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 My Stats

Age: 20

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'4

Weight: 102

Measurements: 34B-22-30

Pussy: Naturally red trimmed bush with a nice pink center

Ass: Cute and tiny

Favorite Positions: 69, Doggy, legs on your shoulders and missionary

Strangest Places I've had sex: At MGM theme park

Hobbies: Reading, go-karting, Disney movies, going to MGM, listening to music, spending money I don't have on my credit cards, cotton candy and traveling

Specialities: Daddy's girl, Older men, Princess, Lingerie, Age play, Incest, Role play, Mild dom, Showers of any kind, Foot fetish, Big cocks, Sex toys and Mutual masturbation


This is your strawberry tease Corina. I’m 20 years old and absolutely love sex. I don’t have a type of guy really but I have a soft spot for geeks and nerds. I was one of the popular girls in high school. All the football and baseball players wanted to date me but I passed them down. I was more interested in the guys in the Chess Club or in the boys in Theater. They all thought they could never get with a girl like me but they soon realized they had a chance and went for it. I love getting my paws on the inexperienced boys and teaching them how to please a pretty girl like me. The thing about dating dorks is that most of them have pretty big cocks. They just need someone like me to show them how to use it. I can’t even count how many virgins I made into sex fanatics.

I have a thing for older guys too. I just love when older men are worshiping my 20 year old body. I have a body that was meant for fucking. I’m a big fan of oral. I love it when a guy goes down on my soft, wet, strawberry patch filled with creamy goodness. I love sucking cock till you explode in my mouth. I never let any cum go to waste, I eat every last drop.

I’ve been doing phone sex since I was 18 years old and I absolutely love it! I have met so many wonderful guys and can’t wait to meet many more. I’m open to it all! The kinkier our conversation gets the more excited I will become. I love playing with sex toys. I have a huge assortment of them in my bedroom and powered up, ready for your call.

I hope you like my pictures. I love dressing up any chance I can get. Joanne (the owner) told me about this awesome site and I knew exactly how I wanted my pictures. I have many sexy lingerie outfits that I would love to put on for you. I’m a big fan of high heels and garter belts. It gets me incredibly hot during our call knowing I dressed sexy to please you. Soon, I can show you teen body on cam. I will be doing web cam shows soon, so stay tuned!

If you haven’t met me yet then your search ends here. I will be your newest redhead addiction. The one you can’t get out of your mind and puts a smile on your face during the day. You’ll be hiding in closets just to find some privacy to talk to me. Your day wont be complete till you pick up that phone and hear my cute, adorable, teen voice. If it’s your first time calling you will be putting my number on speed dial. Let’s have the most incredible phone sex ever!

Call 1.866.625.3383
for Phone Sex with

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  • WOW. Corina is HOT. She has an increadble phone sex voice, the kind that makes your cock stiff and your heart race. She is fun, flirty and totally fuckable. Amazing. I can’t wait to fill her tight pussy again sometime soon… just to hear her cum hard one more time.

  • I have talked to Corina twice and it amazes me that there is only one comment here. I admit, I procrastinated a bit, but the fact that I thought to comment more than a week after should be a testament to how enjoyable she is. If I had money to burn, I would just call to say hey.

  • What a FANTASTIC call!! The scene you described was so real & such a wicked imagination that brought it into existence. Anyone that makes a call with you is definitely not going to be wasting their money or their time. You can definitely make sure that it is going to be an explosive time with you. I can’t wait until I’m talking with you again.
    Thanks for the great time!!!

  • Corina
    mmmmmmm UR Hot Hot


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