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Does Your Wife Know That You’re a Loser!

I wonder if your wife knows what a perv you are?  Ever since I caught you stroking your loser dick with my dirty panties and sniffing on another pair I’ve been thinking of a little blackmail plan. It isn’t your money I want but to make you do things you don’t want to.

So you loser perv, this is the week you get what is coming to you! I’m going to dress you up like the stupid cunt you are and then invite some friends over. Pretty little girls like me use you as a toilet and laugh at your pathetic loser pin dick. We’ll fill all your gross perv holes with everything that comes out of our cute, little hot holes. Once you are begging to play with your little clit, then comes the really fun part!

We’re going to invite several men over and let them think they’ll be fucking us. We’ll make them super fucking horny. Guess what? They’ll see you and gang raped all your cum dumpster holes.

I know that secretly that is really what you want loser. Little girls and big cocks are your thing. I laugh so hard because your wife has no clue what a little faggot you are!



Written By: Teen Torrie
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Valentine’s Day Panties


 You have been snooping in my bedroom again, haven’t you?  You see the sexy red satin panties on my bed. For a brief moment you think about me in them, but then your thoughts go in a very different fucking direction. You check the time, and know I won’t be home for several hours. You giggle, as you rub them against your face, feeling how soft they are. Checking the clock again, you  slowly strip as you watch yourself in my full length mirror. You put on Bump and Grind, and begin to dance as you slip on my red panties. You run your hands down your body, feeling so sexy.

You hear laughter at the door, and turn around to see me and 2 friends watching you. Don’t you look so adorable?  My girls dance with you for a few, as I pick out sexy lingerie for you. A red clincher, red 6 inch stilettos, red satin bra, cherry red lipstick, and a red wig. You look like a slut! You’re so excited, and begin to dance some more. 

You beg us to take you out for the night with us. We pick the perfect dance club. There is always hot professional men looking for a walk on the wild side. You flirt with the bartender, and you get all our Painkiller cocktails for free. That gives us all an idea. We’re all giggling but you have no idea why. I talk to the bartender and soon men are waiting in line at our table. I take their money and follow you into the restroom. You pull up your dress and take off your panties. A line is forming, and I watch you take 4 cocks at once. Quite impressive, I must say.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Sissy Sluts!


Written By: Harley
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Jade’s Closet

Are you jealous of my naughty schoolgirl outfit? You wish you could wear something like this, don’t you? I bet my hot, little outfit would look so good on you. In fact, I have many outfits in my closet for you to wear. After I pick out the perfect, slutiest outfit, I’ll do your makeup. All my girlfriends want me to do their makeup, so you’re in good hands.

My strap-on will defiantly be coming out and shoved in your slut holes, along with other toys from my collection. Don’t get to use to the rubber though, because soon enough you’ll be experiencing the real thing.

I will make you look and feel really girly. I know you’ve been fantasizing about this for awhile now, and this is the time to make you the perfect sissy you’ve been wanting to become. Once you step into my closet, there’s no going back to your plain ole boring self again.


Written By: Jade
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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the slutest of them all?


It used to be that I was the mega slut but now that you’ve been trained by the best, you now take the title. Let’s get you all dressed up from head to toe so you can take a bow.

I came up with a wonderful way of how you can thank me. I know you graduated from the dildo in your mouth then to your ass. Before long, you finally got up enough courage to answer a Craigs list ad and sucked your first cock. It was a proud moment for both of us.

So how can we take this to the next level? You and I know you’re  ready and I have no doubt you can handle this task.

The best way of thanking me is to have your first gang-bang. Now, before you panic; I’m not suggesting 100+ guys! I was thinking maybe 15-20. I know this is something we’ll both enjoy. Nothing would make me happier and prouder than to see my little slut dripped in cum. Don’t worry, I’ll be there cheering you on while your holes are being stretched and violated by huge cocks. I hope you’re excited as I am.

The One and Only, ~M.M.~

Written By: Memphis
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Holidays With Mistress Brianna


     I would ask you what you want for Christmas, but by the look on your face I can see you are staring at it. Come a little bit closer darlin’, and see the cum dripping from my beautiful well fucked cunt. There now, that is what you want, isn’t it? Not so fast bitch, start with my red stilettos. Lick the heel and give it a blowjob. Suck it deep, to the back of your throat. I want to hear you gag on it. Why yes, I didn’t clean it after I fucked your sorry ass. Ass to mouth, if I tell you to do it, you do. 

Your shaved balls are nicely bound. Shall I give them a little kick? How I love to hear you squeal like a little piggy. I see you looking at the huge package with your name on it. Could it be the fuck machine you begged me for. Clean me out first, then if you’re a good boy, you may see what it is. 

I wish you all a deviant holiday, and that you all get your filthy desires filled.



Written By: Brianna
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My Naughty Boys

  I sure hope you have been a naughty boy this year. Auntie Debi loves when her boys get naughty, especially with each other.

A few days ago, I came home to find my phone sex boys going through my walk in closet. They were giggling like little girls, and modeling my lingerie for each other. I must tell you that I found it extremely HOT! I mean, they were so naughty it made me want to give them a gift and not punish them. They never knew I was watching, so after I came several times, I needed a good fucking. 

I came home to find them still at it, and oh no! I forgot their gifts. Aunt Debi had a special gift for her boys. I told them I had a cunt full of jizz that needed cleaning. I sure didn’t have to ask them twice!




Written By: Dirty Debi
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Holiday Surprises with Paris

I love the twinkle in your eye when I mention that we are going to be finishing up our holiday shopping. I know how much you adore a beautiful, elegant pair of panties. Even the slutty, sexy panties get you excited. I get such pleasure watching you run around the store picking out an early gift for yourself. I want you to wear them on X-mas eve when we have our special time together. You have been such a good sissy slut this year and took all the cocks that I gave you. You’ve become my #1 cock sucker, which makes me very proud. Just wait until you see what is under the tree for you. Get ready to let those yummy girl juices gush out.


Written By: Princess Paris
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Dominate You With Humiliation Phone Sex

I make you take humiliating pics of yourself and your tiny, little dick. I threaten to post them to every hot babe I know if you disobey me. You are childlike and you’re like a naughty little boy who likes to test his boundaries and his limits with his mommy. Well, I crack the whip. I tie you up. I tickle your balls. I run my long nails over your balls. I punish you for being naughty.

I make you give me your Amazon account, and I have panties delivered to your house. Of course, I make you spend the extra money for next day shipping when you argue about the color. I monitor the order and make you call me when I know the panties have arrived. I make you try them on and send me pics. I have quite a panty boy collection of you.

You are extremely humiliated. You get so nervous knowing that I have all this information on you. I know where you work, I know the name of the cute neighbor lady who you lust after, I know the name of your favorite bartender, and I know how little your dick is. I know your weakness. I know a million and one ways to humiliate you and ruin you. You are my bitch. You are pathetic, and you deserve this.  You are so pathetic that humiliation makes you hot and horny.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Cum Play With Me……Little Sissy!


I love taking you into my closet and dressing you in my extra small and ultra tight little panties. I love doing your hair and make up, just having a girls day you know?

I take pictures of you as you prance around in my heels and strut your freshly shaved legs. Look at your painted toe nails too, you look hot as fuck dressed in my extra skimpy tight clothes.

You know something though? When you dress like a slut and act like a slut, you will be fucked like a slut! Don’t be shy, I will help you.

Get on your hands and knees and arch that sexy ass in the air with the tiny little dress coming up over your waist. Let me pull your panties to the side and spit on that pretty little pussy hole. That’s right, I’m going to put all your holes to use.

I love giving a sensual domination for sissy’s that have constant cock cravings.



Written By: Faith
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When He Needs To Be A She

 Well isn’t that just the cutest little set of balls I have ever seen. They look like tiny little grapes. Let me bounce them around for you as they’re just so amusing. You have no other way to please me but make me laugh. You know if I bend it back towards your bottom, and have you wear frilly pink and white panties, no one will know you’re male. Awww, now look at you? Ms. Cameron wants to make you her sweet little girl. 

Let’s head over to the spa where they will take all that nasty body hair off of you. Makes me wonder how such a little sissy can be so hairy? I certainly can’t have that. All you need now is makeup, a wig and some sexy but tacky clothes.

Now that you look the part, it is time to take you out on the town. I wonder how many dicks you can take in your hot fuck holes before anyone notices you aren’t an actual girl.


Written By: Cameron
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