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 My Stats

Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'4

Weight: 102

Measurements: 32B-22-30

Pussy: Soft, sweet, wet and tight

Ass: Apple bottom

Favorite Positions: Riding

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a stool in front of slot machine where I work!

Hobbies: Shooting pool, comedy clubs, playing cards

Specialities: Domination, Cuckold, AB/DL, Feminization, Golden showers, Guided masturbation, GFE, Humiliation, Tease and denial, Role play, Incest, Age play (any age), Sensual domination, Toilet slave, Smoking fetish, Leg/foot fetish, Anal, Strap on play, Tranny, MILF, Forced intoxication, Leather/latix fetish, Scat, Panty boy, Adult babies, Small penis humiliation, hypnosis, Submissive slut, Sensual strip tease, Financial domination, Mutual masturbation, Voyeurism, GILF, Balloon fetish. Snuff, Gang bangs, Sodomizing, Group sex, Pregnancy and much, much more!


Hello world! My name is Trixie. That is my nickname ever since I was 5 years old. That name was given to me because I hold a lot of tricks up my sleeve. I’m not a sneaky person by far but I am cleaver and sharp as a tack. I live in Vegas and I went to school to be a professional dealer. I grew up practically in a casino. My dad was a card shark and played in many professional poker tournaments. Living the casino life can defiantly get to you after awhile. I would fall asleep at night hearing the slot machines chime in my ear. I have run into a lot of famous people, which is always cool.

I work a couple nights a week at a place similar to The Bunny Ranch. I own a million pieces of sexy lingerie and costumes. We have to get ready in our rooms and wait for the buzzer. That would tell us that there was a customer and we had to all line up. We would stand there, and he had to choose which girl he wanted. I dress differently every time we have to line up, just to make sure I coverrrd every fetish. You really don’t know who the next guy is going to be and what is his ultimate fantasy . Fortunately, I am chosen a lot and have become very popular. I have met all types of men and different fetishes. I always give them exactly what they want and have very many satisfied customers.Some guys don’t even want sex. They want to give me a bubble bath and brush my hair. My favorite is when guys bring in their wife’s. They have a fantasy of them being with another woman. I love seducing the horny wife while the husband is in the corner jacking off. As you probably can tell by now, I love satisfying men in person. That’s why phone sex is absolutely amazing because I can please all the guys that can’t see me in person. I’m very experienced and I am completely open to everything.

When I’m not pleasing men in person or over the phone, you can catch me shooting pool at a billiards hall. Playing pool is my passion. The look on peoples faces when I kick there ass is priceless. That is another reason why my name is Trixie. I’m a sharp shooter when it comes to playing pool and know many tricks of the trade. I had my “real” photographs taken on a pool table. I thought that was more me and something I can always cherish.

Now, you have learned a little bit about me, I hope I can get the opportunity to learn about you. I’m very different from all the rest of the girls and I think you’ll like what I have to offer.


Call 1.866.468.1014
for Phone Sex with

6 Responses to “Trixie”

  • Did Rd 1 w/ Trixie Tricks tonite and she is freak 100% concentrated:) Threw the raw shit @ her and she kept askin for more. Luv this baby right here~~~

  • Rd 2 w/ Trixie was even better. Babygirl will let me take it to the extreme w/ her and she got that sexxxy lil voice. Can’t wait for rd 3 baby~~

  • Rd 3 and Trixie blew me up~~ Luv how u throw it on me baby. Anybody sleepin on Trixie Trix needs to check her out. This girl has crazy phonesex skillz and I promise you’ll get that nut~~

  • Rd 4 and baby keeps pullin out her A game. I love a white grl that got no limits:) I was drunk n rock hard and Trixie just kept takin me to that other level. Sweet lil voice takin me to that climax. Much love babygrl~~~

  • Have been anxious to have my call with Trixie, and it was worth the wait! She has a wonderfully sexy voice, very seductive and creative imagination. I realize if you have more than one call with a girl then you get to know each other a little better, but she took my fantasy and developed it really well for just our first call. She apparently has a breadth of experience so it would be fun to call upon her skills to bring in other elements to a fantasy.

  • can;t wait to talk you Trixie. hyou are soo sexy.

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