Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

My husband invited a very successful real estate developer over for dinner to discuss a deal. Apparently, this businessman is recently divorced and has a preference for a home cooked meal instead of a five-star restaurant in the city.   I hate cooking in the summer, but I stop at the farmers market and whip up a very nice dinner. Also, it gives me an excuse to buy a new dress.

My husband and his guest arrive. I am thrilled to see a very handsome, sexy black man joining us for dinner. Normally, my husband’s associates are off limits, but this man is so delicious and charming that I can’t resist. Over dessert, I start flirting with our guest. I can’t help myself. I pour him another glass of wine. He says he should decline. It is a long drive back to the city. I invite him to finish the wine and spend the night. My husband smiles. I see he likes the idea. He wants me to seduce our guest.

My husband says he has to take a call in the other room. I invite our guest to join me in the living room for some music and an after dinner drink. I slip my hand between his legs and let him know that my husband could be on his call for hours.  He grabs me and kisses me. I tell him that I have a taste for something big and only he can satisfy my hunger tonight. 

My husband is going to have to listen to this sexy big cock fucking his hot trophy wife all night long. 

Mrs. Robinson 


Pulling An All Nighter

 You hired me strictly because I am blonde, curvy and eye candyrich-18. My actual qualifications for the job were never even discussed. You asked me to join you in a potential client meeting right after you hired me. He was just like you and signed on as soon as he saw me.

After a few days of flirting, you being distracted and me running errands you began to see I actually was more than just hot and sweet. You had a huge project and had to pull an all nighter. You told me to go ahead and leave but I suggested I stick around and help. We took a break, had some dinner and chatted a bit. 

I rubbed your shoulders, brought you coffee and sometime around 5am we both fell asleep at desk. I woke up startled and smiled when I saw how cute you looked slumped in the chair asleep. The clients would be here in 3 hours and I needed to help you feel awake and refreshed.  I began to slowly rub your shoulders waking you up. You looked a little confused at first but quickly shrugged off the sleepiness moaning under my touch. 

I leaned over you and took off your silk tie. I wrapped it around your wrists and restrained you to the chair. Then I removed all your clothes. You will need a shower and so will I before the clients arrived but for now I want to taste you. Your silk boxers had a wet spot from pre-cum.  Makes me wonder what you were dreaming about. I gave you one hell of a titty fuck then licked, sucked and totally enjoyed your big, thick cock.  You came in my mouth and as the cum dripped down the corner of my mouth, I untied you and stripped down for our shower.

Mommy’s Nip Slip At The Car Show

Mommy is asked to be a model at the local car show. The revenue generated will be donated to the New Library Fund. She is super nervous about being a car model, but it is for charity. You watch Mommy lie naked by the pool every day for two weeks so she has the perfect tan. A man sends over a dress for Mommy to wear. The dress fits perfectly, but it is an extremely snug fit over her big tits. The morning of the show, you spy on Mommy. She does her hair and makeup. She does her best to stuff her big girls into her tiny dress. 

During the show, a crowd gathers around Mommy and an old blue convertible.  The man from the newspaper wants to take Mommy’s picture. You get jealous. You don’t like this man flirting with Mommy. The crowd gets bigger around the car. Mommy hesitates, but the photographer is so presistent that she does a sexy pose on the hood of the car.  As she arches her back, her boob falls out, nip slip.  The crowd goes wild! Everyone is staring at Mommy’s nipple. You run up and pull up Mommy’s dress, and she rewards you with a kiss. 

You are shocked to realize that you are as hard as every other man in the crowd after getting a view of Mommy Morgan’s nip slip. 



Suck His Big Cock For Me!

You take me out on a date. We are having a great time. I flirt and brush up against you. I am wearing an intoxicating scent and beautiful lingerie underneath a sexy, low-cut dress and my sexy high heels. I go to all this effort, but I become very discouraged when I don’t feel a hard-on or see a bulge in your pants. Oh no! I realize that you have a little dick. Well, I am not going to let the evening go to waste. I text my 8-inch lover and tell him to meet me at my place. I have a little treat for him.

When you take me back to my place, I invite you inside and introduce to a friend of mine. You are nervous when you meet him. I want us all to relax. I pull out a bottle of good whiskey, and we start drinking. I do a very sexy strip tease for the two of you. I flirt and seduce both of you. I unzip his pants and pull out his beautiful hard cock.

Next, I unzip your pants and tease you about it being small. You want to pull up your pants and run out the door, but your cock might be little, but it is hard. You are curious to see what happens; however, you are embarrassed that you are so much smaller than he is. I start kissing each of you. I get you both very turned on. I coax you into becoming a very sexy cocksucker for me.


A New Sperm Donor Moved In


I am known as the crazy little teen girl that can’t mind her own business. Well in my defense, I don’t own a business so I have to look in other people’s. I love following people and making up a wild life for them and most of the time it is really naughty! Hey, maybe I give them a life that is more fun in my imagination. So, you can see why I was pretty excited when a moving truck pulled up to the house next to me. Not that kind of excited, you perv!

Giggles! Well maybe a little when I saw this hot man that looked to be around 40. I watched out my window while all the boxes and furniture were unloaded. Hmmmmm, only him but lots of stuff a man with a wife would have. It was time for dinner but my mind was on the new baby batter, I mean new man the whole time. After everyone went to sleep, I grabbed a box of cookies and put them in a pretty tin to make them look homemade. I had on the shorts that daddy calls “his worst nightmare” and went to visit the fresh meat.

He let me in and took the cookies from me. He said how nice it was for me to stop by but it was late and I should probably be home in bed. Oh yes, it was late alright and I should be in someone’s bed. My new neighbor finally told me his name and all that stuff. I asked if I could see the house because I had never been in it before. Off to his bedroom we go, I know you want more details but I don’t kiss and tell. I do but we sure did a lot more than kiss.

Bratty Teen AJ
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Sexy Summer Weekend

The girls and I went to the beach for the afternoon. Lots of laughs and teasing all the guys. After a while, I got hot and bored laying out on the blanket, so I went for a swim. The water felt amazing.

As I was walking back to the blanket to join the girls, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a group of guys jogging along the water’s edge. One of the guys called my name. I looked, and there was an old crush from high school. He was in my math class. We struggled but survived together. At that time, we were each dating other people, but there was definite chemistry between us.

I was excited and surprised to see him. He gave me a big hug. I got him all wet, but he said he didn’t mind. He let his friends head down the beach, and we stood there talking about school, friends, family, jobs. He said I looked amazing. He goes to a college up North, but he is home for the summer.

I was having a blast flirting with him, but my friends were ready to call it a day. I asked him if he wanted to head back to the city with me.

He sent his friends a text and let them know he was heading back with me. I told him that I didn’t live far. We both needed a shower, and I wanted to be alone with him. I took him back to my apartment. There was so much electricity between us. I knew he was feeling it too. We had sex in the shower, and we ended up spending the weekend in bed together. He is an incredible lover. He will be back at school in a month, but we have a great summer memory.

Your Miami Lover, Isabelle
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Bed Time is Play Time for Lucie

You were supposed to tuck me in bed an hour ago. I got ready, but I am not sleepy. I put on my pink pajamas and brushed my teeth. You kept me waiting too long. I started to play without you tonight. Bed time is our private play time, but you are in the living room watching stupid sports.

I pulled down my top and squeezed my little boobies. That makes my whole little body tingle, especially my little pink pussy. I am wet and need to play. I start without you and let my fingers pleasure myself.

You walk in and catch me. You shouldn’t keep me waiting. I am going to play until I squirt. You know that I can’t sleep until I cum. You can just watch as I tease and deny my pussy to you. Punish you for making me wait.

Ha Ha!

I am such a brat! I bet you don’t keep me waiting for you to play with me again!!!

Little Lucie

SheMale Dani Has A Big Surprise

Went to Vegas with the girls for a couple of days. We had trouble getting back home. Our flight was canceled due to a weather delay. The airline put us up in a hotel at the airport. We went to a strip club near the airport that caters to the locals instead of the tourists.

It was amateur night at the club. I had enough mojitos in me that I was feeling brave and very naughty. I got up on the stage and danced. The energy from the crowd was empowering and exciting.I stripped down to my panties, and the head of my hard cock poked out. The guys went fucking crazy. I leaned over and let them kiss it as they pushed money into my thong.
It was so fucking fun!

I hooked up with a couple of the guys and took them back to my hotel for a hardcore threesome.

OMG, I love Vegas!


Pantyboy Phone Sex

Hey there Pantyboy! 

I know that you have been out shopping at picking up new sexy panties. Victoria Secrets has the sexiest little panties. What colors and styles did you buy? 

Call me! I want to hear all about your new panties.

I have new panties too! Let’s play in our new panties. It is so hot when we cum in our panties together!

I love to dominate you, pantyboy! 


Vacation Sex

You and I are so hot together. Time and space seem to not exist outside of our little bubble. Everything is erotic and exciting. We seem to connect on so many different levels. We fantasize and we fuck! We make plans to play again. 

Meet me while my family and I are at the beach. I set up an 8 hour fishing for my family so that I can have some time for some naughty fun.  I send you a text when the coast is clear. You meet me on the beach for a little rendezvous. We hold hands and walk on the beach. You admire my curves in my new bikini.

You pull me into a hidden cove surrounded by palm trees. You cannot wait one second longer to get your hands on my tits.You have been dying to get your hands on my tits for so long. You think they are perfect.I slip my hand inside your shorts and stroke your hard cock. Things quickly become very passionate. We stop before we get arrested. 

 We walk back to my vacation condo and stop at the pool bar for a drink. I find you charming and sexy. Flirting and dirty talk is part of the foreplay for us. We start kissing at the bar. I get a look from the one of the staff. She knows that you are not my husband, but I don’t care. I feel so good and happy. After our drinks and foreplay, I want you naked. We need to get upstairs so we can get down and dirty. You know how I like it! 

Once upstairs, you pull off my bikini top and rub my pussy through the fabric of my bikini bottom. I get you out of your short, and I give you a slow and sexy blow job. I feel your cock growing in my mouth. I look up at you, and you grab a fistful of my kinky blonde hair. You watch me slip out of my bikini bottom. You go down on me, and I cum. 

We spend the next few hours together fucking. So many different positions! There is nothing hotter than a hot and horny housewife in need of some erotic vacation sex.