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Cheating Husbands Have Orgy With Beach Girls

It rained all weekend, and it could have sucked for three older married guys.

They drove down to the Gulf for the weekend to go fishing. Leaving their wives at home and hoping for a stretch of good weather. While they arrived, their fishing guide said it was too rough out there. They got a refund on their deposit but had nothing to do since the football season is over. The guys had a few beers and watched it rain at a beach side bar. That is where my roommates and I met them at the bar, next to our condo. 

The men wanted to flirt with young, hot girls, so they bought us drinks. They were charming and in the mood to play with wild party girls. My roommates and I invited them to our place. I gave them a wink and let them know that our condo was next door. One of the guys was reluctant. I could see the way he was looking at his wedding ring; he was feeling guilt. I got up out of my chair and sat down in his lap. He confessed that he had a daughter my age. I reminded him that I was not his daughter as I rubbed his hard cock in his jeans. 

His buddies were eager to party, but he was hesitant. With a caress to his neck and kiss to lips, I told him that none of them should be driving, after all that beer. I seduced him by showing him my pussy was wet, tight, and steamy. I guided his fingers under my skirt and my thong. With a few more dirty words, he was hot and ready to fuck my roommates and me. The six of us ended up having kinky sex, an orgy in our living room. 

Beach girls really know how to party! 


 Written By: Tara
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College Boys Orgy   I was getting ready for work after a long night of fun when I noticed I never shut my curtains. I imagine my college age neighbors got quite the show.

It was a total wild night with several of the beautiful men and women I picked up last night at the Pub. It was a one hell of a fucking orgy! I jumped in the shower, and got ready for work. My condo was quiet as I kicked everyone out at sun-up.

I was about to leave and noticed my tire was flat. Soon there was three hot, built young men helping me. They changed my tire, and the sight of them working together, got my juices flowing.

           I might be a blonde bimbo but I knew it was one of them who let the air out of my tire. Funny thing is, all it would have taken to meet me was them at my door with a bottle of white wine. We had a quickie as I was already late for work. I wanted much more! I love it when in a three or foursome the guys have lots of sexy, dirty, naughty interactions.

All day at work I thought of fucking them when I got home. I was so horny I even came several times in my office with my fingers. Fuck, was I ever horny. I was hoping I would have some company but we were on short staff today. I left work a bit early, and went straight to my sexy, new neighbors house. 

Written By:  Tiffany
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Can’t Get Enough

 I woke up with many loads of cum in my pussy this morning. I went to a rocking, fuck-fest party last night. I wore the shortest little dress and a thong, no bra. A group of older guys rented a big beach house for the weekend. I heard about the party from one of my girlfriends who bartends. The guys asked her to bring all her hot girlfriends, and it would be one fucking fantastic sex party. I took my roommate with me, she is uninhibited as I am.

As soon as we got close to the party, we could hear the music. We walked inside, and I saw two girls going down on one of the guys. This ratio was about four hot babes to every cock. Good thing I dressed slutty so that I would get a lot of attention. I sent out some texts to guys. There was plenty of beer and pussy. I needed some more hot cocks to keep this party rocking!

It didn’t take long for one the older guys to bring me a beer and invite me to the bedroom. He loves a girl with an ass like mine. I fucked him and all of his friends. It so was hot to have my pussy filled over and over last night.

Tonight I am aching for more, so give me a call and let’s fuck!


 Written By: Tara
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Sexy Dance Seduces You

I greet you at my door. There is a sex party, an orgy going on in the other room. Not your style you say, so you turn to leave my place. I push my hot body against yours. I grind my hips. I whisper dirty words into your ear. My hand lightly brushes against your cock. Some interest there, as I feel that bulge of yours growing. I turn and, with a swing of my hips, I brush my ass against your cock through your pants. 

You know you cannot resist me when I want you. I kiss your mouth so hard that my tongue dances against yours. I slowly strip for you. The skinny strap of my dress slips down exposing my sweet tits. You don’t really want to go. At least enjoy my sexy dance. 

I am just getting started. I set you in a chair. I slide into your lap and grind hard, making you hard for me. You try and leave now, and you will leave with the worst set of blue balls. Now, we don’t want that do we? My friends are hot and sexy. This party is going to last all night. Trust me! You don’t want to miss out. You don’t want some other man’s cum in me instead of yours. Well, maybe you do! We could make this a hot threesome. Walk with me into the next room! 

Join the party, baby! Let your inhibitions go. You will cum so hard tonight! The fun is just getting started at the door. Fuck me in front of all my friends. Maybe I will let you fuck them too, sexy! 

Your favorite party girl, 

Chrissy Written By: Chrissy
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Forced Bi Phone Sex


I have a special treat for you today. Nothing is hotter than a sexy, hot Goddess forcing you to do things you might not do unless you’re forced.

I love having you over to my house and bringing my friends over and force feeding you some cock. Both of us on our hands and knees as I hold the big, juicy thick cock and feeding it to your cock sucking lips. As I whisper all kinds of nasty things in your ear, you slurp that throbbing cock down into the back of your throat. I place my hands on the back of your head and forcing it in, inch by inch until you make that cock pulsate and squirt a huge load deep in your throat.

Oh! You think you are done just because you sucked him off? Oh no, nothing turns me on more than watching you roll over on your back and hike your legs in the air and spread your pussy cheeks, and watch you get fucked by some BBC. Uh huh, I said it BBC baby and you will take it all and you’ll make him cum deep in your tight pussy hole.

Call me for your orgy party!


 Written By: Parker
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Rodeo Week

I love when it is rodeo time. All the handsome cowboys doing their thing during the day, and up for anything when they’re done. They all look so sexy in their boots, hats and tight wrangler jeans. I never can decide where to look. Omg, those strong muscles, flat stomachs and big dicks.

 It must have been one hell of a night as I woke up in a motel room, mostly undressed, but in a strangers hat, and a pair of new Justins. I went to the bathroom to shower and saw more of the party. There was 2 hot girls naked and asleep in the tub. There was a threesome asleep on the living room floor. I sure wish I could remember the night.

I made it home once I figured out where I was, and decided to take a nap. I woke up to my IG notifications going off like crazy. Facebook too. What the fuck? There I was riding one of the men’s faces, while licking a hot pussy. You know how some people don’t like watching dirty videos of themselves? Well, I am NOT one of those chicks. I watched them all, and was dripping wet. I could use my vibe and fuck myself silly while watching again, or I could text one of the numbers on my phone? Male, female or another orgy? You help me decide?



Written By: Delaney
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Summer Fun With Callie

  There is no season I love as much as Summer. It gives me an excuse to travel, wear tiny string bikinis, daisy dukes, and sexy cocktail dresses to party in.  I got back a few days ago from a trip to Playa Del Carmen. The white sands and blue water were amazing! I spent the days sailing, surfing and checking out the hotties. The nights were dancing, drinking and fucking the lucky man of my choice till sunup. 

The first night in Playa del Carmen I stayed at the hotel bar. Shots of  Don Julio Real tequila, lots of flirting and body shots. I was in a party mood and ready to be fucked hard, and fast after all those shots. While still in the bar I gave my first sloppy blowjob of the night. My makeup was a mess, but I love looking in the mirror and knowing I took a load of jizz all over my pretty face. I cleaned up slightly, then it was back to the bar. The two bartenders who I had been flirting with all night invited me to their condo on the beach. Why leave, right? I took them and and an older man who bought me drinks all night to my suite. It seemed like all the older man wanted to do was watch. Well fuck! I planned on getting all my hot horny holes filled at once. He asked me permission to take his cock out, as he watched. Oh, two tall, dark studs and a cuck was what I had, and I couldn’t have been any happier. Okay well maybe a fourth man!


Written By: Callie
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Pool Parties And Orgies


 We had one of my legendary pool parties last weekend. My phone sex son was home from college and the gang all wanted to see him. He has always loved my parties since he was a little boy. He has this thing for big, fake tits, and my friends certainly have them! Nothing has changed, and he was loving the attention from all my big, titty friends. As the sun went down, the party got wild! Bikinis and swim trunks came off, and it was beginning to be a fucking orgy!

Around 3 am, people began to leave. I had so much to drink that I passed out on my couch. My sweet boy stood over me, and asked if I could come upstairs to cuddle with him. He carried me up, and I must have passed out again.

I was woken up by the sound of him stroking. A Mommy knows the sound of her son jerking it. I kept quiet, but I was getting so hot, and wet listening. I began to finger my pussy, and soon felt his cock against my ass and his fingers twisting my erect nipples.

Want to be my sweet boy?

Milf Debi


Written By: Dirty Debi
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Vacation Fun

I decided to get away for a little bit and treated myself to a very fun vacation. I booked a week at a swinger’s resort and it was amazing from start to finish. Everywhere you looked there was naked flesh and bodies rubbing up against each other.

I went by myself so I could take full advantage of all the fun. For an entire week, I fucked complete strangers. I had some fun one on one encounters and found myself in the middle of wild orgy parties. I never knew where I was going to wake up and with who. All I had to do was walk around the resort and people were practically dragging me to join in on their fun!

I was so exhausted from all of the fucking that I slept for 2 days when I got home! It was the best vacation that I ever had and I’m already booked to go back in a couple of months!



 Written By: Ginger
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Pathetic Loser Phone Sex

  My Sugar Daddy has a house on the lake he loves to take me to. The area is total country and there is lots of hot guys on four wheelers and mountain bikes. He picked this area because he loves knowing I am being fucked by young, hot guys. Sometimes he watches and sometimes I tell him all about it while he strokes his pathetic old cock.

I sat outside in a little sundress watching a group of guys go by. I waved and in a few minutes the 5 of them turned around and joined me. We chatted for a few minutes, a few minutes too long as far as this horny bitch was concerned. I saw Pin Dicks face at the window watching as I pulled my dress up showing my hungry pussy.

The guys got my message quick and soon they were all out of their jeans. I had 5 big, thick hard cocks to take care of all my eager fuck holes as my loser Sugar Daddy watched from the window.

Hours later I was sore, completely satisfied and in need of a good cleaning from Pin Dick. I do love our time at the lovely lake house.


Written By: Easy Elle
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