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 My Stats

Age: 19

Eyes: Grey/Brown

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 112

Measurements: 32 B 24-32

Pussy: Silky soft and smooth with a little landing strip, why don't you give it a feel?

Ass: A smooth, tight, firm ass

Favorite Positions: Up against a wall

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a video arcade

Hobbies: Dancing, My cute adorable puppies, Oral and Anal

Specialities: Daddy's girl, Cum play, Naughty school girl, Role play, Family fun, Mild domination and Pedo fantasies and much, much more!!


Hi sexy daddy!  This is Amanda, the horniest teen on the site. My appetite for naughty fun is huge, can you help satisfy my craving?
When I was little and sitting in my daddy’s lap watching t.v. I asked him what that hard lump was under my bottom. Daddy explained to me that my wiggling in his lap was causing it. So I wiggled more. Next thing I know me and daddy are playing all kinds of nasty games. Of course at first it was just a little kissing and touching.  He told me he wanted to do more but I was just too little. I didn’t know exactly what “more” was, but I knew I wanted to do it because daddy always looked happy when he said it.
So, for the next couple of years me and daddy had special time together when mommy wasn’t home, and I just waited for the day that I would be a big girl. Big enough to do “more”. Daddy taught me how to lick him like a lollypop.  He also taught me how to stroke his hard cock. He always asked me to say the word “cock”, it seemed to make him very happy.
So one day the time finally came. Me and daddy were playing our nasty games while mommy was gone and he told me I was big enough now, that I was starting to turn in to a young woman. What he did next hurt at first, but then it started feeling really good. I finally new why I wanted to do “more”. Daddy had my tight little pussy feeling so good.   
So now I am 19, and off in college. Daddy is 7 states away from me. Needless to say, I miss the games me and daddy used to play. 
Now I have lots of friends in college, and I party all the time. From the moment I got here I was fucking lots of cute guys.  One of my roommates is a stripper and got me a job stripping with her.  She told me a girl as slutty as me needs to be getting paid.  I like it, LOTS.  I found that I absolutely love getting naked in front of strangers and grinding a pole.  I especially love the private dance room. Unfortunately, though the long hours made my grades fall and I needed to find some other job where I had more time to study.  So here I am with Klassy Kat phone sex.
Now I won’t lie to you and tell you I have done it all, but I am damn sure willing to try anything. What I lack in experience I make up for with a desire to learn to be the best phone sex slut there is. I love to suck and fuck and I love nasty and wicked fantasies.
I do mean nasty and wicked. I love pedo fantasies, forced sex, gang bangs, accomplice fantasies, panty boys, closet fags, sensual domination and extreme age play fantasies are my favorite. I am defiantly a daddy’s girl and will do absolutely ANYTHING and EVERYTHING daddy wants of me. No matter how twisted and demented it may be. No need to ask if I have limits, because I don’t.  
I can be your innocent little girl or your cum guzzling teen slut. Whatever makes your cock happy. My goal is for your cock and my pussy to squirt, and squirt hard. Yes, I am a squirter, do you think you have what it takes to make this teen pussy squirt?
So give this hot and nasty teen a call and prepare yourself for the phone fuck of your life. 

Call 1.866.441.7259
for Phone Sex with

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  • What a naughty lil’ baby girl! Amanda has the sweetest little girl voice and the naughtiest big girl attitude. I have talked to several “extreme ageplay” PSO’s over the years and Amanda is as good as any of them and better than most. I am already looking forward to calling her again and having my little girl do all sorts of nasty things with her daddy. I hope she will finger her little babygirl pussy as she watches daddy suck a big hard cock for her. She is outstanding!!

  • Thanks for the hottest call I’ve had in a long time!
    You are the perfect blend of sweet and dirty all in one. I can’t wait until our next call together.

    PS, sorry this was a little late.;)

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