He will say that a man wearing pretty panties is very wrong. He will deny that he is a panty boy, but eventually, he will wear them and prance around the house.

I have the rest of his outfit ready for him to make him my Daddy the sexiest Mommy on Mother’s Day.


Written By: Layla
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The Perfect Girly Girl


There is nothing like a panty boy in full bloom. Wearing your best panties, lingerie, and thigh highs and plenty of make up to make you look like the whore you really are.

I want you to stand before me to be inspected. I know I wont be disappointed. You might need a little work but I will help you with that. I will teach you everything that you are lacking. I know you will do your best to look like the perfect girly girl for me. You even know how to sit pretty with your legs crossed in a prissy manner.

You are the perfect submissive treat for me. I know deep down inside you want to beg me to whip out my strap-on and slam your tight little pussy like no one has before.



Written By: Alexis
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New Panties


Your Mommy Morgan is waiting for you to get home. She has a special surprise waiting for you.  Mommy went shopping. She has new matching panties and bra from Victoria Secrets. A pair for you and a pair for Mommy.

You greet Mommy with a big hug and nestle your face into her cleavage. Learning about the surprise waiting for you, you run to find the panties spread out on the bed. You pick up a silky pair and rub it on your face. They’re more fun when they smell like Mommy, but they still feel fantastic. You beg Mommy to try them on now. Mommy says after dinner.

After dinner, without asking, you volunteer to help Mommy clear the table and load the dishwasher. Mommy smiles and says it is now time to put on your panties. She holds your hand, and the two of you walk upstairs to her bedroom.

You’re so excited to put on new panties with your Mommy Morgan.


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Are You Craving A Dominate Woman?


Is domination something you crave? To be completely controlled by a strong, beautiful woman who knows exactly how to bring you down to your knees?

Lately, I have been exploring the erotic world BDSM and finding that it’s very, very hot. I am more than intrigued and would love to talk to more men about your experience or role in this lifestyle.

Are you a foot slave? Do you love to worship your Mistress from head to toe? Or, do you beg for pain and like it hardcore, even extreme at times? Maybe a toilet slave? Are you a panty boy that would do anything for a dirty pair of my panties? What about strap-on play, do you love being an anal slut for your Mistress?

Perhaps, you are the dominant one in the relationship, and if so, how do you train your sex slaves?

I would really love to share a kinky fantasy or just a very sexy fetish based conversation with you soon.


Written By: Annaliese
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I Made Him Wear Stockings for Me!

My washer is broken, so I had to use the Laundromat. It was very crowded and all the washers were full. I set my basket on the table and went next door to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. I was gone longer than I had anticipated. When I walked in, there was an older, very distinguished looking gentleman sitting in the corner. I smiled at him but he would not make eye contact with me.

I walked over to my basket and I knew right away that something was missing. I had a pair of dirty pantyhose on top, but they were not in my basket. I looked at the man, stared at him, but he would not meet my glance. He looked guilty. I went over to him, told him I knew what he did and he needed to be punished.

He admitted that he had taken them, and begged me not to embarrass him here in public. I called all my girlfriends and told them to meet me at my place. I threw my dirty laundry basket in the trunk of my car and took him to my house. I knew he had a pantyhose fetish, and I was going to take advantage of him.

I made him strip. I put him in old fashioned stockings, garter, cincher, panties, and bra. I was not surprised that he had a pair of his own black high heeled shoes in his car. He was ready to play today. His cock was so hard that I thought he was going to burst through his panties. I made him rub his cock through the panties.

My girlfriends arrived.  They teased and laughed at him. He was so humiliated but aroused at the time. My girlfriends and I took turns fucking him with a big strap-on. He loved it. He said it was one of the most erotic experience he’s ever had.

Next time, I will invite my boyfriend over for the next pantyhose session.


Written By: Brynna
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What A Sexy Bitch You Are

     After a very long day at work, I just wanted to relax and unwind. I opened some wine, and removed my annoying bra. My son called to tell me he wouldn’t be able to make it home due to weather, and was staying at a friends house. Something seemed off in the house, but after a few more glasses of wine, I was relaxed.

I went into my bedroom to finish changing, and noticed my panties were spread out all over the bed. This was odd, maybe I forgot I did it with such a long day. I decided to check my nanny cam to make sure nothing odd was going on.

It was my neighbor Ryan! I saw he was wearing my lingerie and dancing. I might have been mad, but this was just too much fun. 

I texted him, and told him to come over. I said if he didn’t, I would tell everyone his secret. I decided if he was going to dress and act like a bitch, he needed to do it right.

I immediately made him strip so I could see what we were working with. First, we went into the restroom to get rid of all that nasty body hair. Then I dressed him in pink frilly lingerie. Oh, how cute he looked. I finished him off with makeup, a sexy dress and heels. I dressed up myself, and we went to a dance club. 

Men were flirting with him, and he was having a blast. I explained to him that he needed to do something for me. I instructed him to go to the restroom and wait. I figured since he broke into my home and went through my things, he could make me a little money by me pimping him out. 



Written By: Suzanne
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Feel The Wetness

You have such a love of panties. You cant help but stand in front of the mirror and gaze at your slutty self. You can’t resist the way they feel on your tiny dick. Of course, your favorite panties are moist with my fresh pussy.

I play with my tight, pink pussy in my panties to get them dripping with my juices just for you. It’s time to try my sticky, creamy panties on for me. I will help you. I slide them off my perfect body. You can see the wet stain in the crotch. I rub my pussy juice from my panties all over your pencil dick. I wrap the silk around your shaft. Feel the wetness from my pussy covering your little dick. It brings you to the edge.

Go ahead ask me, “Mistress Kendall can I cum?” “Not yet,” as I loosen the panties just a little and slide them up and down your hard-on multiple times. You struggle not to cum. Will I let you cum…who knows?



Written By: Kendall
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