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Jerk Off For Me

Your naughty little redheaded slut is wanting to watch you jerk off.

When I was younger, I use to peek into my older brothers room and watch him jerk off. He had no idea I was watching him and I couldn’t help but to play with my little pussy. My favorite part is when he exploded all over himself! He had the biggest cum loads I’ve ever seen. I would run back to my room so he didn’t catch me and I would play with myself again. I would vision him there sitting on my bed with him stroking his cock inches from my face.

I would love to watch you jerk off for me if you have a cam. I’ll be defiantly playing with myself while I watch you stroke it for me.

Are you ready to jerk your cock off for me?


Written By: Ariel
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Screamin For Semen

It’s extremely amusing when you beg me to watch you on cam. I have such a blast watching losers eat their own cum. It’s funny how most of you swear up and down that you would never do such a thing. Now it’s a completely different story since you’ve had your first taste of cum. You can’t say no to me anymore. You started out eating your creamy load out of the palm of your hands. I would watch you carefully licking your fingers and smacking your lips. Getting familiar with the taste. With your face beet red with embarrassment. I sat there and laughed my ass off as you eagerly gobbled it up. Now you want to please me more than ever when I watch you on cam. I love how you stepped it up a notch, shooting loads all over your face. Slurping up every drop like a pro.



You call me up with your web cam all set up. Ready for your princess to watch your sorry ass jerk off for me. You only have one problem. You have to wait for my instructions. You know I like to be in control and tell you how I want you to jerk it for me. I always want to make sure your doing exactly what your Princess tells you. I love having the ability to see you following instructions. I know how your cock wants to feel. You won’t believe how exciting it is when I guide you into the orgasm that I want you to have. I’ll have you changing your pace whenever I want. You’ll see how intensely you cum for me.

Princess Paris

St. Paddy’s Day Slut

I always love an excuse to go and party. It is even better when I get so drunk I am the biggest slut at the bar. With fake I.D’s in hand my friends and I went to the busiest pub we could find. There was a line to get in but nothing gets a girl in faster than flashing her nearly  legal boobs.

As soon as we got in men were buying us shots. None of that nasty green beer for me, it is top shelf whiskey all the way. There is only one thing that tastes better going down my throat. ROFLMAO.  Before long the men were paying us to do body shots off each other.  I was pretty drunk but noticed my girlfriends had left and I was the only girl in the place.

I was downing shots fast and was feeling dizzy, sick and horny all at once.  From where I was sitting I could see the neon closed sign go up. I knew it wasn’t that late yet. There was 5 shots on the table and the men talked me into drinking them all in a row.  Through my haze I would see about 5 men left and them handing the door man money.

It all gets pretty blurry now from what I remember. My tight little dress was pulled off and I was surrounded by cocks. I never was gang banged and wished I could remember more. I had all my holes filled and one in each hand. I must have passed out because I woke up in the manager”s office bent over the couch. I was drenched in sticky cum.  I cleaned myself up a little and went to find someone, anyone.

The manager was drinking coffee getting ready to open. He laughed when he saw me stumble out and tossed some clean clothes at me and said there was a shower in the back. I gladly took him up on that. He then put me in a taxi and sent me home. Luckily everyone was gone for the day.  I woke up to my phone beeping and friends telling me I was all over YouTube.  Fuck, that was me getting gang banged! I was too drunk to enjoy the first round but I took out my dildo and watched as I came over and over again.

Lick it up good

Are you ready to slurp up every last drop of cum for me? You dirty little pig. You can never say no to me. I’ve been listening to you small dick losers eat your cum for awhile now and it just keeps getting better and better when I control and dominate you. Making you turn on your web cam for me to give me a private show. I always love a good laugh. Some of you just don’t eat it but you love shooting it all over your face like a cum hungry whore.  Your such an eager slut. I have a lot of things I’ll be making you slurp up. Bring your filthy mouth to me and lets have some fun.


So Call Me!

We have been chatting on yahoo messenger several times now.  You tell me that you are nervous and that you are shy.  I believe you have also mentioned on several occasions that you think I am hot and you flirt like crazy online.  You have hundreds of excuses not to call.  The last time we chatted online, you promised to call, but then you chickened out and disappeared from messenger.   You know you want to listen to my voice while I watch you stroke your cock on yahoo messenger.

I promise that we will have a fantastic time, so for a little inspiration and motivation…so here’s my number… so call me, Baby!

Like the song goes, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number so call me, Maybe?”  Well, there is no “maybe” here this time.  You know that you want to call me, so don’t be shy, Baby!

One last time, so here’s my number, so call me, already!

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Small Dick Humiliation

I got an email in my mailbox this morning and I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes! First off, it was way too early to see what I saw. One of my loser boys who calls me decides to email me a picture of his dick. I needed a magnifying glass to even see it. After examining the picture for a quick minute, it made me laugh. I’ve never seen a dick so small in my life. When my clitty gets swollen, it gets bigger than his effing dick! I had to share it with all my friends so I posted it on my wall on Facebook. You wouldn’t believe the responses I got. Wait till my small dick loser calls me again. He was humiliated before by me but now, after he built up the nerve to send me a picture, he will be sorry he ever did. He is suppose to call me Friday night, I’m thinking of calling some of my girlfriends and have them come over so we all can be on the phone together. I will demand he get on cam so my friends and I can get have a huge fucking laugh-a-thon!

Thanks loser boy for making my day. Can’t wait till Friday!

Ultimate Web Cam Shows

Jerk It For JulesOne of my callers always surprises me with a really hot web cam show. He strips totally naked and whips out his gorgeous hard cock. I’m usually on my bed with my laptop and once I see his cock, I instantly have to start touching my pussy. I love his cock and every time I see it on cam, I get so fucking horny and have such a desire to fuck my pussy.

Sometimes, I make him do things on cam and he will get really kinky for me. I love when he brings out his toys and I watch him fuck his ass right in front of me. My favorite is when he eats his own cum. I think it’s incredibly hot when he blows a huge load for me and scoops it up and puts it into his mouth. I usually have multiple orgasms at that point because it’s such a turn on for me.

Are you willing to go on cam for me and do things you never thought you would or could do? Let’s put it to the test and surpass all boundaries. If you’re willing to do that, there’s no telling what I am willing to do for you!

Jerk it for Jules


Webcam Domination With Miss Tawnee

 This morning I had a phone sex conversation with one of my favorite bitch boys. I arranged to have him invite a man he had never met before over to his house. MY bitch greeted him at the door wearing sexy red and black lingerie, black stocking, black high heel shoes, and a red long haired wig. The man entered the room, and followed my slave to the living room, where they positioned themselves in front of the web cam in the living room. Under my direction, my slave took the man’s cock in his mouth and began to suck it like a starving whore. He choked and gagged on the man’s cock while I instructed him to stroke on the man’s balls. Finally the man took off his condom, and shot his load all over my bitchlett’s face. Then I told my slave to get down on his hands and knees and spread is ass cheeks wide as he was going to get fucked. Sadly the stranger chickened out and decided to leave. But fear not dear readers, I and my slave will find a cock big enough to ream my slave’s ass out; SO, if you have a story to share or want more details about this one, or perhaps you are brave enough to have me direct you on the phone, then give me call.


Humiliation Phone sex

FAT ASS Humiliation

Last night while cruising the chat room I met a new phone subbie. A large T-Girl  with the screen name “Rose” from the Netherlands. She was a submissive who liked to be degraded based on her weight. This new situation was very intimidating but I was amazed at how quickly I got in to it. She loved when I called her a “fat calf” & “piggy”. Her giant tits jiggled as pulled on her nipple rings. She got wet as I forced her to cry out “I’m a fat piggy that needs to be fucked!!!” . She began to blush. “You really are just like a fat cow” I said to her. Her pussy began to drip even more. I didn’t think I would be that into I was amazed at how erect I was as I jerked off after our session. When I finally cam my cum shot across the room. I can’t wait till Roose and I get to play again I have more in store for her. I had so much fun…