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An Unexpected Afternoon

I love the summer! The hotter the better. I went by myself to an amazing vacation house on the lake. I needed a break from the craziness in the world. I love my own company, and the reaction I get from men assuming I am looking for a fuck buddy for the week. Of course, they’re right! There’s nothing that makes my pussy wetter than finding a strange dick to suck.

The condo next to me had several guys, I would guess about college age. I wore my tiniest bikini and sat out with my book, and a drink.

Two of them starting talking to me, and asking about my plans for the evening. I walked with them to their condo where I saw there was three other tall, hot, and built guys.

They began to get a little rough, tearing off my bikini and rubbing their cocks all over me. I acted scared, I mean that just made them go rougher with me. I totally love a rough fuck. 

We fucked for hours and I got to watch the guys have some sexy fun together as well. I left satisfied. I was ready for a hot shower, and my dildo to relive my hot afternoon.



Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Let’s Get Nasty

I am the nastiest chick I know. Most of my friends are so picky about where and how they get off. Not me, if my cunt is wet, I don’t care where I am. I need to get off.

My friends and I went to a bar last night that is known for how gross it can get. The rule of thumb is not to use the bathroom unless you want to fuck, or just can’t hold it in. The fact that the place is so gross just gets me even hotter and wetter.

I locked eyes with this hot guy, and he actually dared me to meet him in the bathroom. A little mess and smell never turned me off when I needed a random fuck from a strange guy. By the time he made it in, I was so horny I was already fingering my juicy cunt. He wasn’t alone! He had several well built guys with him for me to fuck. A gang bang in a dirty loo? What a way to spend my night.

Get nasty with Harley. What a way to spend YOUR fucking night.


Written By: Harley
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Baby, Never Say Never

One of my mottos in life is, “Never say, never!”  

He thinks he would never suck a cock, says that is gay. Well, he has never met me. If he were to meet me on the street or at a bar, he would be staring at my sexy ass. A few twerks on the dance floor or me sitting on his lap, he becomes my submissive. He thinks he craves a hot, tight pussy, but he is in for a taboo experience, my cock in his mouth. 

Of course, I always make a sexy first impression. That hot man would not be gazing into my eyes. He would fantasize about his dick in between my perfect lips. His cock twitches, just looking at me. I have the ability to dominate any man on the planet. My body is perfect! With my long blonde hair, my beautiful round ass, and perky tits, I can fool any stranger.  

He has no idea about the sexy package between my legs. When I see him checking me out, I seduce the pants off him. I take him back to my place by promising him the wildest night of sex. My kisses and my curves make him hard. He still has no idea that I’m a Shemale. Before he takes off any of my clothes, I have his cock in my mouth.

My perfect blowjob makes him incredibly horny and willing to do anything to please me. When he is at his most vulnerable, I reveal my hard cock to him. Even if he freaked out, I manipulate him and force him to suck my lovely lady cock. I give him one hot kinky adventure, and he always comes back for more of me.

Now, it is your turn, baby. Never say never! Call me and suck my sexy lady dick!


Hot Dani By: Shemale Dani
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Red Cock Sucking Lips

           Aren’t you just the cutest little thing trying on all my sexy clothes. I think a night out with Ms. Cameron is just what you need. Let me have a look to see just what we have to work with. Strip down and take a shower. Don’t forget to shave those legs. Nice and smooth for all the men you will service.

Sit down while I do your makeup. Eyeliner, lots of mascara, and most important red cock sucking lips. A lovely long brunette wig, and now it is time to dress you up. Looks like someone is so excited that his clitty is tingling.

Now we shall dress you. Sexy black lace panties, a clincher to show off that tiny waist. One of my tiny mico mini’s, a pair of heels to show off that sexy ass, and we are ready to drive the men wild.

We get to the club around 12 am and it’s packed. The doorman lets us both in ahead of the line. I promise him a blowjob from my hot friend. We meet him in the bathroom with you already down on your pretty knees. He quickly shoots a load into your mouth and laughs as he sees the line forming to get a piece of you. You are more than eager with your mouth open, your ass in the air, and your two manicured hands out and ready to stroke. 

A night out with Ms. Cameron is always naughty, exciting and very profitable for me. Join me?


Written By: Cameron
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Got Lucky in Vegas

“Good Girls Go to Heaven, and Naughty Girls Go to Vegas!” 

My best girlfriends and I took a road trip to Vegas last weekend. It was a crazy time. When we checked in, the sexy guy behind the desk upgraded us to a suite. The room was gorgeous, but we hardly spent any time in the room. We went to the pool for the afternoon. Guys were checking out all the bikini babes. The rum runners made me lose my inhibitions, and I went topless at the pool. I let the guys drool over my big tits while one of my girlfriends rubbed lotion all over them.

After the pool, the girls and I went up the room, showered, and got ready for a night of partying. I wore a new bra and panties under my tiny cocktail dress. Once we hit the club in our hotel, I saw a sexy guy checking me out. I motioned him to the dance floor. Grinding my hips, teasing him, I made him so horny for me. Dancing is the most exciting foreplay for me. After one song, he wanted to go up to the room. I held his face in my hands, looked deep into his eyes, and promised him a night of the hottest sex of his life, but I was not ready to leave the dance floor yet.

I was in Vegas to dance and have wild sex. I told my hottie I wanted to party all night. He was up for it! He spun me around and pulled me close. He ran his hand along my hips, and I could feel he was hard for me. We kissed a little, and I talked dirty into his ear. I softly nibbled on his neck and his earlobe. I promised to leave lipstick kiss marks on his chest, ass and cock.

We danced so dirty together that I was panting and lusting for him to fuck me. We were both sweaty and hot. I let him suck on one of my tits while we were in the elevator up to his room. We were not alone, and I know the guys enjoyed the view. When we got to his floor, he took me up to his room, and I had his pants unzipped as the door closed. Immediately, I was on my knees, sucked his cock, and we fucked on the floor, then the bed, and again in the shower.

We ordered room service and ate breakfast together. Then I kissed him goodbye and walked back to my room, that walk of shame in my cocktail dress in the morning. I saw a nice older couple leaving their room. I knew I looked slutty wearing a cocktail dress in the morning, but I smiled.

On the drive back to LA, the girls and exchanged our steamy details.


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Hot Phone Sex Makes Travel Delay Fun


I was sitting at the airport, waiting for my connecting flight so I could finally get back to Miami. There was a guy, hot body, sexy smile, wearing an ESPN logo on his shirt. I found an empty seat next to him, and we started talking about college football. For the first time, I was enjoying the fact that they delayed my flight. Well, he did most of the talking, but I hung on every word. I could see a lot of other ladies were envious. The ladies were checking him out and lusting after my hottie. He was not flying to Miami, and that was disappointing, but I was enjoying him and wondering what he looked like naked.

Then we got word that our flight was now canceled. I called American airline and booked another flight, but it was not for several hours. I looked over at my hottie talking on his phone. When he hung up, he asked my situation. Then he invited me to the hotel room he just booked. Oh, my panties got so wet. He was so sexy, and I was so eager to fuck this man.

I felt so alive and thrilling to hook up with him. There was a keycard waiting for him at the hotel next to the airport. We spent the next few hours fucking hard. I barely made it back to the airport on time. I left my naked hottie in the bed, while I sat there in the plane with his cum dripping into my panties. 

The next time you have a travel delay, think of me and call me! 


Written By: Isabelle
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Toys For Dirty Boys

I thought it might be a blast to get on Tinder. I love one night stands, and sometimes I just don’t have the time to hit a club.

Last night one of my hook-ups came over to play. He said he was extremely open-minded, and loved anal play. He even came with his own toys. We kissed passionately the moment he walked in the door. This was a hook-up after all, not a date.

He was excited to show me what he had with him. I suggested we have some drinks, get comfortable, and then he could show me his toys. Wow! His toy collection was even better than mine. He had vibrating butt plugs, a 2 headed massive dildo, weighted anal beads, and several types of lube. My pussy was gushing just looking at his collection. There was several items I planned to buy for myself.

We had more drinks, and I was ready to try out some of his toys. After we totally rimmed each other, we were ready to use the double headed dildo. He was missing just one thing, and that was a vibe for my soaked pussy. I handed it to him, and told him I prefer nature’s lube. He sucked it for me and I slid it in me. The sensation was incredible!

This was one Tinder hook-up I just might fuck again.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Can’t Get Enough

 I woke up with many loads of cum in my pussy this morning. I went to a rocking, fuck-fest party last night. I wore the shortest little dress and a thong, no bra. A group of older guys rented a big beach house for the weekend. I heard about the party from one of my girlfriends who bartends. The guys asked her to bring all her hot girlfriends, and it would be one fucking fantastic sex party. I took my roommate with me, she is uninhibited as I am.

As soon as we got close to the party, we could hear the music. We walked inside, and I saw two girls going down on one of the guys. This ratio was about four hot babes to every cock. Good thing I dressed slutty so that I would get a lot of attention. I sent out some texts to guys. There was plenty of beer and pussy. I needed some more hot cocks to keep this party rocking!

It didn’t take long for one the older guys to bring me a beer and invite me to the bedroom. He loves a girl with an ass like mine. I fucked him and all of his friends. It so was hot to have my pussy filled over and over last night.

Tonight I am aching for more, so give me a call and let’s fuck!


 Written By: Tara
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Sexy Dance Seduces You

I greet you at my door. There is a sex party, an orgy going on in the other room. Not your style you say, so you turn to leave my place. I push my hot body against yours. I grind my hips. I whisper dirty words into your ear. My hand lightly brushes against your cock. Some interest there, as I feel that bulge of yours growing. I turn and, with a swing of my hips, I brush my ass against your cock through your pants. 

You know you cannot resist me when I want you. I kiss your mouth so hard that my tongue dances against yours. I slowly strip for you. The skinny strap of my dress slips down exposing my sweet tits. You don’t really want to go. At least enjoy my sexy dance. 

I am just getting started. I set you in a chair. I slide into your lap and grind hard, making you hard for me. You try and leave now, and you will leave with the worst set of blue balls. Now, we don’t want that do we? My friends are hot and sexy. This party is going to last all night. Trust me! You don’t want to miss out. You don’t want some other man’s cum in me instead of yours. Well, maybe you do! We could make this a hot threesome. Walk with me into the next room! 

Join the party, baby! Let your inhibitions go. You will cum so hard tonight! The fun is just getting started at the door. Fuck me in front of all my friends. Maybe I will let you fuck them too, sexy! 

Your favorite party girl, 

Chrissy Written By: Chrissy
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Give Me All The Black Dick

I’ve been working super hard lately and I haven’t really had a lot of time to play around. I had a free day and I decided to completely take advantage of it. I dressed in my sluttiest dress that showed off my huge tits and perfect ass and went on a man hunt. More specifically, a black cock search.

I went to my favorite little spot and immediately got the attention I was looking for. I found myself in a dirty back alley surrounded by delicious chocolate men, all with huge, hard cocks ready to plow me. I did what any good whore would do and fell to my knees to suck as many of them as I could manage to get in my mouth. I didn’t think about my knees getting cut up by the concrete or my panties being ripped out of the way for them to have access to my cunt.

I found myself on my hands and knees with my dress around my waist getting split roasted by 2 giant cocks. It was so fucking filthy and I loved it. My pussy, ass and mouth took pounding after pounding, and loads of cum.

I was a little wobbly as I made my way out of the alley. I was starting to make my way home when I heard those familiar whistles. I knew I had another round in me and followed the cat calls to the waiting men.


Written By: Teagan
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