The Storm Makes My Fantasy Our Reality

We have had some rain and some cloudy days here in Miami this week. There is a storm brewing this afternoon. I love the ocean before a storm. Visually, it is much more interesting to watch than a cloudless blue sky. Of course, the beach is not crowded, but there’s so much going on to look at right before a storm with the clouds changing, becoming darker, the sound of waves crashing, finding unusual shells deposited on the beach from those waves, and the feel of the wind on my skin and blowing my hair. I love the beach. It makes me feel sexy!

You and I sit on a blanket and watch the storm clouds roll in. We time it just right to get off the beach right before that first crack of lightning. We find a safe picnic shelter just off the beach, and we watch it rain. The air is warm and wet, but then so am I.

I pull down my bikini top and offer you a taste of me. No sunscreen on my skin today. Just my luscious naked breasts in front of you. I confess my naughty fantasy. Sex outside when it is raining. We start making out and you understand that my confession is an invitation for sex. You peel off my bikini bottom as I lie down on the table. You lick between my pussy lips, then you lick up my stomach, back down between my legs, and finally licking my clit until I cum. I cum at the same moment as a rumble of thunder. Oh, this is so fantastic. Please don’t stop. You let your tongue lick inside of my pussy, thrusting your tongue in and out of me. Hitting my spot with your curved tongue. You’ve never done that before. I arch my back and lift my hips into your face and squeal…LOUD, as I cum again. Fuck me! Fuck me hard.

You help me up and bend me over that table. The wind has picked up for the moment but in the distance the sky is clearing already, but at this moment, the wind is blowing the rain onto our naked hot bodies. We’re both watching the storm over the beach as you thrust your cock into me. You fuck me with wild passionate deep strokes. Driving into me. Each thrust so hard and powerful.  I love the way you fuck me.


Written By: Isabelle
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Perfectly Matched Lovers

I love our naughty affair. You are the ideal lover for me. There is a chemistry between us. We’re so hot together. There is vague line between where our foreplay ends and the sex starts. You caress every inch of me and I tingle at your touch. Our intimate, tender kisses ignite our lust and fuel the flames our passionate affair. I take your cock deep into my mouth. I literally crave the taste of you. You do things with your tongue and teeth that no man has ever done to pleasure me with oral sex.

We are both married, but we need something sexy and salacious. We both need a sexual intensity that you do not find in a marriage. Intimate and passionate, but also carnal and erotic is how I would describe us.

Your cock penetrates me. My pussy feels like a wet, velvet glove around your beautiful thick, long shaft. You don’t fuck me like a wife. You fuck me like a lover. Hard, powerful thrusts deep into me. I make you hard and hot. You want to make it last as long as possible. The thrill and exhilaration of our sex is astounding. I deny you no pleasure.

Maybe I should feel guilty for cheating. I have to tell lies so we can be together. We are not in love, but we are beautiful, wonderful perfectly matched lovers.


Written By: Mrs. Robinson
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The Age Of Innocence

Are you obsessed with teenie little girls like me? I’m sure you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my blog. There’s something about my tiny, fragile body, and my sweet little girl giggles that drives you totally crazy. Your senses are captivated by that smell that only little girls have. It’s so sweet and innocent.

I bet you’re looking at my white cotton panties and wondering what they would taste like? Imagine how good it would feel to rub your hard cock against my tender, bald pussy lips. I have the most amazing puffy, pussy lips you’ve ever seen. Not to mention how tight my perfect barley legal pussy is.

I specialize in any age play fantasies. I love pedo daddies that get off on young ones like me. If you’re a really naughty daddy, I might let you hear my wet pussy juices.

Baby Britt knows exactly what your cock wants when it comes to young girl fantasies.



Written By: Baby Britt
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How To Mend A Broken Heart

How do you mend a broken heart?

Surround yourself in all the pleasure you can find. Grab a hot girl like me who will rock your core. I will make you forget about the stress and drama from your broken relationship. We’ll just have fun! I promise you it will be hot, sexy,  steamy, and erotic.

Let my tender, sweet kisses excite you. Enjoy my big, beautiful tits. Put your face between and surround yourself in my breasts. Watch my nipples harden when you suck on them.

My hot, tight pussy is the perfect way to get over your girl. Fuck me, and fuck me hard. Do all those nasty things with me that she wouldn’t do. We have perfect sexual chemistry. You make me moan and groan without any of the nagging and whining. I just want you to fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!

Your Naughty Girlfriend,



Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Watching Porn with My Phone Sex Daddy

I had the best call with my favorite phone sex daddy. We pulled up a hot hand job video to watch together. I’m always teasing him and this was the perfect porn to watch.

I just imagined it was me sitting on his lap like that, lubing up his cock and stroking it with both hands. She started out going up and down very, very slow. She was squeezing his cock and pulling at it a little. Then she was starting to stroke fast. The sound of his slick cock drove me nuts, especially because I could hear him stroking too.

My favorite part was when she would play with her pussy in front of him, making his cock twitch in her hands. She would go back and forth between using her hands on him and then slipping his dick inside of her and riding him. She would only do this for a little while though. As soon as he was about to cum, she took his cock out and started to rub the head of his dick up and down her slit. It was so hot and was driving daddy crazy!

When the video was over, I still wasn’t letting him cum that easy. I teased him a little more until he couldn’t stand it and exploded all over the place. We always have hot calls but this one was the best. I get to pick the video next time, I can’t wait to tease my phone sex daddy!


 Written By: Ginger
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Let’s Make a Baby!

I’ve been wanting to make a baby for awhile now. I’m off my birth control and my pussy doesn’t respond well to condoms, if you know what I mean. There is something so hot knowing your hot cum load will blow deep inside my tight, teenage pussy. It will be so exciting when I have a little baby bump, and I can’t wait till you fuck my pregnant pussy. 

I’m really looking forward to having full, milky tits for you to play with. It will feel so complete when you suck on my little girl lactating titties while you cum deep inside of me. 

 You’ll love when you hear my young, cute voice beg for your cum, and I when whisper really naughty things in your ear.

My little body is totally ready for you. Get me pregnant!

Teen Torrie


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Helping Out My Best Friend

One of my girlfriends recently asked if I would help her give her husband the best birthday ever. She’s my best friend, so of course I said yes. She told me to meet at her house that night and we would work on his present together.

When I arrived, she answered the door in just a bra and panties. She dragged me inside, and up to the bedroom. I asked what was going on, and she answered by giving me a long, hot kiss. She told me that her husband had shared a fantasy with her about coming home and finding the 2 of us fucking, then joining in. Once she told me that, I was all in.

I started stripping my clothes off, and fell on to the bed with her. She had her tongue buried in my pussy when the door flew open. We both sat back on the bed, watching as he ripped his clothes off. He smiled at her as he pushed me down to his cock. I took it deep down my throat as I felt her fingers begin to penetrate my pussy. Fuck, it felt so good! He grabbed a handful of my hair and twisted me around. She spread my pussy for him and told him to give me that cock.

When we finished, he said it was the best present he’s ever got. I told him we don’t have to wait a year to do this again. 


Written By: Alexis
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New Caller

I had a new caller yesterday. He goes by the name of Jonny, but I would like to give him a new name (toilet fag.) I had a lot of fun using his pathetic ass. I turned him into my toilet slave. I pulled down my jeans, and unveiled my gorgeous ass to him. I slid my thong to the side, and gave him every last piece of shit from my asshole. He loved it so much, he was begging for more!

The fun didn’t stop there, I also invited over my black friends to the party. I really wanted to see if toilet fag, Jonny could take a big 12 inch black cock while he was sucking the shit out of my asshole. His faggot ass got used and abused, while I was laughing away.

Little does he know, I’ll be charging his credit card today for $120! I know he’s dying for my humiliation again, but not as much as I am dying to take his money!

Until next time!


Written By: London
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An Unexpected Afternoon

I love the summer! The hotter the better. I went by myself to an amazing vacation house on the lake. I needed a break from the craziness in the world. I love my own company, and the reaction I get from men assuming I am looking for a fuck buddy for the week. Of course, they’re right! There’s nothing that makes my pussy wetter than finding a strange dick to suck.

The condo next to me had several guys, I would guess about college age. I wore my tiniest bikini and sat out with my book, and a drink.

Two of them starting talking to me, and asking about my plans for the evening. I walked with them to their condo where I saw there was three other tall, hot, and built guys.

They began to get a little rough, tearing off my bikini and rubbing their cocks all over me. I acted scared, I mean that just made them go rougher with me. I totally love a rough fuck. 

We fucked for hours and I got to watch the guys have some sexy fun together as well. I left satisfied. I was ready for a hot shower, and my dildo to relive my hot afternoon.



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Let Mommy Kiss Your Boo Boo


     My phone sex son came home from his first day at summer camp, and he was limping. I asked him what was wrong, but he went right up to his room. I gave him some time but I could hear him moaning in what sounded like he was in pain. My poor baby, I hate when he’s hurting. What could I do to help him? I knocked on his bedroom door, and then sat on his bed for a talk. 

 I told him to remove his jeans, and to let mommy see. He began to blush, and told me not to look. He finally dropped his pants, and I could see how swollen his cute little cock and balls were. I suggested he let me rub them to possibly make the swelling go down. He was so embarrassed. It was so cute. I put some lotion on my hands, and began to massage his cock and balls. They seemed to be getting bigger, not less swollen.

He looked so helpless and cute. I started kissing his sweet cock. I could hear him starting to breath a little heavier, and then a huge sigh. All of a sudden he said, “Mommy I’m going to have an accident.”  My sweet little man then shot a load of cum all over my face. I told him it was time for dinner, and that we might need the special treatment before he goes to camp tomorrow.


Written By: Suzanne
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