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 My Stats

Age: 19

Eyes: Grey

Height: 5'7

Weight: 123

Measurements: 36C-23-24

Pussy: Shaved and ready for some action!

Ass: Is that an offer?

Favorite Positions: Doggie style babay and of course I love ANAL!!!

Strangest Places I've had sex: Church Pew when I was 15 years old!

Hobbies: Sucking cock,Writing Naughty stories, Meeting new friends, gang bangs and Showing off my body

Specialities: Role play, Oral, Anal, Foot Fetish, Mild Domination,Rape, Gang bangs and CBT


I’m Jesse your totally taboo no limits fuck slut. I am the girl your Mother warned you about. One of those painted up city women who just loves to fuck you today and not even remember your name tomorrow. I can’t help it. I am addicted to cock and I don’t think there is a treatment plan for my addiction. Ever since I can even remember I loved making the front of a mens pants stand at attention and sometimes if they are really lucky I will make them explode.

I am a real freak in bed. My tight little cunt can’t get enough. By the way boys when a girls tells you that size doesn’t matter, they LIED! I will not even consider fucking anything under 8 inches and it needs to be real thick. I love the way it rips my little pussy wide open. Maybe that’s why I love black cock so much. Those big and nasty black dicks were made for a whore like me. They know that a woman doesn’t need romance, she needs hardcore fucking.

Like the way a silky soft pair of lips feel sliding down your fuck shaft? Well I love sucking cock almost as much as I love fucking it. The one thing I demand when sucking cock is pushing it in nice and deep when you cum. Blast the back of my throat with cock candy and I will beg you for more. Protein is good any time of day. Sucking cock really is good for the skin. Can’t you tell mine is flawless?

I bet your wife wont do what I will. Taking a big cock in my ass is all pleasure for me. I just love when the head pops through and you treat me like the little slut that I am. Smack my ass and fuck me nice and hard. I want to feel your hand print burning on my tight little ass. I will be your naughty little girl if you will be the Daddy I always wanted. ::giggle giggle::

If your looking for the nastiest little phone sex slut then look no farther because Jesse’s here and ready to take any load you can deliver. I have 3 holes for all of your nasty cock needs. Call my toll-free number and get ready for the best thing that ever happened to your cock. Pure explosion baby!

Your Fuck Slut,

Call 1.866.996.6060
for Phone Sex with

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