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Satisfy All Of Your Desires

Let me be your sexy girlfriend that you have always dreamed about. Let’s climb into bed together and indulge in some sexy, sensual foreplay. I can think of many things we can do to each other. I want to be that girl who does everything that your girlfriend won’t do. But we can always start slow. I want you to feel completely comfortable. I want you to be stress free when you are with me.

Let me slide my gorgeous body up against yours. Feel the naked warmth up against you and getting lost in a deep, passionate kiss. I can feel your cock getting harder for me. You lay on your back so I can straddle you letting you enter my velvet love box. We lock eyes and I start to grind down on your thick shaft. You grab a hold of my hips sliding your hands up and down my body while you thrust deeper inside me. Our bodies rock together while we have a hot steamy love making session.

Tell me your fantasies and all the things you want me to do to you.


Written By: Janene
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Naughty, Naughty Boys Spying on Mommy Morgan

You and your friends are hanging out in your room playing video games even though it is a beautiful, sunny summer day. Mommy Morgan just rolls your eyes that instead of playing baseball or swimming in the pool, you prefer to be in your room. 

Mommy puts on her little sundress and heads into the backyard. She pulls down her dress so that she can get some sun on her breasts. She has a date this weekend and is wearing a strapless dress so wants to get rid of her tan lines.

You and your buddies peek out the window and admire Mommy’s beautiful, big tits. You naughty boys start masturbating and talking dirty. You’re all checking each other out to see who has the biggest cock while you keep stroking. 

What do you think would happen to you boys if Mommy catches you spying on her? Oh, my! I bet the punishment will be severe from your naughty Mommy Morgan. 



Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Sending The Wrong Text

I was really super horny last night! I grabbed some of my toys and made a video for my fuck buddy, Brad. He was bouncing at a bar last night and I wanted to show him what he was missing. I got really into it and came 4 times all over my dildo, and even gave my ass a pounding with my 9 inch dildo.

My video was so long I had to split it up in 3 text messages. I was excited to his responses and really hoping he would text me back saying he would leave work to come over. I waited for 20 minutes and no response. I’m sure he was busy because he always responds to me right away, so it was odd.

Finally, I got a response but it wasn’t what I expected? I got a text back saying: You sexy vixen, I always wanted to fuck you. Meet me in my office tomorrow morning and I’ll show you what your video did to me!

I looked at the text again and I sent it to my boss! I can’t believe I did that. The only thing I can think of is I have my boss under “boss” in my phone and Brad is under him in my contacts. My boss is older and married with kids my age. I’m actually on thin ice at work because I’ve missed a lot of days and if I don’t follow through with this, I’m sure I will be fired.

  I guess I am fucking the boss tomorrow.



Written By: Daisy Marie

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Owning Your Cock

I love having complete control over your cock. A hot phone sex teen taking over your cock is like adding another trophy to my collection. We have some rules that we will establish.

First off…  your cock now belongs to me and me only! You only get hard when I give you permission. I know you’re thinking about giving up control if you haven’t already. Everything I tell you to do, you will obey me. I might want you in a pretty pair of pink lace panties. Let’s not forget that I will be the only one that you will be jerking your dick for. I’ll be giving you exact instructions how I want it done and where I want it done at.

Now if you can accept these simple rules, in the end you’ll be honored that I am the one that controls you.



Written By: Coed Charlie
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Catching You Again

My sweet, precious boy. Your phone-sex mommy can hear you making noises all the way down the hallway. I couldn’t help to check on you and see what all the commotion was about.

I walked down to your room and opened the door very slowly to find you stroking your cock. I stood in the door way admiring how much you have grown up. The way you used your tool, your hand going faster and faster and I noticed you had your favorite picture of mommy laying on your bed. I couldn’t help myself but to smile and I could feel myself getting excited at the same time. 

My fingers moved down my body and I started rubbing my clit through my panties. Pushing them aside, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter each time I would glide my fingers up and down my flesh.

I walked over to your bed so I could join in. I leaned over to give you a special mommy kiss. You help me strip down to nothing so I could climb into bed with you. My huge breasts pressing up against your soft body while we kiss and fondle each other. I placed my hand over yours so I can finish what you had started, this way we can have our own fun. I want to show you just how much your phone sex mommy really does care about you. It will always be endless love between us. You’re my special boy. xo


Written By: Toni

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Pool Parties And Orgies


 We had one of my legendary pool parties last weekend. My phone sex son was home from college and the gang all wanted to see him. He has always loved my parties since he was a little boy. He has this thing for big, fake tits, and my friends certainly have them! Nothing has changed, and he was loving the attention from all my big, titty friends. As the sun went down, the party got wild! Bikinis and swim trunks came off, and it was beginning to be a fucking orgy!

Around 3 am, people began to leave. I had so much to drink that I passed out on my couch. My sweet boy stood over me, and asked if I could come upstairs to cuddle with him. He carried me up, and I must have passed out again.

I was woken up by the sound of him stroking. A Mommy knows the sound of her son jerking it. I kept quiet, but I was getting so hot, and wet listening. I began to finger my pussy, and soon felt his cock against my ass and his fingers twisting my erect nipples.

Want to be my sweet boy?

Milf Debi


Written By: Dirty Debi
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Phone Sex with a Sexy Bratty Vixen

I am that bratty, sexy, mischievous and flirty girl with a variety of fetishes. I love a man with compulsive thoughts and is addicted to sex. I want to feed your phone sex addictions and be your accomplice. NOTHING is off limits to me and the kinkier the better is how I feel.

I love a man with a little penis that I can taunt and tease and make your little stump hard with my sexy body. Yes, your itty bitty penis is so adorable, I can’t wait to tease it and make you pay for me humiliating you.

You know you could never have a hot girl like me, you have to pay to play. I love making you do anything and everything for me, just to pay to stroke your cock off for me. Milk that little dick you pathetic loser!!But of course, don’t start milking without my permission.

You know you need me in your life. You can’t live without me you need me to think for your pathetic loser ass. So call me and pump your little penis for your sexy vixen. Cum on be my good little penis pumper!

Love, Bratty Kendall


Written By: Kendall
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Mr. B Loves Teen Holes!

I have a caller that loves to stroke his cock for me. Mr. B is a naughty, dirty man that loves to whip it out and expose himself to me and my little sister. His favorite part is watching me spread my phone sex sissy’s ass wide and let him look at the young puckered hole of hers. You should hear how excited it makes him! He likes to watch me force my fingers into her holes and listen to her squeal with pleasure while I play with her. He can hardly contain himself! Sometimes he has to take advantage of her little gaping holes and and pushes his dick in and out of her. We giggle as he cums for us. Our calls are always so much fun!


Written By: Josie
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Erotic Mind Games

I dominate and control you. You worship me, and you are my loyal submissive slave. You’re eager to please me and never disappoint. My voice controls your orgasms, and you become excited with anticipation for your next session with me. You need me. I am in your head and your heart. Your desire to serve me and obey me. I own you. 

When you need a good orgasm, I make sure you get one. Although, they’re times when refraining or prolonging your cum is best for you. I edge you, deny or ruin your orgasm. Possibly, you need a rough strap-on session. Trust the process. You need me to think for you, so let me. Don’t fight, just submit and serve me well. 

They’re times when you need to be punished. Spare the rod, and spoil the slave! They’re times when you need to be coddled. I give you encouragement and coax you down a new path. I reassure you that everything is okay and fate will ensure a happy life for you. 

You are brainwashed but in a good way. I know your secrets and your desires. I know you better than anyone else on the planet. I understand and accept your fetish. You may not know what is best for you, but I do. Mind control may sound like a negative thing, but in your case, my little weakling, it is necessary.

Your Mistress Koko dominates you, and you are one happy little slave.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Fucking Myself for Andy

I received a call from an old phone sex friend. I hadn’t heard from Andy in a long time, but I knew after a few minutes of hearing his voice just what he wanted.

He wanted to hear me fuck myself for him. He doesn’t want the pretty moans though. He wants hard primal, pounding fucking. He wants to hear my grunts and moans as I push the limits. No small toys either. He wants my holes stretched open with huge things. Sometimes he likes me using things other than toys. He sits and listens as I struggle to take it.

His favorite is listening to me fuck my pretty ass. I pound it as hard as I can, both hands wrapped around the toy as I thrust it in and out for him. I’ll cum once and he’ll encourage me to go again, fuck it harder, fuck it deeper for him. When the call ends, I’m shaking and struggling to breathe. It was amazing having that feeling again. I had no idea how much I had missed it!



Written By: Teagan
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