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 My Stats

Age: 22

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34D-22-33

Pussy: Waxed, pierced and sweet as honey

Ass: Forget about how awesome it looks; wait until you see how it feels!

Favorite Positions: Me on top, anal, missionary and wheelbarrow.

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a tree at girl-scout camp.

Hobbies: Camping. wine tours in the fall, skidoo, live music, amusement parks and rock concerts.

Specialities: Latex/balloon fetish, Water sports, Foot/shoe worshiP, Ass play, Small dick humiliation, CBT, Dress-up servant boy and any kind of role play.


Gentlemen start your engines. This is yours and truly KoKo. I’m 34 years old and I live in the great state of Indiana. I’m free spirited, adventurous and most importantly I have an awesome personality. I was class clown in my school and I would make crazy prat falls just to get a laugh out of somebody.

I’ve had problems keeping my clothes on for all of my life. I’m true exhibitionist from an early age! When I was 5 years old, I snuck off and found myself in front of the mirror in my mothers high heel shoes and make-up. Some of my family members would say “you’re going to be a stripper when you grow up”. I couldn’t envision myself as a “Sex Pot”. I was a tomboy growing up blooming step by step into a sex goddess. The ambition I had at that time was being a mortician. My, how things change!

Right now, you are about to embark on the most high powered, feverish journey of your life. With me behind the wheel, there’s no telling where we’ll end up. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the excitement of my dangerous curves. Each softly rounded mound of flesh fashioned by the hand of god himself. I was brought here to satisfy your every manly hedonistic desire. Soft angelic bedroom eyes, delicate fingers whose touch makes you quiver. Lips so satiny that as they kiss your flesh, you would swear you felt the brush of an angel’s wing. Look at me. Am I not all that you could ever desire? Feminine, yet firm. A no limits girl who can take you everywhere you’ve always wanted to go. Experience the release that only I can give.

Breathlessly, KoKo

Call 1.866.949.5809
for Phone Sex with

28 Responses to “KoKo”

  • Hi Goddess Koko.
    I really enjoyed obeying you last week. THANK YOU Again!!
    You really know how to make our sessions interesting. I am sorry for again not being prepared. If you wish, please give me a list of everything I need to have ready for our next session. How you want my genitals (shaved), what you want me to wear, and any/all toys or punishment tools you want me to have ready. I understand that we may not use everything you want me to get. As a punishment, if you want to visit with other goddesses or dommes, I understand and will accept what you give me. I am here to serve you and my body/parts are gifts to my goddess.

  • Princess Tiffany

    Goddess Koko, Thank you for taking the time to prepare for yet another wonderful session serving you and obeying you. My new toys you required me to have available and ready proved to be very useful and effective. The rope harness and yardstick, the candlewax, the ice, 8″ tushy terror, and the many amazing benefits I received from using each one the way you asked. I look forward to our next session (hopefully sooner than later), and if you need me to have access to new or more toys/tools, please let me know. Thank you again, Princess Tiffany

  • Princess Tiffany

    Goddess Koko, You started off my Memorial Day Weekend with my engines revved…While watching the Indy500, I thought of you, and while hearing the engines rev up, I thought of one of your toys revving up inside me. Thank you for your time this Friday.

  • My Dearest Goddess Koko, Thank you for taking time last Saturday for a session. I apologize for not listening and comprehending every order. For a couple days, my cock/balls were sore from the clothespins and weights used in our session. The wax treatment was something special, and my man-gina really opened with your enema and my 8″ long thick vibrator. I look forward to my ass-ignments you provide me and I REALLY appreciate being allowed to touch my wife again. My man-gina and cock have not been used yet this week, but will let you know as soon as I have the opportunity to use the one and have the other touched. Your body is a temple, voice smooth and comforting-yet firm, your sessions always keep me wondering what I will have to do next and am always amazed at your preparation. Thank you again Goddess. Your princess.

  • Goddess Koko, thank you for our session last week. I did as you allowed- my cock only stiffened once for my wife this week. I asked her to finger my man-gina, and she replied “WHAT?- Man-gina-What are you talking about?” She didn’t oblige. 🙁 Since then, my cock has tame.

  • I follow this post and I fucking love it.. what a good little slave you are!!
    Too bad your bitch wife wont fuck your ass for you… Goes to show you can only trust your mistress to know what you need, huh?

  • Goddess, I have, as you allowed only allowed my cock to stiffen once for my wife. We used my man-gina lubrication and it worked well. She seemed more stimulated by the lubrication than my cock. Now it is in hibernation until I receive permission from you.
    On another note, Goddess, you mentioned in my last session that you would show me what you meant by the ‘kit’ and the water bottle. Can you please let me know what these are? and If you want me to have any new toys/tools?
    Summer–Yes, my goddess does really know what I need. I really appreciate and depend on her for my decision-making for my cock and man-gina.
    Thank you, Princess Tiff

  • Goddess, I patiently await my ass-ignment from you.
    Also, I would like to request, please, access to my wife’s vagina again this week. I would like to stiffen 2-3 times this week, as I believe it is needed, but will appreciate as much as you allow. Thank you, Princess Tiff.

  • Dear Goddess, I may be able to have another session with you soon. Please let me know if I need another enema kit and also- please update me with a picture of the hot water bottle you want me to have.
    Is there anything else you would like me to purchase / have available for our session (other than my list?)
    Are you frustrated with me? My previous emails went unanswered and I haven’t received an ass-ignment from you. Without permission to stiffen, my cock stayed soft these past two weeks.
    Your most dearest worried, princess Tiffany.

  • Princess Tiffany

    Yes Goddess!!!! I accept my first pre-ASS-ignment. I hope I have time to complete it prior to my next learning session from you!
    Princess Tiffany

  • I have a feeling that in a month or so, I will be punished by my Goddess. I will take what I will be given or dealt with for my absence.

  • You are wise to fear my wrath, you pathetic bitch. You have given me way to much time to gather ammunition with which to torture your stupid ass. Be prepared

  • while at my chiro this past week, I was placed on this table to decompress my spine. I couldn’t get out of my mind how my goddess could use this to torment me. then I started trying to figure out how to rig something like it up for my sessions. What this machine did was belt me to the table and pull my lower body away from my upper with an alligator clip and rope. The machine automatically pulled my lower body out. I was imagining how this would work if it were attached to my penis/balls and pulling my manhood away from me…with me not having any control over it. Just like Goddess would do. I wonder if she would like to use this contraption on me if I created one.

  • Is this lost princess allowed back into my Goddesses arms again?

  • After a 1 1/2 year hiatus, little Princess Tiffany made her way back to her Goddess…and with willing forgiveness, Goddess Koko rewarded this princess with an experience he/she never expected. I will be thanking Goddess Koko-and her understudy-Lady Dakota-for the next couple days. Yet another incredible session with this Goddess and again she found a way to make the session completely original and fresh. Once again, I found myself mesmerized by her sensual yet dominating voice and guidance-guiding me through my ‘pleasure’. Thank you, Your Princess Tiffany.

  • Koko is the best Mistress. She took control of me right away. Now she has all my info and i dont know what to do? Be afraid, very afraid

  • Koko is a great PSO. I gave her just a couple of ideas for role play and fetishes and she weaved the entire story for me. She took her time, too, making sure I got the full experience and got to really enjoy it. I haven’t had a call like that in a long time. Thanks!

  • Mistress Koko is absolutely amazing. She has a great voice and personality. She can be tender or vicious. She was able to hit several of my buttons on our first call with very little info from me. Koko made me feel like the only thing in the world was our call. I never felt rushed from the time I called and set up the call until we hung up. On a scale of 1 – 10 she’s in the 20’s

  • She’s the best, really knows how to treat a guy! She’s an addiction, once you’ve had her, you can’t get her out of your mind.

  • WOW we are talking about one classy KAT. She knows how to work with ya and she knows how to work for ya. AWESOME AWESOME LADY

  • You are an amazing woman. You made the play so real, that it almost felt like you were here. My greatest compliments to your empathy and playfulness. You are just so sweet and lovely and so much a WOMAN.

  • You know I had to call you back a couple of hours later to enjoy more of your seductive voice and amazing playfulness. I discovered new aspects of you and the beauty of your soul and body.

  • After four Lost years, Goddess Koko accepted me back and I am eternally grateful to her. She knew exactly how I need to be treated. Firm, demanding, punishing, yet passionate. Thank you Goddess Koko

  • WOW!!! Talk about a silky, sexy voice with a devilish mind. This is the Lady for you. She can take you places you didn’t even know existed. Definitely going to be calling again

  • Dear Goddess Koko, my body is your property. I have obtained the following for your pleasure: corset, thigh high stockings, frilly panties, jeweled butt plug, leather collar and nipple clamps, clothespins, binder clips, hair bands, cat’o nine tail, wartenburg wheel and some candles. I look forward to my next session to give my mangina to you.

  • Reconnecting with you after years absence was stimulating and great fun. You’re so playful. xo

  • Looking forward to continuing what I started with Goddess Koko 10+ years ago.. Wondering if she’s ready for me.. Am sure she is… now wondering if I am ready for her!

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