New Beginnings

I have always enjoyed new “relationships”. I love the thrill of what is “new” and “fresh”. I love to meet someone and be involved for 6 months or less because after that point, it starts getting stale. My track record is typically about 3 to 6 months, depending on the guy and when the sex gets boring.

I love being touched for the first time with a new person. I love the anticipation, discovering what his cock looks like and how his cum tastes. I like finding out if they know how to touch me or if they need to be taught. Both are equally exciting to me.

Sex should be progressive, it should be slow, and I never fuck on a first date. I’ve had plenty of one night stands, but they almost never have been a typical date. If a guy likes me enough to ask me out, to pay for dinner, or to work even a little bit for me – then I always make him wait a little bit.

Even though I’m sex crazed, I love watching a man in anticipation. I believe they should work to get my pussy. The waiting always makes that first time super intense and that’s what I crave. The “I can’t keep my fucking hands off of you” attitude and the aggression it brings to a man.

Toying with a man, making him wait and wonder gets me so wet. When he picks me up for our date, I already know he isn’t going to be fucking me but he doesn’t. He is wondering, playing the sex chess game and it also means he is desperately hoping.


Written By: Caroline
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Drinking Makes Me Do Naughty Things


I don’t know what it is about wine but I can’t seem to have just one glass. It’s more like three, four, five, or better yet, the whole bottle! It makes me feel good when I have a few too many. I really let my hair down and do things I wouldn’t normally do.

Just the other night, I walked into my bedroom and noticed my married neighbor had his blinds open. I could see him lying in his bed reading a book and his wife appeared to be asleep.

I flickered my light on and off to get his attention, and sure enough I did. I could see him looking out his window into my bedroom so I gave him a seductive strip tease. He seemed like he was really enjoying himself so I gave him a steamy masturbation show with my dildo. I saw he was playing with his hard cock through his boxers.

All of a sudden, his wife woke up and that ended our fun.

Sometimes when I drink during the day and I see the hot, young Fed Ex driver walking up my driveway delivering a package to my house, the naughty Cougar comes out to play and gives the young stud an unexpected package himself.

I’ve been drinking today and there’s no telling what kind of fun we will have on the phone.


Written By: Candace
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The Experiment

Everyone I’ve ever slept with knows that I’m a total anal slut. I’m a definite anal whore, always wanting
something up there: a tongue, fingers, toys, a cock. What can I say? It just always feels so damn good, and I cum so hard with something up there when I’m getting fucked.

I’ve been seeing a guy for almost a month now, and he’s just as big into anal as I am. Maybe even more, given what’s been going on. He told me last week that we were going to do a little experiment. If I loved being fucked up my ass so much, he said, then I wouldn’t mind if all our sex was purely anal. He wouldn’t even touch my pussy, let alone fuck it. Now, I’d never been able to cum purely from anal sex; I always needed something in or on my pussy. Even a little vibrator on my clit would be enough. But no, he said. No pussy for me. Just anal.

Every day this past week, he’s been making good on that promise. He’ll rim me nice and deep, finger my ass until I’m shaking, then bend me over and pound my asshole until he cums deep inside of me. But he barely even acknowledges that my pussy is even there.

Last night, it was almost too much to take. I hadn’t cum in a week, which for me, is pretty much an eternity. When he was pounding away at my ass, I tried to sneak a hand down between my legs to give my aching pussy some attention. But he quickly caught on, and pinned my arms behind my back. “Just relax, and let it happen”, he said, grinding his hips against my ass. I wasn’t sure what “it” was, but it wasn’t long before I found out.

I could feel a familiar tension growing inside of me as he thrust away, an itch I hadn’t felt in such a long time. I barely knew what hit me when I finally had my first purely-anal… Well, the word “orgasm” doesn’t sound strong enough to describe it. Moaning, messy, full-body, like I’d never experienced with my pussy. It felt stronger, deeper, a more satisfying release, a longer and higher high than I’d ever experienced before.

I was still shaking with aftershocks a good give minutes later, my mind spinning, and my whole body shaking. Maybe he’s right. Maybe this whole “Anal Only” thing is something I’ll have to experiment with a bit more. After all, if I cum that hard without using my pussy after a week, who knows what a month will bring, or even a year.



 Written By: Ginger
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Late For The Party


You want to take me to a party that your boss is throwing. I don’t know anyone. I would rather spend the night at home getting sexy with you, but I know you want me to look extra hot for your party. I promise to be ready on time for you tonight.

I know of your pantyhose fetish, especially for black pantyhose, and you know that I never wear panties under my pantyhose.

I am almost ready for your party. My hair and makeup are done. You watch me sit on the bed and slowly slide my pantyhose carefully up my legs. I know that makes you hot. I pull them up nice and tight, so you can see my sexy butt and pussy underneath those summer sheer black pantyhose. I slip into my dress and ask you to zip me up.

Your eyes nearly pop out of your head. Your cock is so hard. I point to the clock and remind that you do not want to be late. You lift up that short hem on my dress and rub your cock against my ass. Your cock is hard for me. You whisper erotic words into my ear, while your cock comes out. You nearly explode when you run the length of your shaft against my pantyhose. My dress hits the floor and you take control of me. You grab my arms and tease with your hot cock. I beg and plead for you to fuck me.

I think we are going to be very late for your party!


Written By: Brynna
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Meeting The New Neighbor


 You move into a new apartment building with a nice pool. Technically, the pool doesn’t open until 10 am, but you’re have a little bit of bad boy in you.  You don’t always play by the rules.

You come down to the pool, early one morning, for some laps before you start your work day. There I am, slipping out of my little white cocktail dress and sexy lingerie. Obviously, I am just getting home from partying at a nightclub all night.

Bad boys like party girls. I smile at you. I like my sexy new neighbor.

I dive right into the pool water without making much of a splash. You like my curves and flirty smile. I invite you to join me, but you have to swim naked too.

You don’t hesitate. You strip and jump in. I splash you, you swim after me and grab me. I kiss you on the mouth with a great deal of passion and my hand strokes your cock. 

Instead of an early morning swim, you give me a hard fuck in the pool.

I moan and cry out as you make me cum.

Written By: Skylar
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Sissy Makeover with Sylvia

 If you’re looking for a hot, mature woman that will dress you up in frilly lingerie then your search is over, hunny.

My cunt gets so wet every time I dress up one of my many sissy boys. I have sexy, lacy lingerie in all colors. I have several different types and colors of wigs to complete the look. And of course, you need a pair of fuck me heels.

Once I have made you into the slut we both know you are, I will parade you in public. We can go shopping together, not just for sexy clothes, but I’ll take to the supermarket as well.

I will also introduce you to my friends. If you’re good, I’ll turn my girlfriends loose on you and let them fuck your sissy boy brains out.

 Call now for your Sissy Makeover!


Written By: Sylvia
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Watching Each Other Masturbate

I love to begin masturbating with knowing in the end we’ll cum at the same time.  Just that anticipation is the ultimate orgasm. It’s true when they say that the brain is the most seductive muscle.

I want you to lay me down on my bed where I have my array of sex toys laid out. Then I want you to lay down next to my naked body after you undress yourself.  I want to see you grab your cock and balls while watching me stick my dildo deep into my wet pussy. My body will be rising and squirming around the bed as the dildo pounds my pussy hard. You’ll enjoy watching as the inside of my creamy thighs become wet with thoughts of your cock inside of me. My voice will be moaning and my nipples hard from excitement.

I will look over and see you touching your throbbing cock and then letting me spit on it for extra lubrication.  I must try to resist from jumping on your cock and riding it until it cums. I must focus on the end product which is both of us cuming at the same time. As you see, my body begins to shake with pure esctasy, you cannot take it any longer. Your cum shoots all over my body and I cum all over my dildo.

I need someone to help me out with this, are you the one?

Written By: Julie
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Britt Will Humiliate Your Small Dick!

My pussy is too good for that tiny little thing you like to call a dick. You may not think that it’s little, but it is. Other girls may have said they were satisfied with it but they were lying. It’s so sad that you were born with something so tiny and pathetic. It’s hard for me not to laugh at it. Small dicks are just so funny! 

You’ve known you whole life that you weren’t measuring up but now you would like some confirmation. When you call your Baby Britt for Small Penis Humiliation,  you’ll always get the harsh reality. I won’t spare your feelings and I won’t sugar coat anything. 

I am the one that will humiliate you just the way you need.





Written By: Baby Britt
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Marry Me

You have more than any man should. You are rich as fuck. You have numerous cars, homes, and a wardrobe of designer clothes. Yet, you are missing something in your life. The hot models are great for work parties and dinners, but you could care less about then. You can’t find what you need at a legitimate escort service, but you are afraid to find it in another country.  Even your expensive lawyers couldn’t help you out of that mess.

That is why you need me. 

What a perfect solution for your twisted needs. Marry me, and then I can’t be forced to testify if it ever came down to it. It won’t though with me helping you with your deviant needs. Think of all the fun we could have? I get to spend all your money and do as I please. You get the tiny little creatures you so desire. 

          Think of the never ending supply you would have. You are salivating at the thought of those flat little chests in pig tails. You worry that what if you get to rough, or worse yet, someone might recognize you.  I have people for disposal as well. So you see, marrying me is the perfect solution.



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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You Are My Barbie Doll

You are craving to be inside my panties, not inside my pussy, but actually inside my panties Right, Panty boy?

You know that I have the cutest panties and you know how much that I love to dress you up. You are like my own living, breathing Barbie doll. When I was little, I dressed my Barbie in all sorts of slutty outfits. Now, I get to dress you up and make you look so sexy!

I start you off with a pair of sexy panties. I always pull them up very tight. They look so cute on your ass. I make you prance around the room in just your panties and black high heels.

I dress you from head to toe. You look so sexy, so ready to play. Just look at yourself in the mirror. Take in every detail. You look amazing and I love your cute curves.

I think we need to show you off, it’s not fair that only I can see how fantastic you look. Let me make a few phone calls.



Written By: Layla
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