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Darling Nikki

She looks a lot like me,daddy always used to say we look like twins. Awesome little body,adorable bubble butt,long chestnut hair and gorgeous perky tits. Her pussy is by far the sweetest peach I’ve ever licked and I’ve licked my share! Perfect little hot pink clitty swollen,juicy and always ready to be devoured. She’s always so sticky sweet I can never get enough of her hot pussy.

We love to get kinky and nasty together, mmm do we ever. I can’t tell you how many times we have masturbated our hot little cunts watching some hardcore,raunchy ass porn.Or the summers we spent on the farm learning how to train the animals. Just a couple of dirty,country girl sluts and damn proud of it.

Those who love us love us well,those who don’t can go to hell right? haha!! You only live once so fuck hard and call me. I love to share Nikki or any other hot pussy you might wanna try.

lesbian licks,


Mommy’s Mouth

Hello my Gents! Mommy has worked up a very big appetite and I am ready to eat.  Mommy loves to take care of her baby boy, are you going to let Mommy take care of you?  Lay back, listen and obey Mommy and you will have the time of your life! All your friends envy you because they don’t have a sexy Mommy that takes care of their every need like you do.  Take advantage darling, let Mommy take care of you in every way.  Calling all Mamma Boys!

Mommy Morgan

Just for you daddy

Dear Daddy,

I know you are nothing but a small dick, lingerie wearing, cock sucking bitch BUT…I still love you. Kinda sorta, in a weird way. Seriously daddy, I know what you are and that is why I call you to my room when my boyfriend comes over. I wanted to say thanks for sucking his cock so good last night. I couldn’t believe how big he got and how good his swollen, wet cock felt in my tiny pussy. Mommy has really been training you well huh daddy! Anyways, he fucked me so good after you sucked him and then came like a ton in my little cunnie. I hope you like the way his hot, creamy jizz tasted in my hot twat.

TTYS Daddy!!!!!




Uncle’s taboo secret…shhhhh

You know you shouldn’t be here with me but you can’t resist such a hot young play thing. Your sexy young niece has seduced you right into a corner again and there is no turning away. What would your brother think if he ever found out that you were fucking his baby girl? It wouldn’t be pretty so you do whatever it takes to cover up your dirty tracks. I have to admit, your rock hard cock throbbing in my pussy is something I am starting to want more and more.

When my long, sexy legs are wrapped tightly around you and I can feel your dick pumping my tiny cunt I don’t care that you are my uncle.  I don’t care that I am turning into your favorite fuck doll. And, as long as you continue to take care of all my needs, daddy will never have to know.

Shhhhhhhh….your seceret is safe with me. Come over now daddy is at work.

Slutty Kisses,


Bad Mommy Morgan

My dear little man do not read this if you do not want to know how bad your Mommy Morgan has been. It seems that while you have been away at college Mommy has needed some extra help around the place.You know I like to have the pool up and going by now so I hired a nice pool boy. He is a young stud with a very big appetite for MILFS. And well, Mommy Morgan couldn’t resist his charms or his young cock ;). I decided to invite him in for some lemonade and things got a little bit kinky in the family room. The pool boy loved Mommy’s hot MILF body and said that he was an “ass man” so I thought why not show him everything. I slipped out of my tight pink sundress and then felt his young, hard manhood rub up against my back sliding down between my sexy round cheeks probing Mommy’s hot, puckered hole. Oh darling, it felt so good the way he pounded Mommy, exactly the way I taught you to do. My hot sex started to drip and ache for every inch of my young stud. I went wild on his young cock and taught him a few new things about hot ass play that only a Mommy would know.

Now it’s our turn to play little man!

Soft, sweet kisses,

Mommy Morgan

Pretty Please Daddy

I promise I didn’t mean to stay out past my curfew daddy please don’t be mad. I know how much you enjoy punishing your hot, young, slutty daughter but please go easy on me.  Isn’t there something I can do to make it up to you?  You know I’m always willing to do it all…anything that daddy asks of me, daddy gets. I will bend over like a good girl for you and you can spank my tiny, sexy cheeks with your big, strong hand again if you like. I know you pervy dick aches to cock slap my sweet cheeks just like the last time. Then you like to fill my tight, teen fuck holes with your huge daddy cock and give me all your baby batter.

Do it all to me daddy, pretty please?

Misbehave with Missy- I never have taboos or limits.

Sex with Uncle Joe

I did a call earlier today with my very favorite, Uncle Joe! I have been having phone sex with Uncle Joe for a long time. And he always knows how to make me cum really hard. We do the hottest role plays and he always leaves me breathless and begging for more. He always teases me that if we hooked up in person it would be just like that! So of course it’s very tempting. Incest phone sex is such a hot, taboo topic and it really gets my pussy wet. More so than any other call. I love being daddy’s girl, your naughty sister and your sexy little niece. So if you love incest role plays as much as Uncle Joe and I do, give me a call and let’s have some fun!


Daddy’s Little Girl 4ever

I’m still your little girl right daddy?  *giggles*  I never want to grow up I always want to stay young,tiny and super,super tight for you.  You have always loved my “little girl boobies” so puffy and pink.  And, my fluffy,bald pussy that is so unbelievably tiny and tight you can barely get your fat cock in it. *tehehe* But, you always figure out a way to do it. You are my special daddy that likes to do all sorts of things to his little girl.  Oh, daddy I miss you so much I hope you come sleep in my bed tonight.




Busted Again

I cannot even tell you how many times I have been caught playing with myself. The first time it was by Daddy, I was all snuggled in my bed under the covers and really enjoying my little fingers on my clit when Daddy walked in on me. It was quick and I barely had a chance to take my hands out of my panties. I think Daddy knew exactly what I was doing. He came and sat on the bed to tuck me in and he did something he’d never done before. He took my hand and pressed it against his lips and kiss it and I could feel his tongue right on the very fingers that had just been inside my cunt. From that night on, Daddy caught me quite often. And it seemed like he was getting quieter and quieter. The last time daddy caught me, I was home for the weekend and up in my room. I brought one of my new favorite toys that I couldn’t go the whole weekend without. I didn’t even hear daddy cum in but I was really close to an orgasm and I felt someone watching me. I opened my eyes to find Daddy watching me. He watched as I finished my orgasm then he did what he always does, He tucked me in and kissed my hand, although that time he took each one of my fingers and licked them. It was sooo hot I ended up masturbating again after he left.

Daddy’s Obessesion

I  guess it’s always been this way at least as early as I can remember. Daddy loves his little Laney there is no doubt about it. He has an obsession for small tits and tiny holes to fuck. It just so happens his daughter has all of this and much more. I maybe daddy’s obsession but what he doesn’t know is that I’m addicted to his cock. Only daddy can make my hot,tight pussy squirt the way it does. I am so his little whore and I like it that way. Come get a taste of what daddy has to have~