Sharing My Neighbor’s Cock

Today was beautiful outside. Last few days of the Summer are always exciting with all the guys and gals taking advantage of it, and hitting the lake and pools. I was headed to lake when I saw my much younger neighbor and his girl enjoying the sun. They looked amazing sunbathing nude. They have a high fence but Leon gave me a little peep hole. That’s right, he knows I get off watching them. While she was giving him one fucking hell of a blowjob, I finger fucked my cougar pussy while I watched. We made eye contact the whole time. I must say she takes his huge cock like a pro. I think she heard me moan, as after standing up and whispering to Leon she looked my way too. They both walked over to the fence, and invited me to join them. We shared a delicious three way kiss. I got down on my knees and showed her just how a blowjob should be done. She may be a pro, but I am even better. Give me a try, you won’t be disappointed.

The “Golden” Granny

My neighbors little granddaughter calls me the Golden Granny. Since I’m in my golden years as they say, I like a nice, hot golden shower. Now mind you, I liked it when I was younger as well but I really enjoy it at my present age.

My neighbor Al is a kinky bastard, and I love going over to his house for some naughty afternoon fun. His granddaughter has been there for a few days and she’s such a doll. She’s a cute little thing and she doesn’t mind joining in sometimes. She loves to watch her grandpa give me the most intense golden showers.

She’s a little kink pot herself, she will lick the hot, yellow flowing stream off my body. We will press our bodies together and feel his warm piss between us. Her young, tender skin feels so good against my old, wrinkly body.

This Golden Granny loves her Golden Showers!


Written By: Granny Trudy
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Trashy Aunt Trish

My sister left her hellraiser kids with me for a few days. She must of been desperate because I am everyone’s last choice to babysit. I can’t keep track of my own brats, let alone anyone else’s.

On the day they arrived at my house, I noticed my phone sex nephew had a fascination with my big tits. He kept eyeing them and told me his mom never wears skimpy clothes like I do. I don’t think he’s ever seen tits in person, and I knew he wanted to badly touch them.

While all the kids were watching a movie in the living room, I called him into my bedroom. I sat him down on my bed and lifted up my tank top. He was nervous but exited at the same time. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my titties. It felt good having young hands all over me. I had him suck my hard nipples. I knew this was his first time but he seemed like a natural.

I saw his boner sticking out of his shorts so I started rubbing his cock. I could feel my pussy tingling and getting soaked. I could either call a fuck friend over here to take care of my horny pussy or I could have a little family fun?

Which option do you think Trashy Trish went with?


Written By: Trashy Trish
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Motivating My Lawn Boy

October is the time of year that my lawn boy hates most. The big trees in the backyard drop all of these leaves, and it seems like a monumental task to get them removed. He moans and complains about the amount of time it takes to complete this painstaking task. The leaves are so thick that he can’t go over them with his big, riding mower. He has to rake them and remove them one bag at a time. 

He is a sweet, young guy. I want to keep him motivated. Every so often, I flash him a little bit more of my tits. At first, I flash just my stomach, then my shirt pulled up, showing off my bra. Finally, I appear in the big window, completely topless. I rub my tits. I take an ice cube and rub it over my tits. I play with my nipples, pinching them. Licking my hard nipples drives him crazy and makes him super horny.

As soon as I see him slowing down, I flash my pussy. Then I walk away from the window. I know he will hurry. Now I have one super motivated lawn boy.

When he is all done with the lawn, he can come in take a shower and play with my big, luscious breasts and pussy. This horny housewife lets my lawn boy cum all over my big tits.


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Erotic and Hypnotic Jerk-Off Instructions For You

Consider me your favorite teacher for your naughty boy jerk off instructions. Carefully listen to the sound of my sweet, hypnotic voice. I’ll put you under an erotic spell and take you back to a time of innocence, a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Then I will tease your cock with sexual images of my tits, my silky lingerie, and my breath on your neck. My words create pictures in your mind. Take you deeper and deeper, mind relaxed but stimulated hard cock.

Now it is time to unzip your pants and let my words stroke your cock. Let my voice, my words, my mind keep you in that erotic hypnotic state until I finally give you the command to cum. After edging for me, there is so much cum all the over the place.

At the end of the session, you feel de-stressed and completely relaxed. Just a lot of necessary clean-up with your cum all over you.



 Written By: Bratty Bree
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How Much Can You Cum?

I know a lot of women say the most important thing is cock size. That is very true because no woman wants a tiny dick…..ever! Micro-penis’s are only fun to laugh at. What I think is one of the most important thing about a man is how much he can cum. I’ve had a glorious 9 inch cock before, only to have him squirt a little teaspoon of cum! I pretty much assumed that all big cocks cum big, and I realized (the hard way) that’s not always the case.

I love cum in me and on me, so for a man to cum a little bit is defiantly a turn off. I really like watching porn where men are jerking off and seeing how much they can shoot. Of course, the best is when they can explode across the room or all over themselves.

Many of my callers tell me they always cum so much with me. I get told it’s because of my voice or my wild imagination that gets them so turned on. I love hearing about it, and what you’re going to do with it once you do cum. Of course, my ultimate is when you eat your own cum. It’s such a waste otherwise.

If you love cum like me or you think you can cum a lot, please call and share it with me.




Written By: Lexi
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That Sexy Time Of The Year

I am so excited for October. That means Halloween and lots of parties. I start to think about Halloween just as soon as summer bikini time is over. You’re getting excited too as you are a bit of a perv and you love seeing the younger ones in their cute costumes.

You ask me if this year I can host a few parties and make sure my phone sex sisters are there. I knew it all along, you prefer the younger ones! That’s okay because so do I.  You will be renting an old building for the party. There will be lots of drinks as always.

You and I go shopping for our costumes. The thought of our accomplice play has gotten me dripping wet. I take out my phone and we both begin to look at pictures of my sister. She is so fucking hot! I grab you by the back of your head and pull your hungry mouth to my cunt. After I cum hard on your face, it is back to trying on costumes. My poor pervy friend, you are rock hard and still looking at my phone sex sisters pictures. If you fucking cum on my phone, you will lick it up!



Written By: Harley
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Revenge Is Sweet


   I caught your sexy girlfriend cheating on you. Since you’re close male friend of mine, a little revenge was needed. Now don’t get me fucking wrong, I love pussy as much as dick, so either way for me it will be hot!

I invited her over for brunch. I told her I always get to know my close friends love interests. After a few mimosa’s, she was flirting, teasing me with her delish body. Funny part was, I am the Mistress of tease, so there was nothing I hadn’t done or seen. Apparently, this hottie thinks she is in charge. Oh no, that will never fucking happen. Once she passed out, I stripped her, gagged her, and tied her to a chair. She woke up with me pulling her lovely long hair, and pinching the fuck out of her nipples. I got her boyfriend on Skype, and let him see the show.



Written By: Brianna
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His Slut For The Night

I was heading off to meet some friends when I noticed my favorite bar was packed. A private party was going on and it looked awesome.

I went in, quickly showed what looked to be my work badge, and went on in. There was an open bar, great looking men well dressed and munchies. I was flirting with abandonment when security double checked my badge. I was pretty much on my way out the door when a tall, blonde gentleman walked by. I grabbed his arm, and told him being so late almost got me tossed out. He took me to a table, explained this was his boring work reception. He then asked me to explain just who I was. He seemed quite amused, but said since it is his reception, I am now his entertainment for the evening.

I explained since I went to this bar often, I knew of a quiet spot where he could take advantage of me for my escapades this evening. After a chat with bartender, with a bottle of jack in my hand I showed my new friend where we were going. An empty part of bar that is only open weekends. After making my intentions extremely clear, clothes began flying.



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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A Night At Bliss

        Ms. Cameron has decided it is time to take her little sissy man to a real sleaze club downtown. The glory hole adult bookstores just aren’t doing it for me. Since it is all about Ms. Cameron’s pleasure, off to the Bliss Club we go.

I bring my Sissy Slut in on a leash wearing pink lace panties, a matching bra, heels and full face of makeup. The eyes light up of the men and women once they see him. She/he is seriously cute and fuckable. Dylan, one of the male dommes takes my sissy slave and has him go to work. He is definitely the hit of the party! Usually the swingers Club is men and women but tonight when I told everyone about Amanda/Allan, they were all super excited. The women were lining up wearing 8 inch strap-ons to fuck his tight little holes.

The club closed a little to early and not everyone got a chance to fuck or be sucked by Amanda. We all headed off to my home for some after hour partying. This is where things got interesting. He was fully dressed at Bliss so no one got a look at his clity. Sometimes I enjoy fucking Alan when he is fully dressed as Amanda. When the clothes came off everyone saw how big his cock actually was. Now, the ladies were really lining up to get fucked by my sissy. Really what is better than taking a big, thick dick and feeling nice big tits on your back?


Written By: Cameron
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