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 My Stats

Age: 43

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'9

Weight: 128

Measurements: 38DD-26-36

Pussy: Juicy and smells fantastic !

Ass: Plump!

Favorite Positions: Reverse cowgirl, Doggy

Strangest Places I've had sex: At a PTA meeting

Hobbies: Cooking, shopping, sewing, golfing and fucking younger men

Specialities: MILF, Naughty neighbor, Mommy/Son, Cougar, Naughty step mom, Cuckolding, Dom, Slutty secretary, Body worship, Humiliation, Cock worship, Oral/Anal play, Cheating wife, Young boy rape and Gang bangs


Hi I’m Suzanne. I am not the typical MILF looking to score. I need younger men to make this pussy purr. I am what they typically call a Cougar. Always on the prowl for some fresh meat to devour. Once I dig my claws and teeth into something I want I don’t let go until it is all mine. I recently got divorced and I am always out looking for Mr. Wrong to take his place.

I guess I’ve never really been faithful. I married a much older man and now that I have everything a girl could ever want I need a few toys to play with. I am very much into the social scene and having a hot stud on my arm makes all those old bitches jealous. The first time I fucked a much younger man I was addicted. They really know how to tear my pussy up. I love all the force and stamina they have between the sheets. After a fuck session my pussy feels like it is on fire. Smack that mushroom head across my ass and give me some back door action. Ram it deep and make this society bitch beg for relief.

Guys look at me and think I am untouchable. Little do they know I am a horny slut and I really crave young thick cocks. I have a round ass, fantastic tits, and a dirty little mind to complete the package. You might just have to have the doctor give you some Viagra to keep up with me. Once I climb on that cock there is no stopping me or my need for relief. My favorite position is reverse cowgirl so you can smack my ass nice and hard while you watch your fuck stick pump every inch inside of my needy little snatch.

I love fantasies that involve fucking the naughty neighbor, revenge on your bitchy boss, or even that step-mom who really needs the fuck she has been begging for. I am a no limits whore and nothing will be taboo when you call my number. If your tired of the little bubble gum Princess,then call the fucking Queen of Nasty and Taboo.

Cougar Suzanne

Call 1.866.793.0166
for Phone Sex with

6 Responses to “Suzanne”

  • Suzanne,

    You stepped into my mind and made me satisfied from the inside out. You gave me such a wonderful time!


  • Suzanne, my older sister, I want to know what hours are good for you. My hours are dictated by work and marriage

  • Hell Glen, I am generally available from 2 pm est till 1 am est. I can start earlier if I know night before or stay later if you request before I go for night. Looking forward to having fun with you. xoxo Suzanne

  • Oops! That should be Hello Glen, not hell. Too funny! Although big sister is known to swear a bit too much.

  • I love the way you cum when I suck on your pussy. It tastes soooo good! I’d love to watch your face when you cum like that, you are so sexy, so hot, and it’s amazing to listen to you cum!

  • Suzanne is wonderful. She ha a great personality, voice and imagination. I can’t wait to call her again.

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