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 My Stats

Age: 20

Eyes: Green

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 119

Measurements: 32DD-24-36

Pussy: Creamy and pleasurable

Ass: Small but big enough to grab onto

Favorite Positions: Being tied down and 69

Strangest Places I've had sex: In an art gallery

Hobbies: Tanning, going to the beach, parasailing and Halloween parties

Specialities: You name it and this little blonde bombshell can do it!


Hey there big boy! My name is Autumn. I can see by my pictures you’re getting quite aroused. You’re probably thinking about all the nasty things you would love to do to my gorgeous body, aren’t you? That’s alright with me.The only thing that pictures can’t show is how spicy I am. I hope you like what you see and you can appreciate my exquisite body. My long, blonde, curly hair, my sparking baby blue eyes, juicy lips and my huge succulent breasts are all right here waiting for you.

I know that I like what I see from over here. I can imagine you with your thick, hard cock and your eyes undressing me. Can’t keep your eyes off me, can you? Phone sex with me is truly intoxicating and it will feel like we’re in the same room together. Could you only imagine what it would be like in person? I’m a passionate person and I know how to satisfy every bone in your body.

I’m very spontaneous and love to have sex wherever and whenever! When I am in a relationship, I like to have sex at least two times a day. I’m the kind of girl who will wake you up in the middle of the night giving you the best head of your life. I absolutely love morning sex. There’s nothing like a big cum load in my pussy before my day has even started.

Don’t be naive and think I look innocent and unwilling to fulfill certain fantasies. I’m a wild girl with extreme fetishes myself. I know exactly how to give it to you and will make you cum like you’ve never came before. I might suggest you have a towel handy when you call me. You defiantly will need it when I get finished with you. Don’t worry, I always have a couple of things to add to the experience. You’ll have to call me to find that out.

I will make your call with me worth every penny. You will want to call me again and again. I’m very addictive, or so I’ve been told.

Call 1.888.679.8089
for Phone Sex with

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