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 My Stats

Age: 25

Eyes: Blue/Green

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 122

Measurements: 36DD-24-34

Pussy: Shaved with a nice super sensitive clit

Ass: Perfect for your hands to grab and your cock to slide in!

Favorite Positions: 69, doggy and anal

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a lighthouse and on top of my washing machine.

Hobbies: Chick flick movies, music, reading autobiographies, lazy Sundays, comedy shows, brunch, watching Sex and the City reruns, rescuing pets (big animal lover), star gazing and chicken BBQ's

Specialities: Age play, Family Fun, Cuckold, Mild Domination, Humiliation, Panty sluts, Black mail, Cross dressing, Watersports, Smoking, Squirting, Impregnation, Mutal masturbation, Tease and denial, Strap on play, Financial domination, Ass licking, Guided masturbation, Foot/leg worship and Adult babies


Aimee is at your service! Anything you need, I’m the perfect girl for you! I’m a very playful kitty that’s full of energy. I am very compassionate person with an understanding personality. I would like to think I’m witty, intelligent and love to be always on top of my game.

I’m single, no kids and never been married. I’ve been in a few long term relationships that obliviously didn’t work out. So, now I’m waiting to find my next ex-boyfriend or my night in shining armor dressed in aluminum foil. Being single has some huge advantages. I love dressing sexy and going out with my girlfriends. Men just flock to us. When you have big boobs, you never have to buy any drinks. Some of my small chested friends would testify to that. I love the power of being a woman and choosing which man is worth my time. I’m not conceited in the least but I like to find a guy that can hold a conversation and that can even spell conversation.

We all have needs, right? Well, since I am single my needs get met through friends. I really hate using the word “fuck friends” It sounds like I don’t care about them and I toss them off to the side when I’m done with them. I care about every guy I have sex with, I just wouldn’t date them for all different reasons. So, I guess they’re good enough to fuck but not date. Normally, Saturday night is my night to hang with my friends. A classic “Aimme” move would be going out after a long night of dancing and drinking, grabbing a plate full of grease and calling one of my special companions to top off the night. I scroll through my phone and see who I want for the night, or what’s left of the night, anyway’s. I have certain friends for different sexual occasions. If I feel like getting my ass pounded, I know a guy who gives me great anal sex. If I’m in the mood for a little light bondage, I know guy who likes to tie me up and pleasure me. This is why I like being single at the moment because I have guys worshiping me and fulfilling my fantasies.

I’ve been doing phone sex for about 3 years and I thought I was a kinky person? Boy, was I way off. When I first started, I never heard some of this crazy stuff before. I was like “your gonna put that in there, wearing what?” Now, I’ve heard it all and even get turned on by it. Phone sex has opened my eyes to a whole another dimension. I never masturbate alone anymore. Sometimes if I have a really hot call with a guy, I will think about it during sex and it will make me cum hard.

I’m very open to anything you have in mind. No worries, I have a sexy voice to match my “real” pictures. I hope I get the chance to talk to you. I promise I wont let you down.


Call 1.866.428.2664
for Phone Sex with

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