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Sissy Makeover with Sylvia

 If you’re looking for a hot, mature woman that will dress you up in frilly lingerie then your search is over, hunny.

My cunt gets so wet every time I dress up one of my many sissy boys. I have sexy, lacy lingerie in all colors. I have several different types and colors of wigs to complete the look. And of course, you need a pair of fuck me heels.

Once I have made you into the slut we both know you are, I will parade you in public. We can go shopping together, not just for sexy clothes, but I’ll take to the supermarket as well.

I will also introduce you to my friends. If you’re good, I’ll turn my girlfriends loose on you and let them fuck your sissy boy brains out.

 Call now for your Sissy Makeover!


Written By: Sylvia
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Daddy is a Sissy Slut

 What is he doing in my room?  I come home from the beach and daddy is laying on my bed wearing just my panties. He is pinching his nipples and making girly sounds. I watch for a bit, then decide daddy needs to be punished for going through my private things. I tell him that his punishment is me dressing him up like a girl. He shakes his head and tells me no. Well, for someone saying “no” his tiny dick sure is hard. 

When I show him the panties, cincher, and heels he is to wear he just coos like a little bitch. I put red lipstick on him and he is just perfect.

   I tease him with my dildo, making him suck it. His eyes glaze over and he really gets into it.

I get an idea!  I text 2 of my guy friends and ask them to come over. Phone sex daddy needs some real cock! Come to think of it, so do I.  



Written By: Baby Bethany
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I know that you want to look and feel like a pretty girl. Let’s discover your inner goddess. You need a complete transformation. Let me turn you into my living doll.

Let’s get you naked. Your naked body is my blank canvas. Now let me create something beautiful. Just give yourself over to me and I will bring out your pretty assets. I can transform you from a guy to a beautiful girl with big tits and tight ass.

I will find you the perfect lingerie and hosiery to get your heart racing. You’ll absolutely love the feel of the soft, silky fabrics against your skin. Maybe something classy or maybe something even a little slutty, we will find that perfect outfit for you. I’ll find just the right accessories to complete the look. I’m also really good at makeup. I’ll give you some tips for makeup and style your hair. It takes a little work to be a be a pretty girl, but it is so much fun!

Now, stand in front of me and let me admire you. You look so sexy! Let’s have some fun and find some girly time together.


Written By: Brynna
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Mean Bitch Humiliates Sissy Fags

 I do usually get a lot of calls of the GFE nature and I love being a nice girl. But just like most women, I have an evil side. They’re days when I want to put on black leather and thigh high boots. When I put on my ultra sexy bitch outfit, all you little sissy boys better watch out.

   I am in the mood to torture, tease, and humiliate. I’m not going to be your girlfriend and help you look pretty. I want to make you feel ashamed for being such a fucking faggot. You got that, sissy panty queer? If getting humiliated makes your pathetic cock hard, then let Mistress Alex put you in your place.

     I can really be a mean bitch. In fact, I truly like having someone to punish and humiliate when I am having a really bad day. It’s nice to have someone to use as my whipping boy.

If your so pathetic and you need to be punished for being a stupid sissy fag cum guzzling slut, let me be the one to scratch that itch for you. I will wear your ass out and I will humiliate you till you cry. Are you ready for a dominating bitch with a sweet, young voice?


Written By: Alex
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Sticky, Wet Panties


You have been playing in my dirty panties again. I wonder what you do with them? I used to think that you licked, smelled, and rubbed them on your cock. I noticed something yesterday, which really made me begin to wonder. Just what you do in my room and laying on my bed?

I devised a plan to see. I asked you if you could feed my kitty because I was going to be gone all day. Yes, the entire day! Giggles. I knew as soon as I left you would do whatever it is you do in my pretty, pink bedroom. I expected to see you with your big cock out and licking my yummy panties. But, wait?  You are trying them on. Oh no! I am afraid you will stretch them out!

Then you found a matching bra. You slowly put in on and rubbed your nipples. Then you slapped your ass and began to dance around my room. Just what am I seeing?

  Not my toys! You opened my closet and found my toy box. You started sucking on my vibe. Oh no, this is just way too much! I opened the door, barging in on you. I bet you wonder what this naughty little girl did next?


Written By: Baby Bethany
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I Love Transforming My Little Sissy

I love a real man, and let’s face, that’s just not you. We can still have fun though! You can be my little sissy.

I’ll lead you into my bedroom and give you a total makeover. I have the sexiest teddy that will look so good on you. You’ll love the way it feels against your skin. No surprise finding nice smooth legs on you. You have amazing legs. I think we need to put you in thigh high fishnets. A pair of my 6 inch heels will make your legs look even better. You look like such a sexy little whore.

After I carefully apply your makeup, I want to put a nice long wig on you. I love to have a handful of hair to hang on to. Oh? Did you think I was just going to dress my little sissy slut up? No, no, no. I have other plans for you. I’ll put on a little something of my own–well, a BIG something actually.

Now get on your knees and lets see what kind of cocksucker my sexy bitch is.


Written By: Rachel
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What A Sexy Bitch You Are

     After a very long day at work, I just wanted to relax and unwind. I opened some wine, and removed my annoying bra. My son called to tell me he wouldn’t be able to make it home due to weather, and was staying at a friends house. Something seemed off in the house, but after a few more glasses of wine, I was relaxed.

I went into my bedroom to finish changing, and noticed my panties were spread out all over the bed. This was odd, maybe I forgot I did it with such a long day. I decided to check my nanny cam to make sure nothing odd was going on.

It was my neighbor Ryan! I saw he was wearing my lingerie and dancing. I might have been mad, but this was just too much fun. 

I texted him, and told him to come over. I said if he didn’t, I would tell everyone his secret. I decided if he was going to dress and act like a bitch, he needed to do it right.

I immediately made him strip so I could see what we were working with. First, we went into the restroom to get rid of all that nasty body hair. Then I dressed him in pink frilly lingerie. Oh, how cute he looked. I finished him off with makeup, a sexy dress and heels. I dressed up myself, and we went to a dance club. 

Men were flirting with him, and he was having a blast. I explained to him that he needed to do something for me. I instructed him to go to the restroom and wait. I figured since he broke into my home and went through my things, he could make me a little money by me pimping him out. 



Written By: Suzanne
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Cure The Craving

I’ve seen the way you stare at those huge cocks when we watch porn together. Yeah, yeah, yeah.. you can say you’re watching the girl in those movies, but you can’t fool me. I’ve seen your mouth practically water looking at those monster dicks. You can keep denying it, or you can let me cure that craving.

I know you don’t know how to suck cock, but I’ll be happy to teach you. I’ll pick out the perfect guy to break your throat in. Of course, I have a huge contact list on my phone and no guy is under 8 inches. If you’re going to go for it, you really need to go big.

Once I have the perfect well hung stud, you will drop to your knees and open really wide. I’ll show you just how to take that dick like a good little sissy cock whore. You just leave your head in my hands and I’ll make sure you take it nice and deep. You’ll take it all the way if I have to force your head down on that cock.

Look at you touching your hard-on through your pants, someone is excited. I have a feeling you’re going to be a natural.

The One and Only,



Written By: Memphis
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Transforming Into a Fabulous Sissy

So you have a desire to be girly! It’s much fun to be a girl!

There is so much more to being a pretty girly girl or a cute sissy than simply putting on a silky pair of panties. It’s hard work to look good. There’s many details and so much to learn. So many tricks and secrets to luscious long hair, lovely lips, and heavenly hips.

Let me teach you how to look classy and feel fabulous.

Have you been experimenting with cross-dressing but are you having trouble pulling it off? Something not quite right? When you look in the mirror do feel silly instead of feeling sexy? Do you feel like one hot mess instead of a beautiful girl? No worries, sweet cheeks!

Give me an opportunity to help to you be a beautiful girl. I can give you some make-up tips, and share some beauty secrets. After all, that’s what girls do. I can suggest some exercises that will shape your body into one bodacious babe if you want to make your transformation complete. Or you can cheat and get some body shapers that can create that effect.

We can shop online together. I can help you pick out really beautiful lingerie that makes you feel and look so sexy. Understanding the difference between sexy and trashy is crucial. You can be a hot slutty girl, but never under any circumstances, look trashy. We can select the right colors that compliment your hair, eyes and skin tone. My only goal is to make you to feel confident and beautiful.


Written By: Isabelle
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You are a Fag!


Let’s face it, you are a fag.  That’s cool though, as I love fags. Most girls watch guy with girl porn, but I watch guy on guy.  You’re still trying to decide if you are gay.

You dislike pussy, even mine? You are a queer. Fucking face it, you love cock. You are gay. Maybe it’s time for me to show you just how much of a queer boy you are.

I love how you blamed your boring girlfriend and told me that if she were more experimental. Guess what? You would still be a cock sucking fag.

Guess what else? Maybe I should just contact her and blackmail you. Maybe, I would be doing you a fucking favor, so you can get all the cock your fag mouth and ass desire? I am just here to help in the end. Now, if you believe that!

I’m in the room looking hot as fuck, your boring girlfriend is there, and then we have a tall muscled guy with a 10 inch cock. You’re down on your knees before he can even unzip his pants. Guess what, you are a fag!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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