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Panty Boy Phone Sex

My parents have a cleaning lady that comes weekly to tidy up. Sometimes she has a hard time finding a sitter for her son so she just brings him along. He sits at the kitchen table with some crayons and paper to keep him busy. But I notice his wondering eyes all the time. I thought it was cute at first until I found him wandering around the house. I took him by the hand and walked him back to his seat and explained to him that he doesn’t want to make his mommy mad.

The next week I found him hanging out in my bedroom. When I walked in my room, he was very mesmerized by what he had in his hands. The boy was holding onto a pair of my panties. He quickly put them behind his back. I walked a little closer to him, backing him up against the wall. I reached around him to find a very sweaty, dirty pair of panties. I politely asked him what he was doing with my panties? He looked down at his dick and made a moaning sound. I leaned over and whispered in his ear that he was a pervert in the making. I made him confess to me how he wanted to wrap my dirty panties around his dick and jerk off thinking about me. 

We had enough time for him to pull out his dick so I could get a good laugh while I watched him shoot his load in front of a girl for the first time. He made quite the mess in my panties along with a smile on his face. He asked if I was going to tell his mother that he was a bad boy. I gave him a wicked smile, telling the boy this is going to be our secret. I gave him a nod and told him to clean himself. I would see him the same place next week. * winks *



Written By: Coed Charlie

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He Let His Friends Watch

To get my grades up, I’ve been fucking one of my professors. It’s been working out great for me! My grades have never been so good. It doesn’t even take a lot of effort. He’s older and cums pretty quick. 5 minutes of sex takes care of all of my assignments and then some!

Unfortunately, that’s not enough anymore. My professor has upped his demands. When I showed up at his place last night, there was a bit of a crowd. He told me that I was going to give his friends a show and it was going to be more than just a quickie.

I walked into the room and saw all kinds of toys laying out, all of them meant to stretch my tiny teen pussy. I got up on the table and the men took out their cocks. I chose a big one and immediately began pumping my wet cunt. I wrapped both hands around it and rammed it in and out. I came so hard, I nearly fainted and assumed that was all they wanted. I was wrong. My professor put another toy in my hand, this one bigger than the last. I came again for them, but it wasn’t enough. Every time I came, another toy came out. When I was too exhausted to keep going, a couple of the men took turns making me cum.

By the time they were finished with me, I was crying and could barely walk. I earned my A that night and my professor told me that they wouldn’t be going so easy on me next time.

Written By: Josie
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Masturbating and Talking Dirty Phone Sex

Talk Dirty to Me Tonight!

We masturbate together on our calls.

I whisper dirty little things into ear about how wet and horny I am for you. You describe your cock and your body. I get shivers, and my pussy starts to throb. My fingers have a mind of their own and drift under my panties.

You slip off your shorts. The tone of your voice changes as your cock begins to grow for me. At first, it is just a gentle rubbing back and forth. Then as you cock responds to my naughty words, you start to stroke your cock, slowly at first. You get more aggressive with your hand and pump harder. 

I take off my panties and start fingering myself or picking up a toy. You describe how your cock penetrates my pussy and I really feel you inside of me. 

We continue the dirty talk until we both have extraordinary orgasms. Fantastic hand fucking for each other.


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Lonely Is The Night

Lonely is the night when you find yourself alone.

You are in need of someone, that something extra special, in need of that sultry, sexy voice. Tried masturbating at home alone, but need me to push you over that edge so you can really have a good cum. Need the sound of me touching and playing with my pussy.

You love looking at it. You fantasize about the taste, your tongue between my thighs. You think about slipping a finger inside of me and making me squirt all over the bed. You dream of thrusting your hard cock into me and both of us cumming together.

You and I are never sad, never feel lonely when we are together. Connect with me, make my lonely feelings go away and make me cum hard with you.

Your Sexy Girlfriend,


Written By: Sexy Skylar
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I Cum For You

I cum for you.  You cum for me.

Should be as simple as 1-2-3.

It is not that simple as it should be sometimes.  The demands on you and the pressure of everyday life are tremendous. Work stress, long hours. family issues. We don’t always have time to play, oh but when we do, we sizzle! 

My fingers glide deep into my pussy. I hear your hand stroking your cock, pumping up and down for me. You want to listen as my fingers work my beautiful wet pussy. You get so excited. 

We fuck ourselves, we fuck for each other, the intensity building and building until we cum together.  

Love you,



Written By: Sexy Skylar
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Finger Licking Good


TIFFANY I went shoe shopping at a Jimmy Choo store in a very upscale mall yesterday with a male friend and fuck buddy of mine.  I was wearing a white mini dress, a black silk thong and no bra, of course.  It was obvious when I walked in that the female sales associate noticed my big, beautiful tits and appeared to be immediately attracted to me.  She was about my age and sexy as fuck! She does sell Jimmy Choo shoes after all.  

I proceeded to look around a bit and knowing that she was watching my every move, I bent over to get two shoes from the lowest display shelf keeping my legs straight so that she would get a good look at my sweet, round ass  since my skirt was so short. I asked if I could try on the two pairs of shoes that I got off the shelf and she asked my shoe size and quickly returned with both pairs.  

I turned the heat up a bit by giving her an even better look at my already wet thong as I raised a leg for her to slip a shoe on my foot.  She obviously liked what she saw because she was very slow to put the shoe on my foot and to put my foot back on the floor.  When she asked if I would like to try both shoes on, I said “yes” and she picked my foot up and slipped the other shoe on and said “you have beautiful legs”. 

My male friend was intently watching the show and I could tell he was rock hard and ready to have some fun with the two of us. She mentioned it was time to close for the night but that we were more than welcome to stay and take our  time. After purchasing my heels and ordering a few custom ones, I suggested we all go out for dinner and a few drinks at our favorite hotel. My fuck buddy loved having a beautiful woman holding on to each of his arms as we entered the elevator to the lounge.

  I stopped the elevator with my key and slipped my dress off to show her the rest of what she had been craving. She began to suck my nipples, as I fingered my dripping, creamy pussy. I put the juices on my nipples urging her to suck harder. I glanced over at my friend and he was stroking his dick as he watched us. I have a feeling we won’t make it to dinner!

 Blonde Bimbo Tiff


Written By: Tiffany

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My New Roommate

 DelaneyI moved back into my dorm room because I thought it would be so much fun to be on campus. As much as I loved my apartment, I was ready to be a part of campus life and all that comes with it. My roomie is super hot and her boyfriend is on the football team. The minute I met them, threesomes were on my mind.

I was exhausted from the travel and unpacking so I declined a party for a nap. I mean there is all year. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, and wondered how they fucked. Was it rough, sweet and romantic, how big was his dick, did she have a smooth pussy? You know all sorts of thoughts.

I woke up to them coming in and him saying since I was asleep they could fuck and I would never know. I tried to be very quiet as she undressed him. OMFG, he was huge. She got on her knees and began to rub his balls and suck his huge, thick dick. I was gushing and couldn’t help but finger bang my throbbing pussy. What would they do next? Our beds were pretty close together and he looked over at me and gave me a wink and a dirty smile as she kept sucking his dick.




Written By: Delaney
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Kick back With Me Tonight


 Kicking back after a great day and sipping some Stoli Vodka. My calls get so intense that I find sweat dripping down my back and in between my  perfect 36DD’s before I am done. I get teased at how many times I cum during a call. You know, it does take two and my callers are the hottest. 

I love role-play and find myself being big sister, trophy wife, office tease, and even a coed sometimes. With my cute giggly voice, my guys often love for me to be a teasing younger coed.  It isn’t always role-play, they’re times it is just you and I in the most passionate fucking I could ever imagine on the phone.  It is so exciting sitting back, using my vibe while you suck my nipples till I feel that tingle all the way down to my clit. 

 It is a good thing I live alone, because I do get loud!  My guys take such good care of me, but don’t forget when you are in a hurry, I will suck your dick till you shoot all over my pretty face. Mmmm, so much cum that I can’t swallow it all, it drips down corners of my mouth and chin. Join me for a drink and some extremely naughty and dirty fucking!


Written By: Tiffany

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A Night In With My Son

        My phone sex son was going out to meet his friends but I wanted his company. He is so cute and I love the way he looks at me. He said he had plans but I thought Chinese Food delivery and Netflix sounded like an awesome way to bond.  He is 15 and at that age they really don’t want to hang around with mom.

        Josh explained that he would stay in if we could watch the show he had on DVR for when he came home. I agreed and suggested he get comfy and we could watch in his room. I know what he is up to when he goes in his room, locks his door and watches after hours shows he has ready and waiting for him.

 I got comfy in shorts and joined him. It actually seemed innocent with two girls putting on the makeup and getting ready to model. It made me curious how he jerks-off to something like this. He reminded me I promised him he could do what he normally does when he watches. I pretended to just watch the show as I heard him putting lube on his young, hard cock. Soon I saw what the big deal was about, looks like my son was watching some girl on girl.


Written By: MILF Suzanne
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Rainy Day Phone Sex With Little Lucie

Mom has to work, but there is no school for me today. You have to stay home with me. The power goes out due to a storm. I complain about being bored. You suggest that we play a game. I am such a brat, “I am too big for board games!”

You can’t help but notice my budding breasts and my pointy nipples on my petite frame. You propose that maybe we can play another game. You want to know all my teen girl secrets. You suggest we play Truth or Dare. 

I have played this game a ton of times at slumber parties and in the locker room at school. I never pick “dare.” You start asking me questions about the naughty things that I have done with the boys from school. I just admitted that I have let Jimmy go under my sweater on the bus and I have touched the man next door’s cock. You are gathering all this information on me. I need to regain control here before I get in any deeper. 

Next time around, I pick “dare.” You dare me to get naked and touch myself in front of you. I have to do it! You have a big smile on my face as I take off my clothes. I flash my pussy at you. I agree to touch my pussy if you unzip and stroke for me. 


Written By: Little Lucie
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