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Bree’s Pantyboy Playhouse

Tuck your little dick inside your sweet little pink panties. All my girlfriends are coming over for a sexy lingerie party. You can hang with us girls today because you possess more girly traits than masculine ones. For starters, your cock is just so tiny that it is more like a clit. Also, your ass has a round curve which is why you look so cute in panties! You are soft and small, petite and sweet, not big and strong like our boyfriends. We tease you and embarrass you, but you love humiliation.

You are one of the girls. We tell you our secrets, we let you go shopping with us, you borrow our clothes, and we put makeup on your face. We tease you about being a girl, and you love it!

Be a good girl and you can cum in your panties.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Dirty Little Sissy

       I wonder what your girlfriend would think if she knew what a dirty little girl you are. You have been stealing her panties and bras for years. Maybe she would actually be turned on by the thought of bending you over the bed like a little bitch. I know that I love humiliating you, spanking you and treating you like a little sissy slut.

She is standing at the door watching. Time got away from you, didn’t it? You didn’t expect her home so early. Now she knows the truth as she walks in the room calling you names. She slaps you, spits on you and takes the strap-on laying on the bed.

She slaps you in the face with it, and makes you gag on it. You are such a dirty little girl!  Now there are two of us, I am fucking your pretty little face and she is filling up your pussy.


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Looking Fabulous

You little bitch boy, come here and kneel before me. It’s time for some training. I’m taking on a bunch of new sissies. They will be enjoying cock-sucking lessons, makeup application, cross-dressing lessons, everything you can possibly imagine to become my perfect sissy boy. Some of you already have quite the collection of bras and panties. Maybe you have a tube of lip gloss that you’ve been hiding from everyone along with a pair nylons that you like to slip on every now and then. With a little help from a hottie like me, we’re going to wake your wardrobe absolutely fabulous. I’m going to make you so sexy and irresistible everyone is going to want you.

I just know some of you cutie pies need a little help. I hear that little crackle in your voice when you speak to me. A little confidence goes a long way when you’re pushed in the right direction. Let’s get started and start making you look absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to get my hands on you. You’re going to look perfect when I’m done with you. 


 Written By: Zoe
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Pantyboy Masturbation Party Phone Sex

Hey there, Pantyboy! I have some new little panties for you. They are so soft and silky. You are adorable in my panties. Your cock is so tiny that we can tuck it in your panties. You are as smooth as I am between your legs. 

It is time for a Pantyboy Party. I invite you over for an evening of fun and sex games. I talk you into putting on a pair of my panties for me. My hot roommates are waiting for you to start the show. Come out and show off for the girls, my little exhibitionist pantyboy. Shake your little ass! It makes the ladies laugh and tease you. 

You are hilarious. The night is full of so much laughter because you are walking around all night in just your panties. The girls and I surround you. You are excited but intimidated. You feel weak and controlled by girls half your age. It is humiliating but exhilarating to be in nothing but a pair of panties in front of so many giggly girls. 

Spread your legs, pantyboy, and rub yourself through your silky panties. Your cock tingles and twitches. Put your hand inside of your panties. Grab your little cock and rub that head against your panties. Put on a Pantyboy Masturbation Show for us girls. Keep playing. We guide you, control you, tell you what to do until you cum in your little panties.

The girls tease you and laugh so hard when you finally squirt into your panties!


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Helpless and Hopeless

   Seriously, I think sissy boys have it more together sometimes than so called straight men. I have a friend from school that loves going to adult bookstores to get his dick sucked. He will swear up and down he only fucks women but having your dick sucked doesn’t count. Funny, I heard that all through college. A warm mouth is a warm mouth. Ah come on now, admit you like cock. Don’t we all?

I decided it was time to test out his lame theory. He agreed, but insisted I dress him like a slutty woman. It gets better all the fucking time. We went to a store I know, and I had a private conversation with manager. He laughed and said it would be his pleasure. Ryan mentioned that my friend  Candy,yes Candy he picked the name, was actually pretty fucking hot.  ROLFLMAO

 Candy pulled his dress up and put his dick through the glory hole. See what I mean by helpless and hopeless? The manager just slapped Candy’s dick away and put his thick veiny dick through the glory hole. Candy looked at me, cherry red lips smeared from licking them and took every inch of Ryan’s dick. Now for Candy’s big surprise, my 10 inch strap-on was under my dress and I slammed it in him bouncing Candy back and forth between like a rag doll fuck toy.

Mistress Brianna

Transformation Phone Sex With Your Mommy Morgan

 Hey there Cutie! I caught you wearing my panties. Now, Mommy Morgan has a surprise for you.  I have a super sweet pair of pink panties for you. Oh, your new panties look adorable on you. You might as well try on the matching pink bra. You look so girly! A pair of white stockings would really complete the look.

Mommy is transforming you into a beautiful and sexy girl! By throwing away all of your boy clothes and painting your room pink, we can let your inner Diva start to blossom. Being a girl is so much more fun. There is the hair, the makeup, the lingerie, but oh so much more.

The heels will help you learn how to walk like a girl, but I want to teach you how exciting it is to be a sexy/slutty girl, just like your Mommy Morgan.  One of the first lessons is how to have orgasms like a girl!

Love you,

Mommy Morgan

Mommy Morgan Knows Best
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Adult Baby Phone Sex With Mommy Morgan


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Every little baby needs a “mommy” to love him and tend to his many needs. You are helpless and small. It is a big scary world, but Mommy protects you. Mommy loves you. Mommy gives you a teddy bear and toys. Mommy reads you “Good Night Moon,” before your nap. Mommy sings you a lullaby when you are fussy. As any baby, you need to be bathed and fed your milk so your tummy is full. Of course, you are spanked when you are naughty. Even when you are naughty, you are always loved and nurtured by your sweet but strict Mommy Morgan. Oh my, Baby, you need your diaper changed once again. You are so messy. I find the sweetest little pampers for my little baby’s bottom and the most adorable little outfits for baby.

Mommy Morgan takes care of all your AB/DL needs!

I’ll make you beautiful


I’m always looking for new sissy boys. Like I’ve said before I have a special place in my heart for sissy’s. When you call me, I can hear your voice crackle when you tell me all your secrets and desires. I’m here for you sweetie,  I’m here to make sure you fulfill every one of your sexual desires. I don’t want anyone or anything clouding your judgement. We both know what you need and what you want.

With time and patience I’ll make all of your dreams come true. You’ll have all the make-up and clothes you’ll need. When you open your closet it’s going to be all girly just like you’ve visioned since you were a little boy. With a little help from me, everything will fall into place. You’ll be the girl that you’ve always wanted to be. 

We have so much to do. Other than making you look perfect. I’ll be teaching you how to tease and please all these men that want your beautiful body. I have an old boyfriend that I keep around for purposes like this. We’re gonna make sure you’re super busy with him. I need you learning all the in’s and out’s before I let you go out on your own. 

All The Pretty Panty Boys

Teen DelaneyI love playing with all my little sissy boys so much! Dressing them up is so much fun for me and of course, never forget lipstick and a wig! I always get dressed up too and make them call me Princess Delaney, lol, because everyone knows I am a Princess.

I learned at a very young age that they’re ALL kinds of sissy boys but the main thing is, they all love big cock even though some don’t admit it. Didn’t I catch you calling my strappy a cock in a heated moment? Don’t deny it my little slut, Princess knows just what you desire.

Some of them want to be treated like dirty little girls and others….well, I can’t even say without laughing so hard my flat, soft tummy hurts. You know who you are!  Make sure you are prepared and don’t keep Princess Delaney waiting.

Delaney Loves Sissy Boys

Written By: Delaney
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Bitches Apply Here

  Fuck off. Yeah, I haven’t blogged in awhile. Looks like I have a life latex-and-heels-300x377fuckers. I have been planning a party and I need a few bitch boi’s for serving, entertainment and cleanup. So, even though I have a few in mind I am anxious to see just what you got, or..LMFAO..what you don’t got!

Auditions start tonight! I want you fully dressed from lingerie, makeup and wig. Yeah, steal your girlfriends lingerie, you are so pathetic you are too scared to buy your own. 

                                     Fetish Frankie