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Dirty Mommy Morgan

No rain today, so today was an opportunity to tackle the yard and my garden. It is very humid and hot outside.

I got very hot, sweaty and sticky. Your Mommy Morgan got so dirty. I didn’t want to even walk into the house to take a shower in my state. I felt so filthy!

I went behind the house. I thought you were not going to be home until after dark. I thought about jumping into the pool, and I might have if I was not so dirty. I found the hose and started slowly undressing as I let that cold-water cascade all over my body.

I let the cold water run over my hair and down my body, I took off my shorts and let the cold water from the hose run over every inch of my body.

I closed my eyes and let the water massage my naked wet clit. Such a Dirty Mommy! I opened my eyes and there you were watching me as I was teasing my pussy. Who’s the dirty one now?


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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I Found My Daddy’s Porno Collection

I was fascinated with my pussy when I was younger. When I was about 12 years old, I found where my Daddy kept his porno movies. Every time my parents were not home, I was watching them.

I also found my Mommy’s collection of vibrators and sexy lingerie. Even though it was WAY too big for me, I used to put on her sexy little corsets and teddies. I would even put my tiny little feet in her heels and prance around the house.

I would climb up in their great big king size bed and watch porn. Some of the movies had weird music but that didn’t stop me from fucking my young, tight pussy with my Moms vibrators. In fact, I loved to explore both of my holes with her toys. Whatever was happening on the porno, I would try to do exactly what they were doing.

I guess things don’t change too much because I still love masturbating to porn while I’m fucking my holes.


Written By: Andie
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Let Me Be Your Girlfriend

Are you looking for someone to get to know? I love long phone conversations and really getting to know someone. It’s really hard to get a feel for someone on a short call. I love getting to know new people and actually having a real relationship with my callers. So many of the guys I talk to are busy professional men who just don’t have the time to really maintain a relationship with a woman.

This is where I come in.

I will be that sweet girl you can call at 2 in the morning to talk dirty too. I can be that girl you call when you get done with work and you want someone to talk to during your drive home. I can be the one you vent to when you’re having a rough day.

The best thing about me is I don’t ask for much in return. There are no requirements to having a relationship with me. The ball is always in your court and I don’t make any demands of your time. I can be your very own phone girlfriend. Plus doing a few calls with me is probably a lot cheaper than having a girlfriend!

If you’re into GFE Phone Sex, I am the girl for you. I talk about any phone sex topics and I love to masturbate on every call. Give me a call and let’s get to know each other.


Written By: Ivette
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Watching Porn with My Phone Sex Daddy

I had the best call with my favorite phone sex daddy. We pulled up a hot hand job video to watch together. I’m always teasing him and this was the perfect porn to watch.

I just imagined it was me sitting on his lap like that, lubing up his cock and stroking it with both hands. She started out going up and down very, very slow. She was squeezing his cock and pulling at it a little. Then she was starting to stroke fast. The sound of his slick cock drove me nuts, especially because I could hear him stroking too.

My favorite part was when she would play with her pussy in front of him, making his cock twitch in her hands. She would go back and forth between using her hands on him and then slipping his dick inside of her and riding him. She would only do this for a little while though. As soon as he was about to cum, she took his cock out and started to rub the head of his dick up and down her slit. It was so hot and was driving daddy crazy!

When the video was over, I still wasn’t letting him cum that easy. I teased him a little more until he couldn’t stand it and exploded all over the place. We always have hot calls but this one was the best. I get to pick the video next time, I can’t wait to tease my phone sex daddy!


 Written By: Ginger
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Let Mommy Kiss Your Boo Boo


     My phone sex son came home from his first day at summer camp, and he was limping. I asked him what was wrong, but he went right up to his room. I gave him some time but I could hear him moaning in what sounded like he was in pain. My poor baby, I hate when he’s hurting. What could I do to help him? I knocked on his bedroom door, and then sat on his bed for a talk. 

 I told him to remove his jeans, and to let mommy see. He began to blush, and told me not to look. He finally dropped his pants, and I could see how swollen his cute little cock and balls were. I suggested he let me rub them to possibly make the swelling go down. He was so embarrassed. It was so cute. I put some lotion on my hands, and began to massage his cock and balls. They seemed to be getting bigger, not less swollen.

He looked so helpless and cute. I started kissing his sweet cock. I could hear him starting to breath a little heavier, and then a huge sigh. All of a sudden he said, “Mommy I’m going to have an accident.”  My sweet little man then shot a load of cum all over my face. I told him it was time for dinner, and that we might need the special treatment before he goes to camp tomorrow.


Written By: Suzanne
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Anything Goes with Bambi

You live such a dull life, but we both know what lies beneath, don’t we? You’re a dirty boy with deviant desires and you need someone to release them. Your wife/girlfriend would never understand what makes your dick rock hard. Some of the things are so filthy, so taboo, that no one would understand. No one except me. I not only want to hear your fantasies, I want to bring them to life. Can you imagine how good it feels to just be your sick, twisted self with someone who is just as depraved as you are? I could never judge you, not with the skeletons in my closet.

I’m not one of those girls who just sits back and listens. For some reason, the more taboo we get on our call, the more creamier my pussy becomes. I have to get off right along with you.

Anything goes with Bambi. Anything.

Written By: Bambi
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While The Wife Sleeps…. You look over at your boring sleeping wife. Yet again, you wanted a wild night of fucking and she let you down. Even when you have sex it’s so boring you would rather look at my pictures and masturbate. Phone sex with me is better than the real thing with her. Admit it, when you fuck her, it’s me you think about. You picture my long, silky hair, bedroom eyes, perfect, round tits, full lips, and you would do anything to put your cock deep inside of my creamy pussy.

 I bet she’s snoring now, keeping you awake. You toss and turn and start to stroke your hard, throbbing cock. You can’t get my gorgeous body out of your mind, can you? You desperately need the release and you know it’s not going to be with her. Don’t waste your perfectly cum filled balls on a night of jerking off alone.

You thought your cock is hard now, just wait until you hear my sexy voice in your ear. You’ll want to explode when you hear my sultry moans as I’m fucking my dripping wet pussy for you.

Go find a quiet spot and call me. Or better yet, lets phone fuck right next to her. We’ll be doing naughty things all night while the wifey is asleep.

Till then, dirty dreams lover!


Written By: Diana
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Worship My Beautiful Tits


Are you total boob man? You would love having me in your neighborhood. I’m an avid runner and I love feeling my tits bounce in my tiny sports bra. I know all my neighborhood guys check me out all the time. I have to admit, I love the attention. It makes me run harder to feel them bounce more.

Something else gets even harder – my nipples! When I’m running in the morning (especially if it’s cooler out) my nipples will be rock hard. Sometimes when I run, I purposely run my fingers over my nipples to tease them. Instantly, my pussy gets wet. Some mornings I shorten my run and go home to masturbate. I can’t wait to strip my sweaty clothes off and fuck myself.

Are you obsessed with a beautiful woman with amazing tits? Call me and I will get off hearing how you’d like to worship them.



Written By: Charlotte
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Teasing The Fuck Out Of Truckers      A fuck buddy of mine and I were on a long trip. We were on the way home and very tired. He was falling asleep so I needed to perk him up a bit. What better fun than to tease him and the truckers on the road!

I started slow by lifting up my skirt and removing my panties. The windows were rolled down and the cool air felt so good on my hot pussy. I was horny the whole ride home, and my friend needed to attempt to keep his eyes on the road. I suggested  giving him a blow job or pull over, but he wanted to keep driving without interruption. 

We were in the middle lane and had an 18 wheeler on each side of us. I pulled my top down and showed them my perfect Milf tits. They opened their windows and asked us to stop and have some fun. I was so into that but my boyfriend said we had to keep driving. I leaned way back in my seat and began to suck my hard nipples while I fingered my hot cunt. I really wanted to stop, but he needed to get home to his wife. 

He finally couldn’t take it any longer and pushed my hungry mouth down on his cock. The truckers slowed down to watch and they sent us on our way with three loud blasts of their horns.


Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Your Safe Place

At this time, there’s so much chaos, fear and uncertainty in the world. I want you to know that we are your safe place. It’s a stressful time for most, and you need an outlet to not think about things that are out of our control right now.

Everyone needs a release, and I am yours. When you call me, we will share stories, fantasies, and if the conversation calls for it, we’ll laugh. We will be so into one another that nothing else matters. The world could be falling apart, but in the moment, you and I have never felt more connected.

  Hearing your strong, masculine voice calms me. In hindsight, you are my safe place as well. Since we can’t touch and feel physically, I want to be very descriptive with one another. I want to hear how hard I make your cock, and it will only get harder when you hear how wet my pussy is for you.

Let’s forget about everything for the moment. We both need this, and could use some stress relief. Let’s have an incredible experience and explore each others minds and bodies. It’s just you and me, nothing else matters right now. Trust the Madame, and know I am your safe place. 


Written By: Madame Joanne
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