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Transformation Phone Sex With Your Mommy Morgan

 Hey there Cutie! I caught you wearing my panties. Now, Mommy Morgan has a surprise for you.  I have a super sweet pair of pink panties for you. Oh, your new panties look adorable on you. You might as well try on the matching pink bra. You look so girly! A pair of white stockings would really complete the look.

Mommy is transforming you into a beautiful and sexy girl! By throwing away all of your boy clothes and painting your room pink, we can let your inner Diva start to blossom. Being a girl is so much more fun. There is the hair, the makeup, the lingerie, but oh so much more.

The heels will help you learn how to walk like a girl, but I want to teach you how exciting it is to be a sexy/slutty girl, just like your Mommy Morgan.  One of the first lessons is how to have orgasms like a girl!

Love you,

Mommy Morgan

Mommy Morgan Knows Best
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Adult Baby Phone Sex With Mommy Morgan


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Every little baby needs a “mommy” to love him and tend to his many needs. You are helpless and small. It is a big scary world, but Mommy protects you. Mommy loves you. Mommy gives you a teddy bear and toys. Mommy reads you “Good Night Moon,” before your nap. Mommy sings you a lullaby when you are fussy. As any baby, you need to be bathed and fed your milk so your tummy is full. Of course, you are spanked when you are naughty. Even when you are naughty, you are always loved and nurtured by your sweet but strict Mommy Morgan. Oh my, Baby, you need your diaper changed once again. You are so messy. I find the sweetest little pampers for my little baby’s bottom and the most adorable little outfits for baby.

Mommy Morgan takes care of all your AB/DL needs!

I’ll make you beautiful


I’m always looking for new sissy boys. Like I’ve said before I have a special place in my heart for sissy’s. When you call me, I can hear your voice crackle when you tell me all your secrets and desires. I’m here for you sweetie,  I’m here to make sure you fulfill every one of your sexual desires. I don’t want anyone or anything clouding your judgement. We both know what you need and what you want.

With time and patience I’ll make all of your dreams come true. You’ll have all the make-up and clothes you’ll need. When you open your closet it’s going to be all girly just like you’ve visioned since you were a little boy. With a little help from me, everything will fall into place. You’ll be the girl that you’ve always wanted to be. 

We have so much to do. Other than making you look perfect. I’ll be teaching you how to tease and please all these men that want your beautiful body. I have an old boyfriend that I keep around for purposes like this. We’re gonna make sure you’re super busy with him. I need you learning all the in’s and out’s before I let you go out on your own. 

All The Pretty Panty Boys

Teen DelaneyI love playing with all my little sissy boys so much! Dressing them up is so much fun for me and of course, never forget lipstick and a wig! I always get dressed up too and make them call me Princess Delaney, lol, because everyone knows I am a Princess.

I learned at a very young age that they’re ALL kinds of sissy boys but the main thing is, they all love big cock even though some don’t admit it. Didn’t I catch you calling my strappy a cock in a heated moment? Don’t deny it my little slut, Princess knows just what you desire.

Some of them want to be treated like dirty little girls and others….well, I can’t even say without laughing so hard my flat, soft tummy hurts. You know who you are!  Make sure you are prepared and don’t keep Princess Delaney waiting.

Delaney Loves Sissy Boys

DelaneyWritten By: Delaney
AIM- teendelaney4u

Bitches Apply Here

  Fuck off. Yeah, I haven’t blogged in awhile. Looks like I have a life latex-and-heels-300x377fuckers. I have been planning a party and I need a few bitch boi’s for serving, entertainment and cleanup. So, even though I have a few in mind I am anxious to see just what you got, or..LMFAO..what you don’t got!

Auditions start tonight! I want you fully dressed from lingerie, makeup and wig. Yeah, steal your girlfriends lingerie, you are so pathetic you are too scared to buy your own. 

                                     Fetish Frankie


Your Little Dick Makes You Submissive


Your dick is tiny. It is cute and small. You are sweet and submissive to pretty girls. You are always playing with your little dick.

My girlfriends are such hot babes. You know that you are not a likely candidate for ever being a boyfriend to any of us sexy girls.  We think of you as one us girls. We let you hang out with us on Girls Night. We sit around in lingerie. You are wearing a super cute pink bra with matching panties.   You can paint our toes and listen as we talk about boys. I talk about how big my boyfriend’s cock is and how much fun sex is with him.

Sometimes we pump you for information. In the locker room at the gym, you see guys changing their clothes. We ask you who has the biggest cocks on campus.

When we compare your little cock to a “real man’s” cock, the girls giggle and laugh so hard. You are very fun to tease because you have such a teeny-tiny dick, Sweet Cheeks!


Getting You Ready For The Big Game

 It is almost time for the big game. Some of you will be drinkitorrie11ng with the guys, getting hot over the cheerleaders but then there is some of you..LOL. Some of you want to be the hot and sexy cheerleaders. 

     Don’t be shy now, you know exactly who you are. Some guys want a blowjob at half time but you want to give one.

      Not to worry as dressing and training sissy boys is my speciality along with…OTHER THINGS! 

                                      Bad Girl Torrie

Koko’s Little Bitch!

Y058 kokoYou come to me because you have significant issues. You lack confidence with women because you have a tiny little penis. I have to put my glasses on to see it. You are that tiny. It is only a couple of inches. You need a lot of work.

I don’t wish to have to look at that tiny little thing anymore, so here is a sexy little thong. Your little package is tucked quite nicely inside my thong panties. Turn around and show me your ass with that thong tightly going up between your cheeks.

Now you are ready for your session. You are a submissive pantyboy. You need to accept the fact that the only attention you will ever receive from a Goddess, like me, is that you can be a devoted houseboy. You will learn to find pleasure in serving me. You are obedient and loyal. You are always craving more and more. You feel that you have been hypnotized.

As your reward, I will let you pleasure yourself. Train you and guide you to cum in your panties, with lots of edging. You will learn to crave my voice and a guided masturbation with me.

Mistress Koko

Watching Mommy Get Fucked.

   I love knowing my step-son is in the closet watching his momm1281-300x452y get fucked. He has watched me with men ever since he was a little one. I used to think it was all about me, but one day I found out it was about the big, thick dicks he would see sliding in and out of my fuckholes.  

   I began to tease him one day asking him why he liked looking at my big round ass and tits so much. Lol, he quickly changed the subject and started talking about huge, veiny cocks with big hanging balls. As he talked and grew more excited he stared at my pink panties that were drenched in jizz.

        I quickly got the picture and decided it was time my little boy got to enjoy being a sissy slut.

                       Cum play with Mommy Debi

Bend Over, Bitch Boy


I love humiliating you. My girlfriends and I slipped you a little something last night to knock you out. That’s why you’re feeling a little off this morning. You open your eyes and see that your hands are cuffed to my bed post with a pair of pink fuzzy hand cuffs. We took it upon ourselves to turn you into our slutty girlfriend. Everyone knows you’ve been craving to be dressed and treated like a whore. We got you all kinds of lingerie, make-up and your favorite heels that you’ve had your eye on.  Are you ready to be a pretty little bitch? We even shaved your legs so you can slip into these silky crotch-less pantyhose. You’re looking like a hot slut now with your cock rock hard. I think it’s time to play again. Let’s whip out that pretty pink strap-on.

 I’m ready to tear up your slutty hole again. I love when you cry out my name when I’m pounding on your hole. You don’t have a choice so you may as well enjoy yourself. 

~ Princess Paris ~