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 My Stats

Age: 29

Eyes: Blazing Brown

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 114

Measurements: 34D-24-35

Pussy: Soft, velvety and waiting for you!

Ass: Small pucker hole that is ready to be taken at any given moment!

Favorite Positions: Anal, 69, Reverse cowgirl and Standing up

Strangest Places I've had sex: At Target in the restroom

Hobbies: Making men cum at the drop of a dime!

Specialities: Age play, Domination, Cuckolding, Sissy training, Incest, Cream pies, Hardcore fantasies, Rape and torture, Guided masturbation, Humiliation, Impregnation, SCAT, Strap-on play, Forced Feminization, Small dick ridicule, GFE, Golden showers, Snuff, Anal play, Period worship and so much more, baby!!!


I’m Tawnee! Your nasty whore who will give it to you any way you want it! If you are in the mood for no-holes-barred outrageous phone fucking, then I am your nasty slut. Explore my body to discover how a real woman should look.  
Do you want a dominant sex addict or a submissive little slut? Then get on your knees and take your punishment like a man you bad boy, or take control, tie me up and fuck me from behind as hard as you can. I love to fuck any way that you want, as long as one of us is being fucked, I’m as happy as I can possibly be.

Fill me up with your cock and leave your load inside my pussy or my mouth, I love to feel you explode inside of my thighs or in the back of my throat. I’ll take you in deeper than you’ve ever been, regardless of which hole that I take you into.

I’m a classy lady who demands respect on the streets, and if you can win me over, I’ll be your dirty little fuck slut in the sheets. Can’t wait to make you explode like no other!

 Your little fuck slut,


Call 1.888.612.2936
for Phone Sex with

8 Responses to “Tawnee”

  • I need to call!
    Do you sell cum filled panties!
    Great body!

  • Tawnee,
    I have a couple of opportunities to call you.
    1. Tomorrow 9-11 pacific time am.
    2. Sunday 11:30-1:00 pm
    What would work best for you?
    Or are you just a weekday girl?
    How much are those cum filled panties?
    Thanks, Tawnee.

  • Thank you Princess Tawnee! You are one of the best! I mean that. I love your voice and your laugh!

    GUYS – If you call only one woman this year, make sure it is Princess Tawnee! I’m serious. She is AMAZING! If you are into being treated like a loser, this is the woman to contact. Not only is she soooo pretty, but her voice is just great too! She could just brain wash you with it! 🙂

  • You are soooooooo pretty! I can’t wait to call you again! I bow down and worship you forever Princess!

  • What can I say? Did a 2-girl with Memphis and Tawnee and it was the best experience I’ve had on the phone!! Perfect all around!!

  • OMG. I just finished the hottest call with Tawnee. This girl is amazing. She’ll go where you want to go and more! And she’s so friendly and has a great laugh. If you’re trying to decide who to call, give this wonderful girl a shot. YOU WON’T REGRET IT. Man oh man!

  • She is so perfect, she is worth calling twice, and I did. Thanks Tawnee!

  • Mommy’s shoe slut

    I miss you so fucking bad, I love you with all my heart and need to be punished severely painfully, please mommy, I’ll do anything ❤️

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