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Because I Fucking Can

People I know constantly ask me why I do the things I do. Look at me loser. It is because I can. No man or woman can resist me, and that is where they make their first fatal mistake.

There is this adorable little man that I just enjoy terrorizing. He is always at Planet Fitness staring at the girls. It took me a few days to notice it was my legs and arms he was eyeing. Apparently, he loves amazon type chicks with perfectly toned muscles. I decided it was time to use, I mean get to know this man.

I invited him for coffee and beignets at the Empire. My friend owns the cafe, and she puts up the CLOSED sign. Another woman comes from the back and joins us. You have this scared little boy look on your face, but your cock is clearly rock hard. Oh little man, your attraction to muscles on women is going to get you hurt, or broken, but hopefully both! If you are wondering why I am so evil, well it’s because I fucking can!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Malaya’s Little Pipsqueak

I see you looking in my window. You are way too scared to even speak in my fucking presence, so you watch, stalk and worship. I get a twisted little thrill from teasing you. Even if you had me, you wouldn’t know what to do with me.

I put on a little show for you. Once you are completely mesmerized, a stunning amazon friend of mine hits you hard, and knocks you out. Poor wee man. You wake with a horrible headache, and  see three women just like me intently watching you. You’re excited, scared and beg our forgiveness.

We can’t help but laugh at your feeble fucking attempts to escape. You’re barely over 5 feet, so delicate and fragile. We are 8 feet tall with the strongest muscles you’ve ever seen on beautiful women. We demand you bring us drinks totally stripped down. You’re so embarrassed, and begin to beg. We checked your phone for useful information to blackmail you. We read some texts. It seems you are called Pipsqueak. How very fitting you tiny man. As you stare at us, your eyes roam to our muscled dancer legs, our six-pack stomachs and our strong arms. I could crush you like a bug under my stilettos.

Come here little man, it is time to play!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Snapping Necks For Pleasure

I guess forcing me as a little babe to take gymnastics wasn’t the worst idea. I am pretty fucking limber now aren’t I? I know what you’re thinking, and that will never happen. You just aren’t my type, but you knew that the minute you tried to get my attention. Now you have it, and you are going to regret it quickly!

You spread my legs and try to lick my tasty twat. My legs wrap around your head. You aren’t going anywhere useless bitch. Did I hear his neck snap? Now, that is just a shame! I really had more plans for him. I wanted him on cam for all my fuck buddies to see what happens if you displease me.

I have to admit, this little fucking adventure has gotten me hot as fuck. Call me bitch, let’s see if you are worth my time. Doubtful!



Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Giantess New Butt Plug

Lately, you’ve been a little pervert and looking up your Giantess’s skirt. So, I decided to shrink you. You didn’t think your GIANTESS GODDESS could miniaturize you so small, did you?

Now look up at my long, powerful legs, you look so tiny and weak as I tower over you. How does my ass look from way down there? Get ready to be smothered and intoxicated as I lower my ass onto your little self. It’s amazing how your tiny head fits in my ass. I think I found my new toy. I will just use your miniature head while I get myself off.

How does it look inside? I can easily stuff all of your little body inside my ass and never let you out. You would be gone forever. Poof!!! Just like that and I can make you disappear. You didn’t realize the power your Giantess Goddess has over you when you’re a weak, tiny man.

Giantess Goddess

Hey there little man. That’s right…hello, I’m up here! You didn’t think I had the super powers to shrink you so little. Just look up at my gorgeous body, can you even see past my big, beautiful breasts? Or perhaps, they look like mountains to you? I am your Giantess Goddess and I am going to have so much fun with you. I had no other choice but to make you into my tiny, little man, you serve no purpose otherwise.

You will get to experience up close and personal how your Giantess Goddess likes to be pleasured. My black lover is here and I’m going to place you on my pussy so you can watch all 12 inches of that massive black cock enter me. Watch as his big mushroom head gets closer, it’s gigantic and it’s aiming right towards you. You better be careful because your tiny, little body will get pushed inside. Hold on! Oh no!!! That huge black cock just sucked you into my pussy! Grab a hold of the tip of his cock and get ready for one hell of a ride while he fucks the shit outta me. You’re surrounded by my pussy juices and now his black cock is going to explode. You better hang on, otherwise you might drown with all of his thick, white, ropy cum! I’m sure you must be swallowing some of his hot jizz, there’s just so much of it.

How did you like that my little man? You survived your first black cock. Should I bring you back to normal size now or should I make you stick around for my gang bang!

Hey Little Guy

Hey there little guy. You’re so tiny, only 6 inches tall. No need to be scared, I’m not going to hurt you. I see the way you’ve been looking at my pretty feet and thought you might like a closer look. I’m going to scoop you up and put you on the coffee table. I kick off my sandals and place my feet on the table too. You can touch them if you want. I watch as you rub your tiny face across my toes, your lips pressing kisses all over them. You really DO love my feet, don’t you little guy? I watch you strip out of your clothes and rub your body against my left foot. I can feel a tiny poke from your cock. You lay down on the table, pulling my foot over you, making out with the sole of it. Your little prick starts thrusting against a wrinkle on the bottom of my foot. I press against you body a little…not wanting to crush your tiny body, just wanting to apply a little pressure. I feel your moan vibrate against my foot. That tickles! Giggles. You keep rubbing against my foot and I keep giving you a little more of my weight. I feel a little wet spurt as you cum. Did you enjoy that little guy?
Thanks for the AWESOME call Mr. J. 😉

My helpless lil man

I sat around day dreaming, wishing and thinking and I heard this distant voice yelling I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from but it just wouldn’t stop. I looked down on the floor and there you were lil man with such a frightened look in your lil eyes as you looked at me. Screaming that you don’t understand what happened. I didn’t look like your baby girl Emma anymore but I looked so HUGE. I took a good look at you and all I could do was open my mouth real wide with shock. I could almost smell the scent of fear when my mouth opened. You thought I was going to eat you didn’t you? Oh no! My lil man It doesn’t matter how lil you are. You know that I will keep you safe. Sometimes you have a mind of your own when it comes to my lovers. But I still need to be fulfilled with something BIG! Some how you never stay put when I tell you to. You just love to get into mischief at times you will always get punished when you don’t listen to your Giant Goddess. Sometimes it’s more fun to watch you swim around in a puddle of cum or piss or even stick you in the toilet bowl with your favorite homemade floating devices from your Giantess.

I will torture you and protect you but be fearful of footsteps that are unknown. You never know what’s around the corner.

For now my lil man I will put you in right between my huge tits and keep you cozy and protect you. It doesn’t matter how lil you are we always will be there for each other.

Tiny Kisses,


Fetish Island

You fantasize about being captured by a beautiful Giantess. I am the tall, powerful Goddess you have dreamed of. Your company sends you away on business but little did you know what was really going on. Giantess Talon arranged the entire thing and where you were going…no one else in the world knew existed. “Welcome to my island little one.” I looked down at you so tiny, fragile and starting to tremble. Just like a tiny lost puppy waiting to be led. I lowered my hand and you wrapped your self around my finger, already I could feel that hard little dick rubbing against fingers. I am so glad you are here little one now you have finally arrived to the island of fantasy and unlimited fetish fun and you will never want to leave. Leaving isn’t exactly an option you know this right?

Creative shrinking and Giantess fantasy’s with Talon Any/all fetish play welcome.

No Limitations or Taboos.

Hello Lil Man

Awwww look at you. So tiny and so vulnerable. I could just bend down, pick you up, and just eat you up. But I won’t. Maybe.  Just think of how much fun I could have with a small lil man like yourself.  I could put you so many places, or I could just simply squish you between my well manicured toes.  Do you get a say in what happens? Of course not.  You are my play thing, and mine alone.  Or maybe, I will just put you in some dangerous situations, make you a little bit worried.  Oh so many different scenarios are running through my head.  We can go Bubble, or we can go Vore, and every where in between.

Your Blond Perfect Giantess,


Worship Me Tiny Man

 I want to crush you under my feet. I will chase you around like a cat chases a mouse and taunt you. I am all powerful and you are just a little bitty nothing man. Women are all powerful and you should serve them to keep your tiny self safe from my torture. I will do dirty things with you. I will carry you in my purse in a little velvet pouch. I will use you like I dildo for both my pussy and my ass. I will use you as my own personal toy. I will keep you in fear of being squashed like a bug and I will laugh and taunt you till you cry. Worship me tiny man.