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 My Stats

Age: 26

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 128

Measurements: 36C-25-36

Pussy: Trimed and ready!

Ass: Plump and always looks good bending over!

Favorite Positions: On top and 69.

Strangest Places I've had sex: Teacher's lounge.

Hobbies: Reading, History Channel, traveling, shopping and teaching young boys about the facts of life.

Specialities: Oral exams, Naughty teacher, Incest, Panty boys, Humiliation, Mild domination, Nipple torture, Spankings, Teasing, Age play, Role play of any kind, Guided masturbation, Strap-on play, Intense orgasms, Submissive slut and Mutual masturbation.


I’m April and I am the teacher you always dreamed of having. I teach American History at a boarding school for boys and I love all the attention I get from my students. Shorter Skirts and skin tight sweaters bring them to class everyday. No one misses my class.

I have noticed that my panties have been missing from my room and I decided to set up a video camera to catch the thief. Well, the very first day I found two boys going through my drawers and smelling the cotton crotch of all of my silky undergarments. I decided to get even I was going to boil them up some of my favorite dinner soup. Panty soup! I took 4 of the really dirty ones and steeped them in hot water. Making them swallow all of the hot pussy juice, cum and pee drippings. It was very amusing to say the least. Don’t worry, I am not that mean. I let them lick my sweet little pussy for a reward. They did make me really horny when they jacked each other off and shot the cum all over my pussy.

I love younger men. They have so much energy and their teen cocks know just when I need them. Staying after in my class is more of a treat then a punishment. I think that if you really are hands on then the boys learn a lot faster. I stroke their cocks while they study for their exams. A clear head retains a lot more information. I love the fact that they are learning about our past while I show them how good the future is going to be. There is nothing I will not do for my boys. Since I cannot have men in my room at night I whisper all these dirty secrets on the phone. I have done some really taboo things and I might just shock you with as far as I have gone with my boys. Like the time we all went on a field trip and I was the only woman with 20 young men in a hotel room. Now that’s a story you will have to hear to believe. Call me for all the shocking details.

Naughty Teacher,

Call 1.866.441.0399
for Phone Sex with

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  • Hi April,

    Thank you for the terrific call today!! I totally enjoyed it and can’t wait to play with you again! You got me off very, very nicely-
    Love your open mind 🙂

  • Hello April: You are truly a hot, creative and nasty woman! Your knowledge of many things adds greatly to the excitement of having phone sex with you. Other callers don’t know what they are missing if they haven’t tried a call with you. Can’t wait to get off with you again! Lots of Lust, Russell

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