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 My Stats

Age: 65

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'8

Weight: 130

Measurements: 36DD-25-37

Pussy: Natural blonde, tight, tastey squirter and multi-orgasmic

Ass: Delicious, toned, perfection, almost illegal!

Favorite Positions: Riding on top, The Splits (ask me), rear access, standing against cold window, you on your knees licking, legs over your shoulders or mine!

Strangest Places I've had sex: First row at Stones' Dodger Stadium concert, religious retreat at Murrieta Hot Springs, Boeing 747s, Empire State Bldg deck, hut - African Village, Gondola

Hobbies: Gourmet Cooking, wine tastings, singing, interior design, Vintage collecting, Salsa, Tango, Mambo and equestrian events/breeding/riding

Specialities: MILF fantasy, Cuckolding, Domme, Forced feminization, Extreme role-plays, Extreme domination, CBT, Adult babies, Flogging, Incest, Sissy sluts, TS, Guided masturbation, Humiliation, Tickling/Spankings, Leg/Foot/Shoe worship, Toilet training, Mommy/Son, Financial domination, Medical play, Tease and denial, GFE, Guided masturbation, Rape scenarios, Gang bangs, K9, Forced enemas, Forced intoxication, Mommy dearest and so much more baby!


Welcome and thank you for stopping in. Cum darling, cum to know your Princess Sylvia. Sharing my lifestyle, erotic yearnings, experiences, and beliefs opens the way for us to enjoy a fabulous Phone Sex relationship! Let me take your hand and amaze your body and mind!

It’s a given that I have all the right parts, in all the right places. Just look at my pics, any questions? I’m educated, well-traveled, energetic, exciting, adventurous, bubbly, constantly horny, fun, sensual, witty, intelligent, entertaining and an extremely ‘talented’, female specimen! I’m also a woman who just happens to be enthralled with my Phone Sex work as a sensual, ‘Soft Domme’. It’s always new and exciting – you men make it so! Phone Sex gives me the opportunity to meet many more than I would’ve dreamed. Since I’m also a nymph, I actually do all I describe and enjoy erotic pleasure during our phone sex calls! I’m insatiable, multi-orgasmic, a ‘squirter’ and I cum like crazy!

Every human being has a right to the most incredible sexual experiences and sensations! Don’t you agree? There are absolutely no fetishes, scenarios, age or role plays I won’t do and enjoy thoroughly! Why? Because I never judge and I know exactly what makes you tick and leave you wanting more! No matter your cock size, physical build, confidence or lack of, fetishes, kinks, triggers, needs, desires, background, race, creed, politics, religion, whether you’ve romanced, bedded and fucked many women or are a shy, embarrassed, fledgling novice – I accept and enjoy you!

I am Dominant but that’s not only a as leather-wearing, whip-cracking Dungeon Princess. I interview you to assure what you need and want, I ultimately decide. A hard-core fuck fest is always needed! I will let you bury your face in my tasty pussy or possibly somewhere else. My satisfaction is achieved by treating my men to the sweet-girl they think I am, then to surprise them and gently exploit them once under my Spell! A man should never return home without a sweet kiss, a nibble of cheese and glass of wine before feasting on my Scrumptious Sylvia Creations! I massage and stroke, wash his back, fuck him in the shower, lay out his clothing, hand him his keys, a great cup of coffee and pinch his ass! Soon he’s mine and will do anything for me and give me all I want! I have very expensive tastes, you’ll see!

My Dominance is expressed by ‘gentle’ manipulations to get what I want! Using all my charms, I perform a Mind-Fuck that men don’t have a clue is happening. By the time they figure it out, they don’t care that they’ve lost all their Will and I’m in Control. I take the lead in any sexual acts, always getting ‘mine’ ! My men tremble excitedly awaiting more Sensual Sex, Hard-core fucks, Oral Olympics, Assignments and amazing Orgasms. That is if I decide they earned any! What man wouldn’t want to be treated like a King and fucked like a mink?

During your time with me, you will be made to feel exactly like that! Even my sissy-boys, feminization-junkies, swizzle stick dicky-faggots and whipping-posts cum to know that I respect them, their gender and all of their twisted, bizarre, depraved and filthy nasty needs! It’s during the height of a man’s pleasure, when he’s begging, moaning and drooling because of a scenario I created or something I’m doing to his Mind, Body and Soul that I Cum beyond belief! I love the control and I reap the benefits of a job ‘well-done’…. I never ‘pay’ for anything; now you know why! You may seek but will never find a woman like me! Sensual, Soft, Princess Sylvia! Cum take my hand, you know you’re already mine…

Love and tender kisses,
Princess Sylvia

Call 1.866.431.6367
for Phone Sex with

16 Responses to “Sylvia”

  • Hey Princss Sylvia
    I had a really great time, thanks so much. I’m still out of breath – damn! You are so sexy it’s getting me hard all ovr again. I’ll be calling you again really soon, wish I could tonight.


  • This was my first call with Sylvia. She took her time to figure out what I wanted and what I liked. She took my fantasy and made it into an unforgettable experience. She is genuine and very sexy and I will most definitely be calling her again. She certainly went way above what I expected! THE BEST!

  • My second call with Sylvia was even better than the first! She remembered me and built upon our fantasy from the first time. She is truly sensual person who can satisfy any man. She has left me wanting more and more… Truly the best around!!!

  • Hi Mommy – you are very sexy and exciting and i had such a good call with you! You made me feel so naughty and like a real panty boy!

  • Hi again Mommy!

    OMG you are so amazing – you know just how to excite me, humiliate me, make me be such a cum craving panty wearing cock sucking faggot for you !!! I love slipping into my bra, and panties, and nighty and stockings, hearing your amazing seductions and doing every naughty thing you tell me to do!


    Thank you Mommy!
    panty boy scotty

  • Wow Mommy! You totally made me cum so hard in my panties – I don’t think I’ve cum that hard before! What a mess! and I licked up all my cum from my panties for you Mommy because I am a panty boy cum slut!

    I love how you dressed me up, totally turned me on to humping your tits and then your panties, how you had me suck your 9 inch boyfriend Mommy – how you taught me to suck his big cock the right way, how he shot his big load of cum in my mouth. I love how you had him hump his cock against my panty covered cock until I shot my load too Mommy and how I ate all my cum for you!

    I love being your panty boy Mommy! So much!

    Thank you for the best call I have ever had!

    panty boy scotty

  • Great!!!!!!

    The best ever!!!! Mommy, son and k-9, too!!!!! You made me cum twice!!!! I will call you back again and again!!!!
    Love, Tom

  • Just chatted with my mommy and she is waitting for me and our son to knock her up again and turn her into a great grandmother. She is a wonderful lady and so easy to talk to and she is willing to do anything to please. I respect her very much, both as a lady anjd a professional.
    Love, Tom

  • I am so happy about you Mommy! You totally get me – you dress me up in my faggy panties and my big bra – you totally get into calling me names and making me be your panty boy! I love being a panty boy with you Mommy!

    Every time I call it is so exciting and you really really make me shot big loads of cum in your panties! Today was no exception! I put on my big bra and my mommy panties and licked your pussy and fucked your panties and squeezed your big boobs until i soaked your panties with my cum!

    Thank you Mommy!

    panty boy scotty

  • Mommy,

    I snuck into your bedroom and took your big bra and your soft silky mommy panties from your dresser. I slip into them, but before I can leave the room – you walk in!

    “what are you doing faggot?” you ask sternly!

    You then laugh at me, call me names, make me suck off big dicks, make me eat all the cum – make be be a total panty boy faggot – so exciting!

    Thank you for always being so into making me be a fag boy, a panty boy, a cum craving slut!

    I love you Mommy!
    panty boy scotty

  • Sylvia is such a good mommy whore that she will get pregnant by her very, very young son an then fuck her new baby boy and become a great grand mommy.Also she is a good bitch and takes her dog’s knot and gets knocked up by her doggy!!!!! I tell my friends about Sylvia being such a good whore and bitch and then they go and jerk off in their homes.
    She is a total whore and bitch. I am hoping that she does horses, too.

  • Hi Mommy,

    From now on I am known as “fag” – that is my name – and it is because I AM a fag – panty wearing fag.

    From now on I will wear your panties Mommy, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and on weekends. I will wear them all day – to work – even around my wife! Because I am a panty wearing fag!

    OH Mommy – I love being a fag – especially for YOU! You excite me, you call me names, you laugh at me for wearing panties, you make me feel naughty and dirty and bad – you make me do naughty things like suck on big hard cocks and kiss hairy balls – you make me crave cum so much – I want cum all the time, on my face – in my mouth – I am a cum craving cock sucking panty wearing fag and I love you so much for it Mommy!


  • Hi again Mommy,

    I was just thinking about how awesome you are … I have never had phonesex as good as you give it mommy! You are so much better than anyone else I have ever called ever! it is not even close!

    ON a scale of 1 to 100 you are 100 and the others are like a 2 Mommy.


    I just love cumming in your mommy panties with you!


  • WOW what an amazing voice. I have never cum so hard
    Miss Sylvia you are the best

  • Let me know if you would enjoy “discussing” this clever instrument of torture with me. I would, of course, be naked as you watch.


  • Hi Sylvia,
    I’m a total submissive fag boy.
    I love dressing slutty an getting caught.
    over the past 2 years ive find myelf sucking blk cock
    an having my boi pussy streached by blk men. Am i weird.
    an one more thing i love to put myself in situation. where I’m being breed by my dog an plan where i can be seen

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