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My Naughty Lover Phone Sex

savannahYou get me lover every time with that seductive voice of yours. I have to say, it really makes my hot, pussy really wet. I love talking dirty with you at night before bed. We go places I never went before and I thought I went everywhere but you seem to amaze me. I am able to talk to you so easy and without feeling judged. You tell me the feeling is mutual and I’m glad that you feel this way because I really get hot for our naughty time together.

I love getting dressed for calls and I have something special just for you! I’m wearing my pink, sheer thigh stockings with matching garter and black stilettos and an itty bitty black lace thong.

Will you be my naughty lover again, I’m needing you bad. 


Stuck in a Deep Freeze? Let’s Warm Up Together!

Make the most out of the harsh winter cold! Just because we are all holed up indoors doesn’t mean we can have a bit of fun and make the most of it!

For example, we could play Twister, naked of course! Put a little massage oil on the mat, just to keep it interesting!

Or, one of my personal favorites, the ‘strip santa hat game’. Wondering what that is? Call me to find out. There’s so many naughty ways to turn up the heat and stay warm with Savannah today!!


Sexy New Years Resolutions

Out with the old and in with the new, I always say! Not that I am dumping any of my boyfriends anytime soon, mind you. I just think its time for some fresh meat, Er…I mean faces! This cumming year, I want to push the limits of my sexuality. Try some new things with some new friends who aren’t afraid to explore with me.

Speaking of friends, have you met any of mine? No? Well there is a whole other stable of sluts at your disposal! I cant believe you didn’t know!

Check me out here:

And while you are over there, check out some more of my friends!

Now, back to business!

I want to know what YOUR sexual New Years resolution is. Something you have always wanted to do but were too chicken shit to go after it. I can help you, just call me and confess. I have a million tricks up my sleeve to help you get what you desire. I may even share one of mine with you, and it will guarantee to make you gasp!

Happy Holidays


Wet and Wild Phone Sex

We just can’t seem to catch a break from the weather up here in the Northeast and days like today usually tend to put a real damper on my spirit.

But not Today!!

I have decided to take matters into my own hands or hand… or fingers if you will…hahaha!

Who wants to join me in a little indoor sports? Masturbation Marathon! The caliber of the wetness outside is rivaled only by that between my legs as today I find myself completely insatiable! I will no doubt be needing multiple partners, for I highly doubt that any single one of you will be able to keep up with me. But please… do feel free to accept the challenge. It must be cabin fever. Every one of my nerve endings seems to be set on high, just the feeling of your breath on my pussy lips is enough to send me into orbit. And my nipples? Well, let’s not even talk about them. I can’t even think about the slightest caress, the brush of your lips… I begin to quiver. Save me from myself and have a little fun of your own while you’re at it.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex at it’s Finest.

Call me and find out for yourself why they call me the best!


Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Hey Y’all!

I do hope you enjoyed your long weekend and are getting back to the grind without too much anxiety!

However….being stuck in that office or that cubicle, or even the cab of that truck has a way of filling one with dread and anxiousness as the days get longer and hotter and dreams of summer begin to invade your mind.

Well, I can help rid you of all of that summer anticipation angst, while providing a release for myself.

Its not all glamour in this business ya know. We get stir crazy too! I mean here we are, prisoner to our boudoirs day in and day out, and if come evening at the club there is no one worthy of our attentions, we go home with swollen lips and an insatiable urge, at the ready to fuck anything in our path! So why not view this as a mutually beneficial situation? I have these huge luscious tits and swollen wet pussy that need attending too, and your hard throbbing cock could use a good licking sucking and stroking, I am certain.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get this post-Memorial Day party started!!