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Underground Porn Star Greg

I want to share with you an extremely deviant roleplay I did recently BUT keep in mind I had to fucking avoid, skip, find other words or just outright bleep out shall we say in type many words. Yes, my pets it was that twisted, taboo and dirty.

am the producer for an underground “fetish” porn company that surfaces a little at the AVN porn awards.  My  greatest star was in hiding but sought out due to his great “baby Bird” libido and talents to star in a live show while being filmed making single digit  porn. The scene starts out with him walking into the Suite at the Hotel where Greg was given a free trip to the AVN Awards with VIP status.   He enters and I say surprise and the lights come on and Greg sees me and a dozen other naked women of porn star quality.  I run up and  welcome Greg.  Drugs are flowing freely in the room and another woman grabs his arm while a third shoots him up.  I tell Greg this is meth coke and ecstasy it will make him happy and horny.  He falls back in a chair as he experiences an intense rush.

Greg wakes up  later naked with all the women around him and one sucking his cock. I say ” looks like you have a big cock but its limp as a noodle.”  This drug usually gets everyone hard.  The women work at it awhile and I take his hand and say the hell with it let’s go down to the casinos.  I lead him out naked like all of us and we enter a large elevator.  The women are still rubbing against him and spreading open their pussies. Some laugh” what’s the matter are you gay?” Then the elevator stops and in walk 2 underage teens   all dressed like whores are there.  I tell the baby birds to  unzip their tiny skirts and let them fall  along with their string tops Greg looks at their bald pussies and  budding nipples.  Still his cock does move until the N@@@e year old stand on a platform right in front of him and drop her clothes.  Instantly his cock gets rock hard.  Then you say yes this is our fetish star ladies, Greg  the infamous underground film star!

I could keep going and trust me we did as I took him down a deviant path of depraved sex, drugs and lost innocence. However, why should I give it away here leaving out very key words and details?  So, you get my point and trust me the details are as hot as they are shocking to some. Some of my most depraved callers might even say “Fuck, Poison you really have gone too far”.

Deviant Goth Girl Ivy Takes You To Hell.

Caught On Cam

Cheating Housewife Fantasy

My husband has been having suspicion of what I do after he leaves for work. Every morning, I make him coffee, eggs and give him a good-bye kiss before he is out the door. As soon as I hear the car back out of the driveway, I quickly run to the shower. After the shower, I rub lotion all over my body and put on something really sexy. I wait on my bed, laying on my stomach with my tits almost fully exposed and my legs crossed in the air behind me. I wait with anticipation for my lovers arrival. He has a key to our house and he just lets himself in. When I hear him opening the door and on his way to the bedroom, I can feel my pussy in heat and gets instantly drenched.

There he is, my hot black stallion. Standing around 6’2 with a muscular body and in his 10 inch big, black dick in his hands. He starts stripping his clothes off when he comes through the door and always makes it to the bedroom butt naked.

He comes over and caresses every part of my body, feeling his massive cock against me. I am so in love with his cock that I barley want my husband anymore. My lover comes over everyday so I am more than satisfied in every way imaginable.

He likes fucking me in every position possible and at the end he likes me on my back with my legs by my head so he can get all 10 inches deep inside of me. He always cums in my pussy, I love having my pussy filled with his thick, creamy load. We normally talk and make out after sex and then he leaves.

Today was different, very much indeed. My husband comes home an hour after my lover leaves. He told me he watched me on cam while he was at work. He thought perhaps I was cheating on him so he set up a cam through his Ipad late last night while I was asleep. He saw everything! I thought he would be furious with me but instead he made me get back on the bed and spread open my legs for him. He sucked and licked every drop of cum from my cheating pussy.

I no longer have to keep this a secret and in fact, my husband wants to be part of it. He told me tomorrow’s cum load better be even bigger and if that means 2 black men, so be it. I guess I better get busy for my husbands request.

If you would like to have a role-play like this fantasy blog or have something of your own, please feel free to call me anytime.


Bitch Boy Cam Fun

I had the hottest cam call the other night with one of my newest play pretty’s. This hot panty boy decided to stop by my place for some humiliation and teasing. I guess you can see why I would humiliate his panty loving ass, that’s right he is lacking a bit in the size department. Now it’s not the smallest I’ve seen by any means and like at first I couldn’t really tell. When he got on cam for me in different panties I didn’t really see a bulge but you know what they say you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. I made him model for me and show me his tight ass and I must admit it’s so fucking nice, I got totally side tracked. When he changed for me and I got a glimpse of his cock I laughed so hard I cried. Seriously, I asked “does it not get any bigger?” No, it doesn’t and it didn’t, but that little cock came so hard when I fucked him with my strappy. So damn yummy and well, I can’t wait to play with this naughty panty boi again which is why I’m posting his pic for the world to see my new bitch!

Ultimate Web Cam Shows

Jerk It For JulesOne of my callers always surprises me with a really hot web cam show. He strips totally naked and whips out his gorgeous hard cock. I’m usually on my bed with my laptop and once I see his cock, I instantly have to start touching my pussy. I love his cock and every time I see it on cam, I get so fucking horny and have such a desire to fuck my pussy.

Sometimes, I make him do things on cam and he will get really kinky for me. I love when he brings out his toys and I watch him fuck his ass right in front of me. My favorite is when he eats his own cum. I think it’s incredibly hot when he blows a huge load for me and scoops it up and puts it into his mouth. I usually have multiple orgasms at that point because it’s such a turn on for me.

Are you willing to go on cam for me and do things you never thought you would or could do? Let’s put it to the test and surpass all boundaries. If you’re willing to do that, there’s no telling what I am willing to do for you!

Jerk it for Jules


Web Cam Shows

I love it when a guy gives me a naughty cam show. To talk on the phone is one thing but to see your cock live on my computer monitor it just fucking awesome. I would love to tell you what to do and maybe you can even have a few surprise toys waiting for me. I am really big into watching guys jack off for me and to see how my hot pics and voice turn you on. Get your cam out and stroke it for me baby! I want to watch you jerk it live and cum!

Horny Heather

Pics from my birthday weekend !!!

Dressed up for clubbing

I had a blast!  Got dressed up and whooped it up the right way…

Here are some pics i think yall will like!

Now let’s see if you dial that number..




He wore hot pink lipstick!

So my caller last night did a hot cam show for me.  Pantiehose and hot pink lipstick.  He even put some of that lipstick around his asshole.  He had 3 big dildo’s, one of which was an inflatible one.  He fucked his hot pink asshole hard for me with those dildos then I had him inflate the one until it was so big he was begging to switch back to the smaller one.  I had him fucking his ass just like it was me behind him with my big strap-on.  It was super hot to watch!

I had him tie his balls up for me and spank his cock and ass with a hard rubber spatula!  It had me so hot and wet listening to his pathetic ass whimper from the spankings.

He was such a good little girl for me I had to let him spray his hot load of cum for me.  His cum sprayed right towards the cam like a big waterfall.

I definetly enjoyed playing with my new toy!

No limits!

Thats right fellows, when I say no limits that is exactly what I mean.

There isn’t much I haven’t experienced in my real life fetish sex play.  If I have never done it you can believe I will try it.  I want us to  discover all kinds of nasty things together to get off to.  I have a sick and twisted mind.

Just pick up the phone and dial so you can experience a phone fuck like you have never had before!

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Welcome To The Klassy Kat

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Madame Joanne