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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Weight: 119

Measurements: 34C-24-35

Pussy: Always trimed or waxed!

Ass: You be the judge of that

Favorite Positions: There hasn't been a position I didn't like

Strangest Places I've had sex: At a airport. There was a delay and well worth the wait!

Hobbies: Romantic outside dinners, going to IMAX theater, macaroni and cheese, amusement parks, strip poker and working out

Specialities: Erotic massage and pressure points, Strip tease, Amazing blowjobs, Teasing, Family Fun, Naughty neighbor, Sensual dom, Mind blowing back rubs, Stocking fetish, Mutual masturbation, Adult babies, Small penis humiliation, Strap-on fun, Lap dance, Public sex, Sex with strangers, Sex toys, 2 girl calls and Guided masturbation


Hey lover! It’s your hot, sensual Daphne! Had a long day, huh? Come unwind with me. I’ll take you to a far off exotic place. Let my sexy voice put you into a deep trance. You need to be pampered just as much as I do. I’m confidant that I am just the woman to please you in all the right ways.

I excel in teasing and love using my tongue. There’s something about kissing that gets me all warm and fuzzy inside. There’s a million different kinds of kisses and they’re all extremely hot with the right person. When you call me, you’ll find we have many things in common. I’m a very sexual woman with the desire to make you mine.

Let me be your ultimate sex slave. I might be a tad disobedient though, I love to be punished by a nice strong man. The thought of getting on my knees and taking you into my mouth excites the hell out of me. I’m the type of girl who actually likes giving head. I give the most orgasmic blowjobs and swallow every last drop. I’m a very playful girl and I think you and I could have a lot of fun in the shower. Let the hot water drip down on our soapy naked bodies, massaging each other in all the right places. Let me bend over while you slip your hard cock deep inside me. Driving it deeper and deeper till you explode in my pussy.

I think you and I will have a very good time with one another. I’m extremely open to anything. I can be very serious or the biggest ball buster you’ll ever meet. When it comes to sex, I’ve had my fair share of experiences and have many erotic stories to tell.

Now the ball is in your court. Are you ready to make the next move and give me a call? I’ll be waiting with anticipation and moist panties!


Call 1.866.676.9681
for Phone Sex with

20 Responses to “Daphne”

  • Daphne is the sexiest woman on the planet, call her and find out what the greatest orgasm ever feels like

  • Daphne is just the best, she really relaxs you and then brings you to a tremendous climax. Definitely the best!


  • Daphne is a unique woman. I love her voice. She is sexy yet straight forward. She is a great role player and I deffinitely look forward to playing with her again. Just have the toys ready next time.

  • A great gal and very creative too…extremely attentive to meet the needs of a demanding guy… playful, spotaneous and …. need I say more.

  • The Voice - rock my world

    A real special time with a wonderful treasure chest too – ….much like those ‘double D’ attributes which make you so appealing – you are ‘delightful and delicious’ … will be ready to cum again my naughty one…

  • Undoubtedly the best. Mesmerizing, exciting…words don’t exist to describe the experience of….DAPHNE!

  • Been a long time since I called Klassy. Would luv to take Your lil cute azz to the Black Experience via telephone~~~ I am a fan/admirer boo 😉

  • To say a call w/ this sexxxy lady is good just dont give her the credit that she deserves. I called Daphne tonite lookin for rough phone and she tore it up!!! Baby is an incredible phonefuck and U should call her up now. I know she got me addicted. I will be back like and addict over n over 🙂 Thx for the bomb phonesex D. Much Love Always~~~

  • My lil White Phonefreak has got it goin on~~~ U know it was gonna take a SPECIAL freak to bring the Hammer out retirement but once I saw those pics n heard that voice I had to ring U up. I promise if U call Daphne up she will throw that RAW freaky phonesex game on U that U will never forget. I will be callin over n over and each time my game will be more rough, no limits tryin to break the white girl. The best part is she will take that shit and throw it back on me twice as hard. LOVE me some Daphne 🙂

  • MY Girl Daphne is the best in the game hands down 😉 I don’t have to ask for her to give me the wildest freak nazty phonesex- she just hooks it up on her own! Nobody will throw it on U like her and she knows how to treat her people. Luv doin calls w/ U baby and can’t wait to see what level U take it to next time~~~ My lil Phone Freak Ragdoll @ nite and My Queen that I look out for and respect in the day. Much Love Alwayz~~~

  • Gettin ready for Rd 4 with MY Phonefreak and we just get better n hotter everytime. Daphne n Me click so well cuz we both have no limits. She will do or say anything to make sure the call is RAW, wild, n freaky!. Can’t get enough of U baby and I told U~~ U n Me got a longgggggg azz way to go ~~~ Much Love to the best in the game 😉

  • There is none better than my princess Daphne. The only reason to even go on this site. I’m glad I can blow her mind just as much as she does to mine.

  • Sorry if I chased you away. hopefully we can play again soon.

  • Hey Jake, you didn’t chase me away. I knew you were busy and was going to the pub for some drinks, pool and whatever came my way. I will tell you about it, next time we talk..xoxo

  • Wow, nothing else I can say! Daphne had me cross-eyed and cumming intensely. Thank you kinky lady!!

  • You are my queen.

  • Amazing time with you last night. A king needs to check his queen sometimes.

  • Daphne sure does have a devious mind. She had me begging out of her hand right after I heard that sultry voice.
    I can’t wait for my next disability check to come in & then we can play again.
    One thing that is nice is that you don’t have to explain very much to her. She seems to know all of the sexual ways of men & can fulfill them at any time

  • Those fantasies you paint for me are just like being there. I can see the whole scene that you’ve laid out before me. All the way from your vanity table to being right down there on my knees or back.

    And that seductive voice of yours is very addictive.

  • Daphne you do play a great dirty girl!

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