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Sexy Summers with Lindsay

The weather has been just perfect. I’m taking full advantage of the summer sun. I decided to go outside and wash my car since the sun is shining and that gives me a chance to catch some rays. I threw on a pair of tiny little shorts and a tight, tiny top and headed out the door.

I got all my supplies out of the garage and started to wash my ride. As I was bent over, I had seen a few joggers pass by, I am sure they loved the view. Some of them I gave a friendly smile to. This one guy, he really stood out. He was a bit older and his body was in rocking shape, I was already wet. I waved for him to come over. He looked like he could use some cooling down, so I invited him inside for a drink.

It wasn’t two minutes that we were inside my house. We were both hot and sweaty. I unzipped my tiny, little top and let him caress my tits. He had an instant hard on. I knew he was ready to fuck! I laid myself out on the couch spreading my legs. I demanded that he pull these little shorts off with his teeth and pleasure me with his tongue first. 

Washing my car now is a weekly thing along with fucking him when he jogs by my house. * Winks* 


Written By: Lusty Lindsay
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Doctor, Doctor

     I woke up one day last week in a very wicked mood. I have been having the most delicious, dirty dreams that I wanted to act on.

I went online looking for a cosmetic surgeon. I consider my body to be perfection, but looking at the different surgeons in my area one just caught my eye. Tall, sexy and just fucking yummy! I made my consultation appointment, and went to it yesterday. I dressed for a casual date, but underneath wore my sexiest silk bra and panties.

We discussed what size I would like to be, and I told him something ridiculously large. I sat on his table with just a pair of panties as he felt my breasts, and suggested not going much bigger. My nipples were hard, I was creamy wet, and could see the bulge in his scrubs. I decided I might as well come clean at this point, so I confessed why I was really there. That made him even more excited, with a wet spot I just wanted to lick off. He told me what a naughty little time wasting slut I was. 

He began to get a little rough which is exactly how I like it. After a very hard spanking, he began to lick my asshole. He pushed his tongue in deep, and when I began to moan he demanded I get back on the table and put my feet up in the stirrups.

I left his office with a dirty grin and cum dripping out of my ass.



Written By: Valentina
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Vacation Fun

I decided to get away for a little bit and treated myself to a very fun vacation. I booked a week at a swinger’s resort and it was amazing from start to finish. Everywhere you looked there was naked flesh and bodies rubbing up against each other.

I went by myself so I could take full advantage of all the fun. For an entire week, I fucked complete strangers. I had some fun one on one encounters and found myself in the middle of wild orgy parties. I never knew where I was going to wake up and with who. All I had to do was walk around the resort and people were practically dragging me to join in on their fun!

I was so exhausted from all of the fucking that I slept for 2 days when I got home! It was the best vacation that I ever had and I’m already booked to go back in a couple of months!



 Written By: Ginger
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Chase and JoJo at the Strip Club

I love when Chase and I go to the strip club. I like seeing him get turned on by hot women and he enjoys me getting turned on by them to. We know a few good clubs in our area that have sexy girls but also a laid back atmosphere.

The other night we went and there was a new girl working. She was gorgeous with DD’s tits and long, dark hair. Chase and I bought her some drinks and then I bought Chase a lap dance. He seemed to really like her so all of us went back to the VIP lounge. She was totally in love with my husband and all her attention was grinding on his enormous hard on. I don’t have a jealous bone in my body. I love that women throw themselves at Chase. I know at the end of the day, he belongs to me.

I was getting really turned on by watching this gorgeous stripper all over my husband in the VIP lounge. I leaned into her ear and asked her if she would like to fuck my husband? I know all about the things that go on backstage and this wasn’t new to us.

I unzipped Chase’s jeans and took out his cock and stroked it in front of her. She got in between his legs and she started sucking it. I told her to get up on that big cock and ride it. Without hesitation, she straddled Chase and starting fucking him. I was whispering in his ear how wet my pussy was getting and how badly I wanted to fuck him when we got home.


Written By: JoJo
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It’s Bikini Time love shopping, and bikini shopping is one of my favs. I always try to find a new boutique for the selection and to tease the fuck out of the sales person helping me. A new store just opened in the Galleria and it looked rather exclusive with a snobby type crowd. I knew I would walk out with several bikini’s and if things went my way, a very satisfied pussy.

A tall, handsome gentleman approached me to see if I needed some help and if I would like a glass of chilled white wine. I happily said “yes” to both. He asked my size and began to show me several in various pastel colors. One seemed tinier than the next, just my style. With him holding my future purchases, he ushered me to the dressing room. He said to call if I needed any help, but I suggested he stay since I could always use a man’s opinion.

As I got undressed, he tried to look away, or at least made it seem like he was. I was having none of that! Before putting my tiny top on, I asked him if he thought my tits looked even. Looking very confused, he stammered that they were perfect. I am not really sure how it happened, but soon he was sucking on my nipples and cupping my round ass. Then he slid his erect cock in between my 36DD’s and I gave him a hot, slippery, titty fuck. I sweetly asked him if he could ask the hot brunette to join us for a second opinion.

Blonde Bimbo Tiffany


Written By: Tiffany

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Making of a Sissy Slut

      A night out with the girls was going to be the perfect fix for the mid-week blahs. A new club opened and rumor had it the men, music and drinks were insane!  I love rooftop clubs and dancing till dawn.

My friends showed up to get ready with some guy I had never met. He was pretty in a girly sort of way. I already had a pitcher of Rita’s made and we started to chat, drink and get ready.

The guy’s name was Julian, and he was just gushing at our makeup, clothes and perfume. That got me to thinking about what a pretty girl he would make. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but he was totally up for a makeover.

After trying on some of my dresses and heels, we decided on a black cocktail dress with stilettos. He was fragile, so he fit into all my clothes. I did his eyes smokey and added some purple lip gloss. He was dancing around the room taking selfies.

We were all on a VIP list except Julian. Having him with us would really be a riot, especially with everyone assuming he was a she. The door guy said he would let Julian in for a blow job. Not from us, but from our pretty, sexy, sissy slut.

They went down the alley and we arranged to meet at rooftop bar. About an hour later, Julian showed up with two hot men in tow. Giggling he told them to talk to me, his pimp, to arrange payment. What a night we had, and our new sissy slut took cock like a pro. Good thing he left plenty of big, thick, hard cocks for us real girls.


Written By: Cameron
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Dream Lover

There is something about his voice and his look that makes me crave his touch. It’s amazing how his soft touch becomes rough so quickly. I need his big rough hands to glide all over my body. He starts slow, but as his breathing quickens, he gets a little rougher. I wake up with the covers pulled off, and my body glistening with sweat. My hand is between my legs, and my pussy is wetter than ever.

My phone is buzzing on my nightstand with numerous texts and pictures from the stranger that was in my erotic dream. In my half asleep state, I am a little confused. I fall back to sleep as my dream picks up where it left off. He pushes me against the wall with my arms over my head. He bites my erect nipples and thrusts hard into me. He lifts me up and allows me to put my arms around his neck. His mouth tastes like my dripping pussy. 

I wake up again, and all the texts and pictures are gone. There is one final message that just says “don’t lock your window tonight.”


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Let’s Make It A Threesome!


You and I are down that the little bar next to our condo. You are visiting from the Midwest and looking for some fun on your beach vacation. You came down for the fishing, but it is a rainy day. 

You are cute, and there I flirt with you like crazy. We hit it off and have a couple more cocktails. I invite you back up to my place. In the heat of the moment, I have failed to mention that I have roommates. As soon as we get inside, we start making out and undressing. You pull me down to the sofa and rub my ass. You have me so hot that I have forgotten that my roommate will be home soon. I am riding you as the door opens and my sexy dark haired roommate walks into the room.  You are kind of freaked out, and I am too at first, but she got so turned on watching us, I invite her to join you and me and make it a sexy threesome!



 Written By: Tara
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Cheating On My Husband Is My Hobby

My husband wants me to look sexy and be his arm candy, his trophy wife in public, but let’s face facts. A woman like me was never meant to be chained to a stove and be a demure, faithful wife. PTA Meetings and Pampered Chef parties were never in the cards for me. I was born wild and have strong desires for sex. I need a lot of sex. Lucky for me, I am not a 1960’s housewife. They would brand me deviant and a nymphomaniac. Sleeping around, cheating on my husband is my one and only hobby. 

I have the freedom to fuck you and any other man I want. My husband ignores my sexy hobby because he wants me to be happy. Happy Wife, Happy Life. He loves how his business partners look and lust after me. They are not my type. I like real men who want to fuck hard. I want a man who is not afraid to get dirty. 

Finding men to seduce is exciting. I am excellent at the art of seduction and know how to leave a man always coming back for more. 



Written By: Samantha

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No Tiny Dicks Wanted

What a silly young man he is to think that his wormy little dick could ever satisfy a woman like me. I do love younger men, preferably black!  

I was out at a lovely Wine Bar with a friends son who kept trying to get me to take him to my house. Across the room, a gorgeous black man was flirting with me.  Of course, I already knew Josh was tiny, really quite worthless but it is always fun to tease him.

We got a bit tipsy and I began to make eye contact with Reggie, and wondering just how big he was. He finally joined us and after a few more glasses of wine he followed me into ladies room, leaving Josh behind. There were no words exchanged between Reggie and I, just a hard, dirty pounding in the restroom. 

After our encounter, I was ready to go back to my place and use Josh for the one thing he is good for. I do need a cleanup boy to lick and clean all my cum dripping holes. He knew that was the only way he would ever touch me, so he very eagerly agreed.

Written By: Dirty Debi
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