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 My Stats

Age: 23

Eyes: Chestnut

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 120

Measurements: 36 full C 24-36

Pussy: Tight and tempting!

Ass: Even J-LO is jealous of my bodacious booty!

Favorite Positions: At the edge of the bed while you hold my ankles (Yum!)

Strangest Places I've had sex: On a ski lift in Colorado (A bit nippley I must say!)

Hobbies: Music and dancing (Lap dance anyone?)

Specialities: Tease and Denial, Guided Masturbation, Role-Playing your favorite fantasies with lots of juicy detail. And Of course, making you feel at ease with my soft, edgy voice, then draining your balls *Smile*


Hi boys, and thank you for reading my bio. I know it’s my pics that initially captures your attention, and I’m cool with that, but what is most important to me is that you know my personality is just as appealing as my eyes and boobs. I win guys over not from the way I describe what it would be like to give you a mind-numbing blow job, rather by showing you that I do truly and genuinely like my boys! I liken a good relationship between a phone-girl and caller to an intense love affair between married people cheating on their spouses. I want each session we spend together to be passionate, confidential, sexually gratifying, endearing; culminating into the most fulfilling dose of escapism you will permit yourself. Look at my legs. Wouldn’t you like me to straddle you right now, feeling my fleshy thighs on you? What would you have me do to your cock? We both know the answer.

Call me and get introduced to your new girlfriend.



Call 1.866.481.6280
for Phone Sex with

7 Responses to “Adrianna”

  • Adrianna is one hot woman…seductive voice, killer body and wicked sense of humor. Thanks for a fabulous call, Adrianna! Passionate, sexually gratifying and endearing sum it up pretty darn well!

  • Adrianna is unbelievable! Adrianna spiked my drink with the joy and softness of her voice. She was an element of surprise that will not soon be forgotten and the pleasures of this world can do little to confine her sensual glory. She is a most delightful spirit and my short time with her will leave me yearning for the wine of her touch!

  • Wow!!!!!!she is the most amazing phonesex girl. When i called her she got to know me made me feel right at home as if she was my girlfriend.Wish she was, she left me feeling satisfied and I will definately keep coming back to her. When she says no limit to what you fantasize about she wasnt kidding. Wowamazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Adrianna on an expierience ill never 4get.


  • Adrianna is so hot, sexy and cute all at the same time. She has a great sense of humor and makes you feel really comfortable. I really enjoyed my time with her and will definitely return to her! Thank you Adrianna!! Talk to you soon!

  • Adrianna is so damn hot and sexy, she is so easy to talk to especially with that sexy voice of hers. I love how naughty she can get and how comfortable she makes me when I am talking to her. I will definitely cum back to talk with her again!
    Til next time sweaty

  • she a wonderful lady she rocks my world and dreams

  • Adrianna took me on an incredibly intimate and intense journey during our first call together. Her smooth voice and sexy body combined to extend a 30 minute call into an open-ended session of pleasure. I do look forward to experiencing her charm, sensuality, passion, creativity, and genuineness again very soon. Don’t hesitate to call her and find out firsthand!

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