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Let’s Make a Baby!

I’ve been wanting to make a baby for awhile now. I’m off my birth control and my pussy doesn’t respond well to condoms, if you know what I mean. There is something so hot knowing your hot cum load will blow deep inside my tight, teenage pussy. It will be so exciting when I have a little baby bump, and I can’t wait till you fuck my pregnant pussy. 

I’m really looking forward to having full, milky tits for you to play with. It will feel so complete when you suck on my little girl lactating titties while you cum deep inside of me. 

 You’ll love when you hear my young, cute voice beg for your cum, and I when whisper really naughty things in your ear.

My little body is totally ready for you. Get me pregnant!

Teen Torrie


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Let AJ Help

I was getting ready for ballet when I got a text from my bestie’s daddy. I was so fucking excited! He is so hot and all my friends would be so jealous that I was fucking him. I wasn’t exactly fucking him. Not yet, anyway! He texted me because Jillian was late getting home and he was worried.

I ran right over to help him, or help myself to him! This was super important, so without finishing dressing, I tossed on my coat and went right over.

When I got there, he was in his office doing some work. He told me to take off my coat and to sit down. I took off my coat and sat down like I was told. It wasn’t my fault I had on no clothes. He texted and I ran in a hurry. He looked me up and down and told me to lock his office door.

We started kissing, my hands were all over him, and then I said it. I told him I know he wants another baby and I am just the girl. “Please knock me up, Mr. J”, I said.

We sort of forgot about Jillian. We were in the middle of me giving him a wet, hot blowie when she walked right in on us. OOPS!


Written By: AJ
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Stepbrother Wants to Give Me a Baby!

My stepbrother has really been after me lately. Ever since I had my last baby, he’s been dying to knock me up again! I’ve tried to hold him off, but I can tell that that’s not going to work for much longer. I’ve caught him in my room going through my dirty panties and sucking the dried pussy juice off of my toys. He’s always showing off his big cock to me and it’s getting harder to resist.

We’re step siblings, but we’ve been raised together all of our lives and are like real siblings. It’s so nasty and taboo. I don’t know how a slut like me can resist much longer! I think the next time he corners me in my bedroom and rubs his hard dick up against me, I’m going to just give in. I don’t mind another baby and I don’t think I mind that my stepbrother is going to be the one to give it to me! Written By: Bobby Sue
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Let’s Run Away Together

  Howdy, it’s me AJ. You know Christmas is coming, and there is just one thing I want for Christmas. Can you guess, phone sex daddy? I want baby batter! I’m always listening, not snooping but listening. I know you want another baby, and I am your girl!

 I see how you look at me with your eyes going up and down my tender, teen body. I think my idea will work for both of us. You have what I want, and I have what you need, daddy.

Don’t worry as I have it all planned out. You know how sometimes I get in big trouble at school, and you have to pick me up? We can get a cheap hotel room. You know a “no tell” motel. Wink, wink! You can tell your wife that I broke my finger, and went to the ER. You were kind enough to take me, of course. It’s the perfect plan.

You know you want to see me with a little baby bump. Won’t my perky tits look awesome when I am preggers? I will call you from school. Then we can fuck our brains out until it’s time to go home. See you then! 



Written By: AJ
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Breeding Phone Sex Whore

Look at my cute little stomach. Are you imaging a sexy little baby bump? It makes your daddy dick throb thinking about getting your Asian whore pregnant. Just imagine my perfect small B tits getting bigger and fuller with milk. My nipples will be getting bigger as well and more pointy so I can feed them to you when you when you’re thirsty.

Once you put your daddy seed in me and watch my petite Asian body grow, you will want to knock me up again and again. I’ll become your breeding whore. It’s an addiction you can’t control.

My fertile pussy is waiting for your daddy cum. Put a couple loads in me and let’s watch my belly grow.

Miyoung For All Your Kinks and Fetishes


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Halloween With AJ    I am so excited for Halloween this year!! Mom will be out of town, and daddy is so easily tricked by me. We all know that means a party! Want to know a secret?  I am only having the party to distract daddy, so I can go to my sexy neighbors house. Daddy will be so busy perving on my friend’s costumes, that he will have no idea if I leave for the entire night. What are my plans you wonder? Well, I am going to visit Mr P who lives a few houses from me. He has no idea that I have set my horny little mind on him.

I wonder if he has a big dick? “giggles”. I also wonder if he has baby making swimmers? A girl like me wants to know these sort of things. I have seen his wife, and she is so old, and FAT!! I bet she always tells him “no”. He has nothing to worry about as I am going to make all his naughty dreams cum true.

Cum have some treats, and maybe a little trick with AJ.



Written By: AJ
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Sweet as Candy Phone Sex


My Phone Sex Daddy’s love my sweet, young voice. They become so addicted to it like a drug. From the moment I pick up the phone and say hello in my cute little voice, my daddy’s cocks get raging hard. They really don’t waste any time at all because they can’t wait to feel my puffy, bald pussy lips around their hard shaft. My favorite is on top and let daddy know what a big girl I can be and take total control. I love to talk dirty in my daddy’s ear and tell him how badly I would want his baby.

All my daddy’s know that I am sweet as candy and once their hungry mouths have a taste of my teen juices, they always want more. Especially, when I squirt in their mouth.

Your little red-headed girl never disappoints and I’m always ready to take a big load from daddy.


 Written By: Corina
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Back To School I Go

Hi, it’s me AJ your favorite little teen slut. Summer has been super busy and lots of fun. I am back in classes now, teasing the fuck out of my teachers.

We went to the lake a lot this year, and I wore the smallest pink bikini to tease Ranger Phil. Anyway, enough for now about summer. I wish it can be summer forever? 

I have several new teachers this year and they’re hot! I bet they all have a huge baby maker for me to suck and fuck. My older sis had Mr. Jackson too, and she said I won’t have to do much work if I play it right. ~Wink, Wink~

Today I wore a little sundress and pretty pink lace panties. I admit, I looked adorable! Mr. Jackson must have thought so to, as he had a boner half way through class. YES!

After class, I asked him if I could talk with him. He knew right away who my big sis was. He looked me over, and suggested I show him the “goods”.  After a slow sexy strip, I was on my knees sealing the deal!



Written By: AJ
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Teen Mom Phone Sex

Most young girls think about clothes, concerts and friends, but not me. All I can think about is having a big, round belly. I know my young pussy is so fertile and I can’t wait to watch my boobies grow so big and full. The thought of some older perv putting his daddy seed in me gets me so hot. I even thought about a gang bang of 30 guys pumping their loads in me so I will defiantly get pregnant. I would feel like a little teen tramp not knowing who the baby daddy was.

I think I will look so good with a baby bump, and maybe I’ll attract even more pervs with me being pregnant. I’m already thinking about getting knocked up again after my first. I would like to find an older daddy who would like to keep breading me and who is into some family fun!


Written By: Kiki
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My Special Valentines Day Gift

  Happy Valentines Day to all my phone sex daddy’s!  Teen girl’s like me want all sorts of things for presents. Makeup, perfume, boots, concert tickets BUT the thing I want most is to be a teen mommy. I hear all sorts of things during slumber parties at my friend’s house. The fat old snoring bitch is always telling you no. The think is I heard something that made my jail bait pussy instantly gush. He wants to have another baby! Well, I am your girl right here. Only problem is how do I tell him? I sort of have an idea but it is kind of wrong, but I don’t care as long as I get my baby batter. ~Giggles~

What if I was to make sure everyone slept soundly except the daddy of the house? I can steal my moms sleeping pills, and BAM, everyone is asleep.  I go to the kitchen knowing he is watching a movie or something. I accidentally spill my glass of Coke all over my cute pink nightie. I pull it off telling him it’s my favorite and I don’t want it to stain. This is one great plan!

He is staring at my adorable, tight teen body. I can see his baby maker is already big and hard. He keeps telling me “no”, but I don’t care, and promise not to tell anyone. He mumbles how wrong this is, but I shove my tongue into his mouth. He can’t control himself anymore. Could you?


 Written By: Sweet Lil AJ
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