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 My Stats

Age: 30

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'5

Weight: 110

Measurements: 32C(All Natural)-22-30

Pussy: Always bare and very smooth!

Ass: Very round ass!

Favorite Positions: From behind, 69, On top and missonary.

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a baseball dugout, back of a limo (prom night) and a Restroom in a Waffle House.

Hobbies: Phone sex, Computer graphics, Traveling, Perfume shopping, Musicals, Movies, Carnivals, Hockey games and making new friends!

Specialities: Age play, Family fun, Domination, Gang bangs, CBT, Diaper fetish, Strap on play, Golden showers, Scat, Public sex, Rape scenarios, Forced feminization, Cross dressing, Guided masturbation, Cuckold, Humiliation, MILF, Toilet traning, Sissy boys, Voyeurism, Oral, Anal, Fisting, Tease and denial, Leg/Foot fetish and sloppy blowjobs!!!


This is the lady of the hour, the woman in charge. Introducing……. Madame Joanne. Yes, I am the one responsible for this madness. We’re back again, BIGGER and stronger than ever before. I have even more talented, gorgeous girls to meet every quirky fetish imaginable. My manager Savannah and myself have put together the best, most intelligent, beautiful girls we could find. All with wonderful personalities, always a plus!

I have many people ask if I take calls or not? The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY! Many of you have asked me why I don’t talk about myself much. Probably the reason being is that I’m so excited about my girls and my web sites that I forget about me. I have nothing to hide and I’m about as real as they cum!

When I was in my teens everybody told me how mature I was. I always took that as a compliment. It made me think though that I was much older than I really was. I was more sexually advanced than the other girls my age. I was way more aggressive and had wild, crazy sexual fantasies. I was always open about my sexuality to my childhood friends. I introduced them all to the “bullet” It was a small vibrator that you put on your clit that makes you cum like a river. I was always was the one with the connections to get into the adult novelty store to buy them stuff.

When I turned 19, I went away to college for business management. I had a beautiful roommate with curves to die for. I never thought I would be sexually attracted to woman till I met my college roommate. One night we’re coming back to our dorm. We were coming from a frat house party with about 200 people that showed up. Well, needless to say we both had way too much to drink and one thing led to another. That was my only experience with a woman and it was amazing. It was so perfect and so incredibly hot night that if I slept with another woman it couldn’t ever compare. I still think about that night often, especially when I masturbate.

I’m now 30 years old. I had many roads and paths to lead me to where I am today. I couldn’t be more happier and if I had to do the last 30 years all over again, I would do it exactly the same way. Live life with no regrets and fulfil every fantasy you ever dreamt about. I haven’t fulfilled all my fantasies yet. I still have lots of time, and new ideas keep coming up everyday, thanks to my callers.

We try to make the experience as real as possible. We don’t like fake callers, just as much as you don’t like fake girls. I have the best team that enjoys phone sex just as much as I do. We don’t hold back and we never have any restrictions. We’re open night and day, ready for action!

I can honestly say we stay consistent. Once you give my company a try, you’ll see hands down why we’re the #1 phone sex sites out there. We’re fair and give superior customer service. We don’t settle to be #2. We are anything but average, we’re the best!

Please drop me an email and tell me how we’re doing. I would love to hear from you. If you would like to try me or receive an excellent recommendation please call anytime.

Madame Joanne

Call 1.866.477.1047
for Phone Sex with
Madame Joanne

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  • Another remarkable site! All your hard work has defiantly paid off!

  • WOW Nice new site Joanne You have out done yourself once again.

  • Hi Joanne,

    Amazing Website you have. Instead of phone, would you or any of the other girls do cyber sex roleplays. Also, because I don’t want to give out my address or credit card information, may I send a money order and/or can I use one of those Visa all access gift cards.

    Thank you,

  • Dear Joanne,

    I just wanted to take so time to tell You how much Your Website has Help Me. I don’t get out much and I’m
    Not the most Great looking guy in town So dating is
    Really Hard and Scarry for me!!! But when I call one
    Of Your HOT & SEXY Women I Feel like I’m a Movie Star
    Or the Stud Quarterback!!! All of Your Women are So Nice and Sexy on the phone that it give’s Guys like Me
    A Peace of HEAVAN!!!
    Thank You For That Joanna.

    And Buy the way I had my Frist Call with Julie Yesterday and OMD!!! It was Out of this World!!!
    She Really Made Me FEEL Great,Alive and Like a STUD!!!
    Thank You For Picking Her For Your Site!!!


  • Madame Joanne, I have sampled a large number of PSO sites over the years and have talked to several ladies and girls on your site (especially Granny Trudy) and I have to say that your site is “as good as it gets”. I have never been unhappy with any of the ladies and I keep “cumming” back for the reliable level of quality I find here and the outstanding variety of kinks available. It is like going to your favorite restaurant for a magnificent display of treats on the Sunday buffet. Delicious!!

  • I’ve tried many sites in the past but yours without a doubt is the best.


  • I cant never hook it up w/ u either but u GOT to hook me up w/ some phone. I’m seriously fiendin for u haha~

  • Those tits of yours Joanne- Jesus! Our call last night was out of this world. Thanks for being a good sport to my odd ball fantasy.

  • omg, you are going to tease and deny me, I can just feel it, omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

  • I am another of those phone sex addicts who has visited many many sites and I can honestly say yours is without question the best. I’ve talked to several girls on your site and each call was beyond awesome! Thank you for making me feel good about feeding my addiction!

  • Joanne is fine as hell and so damnnn sexxxy. Dont think I ever wanted to do a phonesex girl so bad lol. Hopefully she’ll do a nite call with me one nite soon cuz I’m fiendin;)

  • Madame Joanne really has me by the balls! Her sweet voice didn’t give me a hint as to how quickly her sensually dominant nature would take over. She took me to the edge and brought me back, time and time again, TORTURING me by making me want to cum SO badly, … but then gently and sweetly telling me “no”. I’ve been given blue balls before, but never like this, aching to cum so badly, omg! Joanne says “maybe in a month!, . . . maybe not . . .

  • This girl really understands the concept of tease and denial, especially the denial, omg.

  • Looking forward to another session . . .

  • mmmmmmm, Joanne is SO good at teasing, — and denying, .. . . . . .

  • I want to be wallet raped by the Boss!!!!!

  • Joanne is the most innovative and twisted woman on this site. If you are creative, intelligent and highly evolved she is the woman for you. And if you are a weak male, she will take proper care of you.

    • Come on guys! You need to get off your ass and call Joanne! She’s so frickin awesome! Her voice is all you will need! Super sexy and super fun! I guarantee you will be hooked after just one try! Come on you lazy crazy fuckers! Just do it!

      • Chase is a loser...fuck him

        Joanne is the SWOAT! What does that mean? Call and find out! I did, and was so happy I did! It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! And it could be for you too! You just have to do it! I promise you it will be an amazing experience!

  • Guys, you need to call Joanne! I promise it will be a great experience! She is amazing! I’ve done many calls with her and every single one has been incredibly awesome! She’s truly amazing! I promise you will know that if you just give her a shot! Her voice is really something spectacular! You will love her! Believe me, I know, and do!

  • I was new with doing calls, and wasn’t real sure how it would go! Wow! So glad I did! If you are wondering, just give it a chance! I promise that Joanne, or any of her girls, will do you right! Totally legit!

  • I’m a quirky corny kind of dude! Trying this stuff for the first time. This site is amazing and has so many hot girls! Who should I call first to get started?

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