A Sugar Rush On Your Tongue

It is a perfect summer afternoon. Your work is done for the week, and now it is time play. You work hard! Don’t you deserve an exceptional erotic treat?

Admire my curves. I am so hot and ready to play. Run your hands over my big tits and kiss me all over.  You are getting me all hot and wet. I moan with delight. I start to pull my panties down, but you want to do that. With your face inches away from my pussy, you slowly pull my panties down exposing my delightfully delicious pink pussy.

Now dive right in between my legs. My hips are open, and my pussy lips glisten with my love juices. Run your tongue along the walls of my swollen pussy lips. Such a wonderfully fragrant and sweet treat. Slip your hands under my ass cheeks and lift me to your mouth. Let those luscious lady juices drip into your mouth. Stimulate that sexy clit with your tongue. Orally pleasure me. Your magical tongue licks inside of my pussy making me hotter and wetter. My hips thrust, and I gasp. You have me so close to cumming in your mouth. Finish me off and let that sugar rush all over your face.  

Your Hot and Sexy Girlfriend,


Cock Adventures

My step brother is such a stupid fucking loser. He thinks he has all these secrets that he is keeping but I know them all. He’s a little cum guzzling cock sucking slut, I am not even surprised he has a cum fetish. I’ve caught him licking dried up cum out of my  panties that I left on the bathroom floor but I let that one slide and laughed it off.

Now, it’s time I use this fucking loser to my advantage. I heard him making arrangements to meet a guy he meet online. I also had just got back from getting stuffed by a big, black dick and I have a juicy cum load sitting in my pussy and I am still horny. This little loser is going to take care of my pussy before he goes on his cock adventure that he thinks is a big secret.

I walked into his bedroom and pushed him down on his bed and straddled him, pulling my panties aside. I knew he could smell the aroma of sex on my body. Grabbing the back of his head, I couldn’t help but to laugh while I ran my hands though his thick, dark hair and buried his face in my cum filled pussy. His tongue lapped up the cum. I could hear the pleasure in his moans while his tongue dug deeper into my pussy.
Written By: Princess Paris
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Princess Delaney’s Toilet Slave

Get over here toilet slave, you have a tight little asshole to cleanup. I know you are ready to serve me in every way possible. I was with a real man last night and his jizz is now dripping out of me. Slide in your tongue and slurp up every drop. As you swirl your tongue in my ass, you wait for the sweet aroma coming from me. You crave my ass perfume, because of what comes next.

You’re anxiously waiting for my jizz covered turd. Why would a Princess like me need toilet paper, when I have you. I am super tired from a night of fucking and need my beauty sleep. Come on my toilet slave and curl up by my ass. You certainly don’t want me to have to interrupt my sleep with going to the bathroom. That is what you are for!


Written By: Delaney
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Naughty, Naughty Boys Spying on Mommy Morgan

You and your friends are hanging out in your room playing video games even though it is a beautiful, sunny summer day. Mommy Morgan just rolls your eyes that instead of playing baseball or swimming in the pool, you prefer to be in your room. 

Mommy puts on her little sundress and heads into the backyard. She pulls down her dress so that she can get some sun on her breasts. She has a date this weekend and is wearing a strapless dress so wants to get rid of her tan lines.

You and your buddies peek out the window and admire Mommy’s beautiful, big tits. You naughty boys start masturbating and talking dirty. You’re all checking each other out to see who has the biggest cock while you keep stroking. 

What do you think would happen to you boys if Mommy catches you spying on her? Oh, my! I bet the punishment will be severe from your naughty Mommy Morgan. 



Written By: Mommy Morgan
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My Hot New Intern

A new intern was hired for our office. She is young and super hot. She seems to think that will get her a pass on most of her work, but she couldn’t be so far from wrong on that. The men might be fine with it, but I am not!

I called her into my office so we could have a chat. She was sexy as fuck in her tight little top, mini skirt and heels. I told her I was in her position at one time, and I knew exactly what she was trying to pull. I explained she would either take her punishment or be fired.

She was actually trying to tease her way out of this. I made her remove her tight, little top to make her show me just what she was showing off. Beautiful 36 C’s! She tried to cover herself, and began to cry. I then made her remove her skirt as well. I made her bend over my desk and I gave her 10 slaps to her cute little butt. She began to cry more, but I could tell she was excited, and needed a hard fucking.

I unlocked my desk and pulled out a strap-on. This was for my date later tonight, but she needed to be shown who is boss and who is intern. The cries turned to begging for me not to fuck her. That just fueled my excitement. I made her spread those delectable ass cheeks, and I rammed in my strap-on. Let’s just say, little Miss Sweet Cheeks is now my new fuck toy.

Written By: MILF Suzanne
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Sending The Wrong Text

I was really super horny last night! I grabbed some of my toys and made a video for my fuck buddy, Brad. He was bouncing at a bar last night and I wanted to show him what he was missing. I got really into it and came 4 times all over my dildo, and even gave my ass a pounding with my 9 inch dildo.

My video was so long I had to split it up in 3 text messages. I was excited to his responses and really hoping he would text me back saying he would leave work to come over. I waited for 20 minutes and no response. I’m sure he was busy because he always responds to me right away, so it was odd.

Finally, I got a response but it wasn’t what I expected? I got a text back saying: You sexy vixen, I always wanted to fuck you. Meet me in my office tomorrow morning and I’ll show you what your video did to me!

I looked at the text again and I sent it to my boss! I can’t believe I did that. The only thing I can think of is I have my boss under “boss” in my phone and Brad is under him in my contacts. My boss is older and married with kids my age. I’m actually on thin ice at work because I’ve missed a lot of days and if I don’t follow through with this, I’m sure I will be fired.

  I guess I am fucking the boss tomorrow.



Written By: Daisy Marie

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Lingerie Princess

 I love lingerie so much! Even if I have the odd night where I am alone, I still wear sexy lingerie. Red and black lingerie is my absolute favorite. I am very picky too. I have every little baby doll, teddy, and slip on scented padded hangers. 

That is how I caught you!

You were doing some tech work for me, and I came home for lunch to bring you some sushi. I took off my heels, so I imagine you didn’t hear me at first. I called your name, and then you frantically began to put my lingerie back on hangers. In your haste, you forgot the panties that were tossed from the hamper.

     I always suspected it was you. You seemed to be way too interested in my lingerie even with it not on my banging body. Don’t be embarrassed. I always wanted a dress-up doll. Let’s see, I think pastels work best for you. Don’t be shy, I have always wanted a Lingerie Princess to play with.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Looking For My Barbie Doll To Play With

That’s right, I’m looking for my Barbie Doll to play with. I want to give you special beauty assignments, such as first by shaving all the hair off your body. Then giving you ballet workout to really tighten your core.

Next, would be placing you on birth control and hormone supplements so I can watch your hair, nails and most of all having your breasts grow for me.

I can’t wait to paint your toes, nails and do your makeup to perfection. I want to put you in that extra tight pink push up bra and matching pink thong panties. I will also make you walk in those extra tall “cum fuck me” heels. Let’s not forget doing your long hair and painting those lips to match your nails. You can even carry a purse for me while you prance around.

Just remember though, once you look like a sissy slut, you’ll be fucked like a slut. I can’t wait to use all your fuck holes and make that sweet tight Barbie pussy mine!



 Written By: Parker
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Humiliation at The Hospital

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. When we get new male patients at the hospital, I always take a sneak peek of the goods. I’m always curious whats under the sheets.

The other nurses and I always play a game. We take bets on the patients cock size. Nurse Loretta knows her cocks and let’s just say, I haven’t lost too many bets.

I wait till patients are sleeping and I lift the covers and slide the gown over to expose their cocks. I give it a few strokes and maybe licks so I can get him hard. Most patients are so out of it, they have no idea what is going on. Then I get my little measuring tape out of my uniform pocket, just to make sure I am accurate.

I was in complete shock the other day when I saw this hunky man. I bet all the nurses that he had a 8.5 inch cock. When I lifted the covers from his hospital bed, I just started laughing. I had to call in the other nurses. He had a micro penis! Everyone’s phones were coming out to take pictures to share with their friends.

The gentleman woke up from all of our laughter and he was surrounded by 8 women   all looking down at his tiny clit. He wanted to know what was going on so I thanked him. I told him I was having a shitty day until I saw your tiny dick and now I can’t stop laughing. 


 Written By: Nurse Loretta
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Here For All Your Phone Sex Fucking Pleasures


I’m always your extra kinky deviant sex kitten ready to play and I aim to please. I have no taboo’s and I mean no taboos. I enjoy age play, cuckolding, humiliation, domination, sissy boys, diaper boys and I’m the best girlfriend you could ever have too.

I enjoy all fetishes, nothing is to kinky for me. Actually, the kinkier the better in my book. Those were just a few things I listed, my specialty list does go on and on though ;).

I love to flirt, taunt and tease with my huge boobs too. Something about a man when he wants to submit to me makes me so wet. Nothing wrong with pleasing your Goddess and being a good little slave boy.

So if you’re looking for an open minded girl, I’m here for all your phone sex fucking pleasures.

Cum To Bed with Faith



Written By: Faith
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