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Face-Sitting with Abby

I see you looking at me with your cock in your hand. I know what you’re expecting, but let me tell you, it’s not happening tonight. I think you owe me a little something for a change.

Get on your fucking back! I’m going to put this pussy right on your face. No, I’m not going to just let you lick it, I’m going to smother you with it. I’m going to put all my weight on you and grind my pussy and ass all over you.

Get your tongue out and ready, and you better take a deep breath, because it’s going to be awhile before you get to breathe again. I won’t get off until your whole body is jerking with the need to gasp for air. Then I’ll be right back on it, riding your tongue like I ride your cock. You’ll keep going until I cum all down your throat.

It’s time to please me and me alone for a change. Feel free to protest, I wouldn’t be able to hear you anyway.


Written By: Abby
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My BIG Surprise

I was out one night by myself and had a craving for a little naughty fun. I looked around and couldn’t really find a guy that did it for me. I did however see a lot of beautiful girls that got my attention. I settled on a sexy blonde with big tits and made my move. We sat and had a few drinks. She was fun to talk to and so, so sexy.

Before I could suggest going back to my place, she suggested we go to hers. We grabbed a cab and made our way to her place. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. As soon as we got into her apartment, we were ripping each other’s clothes off. She led me to her room and pushed me back on the bed. Her mouth was all over me and I just let go and enjoyed it. She sat on my face as she shoved her tongue deep into my pussy. It was delicious. She pulled away briefly and then came back. She was wearing a big strap-on and told me to get on my hands and knees. I expected to feel her giant toy penetrate my dripping pussy, but no. She began stretching my ass with it. I love having my ass fucked, but I’ve never had it fucked by a woman. She rode me hard and I could feel my juices gushing down my legs. After I came and fell on the bed, she laid down next to me, both of us a little breathless and laughing. She gave me a big kiss and asked me what I was thinking. I kissed her back and said, “my turn”.


 Written By: Ginger
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Maid Of Honor

When my girlfriend asked me to be maid of honor at her wedding, I was super excited. I took it seriously and made sure I did all my maid of honor job duties. I even planned and executed a once in a lifetime bacherlorette party.

When the big day arrived, I can tell my friend was not herself. She seemed like she was having a panic attack and was very flustered. I knew she wasn’t backing out of the wedding but she couldn’t walk down the isle in the mental state she was in. I went and got her a cocktail, thinking that would take the edge off. She chugged the whole glass and asked me to get another one. I didn’t want her wasted on her special day so I told her it wasn’t a good idea.

As time was getting closer, she still wasn’t ready to walk down the isle. I had asked everyone in the room to leave so her and I could just talk. I told her I have an idea that she may or may not accept.

I explained to her when I am most relaxed is when I have an orgasm. She agreed with me. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, not a friendly peck but a hot, french kiss. I worked my hand under her wedding dress and started rubbing her clit on the outside of her silk panties. I could feel her panties starting to get wet so I moved them to the side and slid my finger in and out. I got down on my knees and buried my head under her wedding dress, and  starting sucking her clit while finger fucking her. At this point, she was defiantly starting to relax.

I worked my tongue in and out of her dripping pussy, and she squirted hard all over my tongue. She said she never squirted before. I joked with her and said I will have to share my technique with your new husband.

It was just what she needed because after her incredible orgasm,  she was ready to get married. After all, I am maid of honor and I had to what needed to be done, and I loved every second of it.


Written By: Madame Joanne
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Thirsty Thursday

Anyone thirsty for my wet, teen pussy? I woke up very horny this morning and I’m in need of a good tongue fucking. It’s freezing outside so it’s the perfect day to stay in bed and eat my pussy all day long.

I want to climb my petite body on top of your face and have you slide your tongue in my pussy. I’m going to rock my hips back and forth and grind until it hits my magic spot. Then I’m going to slide my pussy lips up and down your tongue, fucking it until I squirt in your mouth. Yes, that wasn’t a typo…..I do squirt and depends how well you do, I can squirt a lot.

How thirsty is your mouth now for my sweet, creamy juices?


Written By: Andie
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Shower Time

I recently remodeled my bathroom and decided to really splurge on a new shower head. The one I found had so many settings and I was really excited to try it out. I couldn’t wait for my first shower.

I did my usual routine and washed and rinsed my hair and then soaped up my body. As I was rinsing myself off, I realized why this particular shower head was so expensive. It was so powerful. Running it over my nipples was intense and made my pussy wet immediately. Then I let it travel down my tummy and on to my aching clit. Holy fuck. It was almost too much! I moved to the next setting and it was even better. My legs were barely supporting me. I braced myself against the shower wall and held it to my pussy. My entire body was shaking. My screams were echoing off the walls and I could feel my cunt shooting juices all down my legs. I felt myself sliding down the wall and shivering in the tub. Even my toys didn’t make me feel that good. It as easily the best money that I’ve ever spent, but I find myself taking 4 or 5 showers a day now. I can’t get enough of my new lover.


Written By: Ivette
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Black Friday Deals

I didn’t really do a lot of Black Friday shopping this year, but I did hit the one sale that I had been looking forward to for weeks.

My favorite sex toy site was having a huge sale and I really took advantage. I had my eye on one special toy and there was no way that I wasn’t getting it. My pussy deserved a little spoiling and my fingers shook as I placed my order. I even paid a little extra to get it here quick.

It arrived yesterday and needless to say, it was worth every dime! It’s long and thick and the tip thrusts in and out at different speeds. The reviews said that it would make you cum fast and hard every single time, but I had to see for myself.

I didn’t bother to go to the bedroom. I spread out on the couch and started getting my pussy ready to take my new monster of a cock. When I slid it in, my eyes rolled back in my head. It felt even better than I imagined. I started playing with the speeds and orgasm after orgasm washed over me. I was squirting all over the couch. I switched to the fasted setting. My pussy convulsed around the shaft and I felt myself drifting off. I came so hard that I fainted! My pussy hurts today, but I’ll be playing with my toy later!


Written By: Anna
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Pussy Worship The Goddess

I invited over my little pet. He loves being in my presence and does anything I ask. He’s pathetic like the rest of them but this one in particular has something that intrigues me. He has a very long tongue.

He comes into my house and I instructed him to get on my living room floor, leaving his clothes on. I slid down my skirt, revealing my crotchless panties. I lowered my body and straddled his face. His long tongue slid inside my pussy hole. I fucked his face hard and fast, suffocating him until I squirted in his mouth. He moved his body to get up but I told him that he was not to move, and we’re just getting started.

I was amusing myself by using his face to get my dripping cunt off as many times as I could. I’m not going to lie, his tongue felt fucking amazing. I came so many times that I even peed all over his mouth.

After several hours, I handed him a towel to dry off a little and threw him out of my house. You are no longer needed.



Written By: Goddess Jezzabelle
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I Squirted All Over His Desk!

One of my professor’s has been after me for awhile. He was a lot older than the ones that I usually fucked, but I was failing his class and he decided that he finally had his chance.

I showed up after his last class of the day, ready to get it all over with. He wasn’t in the mood to go fast though. He pushed me back onto his desk and buried his tongue deep into my young pussy. I was fucking blown away. I have never had my pussy devoured so hungrily or thoroughly! He was starving for my cunt and couldn’t get enough. I honestly lost count of how many times I came.

He took out his cock and practically rammed it into me. It was huge. I tried to breathe but he was pounding me so hard. I held on tight to the edge of the desk as his balls slapped against my ass and he growled with each thrust. When he pulled his cock out of me and slapped my pussy hard, I squirted all over his desk! I hope the rest of the student body doesn’t mind my pussy all over their final exams.


Written By: Ashton
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A Sugar Rush On Your Tongue

It is a perfect summer afternoon. Your work is done for the week, and now it is time play. You work hard! Don’t you deserve an exceptional erotic treat?

Admire my curves. I am so hot and ready to play. Run your hands over my big tits and kiss me all over.  You are getting me all hot and wet. I moan with delight. I start to pull my panties down, but you want to do that. With your face inches away from my pussy, you slowly pull my panties down exposing my delightfully, delicious pink pussy.

Now dive right in between my legs. My hips are open, and my pussy lips glisten with my love juices. Run your tongue along the walls of my swollen pussy lips. Such a wonderfully fragrant and sweet treat. Slip your hands under my ass cheeks and lift me to your mouth. Let those luscious  juices drip into your mouth. Stimulate that sexy clit with your tongue. Orally pleasure me. Your magical tongue licks inside of my pussy making me hotter and wetter. My hips thrust, and I gasp. You have me so close to cumming in your mouth. Finish me off and let that sugar rush all over your face.  

Your Hot and Sexy Girlfriend,


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Pain is Pleasure

I’m a strong female that likes to give as good as she gets, but I’m a subbie at heart. I finally met a man that has it in him to really dominate me.

He called and gave me instructions on what to wear. He wanted me in a pair of panties and nothing else, except the butt plug. I was on my knees at the door just as he wanted. He lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom. He blindfolded me and tied my wrists and ankles to the head and foot board. I felt his fingers plucking at my nipples, pulling them up and putting on clamps. He gave them a good tug to make sure they were in place. I was spread wide open for him and could sense him moving around the room. That’s when I felt it. His flogger was slapping my pussy hard. Over and over and over. I begged him to stop, but the slaps kept coming and soon I was as well.

This torture went on for some time. I was trying to lock my knees together. I had been made to cum so many times and I was shaking all over. I felt him untie my hands and remove the plug from my ass. I thought it was over, but he grabbed me and pulled me over his knee. It was time for him to give my backside the same treatment as the front. His first spank had me squirting all over his hand. I could feel his hard cock at my stomach and knew that the punishment had just begun.


Written By: Teagan
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