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I have a white boy that calls me that loves to worship my chocolate holes. He loves licking and sucking everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) that comes out of me. Especially likes it when my holes are filled with that yummy, thick jizz that can only come from a big black cock.

He was happy with that for a little while, but decided he needed the real thing. Once I got a BBC for him, he’s never gone back! He still eats the cum out of my holes, but he would rather suck a hot load out of a black monster dick all by himself. I never would have imagined that he would be such a good little cock sucker, but my black daddies all rave about what a good little faggot he is. I keep bringing him more and more thinking he’ll get tired of it, but he just begs me for more. He only sucks it right now.. but his little white man pussy is about to be obsessed with BBC too!



Written By: Juicy Jasmine
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Not Today Mr. S

         One of the families I babysit for asked me if I could stay for a few days while they are out of town. Everyone was going so it was more of a house-sitting thing. FUCK YES! I am going to throw one hell of a party. I invited most of my friends from school and a few older guys who can get us party favors.

  We were having a great time dancing, drinking and people were doing hot, naughty things not caring who was watching. I was upstairs in a threesome when I heard all sorts of yelling downstairs. I ran down and the man of the house was home. I say “man” but he is really a sort of cuckold. Him and I go way back, and I have so many blackmail pictures of him. Maybe he forgot, but trying to ruin the party wasn’t very smart. I told him I knew he bailed on his family to get me alone; and for the hundredth time, I told him I am not going to fuck him.

My boyfriend came down and was not to happy with us getting interrupted. Him and the whole football team decided to show Mr. S who is really in charge here and who the bitch is. I demanded he get on all fours and service the whole team. He moaned like a little bitch, as he got pounded in both his holes. Man, he was covered in it! The best part was listening to him begging for more dick!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Gang Bang At Elle’s

       One of my married lovers asked me if I would host a party for him as his wife isn’t much fun and would ruin things for him. Are they ever any fun? He said he would have the beer, booze and munchies delivered to my condo. He emailed me his guest list, and he requested I invite them all. I began to send the invitations, and noticed a specific pattern. They were all men, and from what I saw on his Instagram, they were all extremely hot and built.

Once I put it all together, it made perfect sense. The only problem was that I wanted to do more than watch. These men looked so HOT. I had only invited a few, which lead me to an idea. Why not have a pre-party? I could have my pick to suck and fuck before he even got here. I picked out a tiny pink dress, no panties and a pair of my favorite fuck me pumps. My hair and makeup were perfect, but hopefully not for long. I wanted smeared lipstick, mascara running down my face, and hair matted in jizz.

The pre-party was slamming and he arrived to find all the guests already nude with huge hard-ons. He smiled and joined right in. Soon he was on all fours with a dick in his ass, one in his mouth and several surrounding him. In between getting rammed, he begged for a fisting from his number one slut, me!



Written By: Easy Elle
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Cum Swapping With My BFF

My best friend asked if I could help give her husband a big surprise for his 30th birthday. How could I refuse? She and I dressed in sexy lingerie and waited for him in their bed. The anticipation of him finding us there together was so exciting and we couldn’t help but start a little early.

He came into the room and saw his wife’s face buried in my pussy. He was surprised, but wasted to time shedding his clothes and joined us. He had a nice thick cock and was easy to share. We took turns fucking and sucking it. Sometimes he just watched us together until his cock couldn’t take it anymore and he needed a tight pussy to fuck.

When he finally blew his load, his wife caught it in her mouth and she was nice enough to share that creamy cum with me!


Written By: Anna
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Catching My Painter in The Act

I’m having some painting done in my house by this guy who came highly recommended. He’s been flirting with me the past several days. I’ve been noticing my panties have been shuffled around in my gym bag. I always put my dirty panties at the bottom and the last couple days they’ve been on top and unbundled.

I bought a really cheap cam and set it up in my bedroom where he’s been painting. I was watching him on my Ipad in the kitchen while he was upstairs. After 20 minutes of him being up there, he was going through my gym bag and taking out my sweaty, dirty panties! He put them up to his nose and then took his tongue and licked the crotch. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! He then pulled out his cock and wrapped my panties around his shaft and starting to jack off with them. He kept looking around making sure I wasn’t coming upstairs but little did he know, I was watching everything. He finally shot a big load in panties and all over my bedroom floor.

He was shocked when I entered my bedroom and his dick was still in his hand. I told him that I saw everything. His mouth dropped. I told him he had to lick every drop of cum off my floor, otherwise I was calling his boss. By his reaction, I don’t think he’s ever tasted cum in his life. He really had no choice and down on his knees he went.

Who knows, maybe after this he will become a cum whore. I do have my ways of turning guys into cum guzzling sluts.



Written By: Mimi
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Almost Busted….Again!

I was driving home the other night from the bar and I purposely took the back roads to avoid the cops. I had my windows down and belting out some CCR. I look in my rear view mirror and saw flashing lights behind me. Fuck me! I had an open beer and some party drugs in my purse.

Tap, tap on my window and it’s the same question every time. Do I know how fast I was going? I was a little tipsy and I made a sexual comment to the overweight gentleman officer. I said not as fast as I would like to be sliding up and down on your cock. He took my license and registration and went back to his car. I knew I would be spending yet another night in jail.

After 20 fucking long minutes, he comes back to my car and asks me to get out. He gave me 2 options. First choice; I could be escorted to jail and have a slew of charges. Second option was he could take me up on my sly comment and I could ride his dick hard and fast. I couldn’t of taken my clothes off any quicker. He lifted me onto the trunk of my car and starting eating me out. He didn’t know I just recently got fucked at the bar and had a huge load for him to eat.

After he sucked my pussy, he bent me over and slid his small dick in me. I don’t think the fat cop gets much action because after a minute of being inside my juicy cunt, he came. After that, we both went our separate ways.

I was stoked I didn’t get busted, I even broke out the party favors on the way home to celebrate; while going the speed limit of course!


Written By: Trashy Trish
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My New Maid Service

Hey there cucky! My black stud will be here any minute. Did you finish all your chores I gave you? I want a clean house before he comes over. I was nice enough to give you a sexy maid’s outfit with matching panties. It’s been very amusing watching you walk around with a feather duster and stiletto heels while I’ve been relaxing with a chilled glass of wine. I wanted to share with all my friends my new maid service so I videotaped you in your sluty outfit on your hands and knees cleaning my floors. Let’s just say; they couldn’t stop laughing.

DING DONG! There’s the doorbell! I hope you have finished, because if not; guess what?? My cucky won’t get to have that big, load of black cum you’ve been working so hard for. I will have to call one of my other cum sluts to lick my holes clean while you’re still doing your chores.


Written By: Mimi
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Cock Kisses

 Some men are just complete fucking cunt faces. I have one in-particular and while he is dead serious, I laugh my fucking ass off as soon as I hear his fag face voice. He can’t get enough of body fluids. Shit, piss, snot and jizz, he craves it all. He does have an issue with blood, but well if I have been fucked and on my period, he will take it like a greedy little pig! 

His newest expression is “cock kisses”. I just assumed it was kissing someones cock, but I should have known better with this jerk off. It is when the girlfriend he once had sucks a guy off and then kisses him with a mouth of of jizz. I call that snowballing, like most people. Of course, asswipe isn’t like any normal person I know. Leave it to him to come up with a fucked little expression for it. Did I mention he does like women, but how the fuck could he satisfy one with his little clitty?

I could talk about him for hours, as he is just that fucking hysterical.  He is just a mixed bag stupidity. He goes by many names douchebag, asswipe, cunt face, jerk off and my favorite because it was the first Philip The Faggot.  I have spit many drinks out laughing, quite the waste of booze but entirely worth the laughs.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Mommy Morgan Got Naughty On St. Patrick’s Day

mommy-morgan-in-greenMommy didn’t come home last night after the St Patrick’s Day Party! 

When Mommy gets home the day, she is still pretty. Her cheeks are rosy, but her hair is messy. She looks like she didn’t’ get much sleep either last night. Mommy’s clothes are wrinkled like they were crumbled on the floor all night. There is no explanation given to her staying out all night.

She does not make you breakfast. You are hungry for her special Sunday Morning Pancakes. Instead of heading to the kitchen, Mommy goes to her bedroom. After a minute, you open her bedroom door to whine about wanting her to make you pancakes, but Mommy is taking off her clothes. Her green blouse is open, and she is wearing a green bra. You forget about the pancakes and hug your Mommy Morgan. She smells funny. You know she was having sex last night. She has cum in her, and you can smell a man on her. 

You picture your Mommy getting fucked, hard, like the ladies in porn. You are aroused and hug Mommy harder. You rub the front of her white jeans and are so curious that you will kiss and lick between her legs.

Mommy says that you can kiss her anywhere. Time to make a man out of you. Mommy Morgan Knows Best! 


Written By: Mommy Morgan
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Jizz Junkie Daddy

I don’t live in a typical household where Daddy puts me to bed and reads me a bedtime story. It’s more like Daddy coming in my bedroom with a brand new sluty outfit for me to wear that night. He makes sure my hair, makeup look perfect and my teen tits and ass are hanging out. He always says the higher the stiletto heels, the bigger the cock I’m going to get.

He sends me on my way and I go out and get my holes filled as much as I can. My phone sex Daddy is like a pimp, he expects my body to be dripping  with cum from head to toe and if I’m not, he will be disappointed. I always surprise Daddy though with more than enough cum.

When I get home, I crawl into his bed and slide my barely legal body on top of him and let the cum drain from my holes into his mouth. He loves sucking out 10 plus loads from my ass and pussy. Daddy is such a jizz junkie that sometimes I go back out and get more for him because I love him so much!

Now you know where I get my cum obsession from and don’t think for a minute I let Daddy eat it all.


Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee
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