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No Taboos!

Explore you wildest fantasy or your fetish with Skylar. Bring out my sexy dark side. Let me express my sexy wicked side as we explore your fetish together.

No judgments. Nothing too crazy, nothing forbidden, nothing too taboo to explore with me.

Call me and you will find a comfortable place to discuss and role play your fantasy. Especially good if your fetish is part of your secret life. Hard to have a fetish and feel embarrassed or ashamed by it and feel that you can’t express it. Like an itch that you have and can’t scratch, maddening!

I am well-versed in many different fetishes and will cater your call to your unique fantasy.

All you have to do is tell me about your fetish and I might ask a few questions to make sure that I fully understand all aspects of your fetish. Then I can create a role play specifically catered to you. So give me a call, and let’s get naughty, wicked, sexy together!


Cumming soon, on a Phoneline near you! :)


You aren’t gonna wanna miss out on this one , big guy.. she’s HAWT!! This little ball of femme-fire will get your motor running for sure! Can you believe that some of her off-duty past-times are beer drinking and bass-fishing? LOL! , Yeah…me either! 😉

All, true though, pinky-swear! This one loves outdoor nudity, teasing[BIGTIME!], upskirting, seducing you in public and sissifying your ass, just for starters!

Gentlemen, start your engines…you’re in for  ONE WILD RIDE!!




Memorial day Rocks! Hot Phonesex with Charlie!

Soooooooo… I go to My Bff’s family soire’ like I do every year, right? Watch her dad and her uncles get bombed, and start chasing us around the pool like they always do..

We giggle and tease them, maybe flashing the a little tit here and there. A flash of pussy as they throw us into the pool all in good humor, right? Well this year , Jules cousin, we will call him Mike, shows up…HOLY SHIT!! Can you say “hello puberty”? He must’ve grown 2 feet and 6 inches..;)!!!

Still to young for me but Damn! Who cares? Well wasn’t I driving him just crazy in the pool, until I decided to drop a hint. Ok, not so much a hint as a hand right up the leg of his swim trunks, grabbing his junk! He got hard instantly, and began to blush..[how cute!!] When we thought no one was looking, we snuck into the pool house and threw down some of the inflatable pool floats. It would’ve been fine if one of them at the bottom of the pile didn’t have a fucking squeeker thing in it!!!

Squeekie-squeekie-squeekie-squeeeeeekieeee was all you heard coming from behind the closed door. When we finally emerged sweaty and red-faced, I was relieved to see everyone but her one uncle had gone into the house to eat, and he was snoring in the lounger. It wasn’t until much later, sitting around by the pool after dark, that Jules grabbed one of the floaties and asked everyone where little rubber balls came from? She then said “That’s what happens when pool toys have sex!”