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Oh What A Valentine’s Day!

I had the most amazing Valentine’s Day you could possibly imagine. A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to go out dancing since none of us had a date. After a couple of drinks at our favorite club, we hit the dance floor. I was looking especially hot in my short blood red strapless dress. I became completely entranced in the beat of the music and put my hands in the air and gyrated to the music.

The next thing I knew, a very strong arm was around my waist grinding against my ass with what felt like an enormously hard cock! My pussy was getting very wet making the insides of my thighs slick. The thong I was wearing was rubbing against my clit and my blood was racing! I would love to tell you how I ended the evening and believe me…it is far more than you think! Don’t forget, I had two friends with me! <wink>



 Written By: Toby
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Bug Party For The Man Who Has it All


      Malaya I have this friend that is a huge adrenaline junkie. We first met when I was an intern at a piercing place. We hit it off and I took him to his first suspension. After a few years of doing things most people couldn’t imagine, we were both feeling a tad uninspired. He kept teasing me about what huge gesture would I do for him this year on the oh so sacred..cough, cough, eyes roll back in head..V’D.

A few drinks and my mind went off in a direction no vanilla mind would go. I decided to throw him a “Bug Party.” Playing Russian Roulette with your body and infected men and women. He wanted to be surprised so I told him to meet me at the our favorite trashy motel where we party when we know it needs to be kept secret. He looked confused while we sat at the bar and I told him the room was filled with hot men and women. “Sex”, sex is what you planned?”, he said looking quite annoyed. 

I told him that first he needed to watch his tone or I would remove him of his balls and then I explained the party. He actually looked fucking scared! I could smell the excitement mixed with fear. I explained that 3/4 were infected with some sort of sex bug, and that even I didn’t know who was. Without any thought to what this could mean to his future he, let’s just say he jumped right in.

               Hardcore Malaya     


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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An Afternoon In A Sleeze Bar


      He called me from a delightfully sleazy bar off the highway. He wanted to find a playmate for the afternoon. The only problem was at that time of day all he saw was other men and $5.00 whores. I guess he was looking for true love, lol, but he would settle for a quick cocksucking.  That is where things went a bit off his plans. He has always told me he never sucked a cock, for him a hot mouth sucking him was exactly that. His new friend went in the bathroom with him and pushed him down on his knees. I guess when both want the same thing someone is going to win out. Although, if the cock is big and thick how is there any loser?  

  I heard a little arguing and fuck was this getting exciting. They were then joined by another man and soon my friend was getting way more than he planned on. Soon his protests turned to moans of pleasure and his gagging to sucking. There is nothing like listening and or watching a little guy on guy action!


Written By: Mistress Brianna
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Just For Fun

bambiI was in the mood for a little fun, so I decided to find a fuck buddy for the night. I went out to my favorite local bar and started looking for the lucky man. It was sort of a dud night. None of the guys really did anything for me. I was starting to give up when I saw a pretty little thing sitting at the bar. It was obvious that she didn’t belong there and had probably been drugged there.

I went over to her and struck up a conversation. She was so sweet and innocent. It really got me going. I was really friendly with her and talked her into coming home with me for a drink. As the wine started to flow, she loosened up a little. I decided to make my move. My hand went under her short skirt and I started kissing her. She was a little nervous at first, but soon she was melting underneath my body.

I quickly undressed her and myself and my tits were rubbing against hers. Her little whimpers made me wet and I started licking down her stomach. Her pussy was so wet and sweet! Her body started shaking with each stroke of my tongue. I pushed her legs back and started ramming my tongue in and out of her delicious cunt. She was gasping now and begging for something she didn’t even know about. I inserted 2 fingers and started sucking her clit hard. She started trying to push my head away but I didn’t budge. She screamed loudly as she creamed all over my fingers. I brought them to her mouth and smiled as she shyly sucked them off. I kissed her again, tasting her pussy all over her tongue. I felt her hands push on my shoulders. I rolled to my back and let her explore my body. My shy girl got aggressive and I knew I had made the right decision.


Written By: Bambi
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A Special Treat For Me And My Guy

   Harley           I have a special treat for my boyfriend tonight. I admit, he has a smokin’ body and a beautiful dick but a girl needs more sometimes. We have been talking about me coming over his house with a freshly fucked pussy to devour but I was thinking how that was a little too ho hum for me. I fucking mean if you are in it to win, do it all the way or not at all.

A few nights ago after watching some gay porn, I put on a strap-on and fucked his ass like a bitch. I still wanted more, and I knew he did too. I went out and brought the party home to him. He had his freshly fucked pussy with a couple of additions!

I kicked back like a queen while he serviced me. With jizz all over his face, he begged me to let him play with my two friends. He crawled over to them and took out their massive dicks. Only the best for me and my guy! Watching him taking those dicks in both his fuck holes like a pro was amazing. Only problem was we needed a third to up this party to the max. It wasn’t long before the third player pulled up to my house. What a fucking night!


Written By: Harley
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Nightmare at The Emily Morgan

malaya maxxxI met you at a party where we danced, drank and flirted. I thought you were interesting in a sort of nerdy way. I had no idea most of the time what the fuck you were rambling about with  gaming, and superhero shit. All I really noticed was you had a pretty mouth if you only shut the fuck up I could find a use for it.

The hotel was wicked with neo gothic architecture and furnishings. Rumors were: at one time it was an orphanage where several little fuckers disappeared and housed an asylum as well. Some of us got rooms to stay for the night and at 3:33 am the doors were locked till morning.

You and your friends were staying to try and take pictures with the hotels reputation. Classic!! I had other plans. I took all my accoutrements out of my overnight bag and got prepared to raise a little hell. You were alone in the study when you saw me standing there, eyes glowing and nude. I grabbed you by your neck and tossed you on the floor. I ripped off your clothes and stomped your balls with my heels. You tried to call out for your friends but no one was coming to help you.

Hours later you woke with hand prints on your neck, claw marks down your body, and a strap-on shoved in your ass. The room smelled like sex, and your dick was sore and had dried cum on it. At least you thought it looked like dried cum. You tried to find me, knocked on my door, asked the men who opened the hotel back up. Looks like you imagined me!

Maleficent Malaya


Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Celebrate Oktoberfest with Ava

october fest with AVA

This horny housewife loves Oktoberfest!

On the weekends, I love to go to festivals in the area and have a good time.  There is nothing better on a Sunday afternoon than hanging out at the beer garden during Oktoberfest.  You know me. I love to dress sexy. Always a naughty time when I wear my little dirndl and show off my assets. I volunteer to serve beer for one the local bars at the festival.  Oktoberfest attracts people from all over the state. Serving the beer gives me a great chance to flirt and meet hot new guys.

I love to tease a man by bending down and showing off my ample cleavage in his face as I set down the beer. Now, I have his attention. A couple of more beers and he won’t be thinking about anything except how to get me out of that dirndl and into his bed.


Written By: Auntie Ava
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Hooking Up After Working Out!

Working out always makes me so horny!

How about you?

I lift weights on the machines first, and then I do my cardio routine. It really gets the juices flowing. I start sweating, and my cotton thong becomes soaked. There are hot guys and hot babes all over the gym. Maybe everyone gets as horny as me. I spot you over in that corner of the free weight room.  Wow, you are looking good. I never see you with a girl here. Hopefully, you are single. I grab a couple of small free weights, and I stand next to you in front of the mirror. I mimic your form. I glance over and comment how strong you are. You reward me with a smile. I set my weights down when you do. Craving you cock in me, time for seduction. By leaning in and placing my hand on your hand, looking into your eyes, our hot sweaty bodies are touching. 

Want to come back to my place and shower with me?



Written By: Isabelle
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Hooking Up At The Club

The weather might be bad here in Florida, so I am going out tonight. Living in a tourist town is great when all the college kids are back in school.  Now it time for the locals to come out and dance at the big nightclub in town.  My roommate and I dress sexy! We slip into our little cocktail dresses and killer high heels. It is going to be a hot night. All the hot locals want to party hard before the storm.

I meet you on the dance floor tonight. You put your hands on my tiny waist and pull me to you. I look into your eyes as you sing the sexy lyrics to me. You have some sexy, intense dance moves. I grind against you. With our hips touching, my whole body tingles. I like how we move together. If it is this hot on the dance floor, the bedroom is going to be unforgettable. That is if we can wait long enough to make it to the bed. 

You pull me off the dance floor. After all that dirty dancing, you head to the bar to get us drinks, and I head to the ladies room to freshen up. I see my reflection in the mirror. I fluff out my hair and put on a new coat of lipstick. As I run the lipstick over my lips, I think of sucking your cock. I picture your cock in my mouth. My panties are getting wet. I know that your cock is big. I felt your hard cock against me while we were dancing. I realize that I don’t know your name yet, but that doesn’t matter. I am going to suck your cock, and you are going to fuck me tonight!


 Written By: Tara
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Take Me Home Tonight

You and I are invited to the same cocktail party. I wear a pretty little dress, something low cut to show off the girls. I notice you when you arrive. I think you are very attractive. You hang back, probably letting all the hot girls check you out. I ask the host of the party to introduce us. I am excited. I ask you if you want to sit outside and get some fresh air, maybe watch the sunset. Secretly, I want you all to myself tonight. We chat and find that we have a lot of things in common.

I put my hand on your arm and lean into you. I spend the next hour charming you, flirting with you, seducing you. I make you forget about all the other girls. Yes, I want you! I am going to get right to the point! Yes, I want you to take me home, tear off my dress and fuck me. Spend the night with me, and fuck me again in the morning.


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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