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Free Milk

Does a pair of huge lactating boobs get your cock hard? There’s nothing hotter than sucking on my hard nipples to taste my sweet milk from my enormous tits.

Does my lactating tits bring you back to your childhood? Perhaps, you would like to do a Mommy/Son role-play to recreate that memory. Of course, this time around it will be naughtier than you remember.

I could be your sluty teenage daughter who got knocked up by you, or my boyfriend. Daddy can’t keep his hands to himself. He loves to fondle my huge breasts, and drink my big, milky titties. I love riding daddy’s cock and feeding his hungry mouth with my breast milk.

If you have a lactation fetish, I am just your girl to give you free milk to satisfy your sweet tooth.



Written By: Faith
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Rough Sex with Submissive Raylin

He calls me his young lover, and that’s just what I am. He dominates my tender teen body like no other man ever has. His deep sexy voice instructs me how to please his raging cock, and I obey.

He always starts with a delicious face fuck, shoving that cock so deep down my throat that I gag around it. I love the way his hands feel cradling my face, guiding my head up and down, pressing on the back of it at times. He always knows just when to release me and let me breathe.

Once I have him rock hard, he abuses my pussy. He bends me over and gives me the pounding he can never give his wife. He pins me to the bed, my face pressed into the mattress. All of his frustrations and desires go into his thrusts. Then he leans down and whispers in my ear that he’s going to cum in my pussy. I try to pull away, but he won’t allow it. He wants to me fill me up with cum and get his young lover pregnant. He holds me down and makes me take his cum. If he doesn’t knock me up this time, I know he’ll just try again next time. He always gets what he wants.



Written By: Raylin
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AJ Has A New Daddy, do I have a sexy story to tell you all.

It all started with a new teacher in school. He is super hot in a sort of bad boy way. When he walked into the room, I may have gotten preggers just looking at him.  I can only hope!

The first few days with Mr. Blake were pretty normal. When he talked, I looked at his crotch and fingered my wet, creamy pussy. Finally on the third day, I got up the nerve to talk to him.  I walked right up to his desk and told him his hotness was distracting. No, not really! I think I might have mumbled something about extra credit. I was too busy staring at his mouth to remember. I gave him my phone number and told him if he wanted to work out some extra credit.

I was home for a bit, when he texted me. He lived in the city, so I left a message about spending night at a sperm donors house.  No, I didn’t really! I said I was spending the night with a girlfriend. I got to his house ready to do some hard labor, because things were getting hard very fast. He gave me the promise not to tell speech, just like all the daddies to be. I stopped listening as soon as I undid his pants.

Before long, he was fucking my cute teen face. I could taste his yummy pre-cum on my lips. Things were going super fast, and I couldn’t risk him cumming in my mouth instead of my pussy. I wet my finger and pushed it into his asshole. You know, thinking it might slow him down a bit. Wouldn’t you just figure it did the opposite and he spurted that load in my mouth. What to do, what to do? I could keep going and get him hard again. The thing is then his load might not have as many strong swimmers. I told him it was too late to take the bus back home. He invited me to stay, and I got just what I needed before school that day.


Written By: AJ
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Sperm Donor Number 19        I see him outside shoveling his snow. I wonder if it would be too much if I asked him to remove his shirt for me?   I would happily warm him up after he let me see his muscles. 

I am looking out my window hoping he will see me. Nothing. I need a plan. I will open my window and yell “help”. That sounds like a great plan. What I you were my neighbor, and I yelled out to you. This is how I imagine things would go. 

He comes to my door, and I yell “help” some more.  I’m wearing just panties hugging my teddy. I explain that I thought someone was under my bed, but must have been my imagination. He asks me where everyone is, and I tell him gone for the whole night. I plead with him to stay with me because I am so scared. Really I am horny, but he doesn’t need to know that yet. He is hesitant and suggests his wife stay. I tell him that I don’t understand why he would put his wife in danger. I don’t really remember his name, but I will call him Sperm Donor Number 19. 

He says he needs sleep as he has a long day tomorrow. I pat my bed and smile. He can’t resist my bedroom eyes. Soon I am riding him and demanding his baby batter. He tries to slow down, but I am wet, tight and more than he can handle. He fills me with cum and I lay on him for awhile.

I tell him he needs to come back tomorrow. He gets ready for sleep, but I tell him everyone is on the way home. I mean, I got what I wanted. It is all about bratty little me. On to sperm donor number 20.


Written By: AJ
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Mom’s Boyfriend Is Pimping Me Out

Even though I’m 8 months pregnant with a big belly, I’m still getting pimped out by my mom’s boyfriend. I’ll be laying in bed trying to sleep and step-dad barges in with a new man that has paid good money to fuck his preggo step-daughter. They love my big belly and milky tits. I have to admit, I like it too.

I love my pregnant swollen cunt filled with as much cock as I can get. Sometimes they come in 3 or 4 at a time to have a go at me. It’s such a delicious taboo and they know they can cum in me over and over and never have to worry about getting me pregnant.

I have no idea how much they pay because I never get any of the money, but it must be good because he keeps bringing them in to take me. I’ve started sleeping naked because I know there will be a man or 2 in my bed at some point in the night. Some of them can’t get enough. My step-dad is already planning on a breeding party after I pop this baby out. I can only imagine how much money he’ll make off the men that are dying to put a baby in me! Written By: Bobby Sue
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AJ’S at it again!

     Schools are closed again. Just when we get a super hot new substitute teacher. That is very disappointing for a cock loving, jizz junkie like me.

It does look like my teacher is also home this lovely afternoon. I wonder just what sort of things he is up to today? We have a very naughty relationship, and I have something very special to tell him. 

I toss on some shorts and run over to his house. He seems very happy to see me. Wouldn’t you be? I go right to his big bed and jump on it. 

I am so excited by my news. I start to tell him, but he stops me with his tongue in my mouth. Okay, well I like where this is going; but I do have some important news.

I ask him if he thinks my tits are getting any bigger? He stops me by licking my hard nipples.  Mmmmm, I do like that. Then I tell him I think my butt is getting bigger and he kisses it.  Ohhh, I like even more. I still try and tell him my news. 

               He is now inside my pussy and fucking me. I try to tell him again, but he still won’t listen. I am so excited and my teen pussy is just dripping. I tell him maybe he should fuck a baby into me. I know he did already but, those words make him just fuck me harder. He laughed and said that he already did. 


Written By: AJ
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Slumber Party Fun

My bestie invited me to spend the night at her house. I love spending time at Anna’s house because her dad is so hot! I never let on to her, but I think she knows by the way I look at him.  He was supposed to go out with friends for his birthday, but he said he was too tired and stressed so he canceled. That is just so sad.

I asked my friend if we could give him a very special treat from both of us. She giggled and quickly agreed. We were ready for bed with her in her adorable baby doll nightie and me in my white sleep shorts and tank top.

We fixed him a Crown and Coke and then barged in on him in his office. He looked happy for the interruption. He is so sexy! We chatted for a bit and made him laugh. I told him he looked stressed and I began to rub his shoulders. I heard him sigh and saw the bulge in his pants. He suggested it would be better if we left him to his work and went up to bed. He sure doesn’t know me very well. I began to unbutton his shirt, while Anna undid his pants. He tried to say no but how could he resist us.

We had a special plan for this night. We both wanted to be teen Mommies together. One would distract him with kisses, while the other rode him till we got all his baby batter. He tried to push me off of him, he mumbled something about no condom. I was having none of that. I rode him till he drained those balls into my tight, fertile pussy. Then it was Anna’s turn and my turn to distract him.

Let’s just say that was his best birthday ever!

Written By: Baby Bethany
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Your Baby Is Waiting For You!

Welcome home! Your little girl missed you so much today. Look at your little princess, you can see I am very horny today. I’ve been waiting eagerly till you got out of work.

Today is a very special day for you and I. You see how I have my pussy lips opened wide for you? Well, that’s where I want all your cum today. Yes, that’s right! Your special little girl wants you to get her pregnant.

I can’t wait to feel that hot and heavy load inside of me. This is something you’ve always wanted, so I expect this to be your biggest cum load yet. It’s okay if it doesn’t work the first time, we will keep trying again and again.

I hope you can find your way into my room late at night while the others are sleeping. Hopefully, it’s at the beginning of the night so I can sleep with a full cum load inside me all night long. I’ll have such sweet dreams of you and I.

I know I am your baby but I am so ready to make a baby with you! Let’s get naked and pump that cum in my fertile pussy!

Written By: Emma
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Jizz Junkie Phone Sex

I was the bratty teen that wouldn’t give you a second look in school.  I was a freshman and you a senior. No matter how hard you tried, you just weren’t my type. I hung with the stoners and older guys with cars.

I run into you having coffee with your dad. Your dad is so fucking sexy! You ask me out on a date. I suggest we have dinner at your home and to break the ice ask if your dad would join us. I wonder if he knows I am staring at his crotch? 

I get to your house for dinner and you’re busy in the kitchen. Your dad offers me a drink and I suddenly get dizzy. No, my drink wasn’t spiked. I just wanted to get daddy to take me home so we could be alone.

On the way to my house, I put my hand on his legs. Oh, strong leg muscles. I love that. I tell him I am dizzy again and ask him to pull over. He is getting suspicious of my motives, but just can’t resist my cuteness. I whisper something dirty in his ear. I feel his sexy cock twitch. I begin to give him a blow job, but he tries to stop me. I threaten to scream. He should know I always get what I want. I want his jizz batter.

I lie and tell him I am on birth control.  I slide my wet teen pussy onto his hard cock and begin riding him. Just when he is about to drain his balls in my fertile pussy, I whisper in his ear that I want his baby. 


Written By: AJ
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Under His Spell    Lately all I can do is think about my sexy boy. I fall asleep thinking about him and wake up with my hand on my pussy thinking about him even more. It’s almost as if someone hypnotized me. Of course, I hadn’t been anywhere that could have happened. 

He went out on a date and it made me super jealous. I decided it was time to let him know how I feel.  As soon as he walked in the door, I wrapped my arms around him, and give him a long, wet passionate kiss. Before long, I was on his lap pushing my big tits against his strong chest. He just looked at me the whole time smiling with a rock hard dick. 

I wasn’t on birth control because I was between boyfriends. I just had this big craving to fuck him bareback and to be knocked up by him. Everyday the craving got stronger and stronger. Without even getting undressed, I just pushed my panties to the side and began riding him. The feeling was overwhelming. I just needed his hard cock in my pussy, and to feel all his jizz inside me.


Written By: Suzanne
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