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 My Stats

Age: 38

Eyes: Blue/Green

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 119

Measurements: 34E-24-34

Pussy: Silky soft and ready to be caressed

Ass: Just absolutely perfect! Also, looks great in thongs!

Favorite Positions: From behind or against a wall

Strangest Places I've had sex: Pool at the Cirus Circus Las Vegas

Hobbies: Romantic dinners, weekend get-a-ways, spas, shopping, seafood, expensive wine and relaxing in the sun

Specialities: Footjobs, Naughty neighbor, Oral, Anal play, Breast worship, Awesome titty fucks, Hose/Leg/Heel fetish, Erotic tease, MILF, Mommy/Son, Curious Auntie, Cougar, Whip cream and handcuffs, Spankings, Tickling, Sensual massage, Financial Dom, Cuckolding, Cheating wife, GFE and any nasty taboo fetish you can think of, I'll do!


Hi Guys,

It’s Toni and I am addicted to shopping, but not for just anything. I have this need for really sexy lingerie. Silk panties and stockings are my guilty pleasure. I love showing off my long legs and my tight little ass in some really nasty slut wear. I am recently divorced so now I can go out and share them with you too. I have so many secrets to tell you that just maybe shocking, but I promise they are all 100% true.

I need to tell someone what happened when I went shoe shopping last. I was looking at a $600.00 pair of red stiletto pumps when a very well dressed man came up to me and asked if I would like to try them on. I knew I couldn’t afford them, but I just had to see how they looked with the little red skin tight dress I was wearing. He slipped my shoe off and placed my foot in his lap. I swear I could feel his cock pressing the bottom of my arch. The shoe slipped on like a glove and it looked amazing, but I couldn’t afford this price. Leaning forward he whispered in my ear that if I let him tickle my foot he would give them to me. Who wouldn’t agree to that?He forgot to mention that his cock was going to be the tickler and I would be leaving with a huge gob of cum all over my toes. It was amazing and I got those pumps to prove it.

I am a very sensual woman. I love romantic dinners and long walks on the beach, but the other side of me wants to be pressed hard against a door and have your cock thrusting deep inside of my dripping pussy. Bite my neck and leave the fuck stains where only I can feel and see them. I am prim and proper during the day, but unless you want me to stray you will have to be the bastard I crave in my bed at night.

I love getting to share all of my secret desires on the fuck line. I can tell you anything and everything my little heart desires. I really love being dirty on the inside and a high class woman on the outside. Nothing is off limits and I don’t have any taboos. I really like to dress slutty so make me put on the outfits your wife won’t wear.

Can’t wait to play!

Call 1.866.794.8260
for Phone Sex with

4 Responses to “Toni”

  • What a sexy voice, what a dirty mind, what a HOT call! Mommy caught me, now I can’t wait for next time!

  • toni,,,wow, would like to keep her to myself,,but guys gotta give her a call so she can blow your mind,,,love this girl

  • What can I say about the lovely , sexy , sensuous Toni ? A beautiful , sensuous mind and imagination . Toni , your voice is pure sexy heaven . Can you guess that I just had an unbeleivable call with Toni . I recommend her to everybody and to quote a previous caller “guys gotta give her a call so she can blow your mind “

  • Well , Had a second call with the sexy beautiful Toni . To quote someone I know it was “AMAZING”. everyone please give this amazing woman a call . You will definitely not be disappointed

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