Spying On My Younger Brother

I secretly spied on my phone sex brother while he was jerking off in his bed this morning. I couldn’t help but to watch. I always thought of my little brother as annoying and immature but today, I saw a totally different side of him.

First of all, his cock was no little boy dick, it was a big man cock. I had no idea he was so big and it totally turned me on. I put my hand under my night shirt and pushed my sateen panties to the side and started playing with my wet pussy.

I noticed he was jerking off to something but from the doorway, I couldn’t see what it was exactly. He was getting really into it and so was I. He had no clue his older sister was watching. While he was pumping his cock harder, he moved what look like a picture in his other hand. I looked closer and it was a picture of me in a bikini from spring break! Omg, he was jerking off to his older sister! I put my fingers deeper inside me and had a quiet orgasm and my brother put a huge load all over his stomach.

I left before he saw me. I jumped in the shower and started regretting not saying something or going over to his bed. The more I thought about it, I knew we both could cum again but this time with each other. I also knew I wanted that big cock so I called him into the shower.

What happens next is left for our phone sex call.


Written By:  Jessica
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Hard Day At The Office

I’m sure it can be very challenging working on important documents while you have an enormous erection going on in your pants. You keep telling yourself that you just need to get a few more things out of the way but for some reason, you can’t seem to focus on work one bit. You tell yourself not to look at my pictures, that it will only make it worse for you to concentrate. After you reassure yourself that you are going to be a “good boy” your hand hits my webpage. It’s all over. Your stiff cock went to a raging hard-on in just seconds.

You look at my big, gorgeous tits and imagine them bouncing as my legs are straddling you in your office chair and my pussy is gliding up and down on your shaft.

Now that you’re looking at my pictures and you know how you want to fuck me, there’s something missing? You need my sexy voice in your ear to put you over the edge. You tune everything else out around you and the only thing you want is me. You know I can drain every single drop from your balls. I’m just what you need to make a successful day at the office. Maybe not so much with your work but you did accomplish a very incredible orgasm.

Now it’s 5 o’clock and time to go home. There’s always tomorrow for all the things you didn’t get done today, that’s if you don’t think about me again. It’s hard to forget my body, imagination, sultry voice and the mind blowing orgasm you had all over your important papers laid across your desk.

Hard at work again? You only live once, work can wait but your load in your balls cannot.



Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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My Neighbor Loves My Ass

I have a guy in my apartment building who ironically comes up the stairs behind me. It could be all different times of the day and he just happens to be behind every time I am there. We say hello to each other and that’s about it. He must look out his window and wait for me to get home and then rushes to the elevator and somehow gets behind me. I prefer not taking the elevator unless I’m carrying heavy things.

It took me a couple of times before I caught onto my peeping neighbor. Once I figured it out, my skirts got shorter and when I walk up the stairs now, I sway my ass from side to side to give the guy a real show. I think he has a serious ass fetish. I am not the type to discourage him from it but only help him. Every time he sees my beautiful ass, I want him to have the perfect visual for when he goes back to his apartment to jerk off.



Written By: Andrea
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Neighbor Got More Of a Show Than Planned

My neighbor and I have a little thing going on only through the window. He’s attractive but I think he’s just a little shy around me, he stumbles his words when we see each other outside for a casual conversation. When it comes to night time, he’s defiantly not shy about stroking his cock through the window and watching me undress. We’ve never hooked up, probably due to the fact that he’s married.

The other night was no different. I started undressing, taking off my shirt, bra and shorts. I look over and there he was, looking at me with his hard cock in his hand. I got on my bed and I started to caress my soft skin.

All of a sudden, my bedroom door creeps open and it’s my fuck buddy. We’ve been fucking for years and he even has a key to my house. He surprises me every now and then and he defiantly surprised me the other night while I was teasing my neighbor.

My black lover strips down to nothing and walks over to me. He gets on the bed beside me and I crawl on top of him and ride his big, black cock. While my pussy is sliding up and down his hard shaft, I look over my shoulder and I see my neighbor is truly enjoying the new show. I think he has a little sweetness for dark chocolate, as do I.


Written By: Monique
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I Love Sleepovers For One Reason!

When I was younger I had tons of girlfriends. I was friends with the popular girls, the cheerleaders, sluts, dorky girls and the really smart girls. Some of them I couldn’t stand to be around and were truly annoying but I had an agenda. I became friends with all these girls for one thing and for 1 thing only….their daddies!

I was invited to a sleepover every weekend. While other girls packed their teddy bears and cute little Disney pajamas, I was packing skimpy lingerie. Anything that was tight and revealing to seduce my so called friends Daddies. Of course, I put a tee-shirt over my sexy lingerie so when the time was right, I would take it off.

At every sleepover, I pretended to enjoy the stupid games and the boring activities and then I waited till everyone was asleep. I remember sometimes waiting for hours for those bitches to go to bed. I was so annoyed at them but yet my pussy was gushing knowing I was going to have older daddy cock inside my little cunt.

Once everyone is sleeping, I slipped off my tee-shirt and go looking for my prey. Who could resist a cute, petite redhead in sexy lingerie? No one. I got all my girlfriends daddies. They had no problem finding a place to fuck me and keeping it from their wives. One daddy fucked me right beside his sleeping wife!



Written By: Ariel
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Taking the Scenic Route and Enjoying The Ride

This time of year, you really need to pay attention to what is around you, or you miss out. Beauty and adventure are everywhere. If you don’t notice what is around you, you could be missing out on wonderful possibilities for the sexy adventures. What if you’re driving your truck down my block, and you fail to notice me jogging along on the sidewalk? What a shame it would be if you failed to notice my big, huge hits bouncing up and down as I run. Maybe you’re too shy or think it is too forward to stop a lady on the street, well you’re in luck. I am only a phone call away. You can have these tits bouncing in your face any time you like!

Just image though, what an incredibly hot role-play that would be for the two of us. We live in the same neighborhood. We have not seen each other all winter. Now that spring has arrived, everyone is outside again. You are driving along our street, and you stop when you see me running. After chatting for a while, the sparks start to fly. You and I have wonderful chemistry. I invite you back to my place. You pull off my work out clothes as quickly as you can. You grab hold of my tits. We start kissing, and my hand is holding your cock. I feel it growing harder. My big nipples bouncing in your face makes your cock jump in anticipation of being inside my pussy.

Well, don’t be a stranger, call me and let’s have a great time together.


Written By: Auntie Ava
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They Always Come Back

I was getting ready to do a little hunting and the thought of it had me unbelievably horny. I mean there is horny and there is fuck I need to cum! I planned on going on my own tonight as I had something special in mind. I was in the mood to destroy this cute emo boy.

There was this knock on my door. It had been awhile since we hunted a sweet little victim because he went to rehab for his deviant, twisted desires. When he told me that, I was “fuck, yeah sure here we go again”. He can’t resist me or the little baby dolls for too long. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with most of the guys in my life. It is sort of like the way you love/hate your sick desires.

He had some party favors to get on my good side and to use when we play. Rather bold of him, but his p-cock was in desperate need. I thought about sending his ass on his own but I fucking love the hunt!

Off we went to a new spot I had been thinking of. The boring, vanilla mall. The sweet young things are all over since school is out. The soccer moms dump them there for “mom” time.

There she was licking on an ice cream cone with long blonde hair, pink shorts and a little tee that said Eye Candy. What the fuck was her whore mom thinking? When I approached her, I told her that her mom had been in a car wreck and she needed to come with me. Once we had her in the car, I knocked her out with my fist and we went to a private spot a few hours out of town. He couldn’t wait and started without me. Yeah, no that won’t fly. I pulled over, and did another hit. Fuck it, this spot looked good enough so we dragged her by her long blonde hair into the woods. He pissed on her to wake her up and we began to play. Some things never change, and a p-fuck will always crave tender flesh.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Young Voice for Young Fantasies

I’ve always attracted a certain type a male and if you’re visiting my profile, then you know EXACTLY the type of men that enjoys my services. The ones that have a taste for the younger kind. The best thing about me is my voice. It’s nice and young and helps me to bring any of your fantasies to life. I like to go above and beyond for all of my naughty phone sex pedos. Any age, any scenario, any fantasy. It’s all super sexy to me. My voice will take you away and make you believe that you’re with the little princess of your choice. If you haven’t tried a little taboo role play yet, you should take a walk on the dirty side and talk to a girl that knows how to give you exactly what you want.



Written By: Raylin
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Visiting Step-Daddy

I found this incredible loft with a fantastic view of the city. The only problem is my lease was up and the loft won’t be ready till June. I haven’t seen my step-dad since him and my mom split up, so I figured why not visit him while waiting. He moved to LA when they split so I figured what a great excuse. I didn’t bother to call and warn him, just packed what I needed and showed up at his door.

When I arrived, he had on a robe and looked quite puzzled when he saw me. I just barged the fuck in and gave him a hug. He smelled like sex and cigars, just like when I lived at home. I couldn’t help wonder if the young hottie was male or female. You see, step-daddy had a thing for my friends, all of them!

He showed me to the guest room and tried to hide the fact that he wasn’t alone. He told me to make myself at home and we would talk in the morning. Yeah, no that just wasn’t going to work for me. I got comfy in tiny sleep shorts and a way too tight top and headed for his room. Well fuck, for someone trying to be discreet, he was uber noisy. Daddy was tied to the bed with two underage chicks putting on a little show for him.

I gave them the money he left on the nightstand and told them to leave. Now he was all mine, and so were his numerous credit cards. His new girlfriend was texting him, so I began to text back as him. I suggested she come over as I couldn’t wait to fuck her. Now he was in a panic and began to beg. This was just like old times when I was 14 and he wanted a little tease and promised me anything to lick my sweet asshole. Such a dilemma. Do I leave him tied up or blackmail him for his freedom before she gets here?



Written By: Harleyhttp://theklassykat.com/user_images/tkk_harley.jpg
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I Will Break You

Men who are small in stature amuse the fuck out of me! I just want to crush those short bodies under my Hades boot heels. I have always had this odd disdain for short men. I suppose I have a “short men suck” kind of fetish. Hey bitch, don’t fucking judge me! 

I went to a bar in the mood for a wild, rough nasty fuck and I saw one who looked worth my time, so I thought. After a few drinks and party favors, we went to a hotel. It is very rare I meet a man or woman I take home. He kicked off his shoes, and what the  fuck? He went down at least 5 inches. This pissed me off, ruined the mood and made me want to break him. So, break him I did. I got him in a leg lock with my strong, lean thighs and squeezed like a python after her prey. I moved him where his face was between my legs, giving him the impression things would be fucking okay now. Fuck me, really? I squeezed his head between my thighs using them like a vice grip. I think he might have passed out because there was no movement from him. I released my grip to see if he was breathing. I guess I didn’t kill him. Maybe next time.

Deviant Malaya Maxxx


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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