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AJ Has A Problem

                Oh hey neighbor, it’s a beautiful summer day out today. I see your wife has left for the day, but I was needing to ask her for a favor. Maybe you can help me out?  Quick, no time to waste! Follow me to my house. Please hurry. It could be an emergency! 

Now don’t be embarrassed, but I need to remove all my clothes. Now come closer, and look in-between my legs.  See, right there. Why is my little pussy always so wet? Maybe I’m getting sick or something. 

              Oh no, is your dick getting a cold too? It’s standing straight up. I have an awesome idea! Did you ever hear of herd immunity?  Of course you did, you’re a doctor. 

First, lets use our mouths. Mouths have the largest amount of germs. Your dick sure feels good down my throat, but I’m still so very wet and you so hard.  I guess to get rid of these germs, there’s nothing left to do but to fuck.

Oh no, handsome neighbor.  It appears you forgot your dick wrapper. OOPS!


Written By: AJ
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Best Father’s Day Gift

My daddy took me out for a really expensive dinner this weekend. It was for our special time for Father’s Day. I know when the whole family comes over on Sunday, we won’t have any alone time.

I was sitting across the table from Daddy and I was feeling really naughty. I started to slide my foot up his leg moving it slowly towards the bulge in his pants. Daddy loves when I play my teasing games when we’re out in public.

I was going to get a simple gift for Daddy. I was thinking maybe a tie or a box of cigars. I had to come up with something better. How many ties can Daddy really have? I had something else in mind.

When we got back from dinner, I went right to my room and got undressed. I climbed into my bed and waited for him. We’ve been trying to make something really special in my belly, and I think this Father’s Day weekend, it’s going to happen. It’s going to be the best gift ever.


Written By: Felicia
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Daddy’s Girl Fantasy Phone Sex

Move over Mommy, little Ariel has Daddy’s cock wrapped right around her tight, pussy lips. I’m going to be sleeping next to Daddy from now on. He says he prefers my pussy over yours. Once he had his tight little girl, there was no way he would ever sleep with Mommy again.

My fertile pussy is ready for you anytime, Daddy! I love pleasing you and I really would like to have your baby. After our baby is born, we can kick Mommy out of the house and we can have our own playful family.

I have the perfect idea, let’s have Mommy watch tonight as I suck and fuck your cock. I know you told me she doesn’t like anal, so we can show her how her daughter is an anal slut when it comes to Daddy’s big cock.

The possibilities are endless to what we can do with one another.


Written By: Ariel
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I Can’t Stop Thinking About Our Call

I did a call early this week that I can’t stop thinking about. It was so incredibly hot.

My guy and I began by sensually exploring each others bodies with our hands and tongues. As I sucked his cock, he fingered my pussy and once I was wet, he started stretching my ass nice and wide in preparation for his stiff dick.

With my back arched, and my ass in the air while I blew him, he had easy access to both my holes. In and out his fingers went until I was begging for him to enter me.

He got behind me and started pushing the head of his cock into my tight, little hole. One inch, then two… the feeling of fullness intensified as he gave me more and more of his thick, throbbing cock. Finally, I felt his balls against my labia and he began pumping in and out of my tight asshole. Harder and harder he fucked me, until I started cumming for him. My orgasm was so intense, I felt dizzy afterwards.

“Can I fuck your pussy now?” he asked?

Of course, I wanted his cock in my tight, aching pussy. But even more, I wanted his cum. I wanted him to get me pregnant.

He started fucking my pussy. I felt him getting even bigger and knew it he was going to fill me with his seed any second. I started cumming again, my pussy contracting around his cock, milking his load.

Written By: Marilee
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April Showers, Forget Flowers, Bareback Me

Southern Breeding Whore


I know your cock twitches in your jeans every time I walk by in my short denim skirts. I think it’s time we do something with that hard-on in your pants. I have some tight holes that would fit your cock like a glove. You know you can fuck me anyway you want.

I do have one request today… NO condoms! I want to feel every inch of that throbbing rod of yours. It feels so much better, and I love having my tight cunt filled with your warm cum.

You’ve been having naughty thoughts lately about what I would look like with a baby bump. Your cock throbs at the thought of my tits getting bigger and fuller with milk.

I don’t mind being your Southern breeding whore. Just slide your cock inside me and give me your baby batter.



Written By: Ashton
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Free Milk

Does a pair of huge lactating boobs get your cock hard? There’s nothing hotter than sucking on my hard nipples to taste my sweet milk from my enormous tits.

Does my lactating tits bring you back to your childhood? Perhaps, you would like to do a Mommy/Son role-play to recreate that memory. Of course, this time around it will be naughtier than you remember.

I could be your sluty teenage daughter who got knocked up by you, or my boyfriend. Daddy can’t keep his hands to himself. He loves to fondle my huge breasts, and drink my big, milky titties. I love riding daddy’s cock and feeding his hungry mouth with my breast milk.

If you have a lactation fetish, I am just your girl to give you free milk to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Written By: Faith
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Rough Sex with Submissive Raylin

He calls me his young lover, and that’s just what I am. He dominates my tender teen body like no other man ever has. His deep sexy voice instructs me how to please his raging cock, and I obey.

He always starts with a delicious face fuck, shoving that cock so deep down my throat that I gag around it. I love the way his hands feel cradling my face, guiding my head up and down, pressing on the back of it at times. He always knows just when to release me and let me breathe.

Once I have him rock hard, he abuses my pussy. He bends me over and gives me the pounding he can never give his wife. He pins me to the bed, my face pressed into the mattress. All of his frustrations and desires go into his thrusts. Then he leans down and whispers in my ear that he’s going to cum in my pussy. I try to pull away, but he won’t allow it. He wants to me fill me up with cum and get his young lover pregnant. He holds me down and makes me take his cum. If he doesn’t knock me up this time, I know he’ll just try again next time. He always gets what he wants.



Written By: Raylin
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AJ Has A New Daddy, do I have a sexy story to tell you all.

It all started with a new teacher in school. He is super hot in a sort of bad boy way. When he walked into the room, I may have gotten preggers just looking at him.  I can only hope!

The first few days with Mr. Blake were pretty normal. When he talked, I looked at his crotch and fingered my wet, creamy pussy. Finally on the third day, I got up the nerve to talk to him.  I walked right up to his desk and told him his hotness was distracting. No, not really! I think I might have mumbled something about extra credit. I was too busy staring at his mouth to remember. I gave him my phone number and told him if he wanted to work out some extra credit.

I was home for a bit, when he texted me. He lived in the city, so I left a message about spending night at a sperm donors house.  No, I didn’t really! I said I was spending the night with a girlfriend. I got to his house ready to do some hard labor, because things were getting hard very fast. He gave me the promise not to tell speech, just like all the daddies to be. I stopped listening as soon as I undid his pants.

Before long, he was fucking my cute teen face. I could taste his yummy pre-cum on my lips. Things were going super fast, and I couldn’t risk him cumming in my mouth instead of my pussy. I wet my finger and pushed it into his asshole. You know, thinking it might slow him down a bit. Wouldn’t you just figure it did the opposite and he spurted that load in my mouth. What to do, what to do? I could keep going and get him hard again. The thing is then his load might not have as many strong swimmers. I told him it was too late to take the bus back home. He invited me to stay, and I got just what I needed before school that day.


Written By: AJ
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Sperm Donor Number 19        I see him outside shoveling his snow. I wonder if it would be too much if I asked him to remove his shirt for me?   I would happily warm him up after he let me see his muscles. 

I am looking out my window hoping he will see me. Nothing. I need a plan. I will open my window and yell “help”. That sounds like a great plan. What I you were my neighbor, and I yelled out to you. This is how I imagine things would go. 

He comes to my door, and I yell “help” some more.  I’m wearing just panties hugging my teddy. I explain that I thought someone was under my bed, but must have been my imagination. He asks me where everyone is, and I tell him gone for the whole night. I plead with him to stay with me because I am so scared. Really I am horny, but he doesn’t need to know that yet. He is hesitant and suggests his wife stay. I tell him that I don’t understand why he would put his wife in danger. I don’t really remember his name, but I will call him Sperm Donor Number 19. 

He says he needs sleep as he has a long day tomorrow. I pat my bed and smile. He can’t resist my bedroom eyes. Soon I am riding him and demanding his baby batter. He tries to slow down, but I am wet, tight and more than he can handle. He fills me with cum and I lay on him for awhile.

I tell him he needs to come back tomorrow. He gets ready for sleep, but I tell him everyone is on the way home. I mean, I got what I wanted. It is all about bratty little me. On to sperm donor number 20.


Written By: AJ
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