What pair of panties are you wearing today?

I was thinking about my sluty panty boy as I was looking for a pair of panties to wear this morning.  I was sifting through my thongs, satin’s, bikini briefs and I was thinking what pair you have on today? We get along so well because we’re both panty whores. I literately have 100 pairs of sexy panties and I love describing them when we talk. It’s not fair if I do all the talking, you know I like when you tell me in detail the panties you’re wearing and how they feel on you.

What really turns me on is how sluty you can be in your panties. Since we’re both whores, we need to act like it. Big toys make big messes in my panties, how about you?  I think we should play a little game today and see who can make the biggest mess in their panties.


Written By: Sunny
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Trashy Trish Forgets The Kids (Again)

I forgot again to pick up the little ones from school today. The principal keeps threatening me but I always manage to get on his good side again. No one can turn down one of my sloppy blowjobs.

I had a very busy day after my Craigslist ad. I had 5 strangers show up at the house at random times for my MILF pussy and ass. I wanted all 5 cum loads in all different places on my body. It was my goal for the day and I’m satisfied it was achieved.

My ex husbands wife ended up getting the kids and bringing them back to her 6 bedroom mansion. The bitch came from money and she thinks she’s better than everyone else. She loves when I fuck up (which is often) so she can be a super hero to my kids. She’s a real fucking twat.

I finally pick up the kids and they tell me they’re hungry, damn kids are always fucking hungry. I forgot my wallet but I pulled into a gas station. I tell the brats to keep occupied in the car and I’ll be back in 10 minutes.

I offered $10 blowjob to a couple guys and finally I had a taker. He was big and smelly but I didn’t care. I got into his truck and blew him. He shot a huge load down my throat and I got my money and took the kids to McDonald’s. 

While the brats were sucking down milkshakes, my dinner will be later slurping down stranger cum in my stretched holes.


Written By: Trashy Trish
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Mommy’s Little Anal Slut

Awe look at Mommy’s little anal slut running around in his boy underwear. You know when phone sex Mommy puts on her naughty nurse outfit she’s getting ready to prepare your little butthole to service phone sex Daddy’s rock hard cock.

Give Mommy a kiss on her cheek and let Mommy take you by your hand and walk you down the stairs to Daddy. Oh look! Mommy has your favorites on the table; a nice big enema bag, Benjay, KY Jelly and my personal favorite, my 8-inch strap-on. Don’t cry. Yes, it’s going to hurt but Mommy has to loosen up your tight little boy pussy so phone sex Daddy can put a big load of cum inside it. Come on lay across Mommy’s lap so Daddy can inspect your butthole with his finger spread your butt cheeks, “good boy.”

Now I’m going to take the enema bag and ram the nozzle up your asshole, “stop crying.” Is your stomach cramping yet? You’re making daddy’s cock really hard. Daddy’s going to put his fingers inside your tight boy pussy now to inspect it. How wonderful does that feel? Mommy is so proud of her little anal slut and next you will get something much bigger than Daddy’s fingers.


Written By: Bianca
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Cuckold Husband Phone Sex

You simply can’t deny that you love being a cuckold husband. You thought briefly about wanting to be a “normal couple” but the insatiable urge of eating another mans cum load from her pussy is something you can’t live without.

It’s all you think about when you’re at work. You find yourself looking at the clock, counting the hours till you get to go home and watch your wife fuck a much bigger cock than yours. You’re so desperate for cum, you jerk off in the bathroom at work and taste your own cum. We both know it’s not the same. It’s a quick fix but it’s not that huge, creamy load between your wife’s thighs.

When you jerk off alone, you use to think about your wife’s face when she’s getting fucked and how satisfied she is with a big cock stuffing her pussy. But now when you stroke your dick, you think about sucking that huge cock and feeling his big, mushroom head in the back of your throat. It’s more about YOU now and how fucking hot you get for that big dick. After years of her enjoying a big cock, now it’s time to show her how you can take one.

I love all cuckold fantasies, call me and let the cuckolding begin.


Written By: Madame Joanne
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Abduction Fantasy Phone Sex

Abduction fantasies started when I was younger. My Uncle was a Magician/Illusionist. I used to be one of his assistants and I got to tie up women with duct tape and rope. My little pussy always got wet looking at them so frightened. They kind of knew nothing was going to happen to them but they still were scared. I think my Uncle got off on this as well because he always gave me a wink and said the tighter the better.

I’ve been having this reoccurring dream lately where you and I abduct a cute, little girl. Every dream we take our victim from different locations: the mall, playground, school, ect.

I love the thought of you and I doing something so taboo that this makes you so happy and proud of your little girl just like my Uncle used to be. We make the perfect duo and it makes your pedostick hard when I call you Daddy during our abductions.

It’s music to my ears when I hear her screams and love seeing the tears rolling down her face but the ultimate pleasure is seeing my Daddy happy because I picked the perfect girl. 

The perfect abduction is only a phone call away with your favorite, nasty redhead.


Written By: Ariel
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It Was An Accident!

I was at this house party Saturday night and all my friends ditched me and went their own separate ways. I ended up talking to a really nice guy. The drinks were flowing down pretty good and I was feeling more frisky and so was the conversation. The music was really loud so he pulled a corny line to go somewhere quieter so we could talk. I knew that we wouldn’t be doing too much talking because as soon as we went into a bedroom upstairs, the clothes were flying off one another.

He laid down on the bed and I starting riding him pretty hard. His cock was hitting the right spot inside of my pussy and it made me had to pee. I had so many drinks and I never made it to the bathroom before I met this guy. I couldn’t hold it any longer and I just let it go all over his cock and him. I thought he would of been grossed out and left but he was totally into golden showers. After that, he went down on me and licked my pee off my legs and pussy lips.

After he licked me clean, he told me it was my turn. I was confused as he put his hard cock inside of me. A few pumps and I felt this warm gush inside of me. He pissed inside my cunt and it felt so amazing.

It was a total accident and I never done this before but this is something I want to do again and again.


Written By: Amanda
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Young & Hung

My Mom has a new boyfriend and he’s a little older than me. She likes them young and well hung. She’s obsessed with younger guys because she says they give her the best orgasms. She brags to me all the time about her sex life and how big her new boy toy is.

I have to admit, I was very curious about this new guy she was seeing. Every time she described him, my pussy gushed. It was definitely time to see for myself.

I texted him from Moms phone when she was sleeping. I pretended I was her and invited him to stop by. He came over in hurry after the hot text I sent. He was surprised when I told him she was sleeping but offered him a younger version of my Mom. He couldn’t pass that up and whipped out his 10 inch cock!

My Mom was right, he was fucking amazing. So amazing that I screamed when I was coming on his cock. All of a sudden, my Mom opens my bedroom door and takes this pic.

Yep, busted! What happens next is something that needs to be told in your ear.


Written By: Holly
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Most Important Meal Of The Day


They say that the most important meal of your day is breakfast and I couldn’t agree more. Nothing like waking up and diving head first between a silky pair of thighs. Men get morning wood and women get morning wetness. I think they both need to be addressed in the morning but you should never let a wet pussy wait for too long. It’s like making eggs and leaving them sit while you’re getting ready for the day. This is something that has to eaten right away and so is my dripping, wet clit. My nectar is so sweet and creamy it needs to be devoured by a strong, lasting tongue.

Are you ready to have the most satisfying breakfast you’ve ever had? This pussy buffet is open 24 hours for your licking pleasure.

Who’s hungry?

Written By: Julie
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Just Because You Like It In The Rear, Doesn’t Make You Queer!

lexiOne of my biggest turn-on’s is a strong, confident man taking a big cock. I know many men who are infatuated with both cock and pussy. Does it mean they’re gay? No. Unless, you like to be called a fagot when gagging a big fat one.

I had a lover who always appreciated a huge cock when I brought one home. He worshiped it just as much as I did. I find it so incredibly hot to see something extremely hard and stiff going down a mans throat and what’s even more sexier is if he knows how to handle it. Of course, I had men who need to be taught because they’re a newbie and that’s not a problem. I always like to turn rookie cock suckers into porn star sucking pros. What really gets my engine revving is watching someone I care about who is a seasoned pro at taking on big cocks in both holes.

So let’s talk about how you’re going to please your favorite phone sex girl. Bigger is always better!



Written By: Lexi
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Mistress Ava Is Always In Charge


I am the wicked, controlling, dominant Office Manager. We are a new client with your company and today is your first to our office.

You have been looking forward to your visit. For months now, while courting the business, you have enjoyed many conversations with our flirtatious receptionist. You are very excited about meeting her and possibly even seducing her while in town. 

The flu has hit our office, and we have a number of our ladies at home on bed rest, including our very pretty, young receptionist. I have come up with a schedule where all of us ladies take turns, one hour at the receptionist desk to provide coverage. 

Your flight was delayed this morning due to bad weather, so you do not make to our office until noon. When you walk in, I happen to be sitting behind the front desk, covering the phones.

You are startled to see a mature woman. You assume that I am our receptionist, so you start flirting with me in a very familiar manner. I just accept your flirtation and return a smile. I inform you that the managers are at lunch, but will return soon.

With lusty, sexy eyes and a wicked smile, you say, “I would like to have YOU for lunch.”

At this point, I introduce myself as Ava, the Office Manager, and I assure that can be arranged. You can be my submissive little boy toy.  Once you have worshiped every inch of me, you can end up on your knees in front of me. You can serve me and give me pleasure. Make me squirt, and you have my lovely pussy juices for a very erotic lunch. 

Always in Charge,


Written By: Auntie Ava
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