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Britt Will Humiliate Your Small Dick!

My pussy is too good for that tiny little thing you like to call a dick. You may not think that it’s little, but it is. Other girls may have said they were satisfied with it but they were lying. It’s so sad that you were born with something so tiny and pathetic. It’s hard for me not to laugh at it. Small dicks are just so funny! 

You’ve known you whole life that you weren’t measuring up but now you would like some confirmation. When you call your Baby Britt for Small Penis Humiliation,  you’ll always get the harsh reality. I won’t spare your feelings and I won’t sugar coat anything. 

I am the one that will humiliate you just the way you need.





Written By: Baby Britt
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You Will Never Fuck Me

That tiny little stump dangling from between your legs is pathetic. But you didn’t need me to tell you that, did you? You’ve always known it’s smaller than normal- too small to please a woman, especially a hot girl like me.

I need cock and your ridiculous excuse for a penis will never come close. But you can’t keep your hands – excuse me, your index finger and your thumb – because it just gets lost in your hand- out of your pants, can you? You’re a freak of nature. So horny, yet so inadequately equipped to satisfy me.

So go ahead, show me what a little man does when he’s dealt from the short stack. I want to watch you play with that little tinker toy! Don’t even think about getting your jizz anywhere near me, loser. That crusty cum rag next to your bed is the only thing your tiny load is worthy of touching.

The closest you’ll ever come to fucking me is by living vicariously through a real man while he fills me with his cock. Learn your place, faggot… and I might let you watch. Of course, we’ll laugh at you while you play with that worthless piece of flesh, but you’re used to that, right?


Written By: Missy
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I Need A Real Man

You’re so fucking pathetic, telling me how you’re going to fuck me with that little 2 inch non-existent “cock” of yours. Did you really think that something like that would really turn me on? I’m so fucking insulted. The only thing I can tell you is you better know how to eat pussy and ass because that’s all you’re getting, and you’re not even getting that unless I have a creamy load in both from real men.

You know that I’m a size queen, and that equipment you’re packing doesn’t even begin to cut it.

You better get on your knees and beg to clean up the mess the men before left behind. That is the closest thing to pussy and a piece of ass you’re going to get from me. I need a real man, with a real dick.

Keep that in mind the next time you even think about showing/offering it to me. I am an absolute Goddess! Now, get down and worship me.


Written By: Abby
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Good Entertainment

I just had lunch with a bunch of my close girlfriends today, and it’s so much fun when we all get together. I have the kind of friends that make me laugh so hard, my side hurts. Of course, we always talk about sex, toys, and well-endowed men.

My girlfriends are always up for a good laugh so I had to tell them about my caller the other day. He sent me an email of his penis, and I knew I couldn’t keep this picture all to myself. When I passed around my phone to show them the pic he sent me, all my girlfriends burst out laughing. We almost got kicked out of the restaurant, we hardly couldn’t contain ourselves.

All my girlfriends, and I agree, he is nothing but a pathetic loser. The only thing he is good for is a good laugh with my friends.

It’s so entertaining when I get pathetic small dick losers to call me. When it comes to your tiny penis, there might not be much to talk about but there’s so much to laugh about!


Written By: Chloe
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Small Penis Humiliation

My teen pussy is too good for that tiny, little thing you like to call a dick. You may not think that it’s little, but it is. Other girls may have said they were 

satisfied with it, but they were totally lying.

It’s so sad that you were born with something so tiny and pathetic. It’s hard for me not to laugh at it, and even share the laughter with my girlfriends. 

I’ve fucked many high school and college football players and they’re hung like a horse. Do you think I could possibly fuck you after being with them? HA, no way!

When you call me, you will get total honesty. I’m not going to fake it and tell you that your dick would pleasure me. You won’t ever hear me say that it’s nice either. I will give it to you straight up.

If you’re looking for a small dick humiliation phone sex call, then you need to not look any further. I’m the one that you want to call, and I will humiliate you just the way you need.


Written By: Charlie
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Could You Be Anymore Pathetic


You stand before me with that glint of hope in your eye, your itty bitty cock in your hand. You pray that I will tell you it is good enough, that I will let you fuck me. You cringe when I open my mouth to speak and nothing but laughter pours out of these sexy lips.

Could you be any more pathetic? 

That’s not a cock, it’s a clitty and you know it! You are weak little worm, standing there with that limp noodle in your hand. Seriously, you need to get down on your knees and hold that little thing to the floor so I can crush it with my six inch stiletto heels.

No reason for you to subject another woman to that joke. I know exactly how to handle this situation. 



Written By: Trixie
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Your Little Mommy

You have been hiding something from your wife. You’ve been sneaking around with me for months and living out your crazy fantasies. You think she would be mad, and I think she would be disgusted with you.

I’m not your teen lover, I’m your teen MOMMY. We never fuck… are you kidding?!?! With that little baby cock? Never! But then again, it’s not a fuck buddy that you need. You like for me to diaper you and treat you like a naughty baby boy.

You come to me in your business suit and beg me to diaper you. I take you to the special room I have made for you, complete with playpen, crib, and changing table. I take your clothes off and ask if you’ve been a good boy. You shake your head yes, but I don’t believe you! I spank your little ass before I lotion you up, put on the powder, and then your diaper.

I put you in your footie pajamas and walk you over to the rocking chair. I sit down with you and  you sit on my lap. Time for you to “nurse” on Mommy’s tits. As you suck, Mommy reaches down and rubs your little dicky through your diaper. You coo like a little baby when you make a sticky mess for Mommy.
And your wife always complains that you’re too serious, if she could see you now!


Written By: Raylin
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You Are Afraid Of Me


I know you’re scared to call me. You’re afraid of what I will do with all the photos I make you send me. You’re afraid I will post them online and show everyone what a loser you are. Perhaps, you’re scared I will never let you cum because you wont behave. You’re afraid of all the naughty things I will make you do before I let you “possibly” cum.

You have a good reason to be afraid of me! I will blackmail you into submission. I will make you my personal play toy. I will laugh at your pathetic little cock. I will invite all my hot girlfriends over to see you play with it. I will handcuff you to my bed and tease that little pencil dick of yours. You’ll be begging me to touch your pathetic dick, and pleading with me to let you cum. 

You know who you are, and if you don’t mention this blog, I’ll NEVER let you cum again!



Written By: Missy
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Your Wallet Better Be Bigger Than Your Cock!

I like it thick and big! Loser, I’m not talking about your dick size! Put that pencil dick away, you know I don’t care anything about that. The only thing I care about is your wallet and it better be bigger than your cock!

Some guys pay me because their dicks are so tiny and helpless that they give me money just to feel better about themselves. I love controlling pathetic, weak men. It makes me feel like I am giving back to the community, like volunteer work. They have nothing else in life to look forward too, so why not show the losers some greedy attention. It’s a total rush for me to make “seemingly” strong men extremely weak for me with minimal effort. Men realize that without me in their lives, there’s noting left. I show them the way to happiness.

Put that dick away loser and pull out the only thing that matters.

Phoenix Will Ruin You 


Written By: Phoenix
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Good Little Cuck

I have a man in my life that takes care of almost all my needs. He spoils me, supports all my expensive habits, and keeps me in lavish comfort, but he’s lacking in one important area, the bedroom! His cock is just too small and he cannot satisfy me. He knows what a cock hungry size queen I am, and knows that his little dick just doesn’t make the cut.

He does serve some purposes though, he is an amazing pathetic little cuck! He stands at the foot of the bed and watches as a real man fucks all my tight holes. I look up at him and smirk. All he can do is stroke his little pencil dick. I can’t help but laugh at the look on his face as my current lover taunts him, telling him how fucking good my pussy and ass feel. He’ll never know that pleasure. There’s no way that sad excuse for a cock is coming anywhere near my perfect cunt. His job is to serve me and my wants and needs.

After hours of fucking, I have one final task for him. I put him on his back and squat above his face, letting all the creamy cum drip down into his mouth. He knows I expect all my holes to be cleaned out by his tongue. This is as close to my pussy that he will ever get, so he takes advantage, licking and sucking all he can. He’s the perfect man, my good little cuck.


Written By: Abby
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