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 My Stats

Age: 23

Eyes: Dark Brown

Height: 5'8

Weight: 122

Measurements: 36C-26-32

Pussy: Huge, puffy pussy lips and ultra smooth

Ass: Tight and ready

Favorite Positions: Doggy, reverve cowgirl and face sitting!

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a golf cart on the 9th hole

Hobbies: Laying on the beach, reading mystery novels, baking pies, watching sunsets and attempting to play golf

Specialities: Any kind of role play, Nasty blowjobs,Voyeurism, Age play and Family fun.


Hello all of you sexy guys! I’m Megan, the sweet and innocent daddy’s girl gone bad. I’m a native Floridian and enjoy all that the Florida lifestyle has to offer. I’m very outgoing person and you’ll rarely find me at home. I have 2 other roommates and we just recently got a condo near the beach. I just graduated and got my degree in business/accounting. Now that I have my degree I’m not quite sure what I want to do. I’ve been enjoying the beach and have been having a lot of fun with my friends.

I just recently discovered how much I like sex. I didn’t even like boys till I was sixteen. That’s when I had my first kiss behind my parents tool shed. The very first time I had sex when I was eighteen. He was in his mid-forty’s and seemed extremely eager for some fresh, young pussy. I barely knew him and I think that’s what made me cum so hard. He taught me some very naughty things and ever since I have been on a tangent to get all the sex I can. I’m addicted to getting fucked in every hole and love every single position I can get my body into. There’s nothing hotter than fucking in a public place, well knowing I’m being watched.

I especially love married men, it makes my pussy extra creamy to know I am satisfying you in ways your wife can’t. When was the last time she swallowed your load while you were driving down the highway going 65 miles per hour? Has she ever screamed loud enough that the neighbors could hear when you pounded her loose, unattractive pussy? Do you really like fondling loose, saggy tits? Can you share your extra nasty fantasies with her? I’m everything your wife is not. I have the perfect, tight body for fucking and I keep all our naughty little secrets safe.

I love it hard and fast or slow and seductive. Whichever way you want to dish it out, my mouth, pussy and ass can certainly handle it. Lay me down on the bed gently and kiss me from head to toe or slam me against the wall and pound your cock deep into me while spanking my ass cheeks hard. I love it all!

I love to role play and there is no such thing as taboo when you call me. I love the extra raunchy fantasies. If you really want to turn me on, let me hear you stroke your hard cock. All you have to do is ask and I will let you hear me fingering my juicy, wet pussy. While masturbating together we can talk about anything. The kinkier the better! My pussy is already getting wet with anticipation of our call together.


Call 1.866.554.4810
for Phone Sex with

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  • Mr. Pink Panties

    Thanks for your recommendation of “new lil’ girl” Jazlyn. I gave her a call and she is VERY sweet and hot for a newby. I love her sweet little voice and naughty attitude and will be calling her again…so should anyone else who is partial to naughty little girls who love to please Daddy. Thanks.

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