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Trashy Trish Forgets The Kids (Again)

I forgot again to pick up the little ones from school today. The principal keeps threatening me but I always manage to get on his good side again. No one can turn down one of my sloppy blowjobs.

I had a very busy day after my Craigslist ad. I had 5 strangers show up at the house at random times for my MILF pussy and ass. I wanted all 5 cum loads in all different places on my body. It was my goal for the day and I’m satisfied it was achieved.

My ex husbands wife ended up getting the kids and bringing them back to her 6 bedroom mansion. The bitch came from money and she thinks she’s better than everyone else. She loves when I fuck up (which is often) so she can be a super hero to my kids. She’s a real fucking twat.

I finally pick up the kids and they tell me they’re hungry, damn kids are always fucking hungry. I forgot my wallet but I pulled into a gas station. I tell the brats to keep occupied in the car and I’ll be back in 10 minutes.

I offered $10 blowjob to a couple guys and finally I had a taker. He was big and smelly but I didn’t care. I got into his truck and blew him. He shot a huge load down my throat and I got my money and took the kids to McDonald’s. 

While the brats were sucking down milkshakes, my dinner will be later slurping down stranger cum in my stretched holes.


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Fucking Thinking Of You

  I guess you thought this might be some kind of fucking sappy romantic I miss you kind of blog? Fucking hardly, you twat face. I was surfing for a movie around 4am and one was on that made me laugh so hard I spit out my fucking drink. My fuck buddy was asleep but I had to wake him for this. It wasn’t so much the movie was funny but when they said “squeal like a pig” that made me think of a certain caller. 

Can you imagine talking to someone and all of a sudden they make pig sounds? I had him keep going so I could put my phone on threeway. Seriously? You think I wouldn’t share such stupidity with a friend or two? I know you might want to think I might have a sweet bone in my slamming body, but I don’t dumb ass. 

Humiliation is my specialty, and don’t think I will hide my laughter; because it is all about me and the fun I have on the phone with my collection of sissy boys, CBT lovers, freaks and little dick losers. Give me a call, and if you’re lucky I just might share you with my hot friends.


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Babysitter’s Revenge

   I was babysitting for Mr. S and super bored because my boyfriend couldn’t come over to fuck me. I was using his laptop to look at porn because it isn’t much fun on my little phone screen. He is always trying to grab my ass and beg me to  let him lick my little bald pussy. I let him get away with it because I knew one day I could use it to blackmail him to do things he doesn’t want to.

I couldn’t believe what I saw while looking for porn. Okay, well yes I could considering what a perv he is. He had pictures of my boyfriend and I fucking. I have to admit, I got off twice watching it before I called Jason and asked him what I should do to Mr. S. When Mr. S came home, he tried to grab my ass as usual, but I had a surprise for him.

I told him what I knew, and unless he wanted wifey to know he had to do just what I demanded. I told him to follow me to his bedroom where Jason was waiting. He said he always wondered what my sweet, teen pussy tasted like so I made him suck off Jason. We were far from done but Mrs .S came home so we had to stop for the day.

Teen Torrie



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Cum Get Messy With Me

tiffany  Welcum to the bedroom of your “I will do anything to make us both cum unbelievably hard.” I love sex and all the hot, slippery, wet, sweaty and yummy fluids that go with it. Don’t you just hate it when girls don’t want to get messy and waste all the sticky mess you both make together? My pussy just gushes when I feel a wet tongue on me with the added excitement of knowing that their face will be so wet and lickable after I squirt all over him.

I get uncontrollably excited when I know my lover isn’t shy about licking his cum mixed with mine off of every inch of my sexy body.  Sometimes while I am getting my pussy pounded, I scoop some of the juices up with my fingers and rub the sticky, delicious mess all over my nipples for both of us to suck it off. The messier and wetter the better!

I love fucking and there is just something about having my fuck buddy cum all over my tits and then both of us kiss and lick it off. Nothing beats going bareback so we can savoir all the slippery, hot wetness that comes with our fuck session.

Cum on and get messy with your favorite Blonde Bimbo Tiffany.

Written By: Tiffany

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Dreaming Of A White Christmas


I have a very specific Christmas list for my phone sex daddy. I told him I don’t want any toys, clothes or makeup this year. I told daddy I want a circle jerk with all his hot  buddies. It’s no secret I love older men and I’m obsessed with cum! I would love to come down the stairs and see 8 of my daddy’s well hung friends around the Christmas tree. Most little girls get down on their knees in front of the Christmas tree to open presents but all I want to do is get on my knees and suck cock. The more cum the merrier. Of course, daddy is thrilled. He can’t wait to set this up for me and be apart of it and he doesn’t even have to spend a dime. By the end of the day, I want cum covering my whole entire teen body. I am getting so excited just thinking about it. I can’t wait to have my belly full of warm jizz.

5 more days and it will be a very cum filled white Christmas!


  Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee

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Daddy’s Christmas Bonus

Baby BrittDaddy came home last night in a bad mood. He said his boss isn’t giving out his Christmas bonus this year. My jaw dropped because Daddy always likes to spend all his money on his little Britt. This means no new clothes, shoes, lingerie or makeup! Daddy and I were both upset about this and I needed to do something.

Later that night, I got all dressed up; short, black sateen dress and black stilettos heels. I had Daddy thinking I was going to the club but I really was going over to his bosses house to pay a little visit. I know exactly where the old bastard lives, we’ve been over there before for company picnics and holiday parties.

When I got to his house, I rang the doorbell and waited patently till he finally answered the door. He seemed shocked I was standing there on his front porch. He complemented me on my outfit and with a shaky but excited voice he yelled to his wife in the living room that he’ll be right back.

He took me to his garage so we could talk. I told him he had no right not to give my Daddy a Christmas bonus and before he could even speak, my dress was off. I told him I will give him a holiday gift he will never forget if Daddy gets paid.

It was 2am and I was back home and crawled into my phone sex Daddy’s bed. I sat my pussy on his face and cum started dripping into his mouth. Daddy asked what I’ve been doing and who’s cum is in his mouth? I told Daddy he will get a Christmas check this year and it will be double the amount.

Happy Holidays,

Baby Britt

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Written By: Baby Britt
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Torrie’s Cuckold Bitch

       Are you sitting on the bed waiting for me like a good cuckold? You know I have been out with my friends getting all my little teen holes filled by big, thick cocks. YUMMY! If you have been good, and you know that I can tell; you will be rewarded by your tiny Mistress Torrie. I inspect everything from your phone to your girly panties. Everything looks okay, as you know you aren’t allowed to play with your clitty while I am gone.

I give you a kiss so you can suck the jizz off my tongue and lick it off the sides of my mouth. Look at you, what a dirty slut you are! I already see a little wet spot on your panties even though we have just started. I hand you my thong to lick up all the jizz, you’re so hungry for it. You even wring it out to get every yummy drop.

Then I sit over your open mouth and slowly let the cum from my ass drip into your mouth. You try and get more by trying to stick your tongue in my pussy, but I slap you away. Bad, bad jizz junkie! I may just have to invite some cocks over, so you can get a huge jizz fix!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Cum Slut Emma

Phone sex daddy makes my cunt so nice and wet. There is something about being a naughty dirty little cum slut that makes me so hot. I love to look my best for him. I get down on my knees looking up at him with my pretty eyes. I crave his cum, actually I crave any mans cum load that is nice and creamy.

I think you can give me what I need. I bet your balls are nice and full. I’m ready to milk you. I beg you to rip my panties off to see how wet my cunt really is. Mmm, yes all my holes are ready to be used by your cock. I want to show you how bad I want and need to taste your cum. I’ll be your little slut all day long. As long as you cover my sweet, young body in loads of cum.



Written By: Baby Girl Emma
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Cum Filled Panties

This past week, I was away on a conference and it was a blast, as usual. I know it sounds like that would be a professional environment, but an entire week with a bunch of horny attorneys and judges away from their wives for a few days is a very exciting thing! And it wasn’t just after classes were over.. it was before, after and in between. Every single time I turned around, there was another man leading me off to a bathroom, an empty room, or a dark closet. The sexiest part of the entire thing was the fact that there was no time to clean myself up in between. I was walking around with a pussy filled with cum. My panties were wet and sticky with it when I would finally get to my room to take them off. I couldn’t resist putting them in my mouth and sucking on them! I probably averaged 8-10 loads a day and all that different jizz… yummy! I have another conference in a few months and I cant wait, I just have to remember to bring extra panties this time around!


Written By: Teagan
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Phone Sex Daddy’s Jizz Junkie

My phone sex Daddy always sends me to school with cum dripping panties. I get to feel his hot, sticky load inside me all day long. It usually works out where it starts running down my leg at lunch time. All the kids around me are eating peanut butter & jelly and I am taking my fingers and scooping up my phone sex daddy’s cum and eating it. Sometimes I put it on my crackers and it’s so yummy.

I am addicted to daddy’s cum. I could seriously have it 24/7. I text daddy at school sometimes to meet me somewhere on school grounds so I can give him a quick blowjob. He has also come to school during the day and given me a little cup of his cum. I know when I get home from school I can have as much as I want but I need some during the day. When you’re a cum junkie like me, there’s no waiting when it comes to a creamy load and I am so happy my daddy delivers every time.

Daddy’s Jizz Junkie Mandee



  Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee

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