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 My Stats

Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 105

Measurements: 32C-22-32

Pussy: Soft , delicate and squirts!

Ass: Round and shapely

Favorite Positions: Reverse cow girl, 69 and doggy style.

Strangest Places I've had sex: In my brothers tree house.

Hobbies: Bike riding, tennis, jet sking, reading and enjoying the outdoors any way I can.

Specialities: Mutual masturbation, Age play, Tease and denial, Incest, Extreme role-plays, Financial domination, Gang bangs, Rape, Nipple torture, Guided masturbation and so much more!


Let’s Rock! I’m your new playmate that just came into town. This sexy vixen is about to add something to your life that has been missing for years. It’s true what they say that brunettes have way more fun.

Whisper your secret desires and I will make them all come true. Lay back and let me take you on a sexcapade around the world; no passport needed as your hard cock is your ticket to paradise. My soft wet tongue will start with a deep french kiss. I will work my way down your masculine body, nibbling on your ear letting you feel my warm breath as I breathe against it. Let my honey kisses trail down to your hard throbbing erect cock. Feel the passion of my hot breath on the head as I give it pleasure with my tongue and wet warm mouth. Your shaft will tingle with my long slow licks as I slowly lick down to your full balls. I am waiting for you to finish the rest. Why don’t you call me and make this story cum true?

Can’t wait to give you the ultimate pleasure.

Many Kisses,

Sinful lil Sidney

Call 1.877.286.6799
for Phone Sex with

22 Responses to “Sidney”

  • Thank you Sidney. Your sexy sweet voice helped me to reach heaven. Thanks for the extra pics. You are one of the hottest women on the planet.

  • WOW, I am a blessed man to be surrounded by Sinful Sidney, while being in this business of bone jacking. The woman is gorgeous and she knows it. She says her body was built for fucking and I like that confidence in any woman. It shows she’s smart and a slut…. which is a winning combination in my mind. Sidney is absolutely amazing and a must call! I just can’t decide what’s hotter: her or her stories?

  • Sid is the hottest of them all. She really gets into the call and makes you feel like she is right there. Can’t go wrong with this girl.

  • I had the best time tonight. Sydney took me from male to female. She showed me how be the head cheerleader and make are boys state champions before the game. Are you in the game.

  • Sidney left me blue-balled, teased and denied, whimpering for an orgasm.

  • Once again Sidney took me right to the edge, and then played with me, SHE got to have an orgasm, but there was none for me . . .

  • still tormenting me, leaving me hard, unsatisfied, blue blue blue balled!

  • This girl is off the chain red hot~~ Hard for me to hook up w/ the “day girls” cause of schedule so I kept missin her. We made up for it when we finally connected and she threw it da fuck down;) No holds barred w/ this sexxxy lil hunnie. She will say or do anything to make u get that nut! Much love baby~~

  • A nice suprise! Sidney will literally have you begging not to cum so you can stay on the phone with her! After one call she has me constantly craving for her. Just awesome!

  • Sidney has the sexies voice! and the most devious mind, she takes me to the edge and then works on my balls with the riding crop, then takes me to the edge again, then brings out the crop. Omg, my balls are a shade of blue they’ve never been before. She’s sweet, but watch out, she may cage up your cock and NEVER let you cum. Like me.

  • And yet again teased and teased and teased. And denied Sidney’s voice is like honey, and she took me to the edge over and over, then finally SHE had a tremendous orgasm. But there was none for me, I’m still carrying the same heavy heavy load. omg omg omg

  • Sidney continues to have her way with me, time and time again. With my hands cuffed behind my back and my balls secured to a heavy weight, she fucked her boyfriend in front of me, over and over and over again. omg

  • You are beautiful, you are classy, you make one want to fall in love with you. Too late. Sidney, thank you for pushing me over the edge and then catching me. Ahh yes, and a Princess no less!

  • Very Hot! Very Sexy! I wish I could have her all to myself. Easily, she’s my favorite!

  • Wow, This girl is beautiful, with a great voice and an awesome personality. She kept me hard by teasing me and didn’t orgasm until I was ready to let go myself. Definitely worth another call.

  • You are an amazing woman. What a tease you are. Makes the “givng it up” all that more intense. You are my new habit. Can’t wait to have you again.

  • Sidney is probably the best cocktease in the world. Her deductive voice, obvious intelligence, and wicked sense of humor will give the impression that she just might let you cum, but if she knows your wife has you confined to cock cage, watch out. Sidney will laugh at you and taunt you; remind you that she gets all the sex she can handle, while you will probably never get it again. You’ll be left with blue balls, and a thinner wallet, not to mention a pathetic little cock twitching and jumping in its cage!

  • When will you be checked in, I really really need to be teased and denied by you!!!

  • you sure don’t check in very often. my poor cock needs some attention and needs to be teased, and teased, and then denied. omg!

  • I’m sure looking forward to being teased and denied by Sidney again, she is the sweetest evil cock tease ever!

  • Oh Sidney, — I wish you’d check in more often to tease and deny me, and make me crazy with hot lust for your sweet voice . . . .


  • sure looking forward to being teased and denied by you!!

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