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 My Stats

Age: 21

Eyes: Baby Blue

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115

Measurements: 34C-24-36

Pussy: Silky smooth.

Ass: Fuckable!!

Favorite Positions: On my knees worshiping your cock!

Strangest Places I've had sex: At the Opera, in a balcony!

Hobbies: Music, traveling, flea markets, BBQ's and going to the gym.

Specialities: Family Fun, Role play, Daddy's little girl, Age play (any age), Submissive slut, Spanking, Golden showers and Gang bangs.


Hiya fella’s! My name is Callie. I’m a cum guzzling whore that will do anything that feels good. I welcome you to my world and you better believe you’ll leave totally satisfied.

I call myself the “Incest Princess”. I’m really into incest and age play. I have a young, sweet voice that can sound very, very young. Nothing offends me. I’m very open minded and I get really turned on when I can be your submissive little girl. I have lots of personal experience in these types of fantasies and that’s why men love me.

I love treating daddy or whoever I’m with like royalty. I am submissive to your every need and desire. I will do anything you ask without question. I’ll worship your cock like it was meant to be worshiped. I very much like being a good little girl and doing good deeds for you. Just getting that hot load of cum at the end is very rewarding and satisfying.

Voyeurism is a huge turn on for me. I love playing with my pink dildo, knowing I’m being watched. My pussy can squirt pretty far when I work it really good. I use to put on shows for my uncle, when I knew he would be stopping by. I would be up in my room masturbating on my bed with the door cracked open. He would stand there with his pants around his ankles. His cock would be in his hands just stroking so hard while looking at my young, naked body. He would get so aroused, he would come into my room. My uncle would slide his hard dick right inside of me, and fuck his underage niece till he filled up my pussy with cum. The thought of him cumming inside of me and making me pregnant excited me greatly. I loved being such a slut at a very young age.

Let me be your barely legal whore. I’m into everything and will never put a restriction on anything! I will beg you for that cum and will do whatever it takes to get it!

Tight pussy awaits!

Call 1.877.861.6733
for Phone Sex with

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  • fuckin hottest call i’ve had yet 😉 thanks baby 🙂

  • Unbelievable, so cute, so sexy, so innocent, such a little vixen….amazing

  • She is a hawt mess, she makes me cum so hard! Let me tell u fellas, there is no one like her. She’s totally makes your sexual intensity! All I can say is she is very good at her job! Can’t wait for our next call!

  • You are such a hot tease, lovely voice and so arousing and playful. I came incredibly hard for you. Thank you, xoxoxoxoxo Wishing you a wonderful new year.

  • Who’s from the south
    And loves his place
    Where boys fuck his mouth
    And cum in his faee?

    He’s here and
    He’s queer
    Little eddie.

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