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Drinking Makes Me Do Naughty Things


I don’t know what it is about wine but I can’t seem to have just one glass. It’s more like three, four, five, or better yet, the whole bottle! It makes me feel good when I have a few too many. I really let my hair down and do things I wouldn’t normally do.

Just the other night, I walked into my bedroom and noticed my married neighbor had his blinds open. I could see him lying in his bed reading a book and his wife appeared to be asleep.

I flickered my light on and off to get his attention, and sure enough I did. I could see him looking out his window into my bedroom so I gave him a seductive strip tease. He seemed like he was really enjoying himself so I gave him a steamy masturbation show with my dildo. I saw he was playing with his hard cock through his boxers.

All of a sudden, his wife woke up and that ended our fun.

Sometimes when I drink during the day and I see the hot, young Fed Ex driver walking up my driveway delivering a package to my house, the naughty Cougar comes out to play and gives the young stud an unexpected package himself.

I’ve been drinking today and there’s no telling what kind of fun we will have on the phone.


Written By: Candace
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Watching Each Other Masturbate

I love to begin masturbating with knowing in the end we’ll cum at the same time.  Just that anticipation is the ultimate orgasm. It’s true when they say that the brain is the most seductive muscle.

I want you to lay me down on my bed where I have my array of sex toys laid out. Then I want you to lay down next to my naked body after you undress yourself.  I want to see you grab your cock and balls while watching me stick my dildo deep into my wet pussy. My body will be rising and squirming around the bed as the dildo pounds my pussy hard. You’ll enjoy watching as the inside of my creamy thighs become wet with thoughts of your cock inside of me. My voice will be moaning and my nipples hard from excitement.

I will look over and see you touching your throbbing cock and then letting me spit on it for extra lubrication.  I must try to resist from jumping on your cock and riding it until it cums. I must focus on the end product which is both of us cuming at the same time. As you see, my body begins to shake with pure esctasy, you cannot take it any longer. Your cum shoots all over my body and I cum all over my dildo.

I need someone to help me out with this, are you the one?

Written By: Julie
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Daddy is a Sissy Slut

 What is he doing in my room?  I come home from the beach and daddy is laying on my bed wearing just my panties. He is pinching his nipples and making girly sounds. I watch for a bit, then decide daddy needs to be punished for going through my private things. I tell him that his punishment is me dressing him up like a girl. He shakes his head and tells me no. Well, for someone saying “no” his tiny dick sure is hard. 

When I show him the panties, cincher, and heels he is to wear he just coos like a little bitch. I put red lipstick on him and he is just perfect.

   I tease him with my dildo, making him suck it. His eyes glaze over and he really gets into it.

I get an idea!  I text 2 of my guy friends and ask them to come over. Phone sex daddy needs some real cock! Come to think of it, so do I.  



Written By: Baby Bethany
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Just a Teen Tease

      I see you every day at Starbucks.  You get a plain black coffee, and I get a creamy vanilla Frappe.  I wear less and less each day.  Today it is the tiniest pair of shorts, a tight cropped tee, and not much else. You’re always in a hurry, I guess to get back to work. I like to sit, take my time, and totally enjoy my drink.  You like to stare at me, but look away when I catch you. Of course, you’re staring, just look at my hot, teen body. 

I don’t want you to rush off today. I need to have some fun with you. 

I suck on my straw, getting all the yummy cream in my mouth. I lick it off my lips. A bit falls on my hard, pink nipples. Now I have your attention. I sit with my long legs to the side now, crossing and uncrossing them. Oops, did I get more cream on my tits? You’re still watching me. I slide my fingers in my shorts under my panties. I finish my drink, walk by you and put my wet finger under your nose. 

You want to follow me, but you can’t get up at the moment. Oops!


Written By: Delaney
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Mommy Morgan Is So Dirty!


No rain today, so today was an opportunity to tackle the yard and my garden. It is very humid and hot outside.

I got very sweaty and sticky. Your Mommy Morgan got so dirty.

I didn’t want to even walk into the house to take a shower in my state. 

I went behind the house. I thought you were not going to be home until after dark. I thought about jumping into the pool, and I might have if I was not so dirty. I found the hose and started slowly undressing as I let that cold water cascade all over my body. I let the cold water run over my hair and down my body, I took off my shorts and let the cold water from the hose run over every inch of my body.

I closed my eyes and let the water massage my naked, wet clit. Such a Dirty Mommy! I opened my eyes and there you were watching me as I playing with my pussy.


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Dirtiest Bitch On The Net

              I am a total adrenaline freak!  Nothing raises my pulse and get’s my juices flowing like sex. Not just any sex but dirty, nasty, messy, hot, wet, and most of all perverted.

I’m not your wine and dine girl. I don’t need a fancy hotel either. I just need a hot guy with a big dick that knows how to use it. During these odd times, I have found new and unusual ways to pick up men to hook up. 

                  Last night I saw this man working out on his balcony. Apartments are so close in the city that I could see the sweat on his body from my window. I thought he was working out way to hard, and needed a bit of distraction. I stood at my window nude, and began sucking my sexy, hard nipples. 

Now I have his attention. Strange is my favorite way to go, but I couldn’t bring him here. Yes, sex with me can get that nasty! I held up my digits on a big sign. What? You’ve never done that?

He texted me and I told him to meet me in the parking garage. During the day no one is ever there except the parking attendant. The man seemed rather confused as to why we were fucking in a dirty parking garage. I dropped to me knees on the dirty, littered with trash floor, and began sucking his gorgeous dick. Another man was getting his car. I smiled, and suggested he join us.  


Written By: Harley
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Daddy/Daughter Role-Play

I had a great daddy call last night! There’s nothing I love more than to be a daddy’s girl.

Last night I played a young teen. I was laying in my bed, wearing a white tank top, no bra, and some panties. I had my hand down my panties and I was playing with myself.

Daddy heard me outside my door and peaked inside. He stood there without me knowing, watching me as his cock started to get hard. Finally, he decided to let me know that he caught me. I tried to deny what I’ve been doing but it was useless.

My fingers were wet and daddy really couldn’t care less. He picked me up and decided I needed a nice hard spanking, not for playing with myself, but for trying to lie.

He pulled my panties down and spanked my bottom. Then he decided to have a feel of my wet pussy too. I love it when daddy takes what he wants and I love it even more when his little girl is a nice tight virgin!



Written By: Jade
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You Catch Mommy Playing

You and your friends are going into the city for a baseball game. The sky is not looking too friendly, but you are hopeful.

On the way there, you learn that the game is canceled due to the weather. Your friends drive you home. Mommy said that she might go out tonight, but her car is in the garage. Maybe the two of you can order pizza and watch a movie.

You hear soft music coming from the back of the house. Mommy is probably reading, so you walk quietly. You find your Mommy naked, eyes closed and her fingers are moving along her exposed lady parts. She is softly moaning. Watching Mommy’s fingers touching her soft mound is arousing. You keep to the shadows so you can open your jeans. Mommy’s moaning slowly gets louder. Her fingers slip inside, between her legs, and Mommy has an orgasm.  

She opens her eyes and finds your hand on your hard cock.  Mommy calls you over to her so she can have a better look. 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Me, My Fingers and a Quiet Beach

           I love a deserted beach in the afternoon. I get so busy with work and school that at times I just need a day to myself.

I packed some bottled water, snacks, tunes, and I was ready to go. It was a beautiful day, and the sand was warm. I relaxed in the sun listening to music and day dreaming. I began thinking about my English Lit teacher and how hot he was. I spent many afternoons in his class staring at his body. 

     The more I thought about him and hornier I got. Too bad I was all alone. I rearranged my pink top, and began pinching my hard nipples. It felt so good, my clit began to throb. I slip my hand under my shorts and fell the sexy wetness. I honestly think that I have the cutest, wettest teen pussy ever. I close my eyes, pinch my nipples and feel the warm water and sand under me. 

   I hear some voices up the beach from me. It sounds like a few men or boys. I think about hurrying, but it’s my day to relax and enjoy. I still hear their voices in the distance, but I can’t stop playing with my pussy. It feels so good, creamy and soft. 

The guys are getting closer now. I wonder? I take off the rest of my clothes, close my eyes and wait. 


Written By: Delaney
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In The Moment


We are in your backyard on a beautiful afternoon. We are kissing so passionately. Your phone rings. You have to answer. It is your office calling you. You take the call inside the house.

I turn up the volume on a sexy song from our playlist. I lie back and lift up my short skirt. I hear your voice from inside the house. I love your voice. The sun warms me; however, the thought of you fucking me really heats me up.

I close my eyes. I feel so good. I slip my panties to the side. I sing some of the lyrics. I let the music take me to a magical spot where time and space no longer exist. Just you and me, in this moment. I pull my breast out and massage my nipple. I give it a little lick. I continue to rub. My pussy aches for attention. My fingers slip inside.

I fantasize you are inside of me. Your thick, beautiful cock making love, fucking me. I let out a groan of bitter disappointment. My pussy is greedy. I wish my fingers were as long as your cock. I take off my panties and lift my hips. I need to go deeper inside of my pussy.

I really start working on my pussy. I ache for an orgasm. I am so close.  I bite my bottom lip and thrust my hips into the air. I plunge my fingers inside. “Fuck me,” I whisper out loud with no one to hear. I am so wet and warm. My juices drip down into you chair, but I don’t care.

You look out your window and watch me masturbating. You quickly wrap up your call and you slowly walk towards me. I don’t know that you have finished your call. Since my eyes are closed, I don’t see you standing there watching and stroking your cock.

I open my eyes when I cum. I should be embarrassed that you caught me playing, but I am still so hot. My eyes beg and plead for you to fuck me.

You walk up to me and kiss me. You pin my arms over my head. You slide on top of me. You suck on my nipples. I let out such a loud moan. I love the way you do that. You slide your cock into me and fuck me.

I will remember this moment forever.


Written By: Skylar
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