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The Sweetest Peach

I’ve always been told that I have the juiciest pussy around. I’ve never met a man that could resist it. I love to fuck, but I’m selfish enough to admit I enjoy having all the attention on me. Luckily, my sweet peach makes it hard to stop. Try it yourself.

I’ll lean back and spread my legs wide. All it takes is one lick to get addicted. I love the feel of a slippery tongue running up and down my slit, and the around my sensitive clit.

You’ll feel my legs start to shake and my pussy start to quiver. My pussy juices will already begin running over. It never takes long before curiosity gets the best of you, and you’ll have to put your tongue in my sweet honey hole. It’s so hot, wet, and so sweet. You’ll keep coming back for more and more. You won’t hear me complain. I can cum all night. You won’t be complaining either. The taste of my sweet cream will be enough to make you cum too.



 Written By: Ginger
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Complete Cock Control


Are you prepared to be teased and denied all at the same time? With my special attention to detail, I will bring you closer to the edge than you could ever imagine, making your cock ache for release.

I can feel your body tense up and shiver from my touch, and just when you feel like exploding, I pull you back into my control, denying that flood of cum you so desperately need to release.

Your cock craves my mind twisting games of control, and just think at the end when I am ready to let you blow that huge load, it will so be worth the wait.

Take your finger and rub across the very tip of your cock. I want you to feel all your pre-cum as it wants to flow out of that raging hard cock. When I am ready to let you have that orgasm, it will totally drain your balls perfectly. But then again, maybe you need to wait a little longer!


Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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Solo Fun

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve been fucked, and it’s driving me insane. I decided that tonight I was going to spend a little time with myself.

I lit some candles, turned off the lights, and laid back on the bed. I started to play with my nipples, pinching, and pulling them until I start to feel it between my thighs.

One hand begins to move down my stomach, making it’s way to my wet, aching pussy. My fingers tease my hard little clit. It feels so good that I can’t stop myself from moaning. My pussy is so wet and juicy that I have no trouble easing three fingers deep inside.

My eyes close as I cry out. Fuck, it feels so good. My legs open wider as my other hand joins the fun, rubbing my swollen clit. My hips move off the bed as I pound my fingers in and out of my drenched cunt. I can feel my juices running down my ass, soaking the bed.

I can feel my pussy starting to clench around my wet fingers. I keep pumping them in until my body starts to tense up. I pull my fingers away as my pussy explodes, leaving me and the bed drenched in my own cum.

As I struggle to catch my breath, I realize that I really shouldn’t go so long without being fucked. I’m hoping that all my naughty callers can help keep me and my pussy satisfied. 


Written By: Ashton
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Fucking The Dead

My Uncle died recently and I was truly devastated. He was the first guy to pop my cherry, and we’ve been fucking ever since. No guys could fuck me the way he did. Not only was his cock enormous, but he could make me squirt like no other.

Sadly, I will only miss his cock. He was kind of a prick and didn’t have many friends. He was into hardcore drugs. I told him if he didn’t stop, it would kill him. I guess I was right.

My family was the first to arrive at the funeral home. They asked me if I wanted to pay respects to my Uncle. Everyone left the room and there I was with him. The casket was closed and I wanted to see him one more time. I removed the flowers on the top, and lifted up the casket.

He still looked hot, even if he was dead. I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and get wet. I climbed in the casket and straddled him. I took down his pants and pressed my pussy against his lifeless cock. I humped him until I came all over him. I leaned down and gave him one last kiss.

I climbed down from the casket and put everything back together again.


Written By: Ariel
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Giving Mom The Ultimate Gift

I gave mom a big surprise this morning for Mother’s Day. I knew she wouldn’t want flowers or jewelry. I know my mom pretty well and that’s why I gave her a one of a kind gift.

I went into her room early Sunday morning and crawled into her bed. I took down her panties and opened her juicy pussy lips wide open. I slid my tongue deep inside of her sweet tasting cunt. I ate my mom’s pussy for hours. She was loving every minute of it.

She squirted on my face so many times, I lost count after the 6th orgasm. My mom cums so much and can squirt so far. It’s such a turn on.

She wanted to return the favor and pleasure me, but I told her it was all about her today. I wanted to worship her pussy and make her feel so good!

  She told me it was the best gift she’s ever gotten. I enjoyed it so much too, I think I might have to do that every morning!



Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee
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Ready to Serve!

I’m your very submissive slut who is willing to do anything for you. I can take orders very well and my tiny holes will never turn down anything you have to offer.

I like a strong, father figure type to keep me in line and I like dedicating my time to making you happy. You own my submissive little body and I wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t abuse it.

I am ready to serve you and your every wish is my command. Please be rough with me, my pussy squirts at the thought of your strong forceful hands groping my tiny, Asian body.

Ready to Serve

Written By: Miyoung
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Craving Chocolate

Every once in awhile I get a craving for some chocolate and when I say chocolate I’m not talking about the Hershey, Godiva kind. I love black cock and my pussy defiantly responds well to really hung black men.

I love sitting on my knees and sliding off their pants, exciting to see how big the package is, that I am about to receive. I’m never disappointed, and I never get less than 9 inches. I love to worship it in my mouth and black men tend to be very forceful and like to shove my face down on their 9 plus inches. I’m the type who likes it a little forceful and it even makes my pussy wet to hear myself gag on a huge black cock.

My favorite position is being fucked from behind. I back my tight holes up and that black cock forces itself in my pussy and ass until I’m completely stretched, and I’ve squirted all over. I love seeing my white, creamy juices all over his dark man meat. I suck all my cum off and he squirts a huge cum load all over my face and hair.

I love being a black cock whore. Call me and I will tell you more of my real black cock stories and fantasies.


Written By: Stacey
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Lonely Is The Night

Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone.

You are in need of someone, that something extra special, in need of that sultry, sexy voice. Tried masturbating at home alone, but need me to push you over that edge so you can really have a great orgasm. You need the sound of me touching and playing with my pussy.

You love looking at my pussy. You fantasize about the taste, your tongue between my thighs. You think about slipping a finger inside of me and making me squirt all over the bed. You dream of thrusting your hard cock into me and both of us cumming together.

You and I are never sad, never feel lonely when we are together. Connect with me, make my lonely feelings go away and make me cum hard with you.

Your Sexy Girlfriend,


Written By: Skylar
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My Silky Nylons Make You Crazy

You love when I wear my sexy nylons. I bet your cock gets rock hard. Even when you were a little boy, you loved watching your mother put on her pantyhose, and now you have a hot, young, redhead slut to fulfill your every fantasy.

Sometimes you like for me to sit next to you and massage your cock and heavy balls with my feet. The feel of silk rubbing up and down your shaft, my sexy toes tickling your balls, and working all the way up to your mushroom head makes you go crazy. I have to play with my pussy, I get so hot watching the pre-cum drip onto my nylon toes.

You want more so you rip my pantyhose and slide your big, dripping wet cock in my hot pussy. You fuck me so good and so hard, thrusting deep with my silky pantyhose wrapped tightly around your shaft. It’s more than you can take. I feel you explode inside me and it makes my pussy squirt all over you. I do love the way we fuck.



Written By: Ariel
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Ass Play

I recently met a man that reminded me just how much I love ass play. We had an amazing date and the chemistry was there. I thought for sure I would be waking up with a pussy filled with cum. Little did I know, he had other things in mind.

We got back to his place and got our clothes out of the way quickly. When he bent me over on the bed, my clit quivered in anticipation of his tongue. My asshole felt it instead. It rimmed and then went in and out. It felt good, so fucking good.

His fingers soon replaced his tongue and I found myself backing up against them. When I felt his cock begin to stretch into my ass, I got excited. It’s been a long time since a man paid my ass that kind of attention. He pounded it as hard as he could and I came quickly.

I could still feel him hard inside of me. I turned and asked what I could do. He pulled out of me and reached into his nightstand. He pulled out a strap-on for me to wear. I knew what he wanted.

I got behind him and reciprocated what he did to me with my tongue and then my fingers. I got the dildo all lubed up and slipped it inside of him. I fucked him hard and he loved it. I reached around and started jerking his cock at the same time. He came so hard and we both collapsed on the bed.

We fucked all night long. We never got around to my pussy, but the cum soaked sheets spoke for themselves.


Written By: Rachel
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