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Humiliation In The Red Light District

Humiliation is the name of the game for you. The more humiliated you are, the more excited you become. Being put on display in very embarrassing situations is thrilling for you, and entertaining for me. 

You work for me in the red light district. There are clubs for every erotic desire lined up on both sides of the street. I own one of the best clubs, and you are my star. Every night, you perform up on a stage in front of a large audience.  Before the show, you and I stand on the street, wearing only our lingerie to lure people into my club. Yes, you wear whatever slutty little outfit that I select for you: corsets, bustiers, bras, thongs, stockings, pantyhose, chemises, bodysuits. You have to stand on the street enticing the crowd to purchase a ticket for the show. You must stand there and endure all the name calling, whistling, and illicit touching until every seat is full, then the real show can start. 

Every night there is something different. Always new tantalizing treats for my voyeurs to enjoy. Sometimes on stage, you are dressed like a slutty little whore, and sometimes you are completely naked. I instruct you to perform for the crowd. One night you might put on a masturbation show. Occasionally, I use my strap-on and fuck you which is a real crowd pleaser. You service the ladies on Ladies Night. When I want to push the envelope, there are water sports for you. Every Friday night, you become a cock loving, cum drinking whore. I bring men up from the audience. Either one at a time or a group of men with very large cocks. They can use your mouth and then your ass to put on a fucking fantastic sex show. 

It is humiliating to be used in this manner, but you, my naughty exhibitionist, love it! 

Mistress Brynna 


Bad Girl Brynna
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A Sexy One Night Stand with Handsome Stranger

My best girlfriend has been asking me for weeks to go out on a Friday Night, just us girls. I agree to meet her at a bar near her office. I have never been there before, and with LA traffic, I leave in plenty of time so that I am not late.

When I walk in the bar, I realize that I am way overdressed in a short little black cocktail dress. It is an after work crowd, business casual mostly. I stand near the bar, and I feel like there is a spotlight on me because my dress is very short.  My friend is late, but I wait patiently.

A handsome man in a beautiful business suit and tie approaches me and starts chatting. He too feels very uncomfortable because he is also overdressed. He is in town on business for a meeting with his biggest client. His last meeting ran long, and he missed his flight back home, so he is spending the night in LA. He didn’t pack anything casual. The bartender assumes that we are together and says that we make a nice couple. I smile. I am flattered. He is smart and beautiful.  My friend texts me to cancel. I would have been very angry, but I am having such a great time with my out of towner. I let him know that I am on my own for the night. He orders cocktails for two and asks where I would like to go for dinner with him. I think it is the start of a very exciting evening.

I rub his arm and kiss the side of his neck. He pulls me into him for a very passionate kiss. A sexy one-night stand with a handsome stranger! I suggest that we head across the street to his hotel. Let’s work up an appetite before a late dinner.


Your Naughty Girlfriend Skylar
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A Trip Back To High School Fun

          Dirty DaphneI needed a little sun and fun badly so it was time for a few days off.  I grew up near an incredible camping spot by the lake. I remember jumping off the rocks into lake and losing my bikini top almost every time. Honestly, it happened so often I began to just go topless. It was our favorite place to skip school.

I got there late morning and it was already crowded. It had been a good 10 years since I had been there and noticed many changes. I really wanted some private time so I began to walk to the rocks. So many memories of the great times we had and the wild parties we had after the bluff area was closed to campers for the night.

I noticed a gorgeous man sunbathing in the nude.  He looked up and smiled at me completely uninhibited. I asked if I could join him as the lake area was so crowded. “Please do, but the rule at the rocks in nudes only”, he said. My pussy immediately became wet with his words or was it his looks! I knew he couldn’t miss it through my white thong bikini so I immediately took it off and joined him.

          We chatted for a few minutes and I found out he remembered me from school, and Lol my perfect tits as I jumped off the rocks.  We chatted, swam and sunbathed till the sun was beginning to go down. Soon the lake had cleared out and the security people were gone. I asked him if he remembered what we all did when the park closed for night. He smiled, pushed me down on the blanket and without any foreplay to get in the way slid his dick into my aching pussy.

Want to know how we spent the rest of the night. Well, there was no more reminiscing for certain! Call me up and maybe if you’re a good boy I will share the rest of my steamy details.  

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
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Hot Bikini Girl Needs You


In need of a vacation, but you can’t get away? You need some time with me, your sexy beach girl!

The beach is hot, but so am I! My body is bikini ready, and I am ready for lots of hot summer days and long sexy nights spent with you. Summer is the time to let all the inhibitions drift away. The sun makes me extra horny. I have a new bikini for the summer, and guys are noticing. I love flaunting my firm body in my new bikini.

Guys ask me to join them in a game of beach volleyball. I suspect that they are secretly hoping that my bikini top slips down, and they get a peek at my nipple. When the girls and I are laying out on the beach, guys will throw a football in our direction to get our attention. My ass already has their attention. It is a very passive-aggressive way to start a conversation with a sexy girl. A classy gentleman might ask me out for dinner or ask me to join him on his boat. Maybe it is me that joins you on the beach, and invites you up to my condo on the beach to show you the view. The view is great, but my body is even hotter than the view.

The flirting and game playing on the beach is all part of our foreplay. Playful Seduction is leading to unforgettable sex. My bright orange bikini on my tan body is alluring and sexy. I am so hot and ready for you to join me in a seaside fantasy for the two of us. Do we have sex on the balcony or do we have sex on the beach?


Bitch In Heat Malaya

Malaya Max   Sometimes I am all about getting fucked and fucked hard. No names, no worship, no tribute just rough fucking. A trip to an after hours club and you are mine for the night.You aren’t exactly my type, but then who really is? What you are is sexy, muscled, you know how to dress and you clearly have a huge cock.  I know more about you than you could imagine since I have been stalking you like prey the last week.

You try to be romantic, sickly sweet really and that could grow rather tiring to moi fast. So I take you to a hotel, I already have the key. You are questioning things yet again, talking way to much. You ask why just a seedy hotel for a queen like me. All I can think in my head is SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I push you down on the bed, you are amazed at my strength. I rip my own dress off and unzip your well fitting Levi’s. I begin to ride you, no foreplay, just hard fucking. You look at my exquisite face and see it has changed to evil and demanding. I ride you harder, screaming in pleasure as my hands find your throat. You want to pull me off of you but you can’t as no pussy has ever felt like mine before. You feel my black fingernails digging into your neck as I choke you harder, your eyes roll back in your head. I call to the desk, to clean up my mess.

MalayaWritten By: Malaya Max
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Test Drive

A few years ago, I needed some extra cash and took a job working at a car lot. The owner knew he could probably get some sales out of me, so he put me out on the floor. I was doing pretty good. As he suspected, the men loved me! One day, a customer came in that made the other salesman run. One told me that he was a hard guy to work with. I took it as a personal challenge and decided to volunteer. I was expecting him to drool all over me like the rest, but he didn’t. After a few frustrating hours of working with him, he decided he found one that he wanted to test drive. I got in with him and he spun off. He didn’t say much, just drove. I noticed that he was going a little further than permitted and said something to him. He kept driving. Pretty soon he pulled off into a wooded area and shut the car off. I sat there, a little scared, a little pissed off. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I laughed a little at the situation… I was sucking this asshole off. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face close to his. He told me if I wanted to make a sale today, I was going to be a good slut and take his cum down my throat. I still fought a little, but he was already forcing my head up and down on his cock. I could barely catch my breath. He was ramming it in hard and fast. I felt his body tense up and prepared for the blast. So much jizz shot into my throat that it was coming out of my mouth. He pushed me away, zipped up and started the car again. We drove back to the dealership and I collected the biggest commission of my career. The guys all wondered what my secret was, but I have a feeling that some noticed the telling stain on the front of my sweater…

Premature Ejaculation At Its best


 Or would that be at its worst. I can’t quite wrap my hand, I mean mind around that one. I was chatting with this man, he seemed pretty cool and definitely was hot looking. I thought maybe I would give him a try, quick fuck and then see if it leads to more hook-ups. No one was around and we began to kiss passionately. Clothes were coming of super quickly…..

And then it happened. He told me he comes rather fast. Okay, no issues as many guys come fast first time with someone new and well, it was in public. I told him he could satisfy me first and see where it leads.

He looked at me rather embarrassed with cum all over his leg. What the fuck just happened? I think it took him all of 20 seconds once his clothes came off…20 fucking seconds!! Well, that was a first that I would never want to repeat although, I could not stop laughing when I told my friends over drinks later that night!

DaphneWritten By: Daphne
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Voyeuristic Neighbor

koko blog 111

The weather has been beautiful this week, so I open my bedroom windows for fresh air. This afternoon, I caught you watching me. You deserve a spanking for spying on me. You live with your girlfriend across the courtyard, but you must be alone today. During my last call, I was giving strict commands for a hardcore domination session, a very rough strap-on gangbang session. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw your hands unzip your pants. I watched you masturbate while I described how I was using my strap-on on my caller. I got a little rough with my caller, as I imagined punishing you, my neighbor, with a 12-inch strap-on before I share your tender ass with my friends. Of course, I came during the call, but after I hang up, I find myself feeling wickedly playful. I walk over the window, naked except for my boots. I put on a show for you. You immediately get hard again. Oh, you are such a little voyeuristic slut. I motion you to over to my place. I see you zip up your pants. You are still horny. The bell rings, and I answer the door, naked (except for the boots). I take you to my bedroom, and I spend the afternoon living out my domination fantasy by fucking your ass with my tongue, my fingers, my vibrators, and various sized strap-ons.

The voyeur becomes the exhibitionist when you girlfriend comes home from work and watches me fucking you. I am calling you humiliating names and giving you a very rough fuck. I have turned you into a slutty little bitch.

Later that night, I hear moaning from across the courtyard. Now I have become the voyeur as I watch your girlfriend violating your ass almost as roughly as I did. I laugh at you as she spanks your ass and treats you like the slut you crave to be.

Mistress Koko

My Ass Makes You Hot!

butt picYou are a man who appreciates a sexy round butt. You notice my butt in sexy tight jeans at the club.  While we are on the dance floor, you pull me close to you. Your hands are on my butt, and you give my cheeks a nice squeeze. Firm but meaty! Your dick gets hard on the dance floor. I spin around and dance my ass against your cock. You almost cum in your pants.  My ass is so hot and is making you even hotter!

At the end of the song, I can see your predicament, that nice big bulge in your pants. I invite you back to my place and promise to make it worth your while. We walk along the beach back to my condo. You walk with your arm around my waist and let your hand slip down to my ass. You squeeze that ass again. Fuck you want that ass!

It is actually a very short walk, but it seems like hours until we get back to my place. As soon as the door closes, you get me out of my jeans and top. You take me right there in my living room.  You worship my round sexy ass. You kiss and rub your hard dick all over my cheeks. You pull me up on my hands and knees and fuck me, HARD, from behind. You fuck me, thrusting so hard, watching your thick sexy cock pumping in and out of slippery wet pussy. So tight, so hot! You fuck my pussy from behind until I cum. You really want that ass! You slowly work your cock into my ass and give me a very fierce Ass Fucking!



If You Got ‘Em, Smoke ‘Em

HarleyWe all know what day tomorrow is, it’s 420!  Whether you are staying in relaxing on the phone with your favorite girl..ME or hitting the streets, it’s bound to be a banging fucking time. I know so many of my callers love to get a bit high before and during our calls. Hey, why the fuck not? I just might join you as one of my guys just bought me a wicked vaper. A girl does have to be careful of her insanely hot, honey voice.

Now for my guys going out to smoke up and look for that special guy or girl I want to know all about it!  Maybe you can bring them home and have a threesome with me as you know I am one hell of a size queen. If its a girl, well keep in mind I love them smooth and silky like me.

HarleyWritten By: Harley
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