Sky’s Tight Sweater Attracts Attention

yellow sweaterIt is Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. The past couple of weeks I have let things slide around my apartment due to my a demanding school schedule. I am exhausted, but on my way home from campus, I stop at Starbucks for a latte and the intent of doing some deep cleaning of my apartment.

When I get home, I take off my clothes and lingerie. I slip into an old yellow sweater and shorts. I turn on some loud music to get me moving and keep me motivated.  A great Katy Perry song is next on my playlist. I really crank the music and start dancing around, using my vacuum cleaner as my dance partner as I clean. The things we do when no one is looking!

At the chorus of the song, I am grinding and shaking my booty. All the sudden, there is a POUNDING on my door! I turn down the music and open the door. There are you, a stranger to me, complaining about the volume of my music.  I apologize and explain that I have had a rough few weeks and at school and I am cleaning tonight.  All the sudden, you become sweet and charming. (you like my big tits in my tight sweater) You apologize to me for bothering me, and you ask me if I need any help. I take you up on your offer.  I ask you to help me move the furniture so I can vacuum underneath it.

Wow, you are strong.  I get my front room cleaned in no time with your help. I ask if you would like to have a beer with me.  You follow me into the kitchen. The light in the kitchen is much brighter, and you can see through my sweater. You get really turned on and hard. We start making out in my kitchen. Good thing I cleaned the kitchen floor first.  We end up fucking right there on my kitchen floor.

Your Naughty Girl, 


Baby Bump Phone Sex

jesseHow do you like my new baby bump? My phone sex daddy has been trying for years to get me pregnant and finally succeeded. Every night he sneaks into my room and wakes me up with a big, hard cock entering my mouth. It’s like my alarm clock because he normally comes into my bedroom same time every night after mom falls asleep. Sometimes I rub my bald pussy and get it ready for him, knowing he’ll be in soon. He tells me he does the same thing. He strokes his big, daddy cock thinking about fucking his little girl while my mom is in the same room with him.

 I think tomorrow I’ll show off my pregnant belly with a tight little half shirt and watch and see my mom’s reaction. She knows I am a dirty slut but what will totally shock her is who the baby daddy is.

 If you’re wanting to hear me play with my pregnant pussy and talk about family fun impregnation phone sex, call your favorite girl now.

JesseWritten By: Jesse
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A Special Treat For Me And My Guy

   Harley           I have a special treat for my boyfriend tonight. I admit, he has a smokin’ body and a beautiful dick but a girl needs more sometimes. We have been talking about me coming over his house with a freshly fucked pussy to devour but I was thinking how that was a little too ho hum for me. I fucking mean if you are in it to win, do it all the way or not at all.

A few nights ago after watching some gay porn, I put on a strap-on and fucked his ass like a bitch. I still wanted more, and I knew he did too. I went out and brought the party home to him. He had his freshly fucked pussy with a couple of additions!

I kicked back like a queen while he serviced me. With jizz all over his face, he begged me to let him play with my two friends. He crawled over to them and took out their massive dicks. Only the best for me and my guy! Watching him taking those dicks in both his fuck holes like a pro was amazing. Only problem was we needed a third to up this party to the max. It wasn’t long before the third player pulled up to my house. What a fucking night!


Written By: Harley
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Fucking My Way Through Vegas

I flew to Vegas to meet a guy that fucks me like no one else can for a three day weekend.  I hadn’t seen him for what seems like fucking forever and I was very excited to arrive. Lol, so excited I had to change my wet, silk panties. 
We met in the lobby of the resort/casino where we were staying together, checked in and went to the room which was somewhat of a mini suite. I do love 5 star hotels. We hugged and kissed for awhile. He squeezed my beautiful round ass as we kiss and he loves feeling my big tits pressed against his chest. Instead of immediately getting naked and fucking our brains out, we left the room to get a bite to eat, have some drinks and play some blackjack.
          I was wearing a black skirt, black stilettos  and a white blouse. You can always tell that I am not wearing a bra, regardless of how I’m dressed because of the bounce you can see of my 36DD’s as I walk. I just love to turn heads. The short skirt, heels and my beautiful legs also helps attract attention of both the men and women. What can I say? I am just a bit of a tease, but I always do deliver. After playing blackjack for a while, I was not only a bit bored, but I couldn’t wait any longer to get back to our room, so I excused myself from the table to go the ladies room, but left my chips on the table to save my place. I returned to the blackjack table, sat down and opened my purse to show him my black panties which I had removed. That was all it took to get him to cash in and take me back to the room.
    As soon as we got in the room, he turned me around, pressed his already hard dick against my ass and began squeezing my big tits and pinching my hard nipples while kissing the back of my neck. He knows how instantly wet that makes my pussy. Then he unbuttoned my blouse, turned me back around and removed my blouse and skirt. I slowly removed all of his clothing except his silk boxers because I love the feel of them against me. I rubbed his dick and played with his balls through the silk boxers until I just had to take them off because I was sooooo ready to fuck. He pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs and licked my pussy and licked and sucked my clit for a while, making me cum twice before fucking me so hard that I came two more times before he came. We laid there for awhile with him playing with my big tits, sucking on them and biting my hard nipples which, believe it or not, made my cum again. Then, we jumped in the shower, I soaped his dick and balls, he soaped my tits and we played for a while before he got down on his knees and licked my pussy then fucked my again. That was just the start to a great weekend of dining, drinking, gambling, strolling around Vegas, spending time by the pool and of course, fucking and fucking, then fucking some more.  Maybe next time, I’ll share with you the naughty things we did by the pool and in the pool.


Written By: Tiffany

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Deep Penetration

I want to make sure you understand my rules and my punishments. Your little dick will probably get hard when I tell you I’m going to be fucking you with the strap-on. This go around, I’ll be fucking you hard and rough leaving your asshole gaping and sore.

I push you down to the floor by your shoulders. You look so helpless and pathetic. You have loser written all over your face. I grab a hold of my strap-on, dangling it over your face, telling you to open wide, soak it with your saliva. I shove it in your mouth so I can hear you gag on it. I want it nice and lubed up for when I bend you over and slide it in your tight, shit hole. Now spread those cheeks wider, I want to see how many inches I can stuff before you start squirming around. 

That’s it, get that ass up in the air and push back harder. I want to fuck you even deeper. I want to hear you whimpering out my name.


Written By: Princess Krystal
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An Unexpected Threesome


new brynna 9It started like any other night out. I wore a sexy little dress and met my friends at the bar. I was surrounded by some very good friends, and my friends had invited some of their very good friends, so I had a chance to meet some new people. My boyfriend brought the new guy that moved in across the hall.

There was a lot of laughter, drinking, and a little bit of flirting. Everyone was having a great time. I left my car in the lot and spent the night with my boyfriend. His new neighbor rode back home with us.

We got out of the car, and we walked up the stairs to the second floor. My boyfriend was holding my hand, and the new neighbor was behind us. As I got to the top of the stairs, the neighbor told me to keep still.  He was standing near the top. He reached over and pulled up my thigh highs. It was hot to have his hands on my legs, under my skirt. I looked at my boyfriend. Was he going to punch this guy for touching his girl?

Instead of being jealous, I could see my boyfriend was excited. My boyfriend invited his new neighbor over to join us. My boyfriend suggested that I sit on the neighbor’s lap. The neighbor started rubbing my leg as soon as sat down. All three of us were ready for anything by this point. My boyfriend unzipped his pants, and his big 8-inch cock was hard and dripping. I thought he was going to want me to suck it, but he offered his cock to his neighbor.  The neighbor took the cock and sucked it. The night quickly turned into a sexy, hot threesome!


Written By: Brynna
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Welcum To My Freak Show


    Welcome to Ivy’s Freak Show. One never knows the deviant, decadent wonders they might find. There is nothing I won’t do if it titillates my demented mind. Please don’t bore me with your vanilla sex or you might just look down to find your balls in my pale hands being twisted and pulled. Of course, some of you might just like that. You know who you are!

If you are lucky it might be a night I have tricked some underage twats to perform for you. Want to see two little cunts stripping down and doing unspeakable acts to each other? Then again, maybe I will invite some of my friends to use and abuse you like a little bitch. One never knows the freakish delights I have to offer, for a price. Oh yes, it will fucking cost you with your bank accounts and your sanity.

What are you waiting for? Scared? I can’t say I blame you. I bring strong men to their knees and weak men do things they never imagined they could.  Pick up that phone, you have nothing to lose but what is left of your souls.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Mutual Masturbation With Teen Delaney

 Delaney   He told me he gets off on watching teen hotties like me fingering their tight, wet holes. Want to know a secret? I get off so much on being watched. It is such a thrill to be watched by an older man. That is why I always leave my windows open when I am home from school. I mean college boys rock, but not like older men.

I saw him looking into my window but I pretended I didn’t see him. I slowly undressed never making eye contact but eagerly watching him as he took out his huge dick. OMG! I was so horny. No toys today, just my fingers sliding in and out of my dripping pussy.

With my window being open, he could hear my moaning as I got more and more excited and my fingers worked faster. Just when I was ready to explode, I walked over to my open window and let him taste my pussy juices as I squirted all over him. 



Written By: Delaney
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Shy Sissy

During the holidays I love gathering up my sissy girl friends to have them over for a dinner party. I always tell them to bring their cute bikinis so we could jump in the hot tub and have some girl time.

I was sitting in the hot tub and the water jets felt so good. It soothed my skin as I sat there and admired my sissy sluts around me. Everybody was looking fabulous. Some of their cocks were tucked in and some were standing proud. Sammy is the newest of the bunch. She’s a shy sissy but with some coaching, she’ll get the swing of things.  All the girls got to relax for a bit and everyone was having a blast, just as expected. I thought we would break the ice with Sammy. I made her dress up and putting her on display. Of course, for these events I need one real man with a big cock present. Practice only makes perfect even at holiday gatherings. Sammy looked beyond fabulous. Her legs were long thin and smooth, she had put on a pair of white stockings with a lacy top and a white thong. You could tell there was some excitement by the wet spot on the panties. We all sat back on the couch and watched Sammy feast on the main course for the first time. It’s so important she’s ready for real big festivities next week. Job well done.

 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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Late Night Work-Out


It is late. Technically, the gym in our building is closed, but the Security Guard left it open for me for an extra hour tonight. Constant teasing him about keeping my booty in shape for him, makes him weak and bend the rules for me. 

As you are getting your mail, you notice the light on and music coming from the gym. You look inside and just at the moment, you catch me doing a stretch, with my big butt facing you. You recognize me by my butt and say hello. I turn to greet you. You like me a little sweaty. You feel your cock growing, and you place your mail against your hips to try and hide it. By trying to hide your hard-on, you are actually just drawing more attention to it.

I ask if you would help me stretch out. Your face is blushing, your cock is hard, but you cannot resist any request for a pretty girl. I spread my legs open as far as I can.  Pull back and count to 10. Hold my leg to stretch out those muscles.  Now the left leg. Pull and hold! Oh, I let out such a loud moan as you stretch me. You are staring at the wets spot between my legs of my yoga pants. You are hot and dazed. When you let go of my leg, I see the agony in your eyes and the head of your cock making a wet spot on your pants. I lean up and undo your jeans.  A huge, hard wet cock pops out and smacks me in the face. I giggle and then suck you until I drain you. Now it is your turn to moan as you cum.


Written By: Isabelle
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