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Snip, Snip

    You crawl to me hoping I will forgive your absence. You mumble about how it just wasn’t your fault. Nonsense slut, it is always your fault. How could I possibly forgive your shortcomings. You have so many of them. You have watched me castrate so many males, and you were grateful I only tortured your cock and balls. I am bored and rather annoyed with you. It is time.

I make you prep yourself as I fuck a real man, something you will never be.  You are shaved, and your balls are bound tightly. You look like a little boy. Fuck, you are small. No matter, I have work to do on you. I could just leave you banded and let your balls fall of in a humane way. Not today!

You fetch my scalpel, and you put yourself in the stirrups. You beg me to get one last taste of my cum filled pussy. Secretly I know you just want want to lick the cum out of me.

You begin to shake and cry when I push the knife into your wee little thing. I can’t really call it a cock, now can I? You pray that you will pass out as not to feel all the pain. Doubtful loser. The excitement of slicing off your ball, is being drowned out by your screaming. I shove panties in your mouth and finish taking your manhood. Manhood? Now that is funny!



Written By: Brianna
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Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

It’s so fun playing cum denial games while I humiliate you. I know you love it too. Making you jerk off for hours is intense, especially while your cock and balls are so full and tight. When I see rubber bands, I think about how much I love wrapping one around your tiny dick.

I own you! Your cock and balls are mine! It’s up to me when you can blow your load. It may be hours or even days before your pathetic dick gets to cum. Once you submit to this barely legal hottie, I’ll take complete ownership over your manhood. You’ll never want anyone to control your orgasm again.



Written By: Felicia
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You’re Useless To Your Wife

 Let me guess- you’re a tiny dick wonder and your hot wife is out fucking real men. Well, what do you expect? Believe it or not, your wife actually wants to feel something when she’s getting fucked. Your tiny micro penis has never satisfied her. She probably just lays there and hope it ends soon when you use to have sex with her with your midget dick.

You’ve come to the realization that you’re so pathetic and you want your wife happy but you’re not the man that can achieve that. The thought of her getting fucked turns you on. You crave her cum filled holes from strangers. You probably have the urge to suck her lover’s cock. It’s only a matter of time before you become a cuckold fag and beg her for cock and cum. Soon you’ll become her cuckold slave.



Written By: London
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Size Queen Bambi

I know that we’ve all been stuck in a lot lately and we’re all a little sexually frustrated, but let me make something clear. Just because I’ve been missing cock does not mean that I’m going to settle for just anything.
A lot of you horny men have been flooding my inbox with tiny dick pics and they aren’t useful for anything but a good laugh. I’ll never be that desperate. Ever! Some of you “men”, and I say that loosely, are lucky that I don’t post your baby cocks for the entire world to see. They’re pathetic and so are all of you, but I think you know that already. I would be more than happy to give you all the reasons your cock will never be anywhere around me if you decide to call. I am a true size queen and those little pricks don’t impress me. If it’s not a big, thick 10 inches, I don’t want it. Ever.


Written By: Bambi
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You Will Never Measure Up To My Standards

Do you honestly think a girl like me would like a small penis? The funny thing is little dick losers love to call me. They like when I ridicule their manhood, and they quickly realize I never hold back.

They love when I tell them about my sex life. I tell them about some of my fuck buddies I see on a regular basis. It all kind of made sense when my callers would start asking me questions about what size cocks I preferred. They wanted to know how big they are. They asked about exact measurements, how big are their balls, and how good it felt when they gave me a hard pounding.

It’s funny to me because I can hear them stroking their tiny pencil dicks when I gave them the juicy details. They only wished they could satisfy a girl like me, but we both know it will never happen. Keep rubbing that tiny clit of yours because I’m a size queen and you’ll never measure up to my standards.


Written By: Dakota
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Small Dicks Amuse Me

I wonder how you even remotely thought showing me a picture of a little 3 inch weener was going to elicit anything other than laughter from me? You really didn’t think I was going to tell you that you had a nice cock?  If you did, you are certainly delirious.

I won’t go as far as to say your little dicklette is worthless, it is good for one and only one thing. It does give me something pathetic to laugh at and tell the whole world about. Trust me, all my girlfriends always love when I show them what a pathetic loser you are. 
 Every time you have the audacity to whip out that sorry excuse for a dick, I plan on not only telling you what a waste of a foreskin you are, but every one else too! I’m a cruel Princess when it comes to small pencil dicks.
Written By: Princess Paris
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Small Dick Losers Make Me Laugh

What the fuck is that between your legs? You must be suffering from SDS (small dick syndrome.) I say suffering because no woman would want you…EVER! You’re a lost cause, not unless you got a penis enlargement, and I know a loser like you wouldn’t do that. Your only satisfaction in life is hot girls like me humiliating and degrading you. Women want to be pleasured by a huge cock. They want to be stuffed and stretched to the fullest. This is something you know nothing about other than watching porn. Sadly, you’ve never been able to pleasure any woman in your pathetic life.

Your little pecker is good for one thing and one thing only – amusement! When I’m having a bad day, I will look at your picture and laugh my ass off. I will think how could anyone be this pathetic? You want to know how much of a loser you really are? When you send me a dick pic, I have to enlarge the picture with my fingers on my cell, even then I can’t see much!

If you’re in need of some hardcore humiliation, call me. I will destroy any piece of manhood you have left.



Written By: Devon
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Yogurt, Bread, Creamer, Tide….

You might think that is an odd blog title, but it captured your attention, didn’t it?

Yogurt, bread, creamer and Tide were the things I need at the store. I was repeating my grocery list in my head over and over again when my husband was fucking me last night.

He just got back from a long business trip and he couldn’t wait to fuck his wife. I on the other hand, was dreading having sex with him because he simply doesn’t please me. His cock is so small that I can’t feel him inside me at all. He knows I love big dicks, and he enjoys watching them pound my pussy. Over the years, I’ve turned him into a cuckold. He understands that he doesn’t satisfy me, and I married him for money. He loves the fact that he has a beautiful trophy wife, and he would do anything to keep me happy.

Every now and then when my husband comes home from a business trip, he will want sex. I always hope it’s over with as quickly as it possibly can. I wish he would cheat on me so he wouldn’t come home horny. Maybe there’s a woman out there that would like a small cock? I know he would never do that to me though, I have him wrapped around my little finger.

If your wife looks bored while you’re fucking her, she might be going over her shopping list too.



Written By: Simone
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Will Daddy Ever Learn a Lesson?

My phone sex daddy came into my room and confessed he took my expensive panties I just bought. He wanted to be punished for what he had done. I had him bring me my panties. When daddy handed them to me, I saw they were dirty! I asked him if he was stroking his little dick in my panties again? His face turned red. He said yes, and he was very sorry. Hearing Daddy apologizing wasn’t going to cut it this time.

I told Daddy to get naked and to get on his knees where he belongs. I told him to spread his man pussy while I get my 12 inch strap-on ready. I forced every bit of my big cock inside of him. I was mad at him, and he’s going to feel how angry I am at his actions. He cried that I was fucking him too hard, but that only made me thrust deeper into his tight man hole. He asked if he could touch his little dick while he was getting fucked, and I said yes. I thought that was a good idea.

I could hear he was enjoying the pounding and I knew he was going to cum soon. I quickly pulled out and ran to grab a bowl. I put the bowl under Daddy’s little penis and told him to jerk off in it. I was shocked how much he came for having a such a little dick. I slammed Daddy’s head down to the bowl and made him slurp up his own cum. After Daddy ate every last drop of cum, I slid my strap-on into his mouth so he could taste his own ass juices.

Will pathetic Daddy ever learn his lesson?


Written By: Andie
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Hot Girls Love Humiliating Guys With Little Dicks

My girlfriends and I were at the park playing volleyball. It was the first warm day of the year.We were in our tiny shorts and enjoying the feel of the sun on our faces.

One of the girls hit the ball hard, and the other team missed. The volleyball rolled pretty far from us. A guy grabbed the ball and held onto it instead of tossing back to us. I guess he thought that we were innocent young girls who had not seen a lot of cocks. He only agreed to give us the ball back if we would look at his big cock and tell us what we thought of it. We agreed. I admit that we were curious, and hoping to admire a big, juicy cock. Now maybe he wanted SPH and wanted us to laugh at him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his 5-inch dick. At first, we just looked at him and then each other. I think he was stunned when all of us hot girls started laughing so loud. He was surprised and so embarrassed that he put it back in his pants. We assured him that all of our boyfriends were eight inches or bigger. He held his head in shame, but he must know that hot girls only go for big cocks!

If you enjoy SPH, call me! I want to laugh at you too! 

Bad Little Bree 


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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