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Family time…taboo style

I was just a tiny, young thing when I first caught mommy using her big, black fuck toy. She would always get it out after daddy left for work and let my brother’s in to watch. I would hide behind the curtain and pull down my little girl panties so I could touch my bald, tiny pussy. My brother’s would jerk away while mommy fucked her hole and moaned. When she was finished my brother’s would clean her creamy cunt hungrily for what seemed like hours sometimes. Sometimes mommy would suck them at the same time and then beg for them to cum all over her face. One time I couldn’t believe how much cum there was dripping down mommy’s naughty chin. It was then I couldn’t watch anymore I had to join. It felt so good when mommy licked my tiny, wet pussy I can remember moaning just like her. Then when she helped slide my brother’s hard dick in her baby girl’s tiny cunt I begged for him to give me his cum. My other brother fucked my mouth and finally shot his load down my throat while he pulled my hair and forced me to swallow every last drop. Now, I am a total cum dump and love to slurp down hot, thick fuck juice every chance I get.

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Mother May I?

I tried to get his attention all night and it was working.  I wore all of his favorite little girl things so that he would be extra happy.  See, I had a crush on him and mommy didn’t know.  I was so afraid she would get mad at me when I asked her.  “Mother may I please suck daddy’s cock tonight like you do?”  She smiled and whispered in my ear “only if I can watch.”  I never knew until that night how kinky my mommy really is and well teasing daddy in front of her all night made her cunt so wet.  You should have seen her fingering her juicy cunt while she watched me gag on daddy.  I swallowed his load that night and then it was mommy’s turn to play.

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Lil Lou

Family Fun with daddy & mommy too!

I have always been daddy’s girl and no one can change that not even mommy!  Besides panty boi daddy loves doing everything I tell him to do.  Just as long as I keep letting him go through my dirty clothes and get my dirty panties out that is.  He really is nothing but a loser cuck when I think about it.  Mommy has been fucking around on him for years and she even brings home her studs for daddy to fluff.  He thinks I don’t know but I do.  Sometimes when mommy is tired she let’s me fuck her big cock boyfriends.  *giggles* I love when mommy licks my tight cunnie she does it so good then she tells her big, black boyfriend to fuck me hard! I guess I do it cuz I love to squirt so much but I’m always gonna be Daddy’s girl.

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