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 My Stats

Age: 24

Eyes: Evil

Height: 5'4

Weight: 116

Measurements: 34A-23-34

Pussy: Tattooed and pierced

Ass: Bend over bitch

Favorite Positions: Every!

Strangest Places I've had sex: In a graveyard on Halloween

Hobbies: Suspension, needles, carving, tattoo joints, darts

Specialities: Ass/Licking fucking, Strap-on play, Cuckolding, Cream pies, Freaky fetishes, Humiliation, Bondage, Blackmail, Latex/Leather fetish, Financial domination, Pissing, Slavery, Toilet slave, Sissy fuck lessons, Period worship, Interracial sex, TS, Impregnation, Kidnapping, Forced intoxication, Extreme role-plays and age play, Castration, Freaky sex toys and so much fucking more!


Take a walk on the darker side of life. I am your sexy little Temptress Poison Ivy. Just like the comic book character I can be lethal if taken in large doses. I have never been what you would call a typical girl. Even back in my childhood I was drawing on my skin and pulling the heads off of my Barbie dolls. I am not evil, just devious. I lost my cherry in a grave yard at midnight on Halloween. That should give you a clue as to how twisted I really can be.

I hang out with a different crowd. I love going to live shows. Probably not the kind you would imagine, but suspension shows. It is such a rush being suspended in air from hooks through your skin and having your pussy lick and sucked at the same time. I can cum from pain alone. All the guys call me a pain slut. I will not resist the blade of a knife at my neck while you crank that cock deep inside of my tight cunt. Force me to gag on your cock till I almost puke from the force. I am a walking reality show baby.

I need the guys who believe the body is a work of art for all to enjoy. I can’t settle down to just one man when there is so many out there that need to enjoy what I have to offer. I go from mild to wild in 10 seconds. When you fuck Ivy you don’t know what might happen next. One minute you are in charge and the next I will have you bent over with your mouth wrapped around my strap-on and a line of guys knocking at the door ready to tap your ass like a bitch in heat. I told you I was lethal.

If your looking for a NO limits whore then you have just found the girl of your dreams. Your sick and twisted little play toy. Naughty beyond your wildest dreams and the kinkiest little fuck slut your dick will ever meet. Cum taste the poison you will drink over and over again.

Poison Ivy

Call 1.866.949.6550
for Phone Sex with

2 Responses to “Ivy”

  • Miss Ivy,

    You are captivating…and this subbie, this slut, this sissi, this toilet…. would love to find a time to chat…to submit… to be used as pleases You.

    Your Beauty and Demeanor are mezmerizing…and this boi would succumb to Your Power, Your every whim… if only You would take boi as Your own.

    Yours…. jeffy

    email and im
    at yahoo are the same.

  • Hi ivy – I read your blog ;you have some very dark fantasies. I have one of my own. I would love to be your tiny dicked stepson. You make me lick your dirty smelly asshole clean every day then sell me to black men for ass fucking dick sucking ass eating and ass to mouth action. Are you into that? Can I call you?

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