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Craving To Be Dirty For Me

Take off all your clothes. I want you to kneel before me on the cold, dirty tile floor. You’ll be pleasing me, so get comfortable down there.

Open your mouth really wide, you’ll be used for all my bathroom relief. I laugh at you while I tilt your head back further, telling you to open your mouth wider for me.

It’s time you receive the yellow stream of nectar splashing against your face. You need and want it so desperately because it comes from yours truly.

You crave the need to be dirty for me. I love bathing your entire body in my yellow piss. You’re my property now and I always mark what’s mine.

Enjoy the cold tile floor, you’ll be spending a lot of time down there, I am no where near done with you yet.


Written By: Macy
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Piss in my Mouth!

Have you ever had a teen slut willing to suck the piss right from your cock? Golden showers are hot, but I want to tongue fuck your pee hole, and have you release that warm stream in me. I’ve had piss in my mouth, and also I love having a guy pee in my pussy.

How hot would that be if you took a moment to go to the restroom while you’re at a nice dinner with your wife. You walk into the bathroom only to find me on my knees with my mouth wide open for you. Urinal or my mouth? I think you would choose my slut mouth, of course!

After you shoot that warm piss in my mouth, I would suck you off so I could savor both piss and cum on my lips. It would be a bathroom experience you’ve never had before.

Your wife would wonder what took you so long, but it would be our nasty little secret.


Written By: Andie
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Taking My Innocence Away

My older neighbor always checks me out. He watches me undress through his blinds late at night. I see him stroking his cock as he watches me get naked.

One night I was coming home from a party and he was outside. He walked over to me and told me what slut I looked like, and I needed to have a real man to show me how to use my body. He also said those teenage boys don’t know how to pleasure me. I walked away from him and he grabbed me from behind and put his hand over my mouth and dragged me to his basement.

He chained me up and used me as his sex slave. He raped me repeatedly over and over in every hole I had. He left me there with his cum, piss, and salvia all over my body.

He took my innocence away! He used my young body for his sexual pleasures. He couldn’t believe how tight my holes were and that made him cum back for more and more!

Since then, I have turned into a cum guzzling whore. My innocence has been thrown right out the window and I’m always on the prowl for someone to treat me like a slut. 


Written By: Reese
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Nasty Phone Sex

Craving nasty phone sex? Tell me that you are thirsty! Beg for it! Beg, Bitch! Beg for my beautiful golden stream of warm sweet nectar.

I straddle your face while you lie on your back on the bathroom floor. Watch the golden waterfall stream from between my legs and splash on your face. Taste it! Drink it!

Don’t forget my ass! You told me you wanted nasty phone sex. Worship my ass. Get your sexy tongue deep into my ass. I got a nasty treat waiting for you. Take it all, dirty boy!


Written By: Stacey
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All You Want For Christmas…..

Happy Holiday’s Losers!

Only I know what you really want for Christmas. No one knows the real you like I do. They would be shocked to know that all you want is my shit and farts. You’re so addicted, aren’t you faggot?

I can picture your ultimate Christmas with me. You run to your stocking with your name on it-“Loser,” of course. You reach into your big, red stocking and find a glass bottle. I instruct you to open it and take a big whiff. It’s just what a pathetic loser like you has been hoping for all year long. I bottled up my farts just for you.

I’m feeling extra generous this year and I am going to smother your  pathetic face with my gorgeous ass while I give you a brown and yellow Christmas treat.


Show me how much you care!


Written By: Missy
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Fetish Phone Sex with Skylar

Do you have a fetish?

I am the perfect phone girl who understands the difference between a sexual desire and a true sexual fetish.  Your specific fetish is part of you. You need something specific to truly enjoy an orgasm to the fullest. Normal, everyday sex might be okay, but you need to tap into that fetish, no matter how odd it may seem to some.

Embrace your fetish. It is part of you. Let’s explore your desires together. Maybe it is tickling, boots, leather, lace, feet, sneezing, balloons, diapers, baby talk, enemas, exhibitionism, domination, hair, latex, legs, watersports, humiliation, or toys.

You probably keep your fetish a secret from your lover, wife, or girlfriend. Phone sex with me is a great way to dive into that part of you. We can share this experience together by creating a little world where you feel extremely comfortable to achieve that gratification that you need to have the optimal orgasms.



Written By: Skylar
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Torrie’s Special Candy

           I love an excuse to visit all the men in my neighborhood and Halloween is always an awesome excuse.  Men are such suckers when it comes to me and my adorable teen body. They’ll do anything to make me happy and get a taste of my sweet candy. 

Mr. Parker was first on the list. I knocked on his door and the perv let me in with a dirty smile. He knew just what I had for him so he quickly assumed the position. I put my adorable little asshole to his mouth and gave him the sweet perfume he craved. After that, he knew just what tasty little treat was coming. I made him beg for it. He was so excited he wrapped his lips around my tasty treat and he sucked it like a dick. I was about to give him something else to wash it down, but I decided to save it for the next house. 

Mr.  Smith was so anxious he was looking out his window for me. He asked if I had a special treat in my pussy for him. He laid on the floor and I sat on his face. My pussy was dripping from my boyfriend earlier. He was so excited to lick up the special treat from my boyfriend. Then he begged to wash it down with my cum piss. I was running out of tasty treats so I had to make a pit stop at Mr. Johnson’s house. 

He has the biggest, black dick I have ever seen in my life. I sure have seen a lot! I explained I needed a good, hard, fast ass fucking to get ready for Mr. James. I am a black cock whore and the bigger and fatter the better. After all my holes were plugged and filled I went to the next house. Mr. James had already texted me 10 times. Fuck, he was anxious for my jizz filled holes. 

I promised my daddy that I would stay in for Halloween. Give me a call, I have some extra special treats for you.



Written By: Teen Torrie
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Gang Shower

I had a date with an older white man that I met online. He was going to pay a lot of money to play with me and I’m all about that!

I got to his house and saw that it wasn’t going to be just me and him. There were at least 10 men standing there waiting for me. He led me down to the basement and I saw tarps all over the floor.

He told me to take my clothes off and kneel on the floor like the dirty slut I am, and I would be paid a LOT for this little party. I did as he told me and they all stripped down as well. I was expecting to suck dick, but the first one pissed all over me instead. The hot stream shocked me at first, but I didn’t have a choice but to adjust quickly because I felt another one peeing all over my back. Man after man urinated all over me. My body was soaked! It was in my face, my hair and all over my cocoa body. They kept chugging water and coming back for more.

When they finally finished, I was allowed to shower in his downstairs bathroom. When I came out, he handed me a huge stack of bills and told me when the next party was. I told him I would be there, easy money is easy money!


Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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The “Golden” Granny

My neighbors little granddaughter calls me the Golden Granny. Since I’m in my golden years as they say, I like a nice, hot golden shower. Now mind you, I liked it when I was younger as well but I really enjoy it at my present age.

My neighbor Al is a kinky bastard, and I love going over to his house for some naughty afternoon fun. His granddaughter has been there for a few days and she’s such a doll. She’s a cute little thing and she doesn’t mind joining in sometimes. She loves to watch her grandpa give me the most intense golden showers.

She’s a little kink pot herself, she will lick the hot, yellow flowing stream off my body. We will press our bodies together and feel his warm piss between us. Her young, tender skin feels so good against my old, wrinkly body.

This Golden Granny loves her Golden Showers!


Written By: Granny Trudy
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I Have My Own Human Toilet

I don’t have to use my toilet anymore now that I have my own personal human toilet bowl. I just snap my fingers and he will come running. I get so much satisfaction pissing and shitting in someones mouth rather than dirtying up my own toilet.

I workout in the mornings so by lunch time, I’ve already had a gallon of water. I make my loser get in his position and I fill up his mouth with all my warm pee. Since I’ve drank so much, I fill up his mouth pretty quickly, and the rest just splashes all over his face.

He usually can tell how much shit I will have beforehand because I will fart in his face. My human toilet knows the more powerful farts will end up being an explosion in his mouth and face. When I am done, I make sure he licks me clean and I get up and walk away.



Written By: Missy
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