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She-Male Cock Sucking Phone Sex

Hey, there all my cock sucking fags or should I say my cock sucking want-to-be sluts. Are you wondering how good it would feel to be with a she-male? In other words, I am a CHICK WITH A DICK! I just love having a man to suck on and a huge cock to give him pleasure with. I love my cock sucked and I love sucking cock.

Teaching guys how to suck and lick a delicious cock like mines gives me so much pleasure. Watching my rock hard cock growing into your throat while I ram it down your whore throat is the best. I’ll bend you over and shove this fat cock up your sweet little tight asshole and make you my bitch. Be amazed as I blast a huge load of cum down your throat or inside your asshole, whichever you prefer. We can switch the tables and you can fuck me up my ass too.  Pick up the phone and give me call for the thrill of being with a she-male, I promise you will enjoy it. Honey, your little secret is safe with me.


Tranny Mindy
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I recently decided to join a sorority. They have us doing all kinds of crazy things on campus. The hazing has been kind of hard so far… and very embarrassing! Just last week, we were all publicly spanked! All that craziness aside, a few of us still remained for the final task. We were stripped naked, blindfolded and led into a room. I couldn’t see anything, but could feel eyes all over my body. When the blindfold came off, I could see dozens and dozens of men stroking their cocks. We were each placed in a kiddie pool on our knees. Before we knew it, guys started circling around us jerking their hard dicks. Some grabbed my hands and forced me to stroke it for them, so grabbed my hair and forced my mouth down their shaft and balls. I could feel the cum shooting all over my body. The came on my face, tits, ass, back… everywhere. When one group would finish, another group was ready to take their place. After what felt like hours, I looked down and realized that the pool was getting cum puddles all over. The guys stepped away from us. I couldn’t even open my eyes, my face was so covered in jizz. Thinking that was the task, we started to get out of our pools… then we were instructed that our actual task was to clean up the mess with our tongues…

Three’s Company

brynna 18e

You work in an extremely competitive business environment: Perform or Perish. Recently, there has been some downsizing in management and the reporting structure has changed. The game has changed; you have a new team of players. I get assigned to your new work team. You like my classy but sexy look. My tight pencil skirts make every man notice. Oh, and those high heels that I wear. My legs are long and sexy. I dress for success and I dress to impress. Secretly, I wear luxurious stockings and lingerie under my clothes. I am smart and I know how to get the job done. Within the inner circle, I have a reputation of working hard but playing harder. Sor far, all you have seen is that I work hard and keep the men around me hard. I am a bit of a distraction, but a strong asset. You do like my hidden assets under my skirt and jacket.

There is a looming project deadline before us. There will be many very late nights ahead of us. A man can get lonely and lose perspective with all this hard work. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and expand your horizons. A man’s cock was not meant to trapped in trousers without a release. Sometimes you need to break the rules, push the boundaries to get the job done. One night, you walk in and find that I am having sex with one of the guys also on the team. Not just a little harmless blowjob, but incredibly intense hard fucking, moaning, dirty talk. Hotter than any porn you have ever seen.

Don’t just stand there with that deer in the headlight look. Don’t reprimand or punish us for having some play time. I ask if you want to watch and jerk off, or if you want to join in. There is no better team building exercise than a sexy threesome on the company’s conference room table. After I have made you cum inside of me and you have the taste of a man’s cum in your mouth, I kiss you. Work hard, but fuck harder!


Big Black Cock Phone Sex


Hey, sissy faggot I know you’re up lurking for some big black cock to suck on tonight I can see you drooling by the mouth. Well, you clicked on the right page and found the right one to feed you some. Look at you a big ass slut willing to go behind the garbage dumpster and get down on your knee’s and put all that big black cock down your little whore ass throat, such a faggot slut. Well, let’s get you all dressed up “pretty in pink” and show you how to be the good slut you can be! Mommy likes lots of cash and your just the little sissy who is going to make me plenty tonight. And Mommy loves her ABDL too, I can play a loving mommy to all my little Abies or a mean strict one to you little boys who are bad! I’ll make your cum shoot across the room.


Naughty Mommy Patrice
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Sick Perverted Phone Sex with Reese



With the right kind of sick pervert, I have been known to team up with them and go out looking together for a victim to share. Want to go with me and find a fresh, innocent piece of meat and take them back to our secluded playroom? We can even film it as wereese 5 slowly use and abuse them in every filthy, evil way we can think of. What you say “what will happen to them when we’re done with them?” Maybe they earned the right to live and perhaps be our sex slave for another session, or are they just a witness we need to take care of? *evil laugh* Is your cock getting rock hard thinking about such a senseless act of madness, and how much of a big load you’re going to blow when we find the perfect victim?

Well, know the only way to find out if we’re a match is to pick the phone and dial my number!

Reese @ 866-938-6646

Test Drive

A few years ago, I needed some extra cash and took a job working at a car lot. The owner knew he could probably get some sales out of me, so he put me out on the floor. I was doing pretty good. As he suspected, the men loved me! One day, a customer came in that made the other salesman run. One told me that he was a hard guy to work with. I took it as a personal challenge and decided to volunteer. I was expecting him to drool all over me like the rest, but he didn’t. After a few frustrating hours of working with him, he decided he found one that he wanted to test drive. I got in with him and he spun off. He didn’t say much, just drove. I noticed that he was going a little further than permitted and said something to him. He kept driving. Pretty soon he pulled off into a wooded area and shut the car off. I sat there, a little scared, a little pissed off. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I laughed a little at the situation… I was sucking this asshole off. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face close to his. He told me if I wanted to make a sale today, I was going to be a good slut and take his cum down my throat. I still fought a little, but he was already forcing my head up and down on his cock. I could barely catch my breath. He was ramming it in hard and fast. I felt his body tense up and prepared for the blast. So much jizz shot into my throat that it was coming out of my mouth. He pushed me away, zipped up and started the car again. We drove back to the dealership and I collected the biggest commission of my career. The guys all wondered what my secret was, but I have a feeling that some noticed the telling stain on the front of my sweater…

Pale Legs, Dripping Cum And A Pathetic Loser


 Home late from a Fetish Ball and you were waiting outside my door. You just had to talk to me to get things right in your head.  As always you help me out of my latex gown while I let you fucking ramble on about life, sex and what a pathetic loser you are. 

When everything is off, except my fine ass boots you see the cum dripping down my pale beautiful thighs. You automatically assume the ball had many musicians, and well loser; you would be right as you know the only men I fuck are artists or men that can help me in this world to get what I want. In other words people I can USE!

You want to talk about the little blonde girl you saw outside after school let out but the cum dripping down my leg has your attention now. You seem hypnotized at how much there is and how it is slowly dripping down to my beautiful boots. We can’t have that, now can we? I grab the back of your head and force your tongue right where the drip on my thigh is about to hit my boot. You no longer need forcing as you taste the tangy, salty nectar of my cunt juice mixed with jizz of several beautiful men. Sometimes, you crave more than little birds, don’t you bitch?


IvyWritten By: Poison Ivy
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Bitches Apply Here

  Fuck off. Yeah, I haven’t blogged in awhile. Looks like I have a life latex-and-heels-300x377fuckers. I have been planning a party and I need a few bitch boi’s for serving, entertainment and cleanup. So, even though I have a few in mind I am anxious to see just what you got, or..LMFAO..what you don’t got!

Auditions start tonight! I want you fully dressed from lingerie, makeup and wig. Yeah, steal your girlfriends lingerie, you are so pathetic you are too scared to buy your own. 

                                     Fetish Frankie


Cleanup BBC Phonesex


You know what I love more than getting my pussy pounded? Watching you take bbc. We both know you’re pathetic, and certainly can’t please a real woman like me! That’s why you like to watch a REAL man have his way with me, filling up all my sweet holes with his hot, creamy cum. I watch you stoke your stiff cock, as you see him fill me up. We both laugh at you, as he moves me into different positions, and takes me from behind, moaning and groaning as his cum and mine intermix. Tired, he rolls off onto his side to rest, and that’s when I beckon you, my cleanup boy, to come forth. You clean up the thick, creamy goo from inside me, and then move on to that bbc and start licking it clean….don’t get too comfy, you know we’re going to get back into it, and you’ll have to clean me up again!


Your Goddess,



Teen Slut never Says No

The weather is finally warming up and that is my favorite timDelaney27e to tease older men. I wear such tiny outfits and my stiletto heels show off my cute ass and sexy legs.  I have a much older boyfriend but he is good with all my teasing because he gets so excited watching me.

We went to a motorcycle rally this past weekend and the men were all over me. My boyfriend is a bit of a cuckold so he loved every minute of watching my tight teen fuck holes getting pounded. In their clubhouse was me, him and at least 8 men at a time. There is something about rough men that makes my pussy gush.

After hours of hard sex I was beginning to get a little sore. That was my boyfriends turn to take care of these rough horny men. He sucked them all off like a pro as I smiled at his skills and encouraged him on. His reward later when we went back to our hotel was he got to clean out all my dripping holes.

Teen Delaney