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Sharing My Neighbor’s Cock

Today was beautiful outside. Last few days of the Summer are always exciting with all the guys and gals taking advantage of it, and hitting the lake and pools. I was headed to lake when I saw my much younger neighbor and his girl enjoying the sun. They looked amazing sunbathing nude. They have a high fence but Leon gave me a little peep hole. That’s right, he knows I get off watching them. While she was giving him one fucking hell of a blowjob, I finger fucked my cougar pussy while I watched. We made eye contact the whole time. I must say she takes his huge cock like a pro. I think she heard me moan, as after standing up and whispering to Leon she looked my way too. They both walked over to the fence, and invited me to join them. We shared a delicious three way kiss. I got down on my knees and showed her just how a blowjob should be done. She may be a pro, but I am even better. Give me a try, you won’t be disappointed.



Written By: Dirty Debi
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Erotic and Hypnotic Jerk-Off Instructions For You

Consider me your favorite teacher for your naughty boy jerk off instructions. Carefully listen to the sound of my sweet, hypnotic voice. I’ll put you under an erotic spell and take you back to a time of innocence, a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Then I will tease your cock with sexual images of my tits, my silky lingerie, and my breath on your neck. My words create pictures in your mind. Take you deeper and deeper, mind relaxed but stimulated hard cock.

Now it is time to unzip your pants and let my words stroke your cock. Let my voice, my words, my mind keep you in that erotic hypnotic state until I finally give you the command to cum. After edging for me, there is so much cum all the over the place.

At the end of the session, you feel de-stressed and completely relaxed. Just a lot of necessary clean-up with your cum all over you.



 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Spying At The Gym

I had a busy day yesterday and couldn’t get to the gym at my normal time. I found myself there early this morning, so early that there was only a couple of people there. It was great! There was no waiting on a machine to come available, no horny guys to dodge, no obnoxious music. I got a great workout in and decided to shower since there wouldn’t be a wait.

I was just getting my body wet when I heard an unmistakable sound. I tiptoed out of my stall and peeked around the corner. I saw a woman pressed up against the wall and a man on his knees with his face buried between her thighs. I knew I should finish up and just go, but my quivering pussy wouldn’t allow it. I sunk down into a stall where I could watch them. He stood up and her hands wrapped around his cock as he kissed her. His hands went to her waist and turned her around. His body pressed hers into the wall as his cock slammed inside. He was fucking her so hard, and her screams were echoing all around us.

I couldn’t help myself. I shoved my fingers in as hard as his cock, keeping his pace. She shrieked as she came, which was a good thing for me because so did I. They finished their shower and left and I did the same. I decided quickly that my new gym schedule was going to become permanent.


Written By: Anna
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Black Pussy and Golden Showers

I have a white man that calls me that is really nasty. He never wants to fuck my chocolate cunt. He likes to stroke his little white dick while I piss all over him. He lies on his back with his cock in hand and starts to stroke while he stares at my puckered asshole. That dirty hole always gets him tingling. He sticks his nose in it and sniffs it while his hand shoots up and down the length of his prick. When it’s time to really send him over the edge, I straddle him and give him what he really wants. All that warm pee to lube his cock up. You should hear the way his moans with that hot stream hit his cock. He looks down and watches it splash all over him, and he’s blowing his load in seconds.

I love a nasty man and this guy is the nastiest. I don’t even need toilet paper. His tongue gladly laps every drop up and leaves my pussy squeaky clean.


Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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You Can’t Resist Temptation

After hitting your snooze button a few times, you finally wake up. You reach for your phone and go through your emails. You see a bunch of junk mail and then you stumble upon an email from me. Knowing you’re running late at this point, you can’t resist.

Your eyes widen as you see an intriguing picture of yours truly. My picture has got you so aroused that you didn’t even read my email (yet). You couldn’t resist the temptation, so you pull down your boxers and stroke your hard cock.

As you’re looking at my beautiful full tits and smooth pussy, you realize there’s one thing missing from your morning masturbation session, and that is the sound of my voice. We both know that jerking off is not the same without me.

Your fingers can’t dial my number fast enough. And just like that, you hear my voice on the other end. My voice sounds different to you (in a good way) because I am just waking up. You feel your cock throbbing after hearing me in your ear first thing in the morning. I waste no time and slide my hands down between my thighs and move my panties to the side. My pussy is so wet for you. I want you..badly.

It’s hard to resist the Madame.



Written By: Madame Joanne
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Daddy’s Huge Balls

      Phone sex daddy left his bedroom door open while he was getting dressed for work. I can’t believe how huge his balls are. He turned towards the bedroom door like he heard something. He got this dirty look on his face, and began stroking his cock. I wonder if he saw me watching him? My little bald cunny got so wet as I watched him rub his balls, and jerk his daddy cock. I began to wonder what it would feel like to have his daddy dick inside of me, with his huge cum filled balls bouncing against my sweet little ass.

I must have moaned a little too loud, as this time he saw me. He told me in a stern voice to crawl on my knees to him. I am a good girl, and always listen to my daddy. I crawled to him till those huge balls were right by my jail bait mouth. He told me to suck them, and give them a long, sloppy tongue bath. Daddy tasted so good. I just wanted more, but he wanted me to just suck his balls. I began sucking his balls harder, and faster. Daddy pulled out and shot a huge load all over my face. Mommy came up with his coffee, and he hid me in the closet. 

I couldn’t believe what he did next. With me hiding in the closet, he began to get hard again, and fucked mommy with me watching. I can’t tell you what happened next, but omg it was so dirty, nasty and hot!


Written By: Baby Bethany
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Satisfy All Of Your Desires

Let me be your sexy girlfriend that you have always dreamed about. Let’s climb into bed together and indulge in some sexy, sensual foreplay. I can think of many things we can do to each other. I want to be that girl who does everything that your girlfriend won’t do. But we can always start slow. I want you to feel completely comfortable. I want you to be stress free when you are with me.

Let me slide my gorgeous body up against yours. Feel the naked warmth up against you and getting lost in a deep, passionate kiss. I can feel your cock getting harder for me. You lay on your back so I can straddle you letting you enter my velvet love box. We lock eyes and I start to grind down on your thick shaft. You grab a hold of my hips sliding your hands up and down my body while you thrust deeper inside me. Our bodies rock together while we have a hot steamy love making session.

Tell me your fantasies and all the things you want me to do to you.


Written By: Janene
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Naughty, Naughty Boys Spying on Mommy Morgan

You and your friends are hanging out in your room playing video games even though it is a beautiful, sunny summer day. Mommy Morgan just rolls your eyes that instead of playing baseball or swimming in the pool, you prefer to be in your room. 

Mommy puts on her little sundress and heads into the backyard. She pulls down her dress so that she can get some sun on her breasts. She has a date this weekend and is wearing a strapless dress so wants to get rid of her tan lines.

You and your buddies peek out the window and admire Mommy’s beautiful, big tits. You naughty boys start masturbating and talking dirty. You’re all checking each other out to see who has the biggest cock while you keep stroking. 

What do you think would happen to you boys if Mommy catches you spying on her? Oh, my! I bet the punishment will be severe from your naughty Mommy Morgan. 



Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Sending The Wrong Text

I was really super horny last night! I grabbed some of my toys and made a video for my fuck buddy, Brad. He was bouncing at a bar last night and I wanted to show him what he was missing. I got really into it and came 4 times all over my dildo, and even gave my ass a pounding with my 9 inch dildo.

My video was so long I had to split it up in 3 text messages. I was excited to his responses and really hoping he would text me back saying he would leave work to come over. I waited for 20 minutes and no response. I’m sure he was busy because he always responds to me right away, so it was odd.

Finally, I got a response but it wasn’t what I expected? I got a text back saying: You sexy vixen, I always wanted to fuck you. Meet me in my office tomorrow morning and I’ll show you what your video did to me!

I looked at the text again and I sent it to my boss! I can’t believe I did that. The only thing I can think of is I have my boss under “boss” in my phone and Brad is under him in my contacts. My boss is older and married with kids my age. I’m actually on thin ice at work because I’ve missed a lot of days and if I don’t follow through with this, I’m sure I will be fired.

  I guess I am fucking the boss tomorrow.



Written By: Daisy Marie

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Owning Your Cock

I love having complete control over your cock. A hot phone sex teen taking over your cock is like adding another trophy to my collection. We have some rules that we will establish.

First off…  your cock now belongs to me and me only! You only get hard when I give you permission. I know you’re thinking about giving up control if you haven’t already. Everything I tell you to do, you will obey me. I might want you in a pretty pair of pink lace panties. Let’s not forget that I will be the only one that you will be jerking your dick for. I’ll be giving you exact instructions how I want it done and where I want it done at.

Now if you can accept these simple rules, in the end you’ll be honored that I am the one that controls you.



Written By: Coed Charlie
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