Ready For Spring, Pervert?

Spring break will be here before you know it, pervs. Then comes spring and Easter when all the little babes come out to play after a long, cold winter. Just the thought of it is making you crazy with twisted desires, P-daddy thoughts, and urges you can’t control. Why would you want to when you have me to feed your deviant desires? This time is a little different as you want something that is even more taboo than before. You want your own baby girl, don’t you dirty daddy? You can’t fool me, so don’t even try. I listen to every word you say, and I know you can’t control your fucked up urges. 

Pink socks with lace, shiny patent shoes on those tiny feet, a pink frilly dress, and lets not forget those pink cotton panties with hearts. Back from church, the boring wife is cooking dinner, but all you want to do is have some fun with the sweet little babe. Looks like this will be your day to meet those desires, she is drinking a lot of wine while she cooks. You know what I fucking think? I think, she drinks so she can forget the perv she married. Well loser, looks like the wife would rather get drunk than fuck you. Your big chance with young girl looks promising. See you later, dirty daddy!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Andie’s Lapdance

You know what’s missing here…your lap! I’m sure you’ve had a lap dance once in your life, and if you haven’t, I would love to be your first.

Imagine my petite, little body on top of you. I seductively rock my hips on your lap and grind my pussy on your cock. I can feel your cock getting harder, pressing against my g-string. I take off my top so you can play with my perfect, teen tits.

I look so young that it’s only natural to imagine me as your underage fantasy. Perhaps, you think of me as your baby girl, or maybe your niece. It would make my pussy even more wet if I call you daddy. I’m going to get you so excited you’re going to want to cum, but maybe your little girl takes your cock and slips it inside. It will be a lap dance you’ll never forget.


Written By: Andie
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I Bought Some Sexy Lingerie

It’s Valentine’s Day day  and you’re at work. I call you and tell you how much I love spending time with you and can’t wait to be with you on this special day. I also tell you in full detail my new red lace bra and panties I bought and can’t wait for you to get home and see it.

I wasn’t surprised when you came home early. Someone was a little excited to see me! I took you by your hand and brought you to the bedroom. You see the red lace bra and panties I was describing to you on the phone earlier laid out on the bed. I demand that you put them on for me. Naturally, you’re confused because you envisioned me wearing them for our hot night together.

Finally, you do as I say and what for me on the bed wearing your sexy red lingerie. While patiently waiting for me, you feel your cock stiffen in your panties.

I return wearing a black leather bra and matching thong with a huge 10 inch strap-on between my legs. You’re extremely scared yet excited at the same time. I have you put your legs on my shoulders and I give you a deviant look into your eyes. This will hurt but if you love me, you’ll take all 10 inches! Are you ready to be my Valentine?


Written By: Autumn
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Be My Cock Sucker

You can pretend that you think the truth doesn’t matter but we all know you’re a cum junkie loser.  You  can try to  mask the truth to your wife, friends, and family. Don’t think you’re going to lie to me or yourself. Think again, dick-less loser, we both know what you’re about. Deep down you crave a warm, creamy load sliding down your throat.  You try to hide these naughty fantasies but you keep coming back to me opening up trying to control your fetishes but you can’t. Secretly you beg me to teach you how to be the best cock sucking cum junkie out there. I know you want to be bent over like the little slut you are. Spreading your ass for a big, fat dick.

I think it’s time to put your secret plan in motion and make this happen. You can fantasize about it all you want. You need to get out there and put your cock sucking skills to the test and let’s open up that tight, little hole. If your wife isn’t going to put your mouth to good use, then I will. The thought of another mans cum dripping down your chin makes my pussy wet. I’ll be making you all mine. 

Written By: Sierra
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Death To Cupid

    I guess you might expect a cutesy, loving fake holiday blog from me. You should fucking know by now that will never happen. I am an evil, cruel bitch that wants your soul. Think about all the things that terrify you, think about your night terrors and think about the girl you could never have.

While you are planning that romantic date, buying those flowers and fattening candy for you girlfriend; it is me you really want. A wild bitch that would make you think you died and went to fucking hell. Don’t worry you can have me, in MY way. My boot heels stomping you from head to toe, my jizz filled cunt smothering you, in a word…I will break you! Happy fucking VD, I hope all your nightmares come true.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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I Have Something Special In Mind…..

It’s Valentines Day and you’ve been wanting to fuck me for quite some time now. Don’t get your hopes up and think just because it’s the day of love that I will let you slide your cock in my pussy. I will give you something though, something a little bit more personal. I see you’re a little excited already. Please don’t take your cock out, we defiantly won’t be needing that.

I will strip for you and take everything off except my fishnets and heels. I’m going to get on all fours and back up my beautiful ass to your tongue. This is all for you. I want you to clean every crevice and make love to my asshole using your tongue. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded, not my pussy, remember you’re never worthy of my pussy. It will be something a little bit more personal.


Written By: Bella
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Can’t Get Enough

 I woke up with many loads of cum in my pussy this morning. I went to a rocking, fuck-fest party last night. I wore the shortest little dress and a thong, no bra. A group of older guys rented a big beach house for the weekend. I heard about the party from one of my girlfriends who bartends. The guys asked her to bring all her hot girlfriends, and it would be one fucking fantastic sex party. I took my roommate with me, she is uninhibited as I am.

As soon as we got close to the party, we could hear the music. We walked inside, and I saw two girls going down on one of the guys. This ratio was about four hot babes to every cock. Good thing I dressed slutty so that I would get a lot of attention. I sent out some texts to guys. There was plenty of beer and pussy. I needed some more hot cocks to keep this party rocking!

It didn’t take long for one the older guys to bring me a beer and invite me to the bedroom. He loves a girl with an ass like mine. I fucked him and all of his friends. It so was hot to have my pussy filled over and over last night.

Tonight I am aching for more, so give me a call and let’s fuck!


 Written By: Tara
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My Special Valentines Day Gift

  Happy Valentines Day to all my phone sex daddy’s!  Teen girl’s like me want all sorts of things for presents. Makeup, perfume, boots, concert tickets BUT the thing I want most is to be a teen mommy. I hear all sorts of things during slumber parties at my friend’s house. The fat old snoring bitch is always telling you no. The think is I heard something that made my jail bait pussy instantly gush. He wants to have another baby! Well, I am your girl right here. Only problem is how do I tell him? I sort of have an idea but it is kind of wrong, but I don’t care as long as I get my baby batter. ~Giggles~

What if I was to make sure everyone slept soundly except the daddy of the house? I can steal my moms sleeping pills, and BAM, everyone is asleep.  I go to the kitchen knowing he is watching a movie or something. I accidentally spill my glass of Coke all over my cute pink nightie. I pull it off telling him it’s my favorite and I don’t want it to stain. This is one great plan!

He is staring at my adorable, tight teen body. I can see his baby maker is already big and hard. He keeps telling me “no”, but I don’t care, and promise not to tell anyone. He mumbles how wrong this is, but I shove my tongue into his mouth. He can’t control himself anymore. Could you?


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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Let’s Make This Valentine’s Day Special

       It’s Valentines Day, and I can’t help but think about you. We have so much sexy fun together that I could talk to you all night long. When the phone rings and I see it is you, I immediately get excited. What will we do tonight? Will it be sexy, romantic and gentle? Maybe it will be a hot, rough fast quickie? I am always ready for whatever cums my way with you. I have my toys out, and you don’t want me to start without you! Of course, there is something to say about you calling me when I am already hot, creamy and wet. Want to listen?

             I was thinking about doing something extra naughty. What if I open up my curtains and window? Can you imagine the sexy sounds people would hear when they walked by? I live in the city so I could have many men and women peeking in to see what the moans of pleasure are all about. Let’s get naughty together!


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Big Curves Make Him Cheat

When I have my eye on a man, he knows it. I am not shy. I am aggressive and hot. Seducing my man is part of the foreplay. Turning his head away from his job, his family, his girlfriend, and getting his attention is exciting. Watching him quiver, making him hard with my big tits is thrilling. I want his focus on me. I want him hot and horny, so he fucks me hard! 

I dress to show off my assets. Nothing subtle there!  I have a big mature round ass and incredible MILF tits! He can’t take his eyes off of my curves. He lusts to touch them and worship my hot, sexy curves. I make his hunger for me grow. Despite that it is the week of Valentine’s Day, the only thing on his mind is finding time to get his hands on my curves and fucking me.

My curves don’t leave a lot to the imagination. You know you want them too! You want to suck on my big tits and fuck me hard from behind. The only I don’t know is where do you want to cum when you fuck me? Why don’t you call me and fuck me? Let’s cum together! 



Written By: Auntie Ava
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