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 My Stats

Age: 28

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'7

Weight: 111

Measurements: 34B-24-35

Pussy: Neatly trimmed and wet 24/7

Ass: Round and squeezable

Favorite Positions: 69 and on top

Strangest Places I've had sex: Beach in San Paolo Brazil

Hobbies: Tanning, traveling, clubs, masturbating, swinger clubs, playing poker and swimming

Specialities: Voyeurism, Cam watching, Mild domination, Teasing, Awesome blowjobs, Role-play, Financial Domination, Freaky fetishes, Couples phone sex and much more!


Hi boys! My name is Jersey and I’m about to be your newest addiction. If your looking for a true voyeuristic slut then you’ve come to the right girl!

My sister called me a slut because I flashed the mailman my hot body. That was just the beginning of my road to sexual deviance. I love showing off and no matter what I am doing I want someone to watch me. I have considered becoming a part time stripper so I can do it even more. I just can’t help the fact that I get so turned on when I am naked.

I think my need to be nude goes back to when I was a teen and my family traveled to Brazil for a vacation during carnival. All those sexy, sweaty bodies naked and proud made me realize that it’s normal to be nude. I was alone on the beach when I noticed a guy stroking his cock. I had to watch. His hand sliding up and down that smooth shaft was intoxicating. He caught me staring and invited me to join in. I have never been one to walk away from a dare. I came closer and he took my bottoms off and pulled me down on his throbbing shaft. My cherry popped and I was bucking like a wild bitch in heat. When I looked there was about 15 people watching and I came so hard I almost passed out. I love when you watch me fuck.

I am all grown up now and I still need the drapes open when I fuck. I will do it anywhere as long as there is a lot of people to watch. I also like to be the voyeur. I sometimes slip into adult theaters and I watch all those dirty old men pumping their fuck sticks to the porn on the screen. I make sure I sit where I can be seen just in case of them wants to help me whip my pussy into shape. I never leave unless I am covered in cum.

Phone sex is my newest turn on. I love when you turn on the cam and let me watch you. I can guide each and every stroke just the way I like it. I am very naughty so I just might make you do some really taboo deeds. You never know what is going to happen when you cum fuck me. I am going to slip out on the patio naked and wait for your call. The neighbor boy loves to watch so call me and lets give him a show he will never forget.


Call 1.877.842.3747
for Phone Sex with

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  • Had a great call with you jersey, you have a young sweet sexy voice that will be in my mind for a while, I will call you again when I can, thanks again

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