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 My Stats

Age: 23

Eyes: Grey

Height: 5'9

Weight: 120

Measurements: 34B-23-34

Pussy: Silky smooth, Brazilian waxed and ready to be worshiped!

Ass: Tan, tight and totally bite-able!

Favorite Positions: Doggy,69, and "The Wheelbarrow"

Strangest Places I've had sex: Utility closet in a hospital

Hobbies: Music, painting, shoes, purses, teasing at the grocery store and going to the library, roller-blading and I love tennis. I just love balls(hehe).

Specialities: Seduction, cock tease,Orgasm control/Denial,Long explicit blow-jobs.


Just when you thought you’d never find a girl that was perfect for you, your mouse rolled over my hot little picture and here I am. Your perfect match, class, sass, skill and definately brains. A passion for pleasing and the stamina to follow through. I am the ultimate tease.

You can probably tell, I am not your run-of the-mill phone slut. I get into every single call. I completely immerse myself into getting you hot, hard, and getting you off with 100% satisfaction!

Cant you just taste my sopping wet, pussy lips right now? My juices dripping down your chin, covering your entire face? I lean forward and begin to hungrily devour your cock. I need to taste that salty thickness and feel it sliding down my throat. I love the taste of your cum. I just cant seem to get enough. I want more and more! Believe me baby, you will never forget the day Talon sank her claws into you! Can’t wait to play!

Triple X Kisses,

Call 1.866.949.5813
for Phone Sex with

1 Response to “Talon”

  • Ms. Talon,
    I read your story about the stinky little baby that went to Target with you. It was fantastic. That could have been me! No kidding. You know what would have been cruel. Take pics of him when he’s not aware of it, and threaten to post them if he doesn’t do exactly what you say. You’d own him forever. te he.
    I wish you were my mommy…
    Baby Joewee

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