Mommy’s Bikini Makes Him Hard

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 106702652.jpgYour Mommy Morgan has a new boyfriend. She seems to like him a lot, but you like his big boat. When you and Mommy go to the park district pool, Mommy always wears a very modest floral one-piece. Her big tits are all covered up. She sits and chats with the other ladies while you swim with your friends from school. On the weekends, her new boyfriend takes you and Mommy out on the big boat. Mommy wears her hot chili-red bikini.

Mommy’s boyfriend must like her red bikini too. He is always rubbing up against her, sneaking in kisses, and putting his hands around her waist. He made your Mommy smile, and you loved that he let you steer the boat on the open water. A thought popped into your head. Why is he letting you steer his big, expensive boat? What are he and Mommy doing? You stop the boat and put down the anchor like you had watched him do. You head to the back of the boat to find them.

Then, you realized he wanted you out of the way so that he and Mommy could get cozy. You found he had taken off Mommy’s bikini top. His mouth was sucking on her nipples. You were mad, but you had a stiffy watching, envious of his mouth and hands all over her. Mommy looks so beautiful topless. You can’t help yourself. Your own desires take over and your rub your hard cock through your shorts. Mommy sees your hand and sees your bulge. She invites you to join her and her boyfriend for a threesome.


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Massage Little Layla’s Cheeks

One of my college girlfriends invited me to spend the weekend at her house. I had met her family a few times on campus, fun-loving, friendly people. I knew that it would be a great weekend. Recently, I broke up with my boyfriend, so getting out town sounded like a great idea.

They were having a special family dinner, and I wanted to be there in time for that. I left a little later than I had planned, so I had to drive faster to get there for dinner. It was a long drive, five hours. I made one quick little stop for gas, grab a bottle of water and had to pee. I hate long car trips, and this was the longest trip that I had ever done on my own. My legs and back were tight after the long car ride, but I made it in time for dinner.

We ate outside on their patio, Midwest summer foods from the garden, and meat from a local farmer. We drank beer and laughed sharing stories and telling jokes. I was so glad that I had not been late. I was really having a good time even though my lower back and ass were stiff from the long drive.

Her Daddy sat across from me. He noticed that I was rubbing my back while we sat at the patio table. After dinner, while the rest of the family was inside doing the dishes, he asked about my back. He offered me a massage, and I got wet at his suggestion. He is very sexy, handsome older man. What hot girl could say “no” to him?

He helped me take off my little dress and smiled when he saw that I was not wearing a bra. I laid down on the bench. His hands were so strong. He massaged me up and down my legs and my back. Then I let out the loudest moan as he massaged my ass cheeks. It was arousing and exciting. I looked back over my should and begged him to fuck me. He smiled, and I watched him unzip his jeans, and his hard Daddy cock was in my face.

Don’t you wish you were my friend’s Daddy?


Written By: Layla
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A Nice Welcome Home

You had a long, grueling day at the office. All you can think about is getting out of your work attire and having a stiff drink. You’re hoping the wifey isn’t home yet because you could really use some alone time. Maybe watch a little porn and jerk off to your favorite video.

After 20 minutes of heavy Friday evening traffic, you finally get home and open your front door. You yell that you’re home and you hear no response. While undoing your neck tie, you walk into your living room and you see me; the neighbor girl you’ve had a crush on since I was 8 years old. You look completely puzzled but yet excited at the same time. I give you a glass a wine and I start undressing you. You mention your wife will be home any minute but I put my finger to your lips to hush you.

I get down on my knees and give you a sloppy blowjob. You mention again about your wife and I take you by your hand and lead you to your bedroom. As I open the bedroom door, you see your wife passed out, sprawled across the bed with her work clothes still on. I let you know right away that she is fine. I just slipped a little drug in her glass to make her very sleepy.

I slip off my dress and move her to one side of the bed so we can fuck right next to her. You had no idea your hot neighbor girl was so naughty and twisted. Without hesitation, you slide your cock inside me and we fuck like animals right next to her. I beg you to cum in my pussy and once you put a big load inside me. I straddle your wife’s face and let the cum drip from my pussy to her mouth.

You finally got to fuck me without any interruptions. You just never know when it will happen again.


Written By: Hanna
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Mommy’s Boyfriend Likes Me Best

My Mommy has been dating a man for a while now. She thinks it’s cute that he and I are so affectionate. When he rings the doorbell, I run to answer it, even if I am just wearing my panties and bra. He teases me about forgetting my clothes, and he smacks my little butt. It doesn’t hurt. I giggle and run into his arms. He picks me up and swings me around the room, and I giggle harder.

When we go out to dinner, I want to sit next to him instead of Mommy. I like leaning my head on his shoulder, and I love it the way he rubs my back. He is always telling (when Mommy is not within earshot) that I am his special girl. I want to think that I am his secret girlfriend. I am very good at keeping secrets. 

When we watch movies at our house, he lets me pick the movie. I like to pick scary ones so that I can crawl up into his lap. He hugs me really tight and promises that he will protect me from all the bad guys out there in the world. Sometimes I fall asleep in his lap. He is so big, snuggly and warm. Sometimes I wake up when he carries me to bed. I know he lifts up my nightgown and touches my panties.

Maybe tonight if Mommy lets him stay over, he will leave her bed and crawl into mine so we can play!

Sound like a fun role-play?


Little Lucie


Written By: Little Lucie
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Charlie’s Boat Adventures

I had an awesome 4th of July! My friend invited me on her parents boat. Her hot older brother was there as well. It was just the 5 of us and my girlfriends parents were really cool. They had tons of food and alcohol.  

By the end the day, my friend and her mom were passed out on the boat. I was feeling really buzzed and horny. I started doing a strip tease in front of the guys. They didn’t stop me. In fact, my friends dad asked me to sit on his lap. I could feel his rock hard cock poking through his shorts against my bikini bottoms. My girlfriends brother started playing with my tits and sucking my nipples.

They both pulled down their shorts and I sucked their cocks. With some father/son blowjob action, my holes were wanting to be fucked! I got on all fours on the boat deck and they took turns fucking me while I was right in front of my passed out friend and her mom!

My girlfriend had no clue that I got a big load in my ass and pussy from her dad and brother. I think I will stop over to my friends house soon and have some more family time.


Written By: Coed Charlie
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Playing with My Phone Sex Uncle

I have a caller that just loves to be my “Uncle Mike”. He’s obsessed with sneaking into my room and sniffing my dirty panties that my cute little cunt has cum in over and over again. He loves the smell and loves that I leave a couple of pairs lying around just for him to find. He also loves catching his little niece before I have my shower so my pussy is nice and ripe for him to bury his tongue in. Sometimes he even brings over some of his wife’s dirty panties for me to sniff too! He’s so nasty and he knows his slutty girl loves it. He fucks me so hard with that smelly cotton pressed against his face and always leaves me with a creamy load inside of my pussy. I love family fun calls!

Written By: Tyler
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College Boys Orgy   I was getting ready for work after a long night of fun when I noticed I never shut my curtains. I imagine my college age neighbors got quite the show.

It was a total wild night with several of the beautiful men and women I picked up last night at the Pub. It was a one hell of a fucking orgy! I jumped in the shower, and got ready for work. My condo was quiet as I kicked everyone out at sun-up.

I was about to leave and noticed my tire was flat. Soon there was three hot, built young men helping me. They changed my tire, and the sight of them working together, got my juices flowing.

           I might be a blonde bimbo but I knew it was one of them who let the air out of my tire. Funny thing is, all it would have taken to meet me was them at my door with a bottle of white wine. We had a quickie as I was already late for work. I wanted much more! I love it when in a three or foursome the guys have lots of sexy, dirty, naughty interactions.

All day at work I thought of fucking them when I got home. I was so horny I even came several times in my office with my fingers. Fuck, was I ever horny. I was hoping I would have some company but we were on short staff today. I left work a bit early, and went straight to my sexy, new neighbors house. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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Dirty Tights

My new step-daddy has a really funny fetish. He loves going through my laundry hamper and finding all over my dirty tights.

One day I caught him red handed! He was in my room and had the foot of them in his mouth, the crotch of them at his nose and the other foot wrapped around his cock. He was using that dirty, crusty foot to stroke off his daddy dick. When he was finished, he didn’t even bother hiding it. He left it right on top of the pile covered in his jizz. Mom is going away with her girlfriends this weekend and I have a big surprise for my new daddy. If he likes playing with them from the hamper, he’s going to LOVE playing with them with me in them!


Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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MILF Seduces Her Best Friend’s Son

My best friend called me for a favor. Her college-aged son has an internship out of town for the summer, but he surprised and came home for the weekend. My friend felt so bad because she is a nurse and is going to be working all weekend. She asked if her son could spend the weekend with me.

What my best friend doesn’t know is that her son and I have been hooking up ever since the night of is high school graduation party. I seduced him that night right out of his new suit, and fucked him in his bedroom with all of his friends and family downstairs. He had been fascinated with my big tits since he was young, and my gift to him was sex with an older woman.

I was so excited and aroused to have him spend this weekend with me. I answered the doorbell in just my robe. As soon as that doorbell rang, I greeted her son with a wonderful blowjob. Only a sexy Cougar like myself can suck his big cock. Those cute and silly college girls only think they can take it deep. I have spoiled this young man. He cums all over my tits and apologizes for cumming so quickly. I just smile and suck him again. Once he is hard, I take him into the bedroom and ride him hard.

Wouldn’t it be so interesting if the UPS man, or his girlfriend or his mom caught us? It would make for one taboo role-play!

Your Naughty Cougar,



Written By: Auntie Ava
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Goodnight Kisses

My phone sex daddy and I have a special thing we do every night. Before I go to bed, I climb into daddy’s bed and I give him a goodnight kiss. When I was little, it was a little peck on the cheek and then I went to my bedroom to go to sleep. When I got a little older, he wanted a small peck on his lips.

Lately our little kisses on the mouth have turned into long make out sessions. Daddy even put his tongue in my mouth. When we were kissing, I felt his hands touch my nipples and I can feel them getting hard. When I go back to my bed, I can feel the wetness between my thighs. I think I really like the new way daddy kisses me. The way he looks at me and touches me makes me feel like I’m his girlfriend. I’m hoping soon our goodnight kisses will turn into a lot more!


Written By: Felicia
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