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Snip, Snip

    You crawl to me hoping I will forgive your absence. You mumble about how it just wasn’t your fault. Nonsense slut, it is always your fault. How could I possibly forgive your shortcomings. You have so many of them. You have watched me castrate so many males, and you were grateful I only tortured your cock and balls. I am bored and rather annoyed with you. It is time.

I make you prep yourself as I fuck a real man, something you will never be.  You are shaved, and your balls are bound tightly. You look like a little boy. Fuck, you are small. No matter, I have work to do on you. I could just leave you banded and let your balls fall of in a humane way. Not today!

You fetch my scalpel, and you put yourself in the stirrups. You beg me to get one last taste of my cum filled pussy. Secretly I know you just want want to lick the cum out of me.

You begin to shake and cry when I push the knife into your wee little thing. I can’t really call it a cock, now can I? You pray that you will pass out as not to feel all the pain. Doubtful loser. The excitement of slicing off your ball, is being drowned out by your screaming. I shove panties in your mouth and finish taking your manhood. Manhood? Now that is funny!



Written By: Brianna
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Country Sluts Do It Better

I had such a hot call this morning! My caller wanted me to be a really nasty country girl.

He caught me out in the barn late at night playing with one of my favorite big dick friends. I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes a girl just needs something huge stretching her holes. The problem was, my “friend” was a prized possession of my daddy’s, and his trusted foreman had just caught me with that giant cock down my throat! Luckily for me, what he really wanted was raunchy fun in exchange for his silence.

He joined in, pushing me back down to my knees in the dirty stall, and fucking me from behind while I pleased that monster dick. Holy fuck, was it awesome! Being pulled and tugged from one cock to the other. That was one threesome that I had never been in before and it was so fucking hot!

The best part was once all was said and done, I had a cream filled pussy and a hot load of cum directly to the face. What more could you ask for?


Written By: Ashton
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Black Cock Worship Phone Sex


I know you secretly watch porn and not any kind of porn either; you’ve been watching Big Black Cocks. You can’t get enough of it, it’s like you’re obsessed with their size and girth. You probably go to bed at night and your little dicklete gets hard just thinking about sucking a fat black cock. Would you even know what to do with it if you had it right in front of you? I’m guessing not, and that’s where I would help you be the black cock sucking whore you’ve always secretly wanted to be. I am the best at black cock worshiping, and I defiantly had my fair share of it.

I will have your sluty mouth deep throating a 13 inch black stallion and your little man pussy will tingle at the thought of sucking down huge ropes of black cum.

Of course, you won’t be able to take a 13 inch black dick right away, I will train you till I think you can handle it. I will start you off with a 9 inch black cock and we will work our way up. You have a lot of sucking in your near future, let’s not wait a second longer. It’s time to impress me, and be the black cock whore you’ve always wanted to be.



Written By: Destiny St. Claire
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Stir Crazy

I’ve been going stir crazy being stuck at home all these weeks. I’ve been entertaining myself watching porn and masturbating, but that’s not nearly enough. I miss cock, real cock. I was racking my brain trying to come up with a good plan when it finally hit me.

I went outside to my backyard and drilled holes in my fence. I called all the neighborhood men that I usually fuck and told them to go where the fence connects our yards. I made a neighborhood glory hole and they were more than happy to stick their stiff cocks through for me to suck. They have been stuck home with their wives after all, so they were more than a little neglected. Some of them came really fast because of that, but I didn’t mind. I swallowed that yummy cum like I was starving for it and then moved to the next one. Who said being stuck at home couldn’t be fun?


 Written By: Ginger
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Waiting and Scheming

Oh hey, I see you are home a little bit early from work. Don’t mind me, I just wanted to get comfy in your bed. After fully examining your sheets, it seems like this bed isn’t getting any action! “Giggles.”

Not to worry Mr. hottie neighbor, because I plan to fix that problem. I mean I already did twice! You might think you should turn me down, make me get dressed and leave. The thing is Daddy, I don’t want to leave. 

The other thing is you don’t REALLY want me to dress my sweet, tender, horny little teen body and then leave. You can fuck my little brains out, and I will lick clean all the evidence. You don’t even need to wrap that sucker, because I want, need and crave all your thick, slippery, yummy jizz.

Now that we have all that settled, cum fuck me on your bed. Put her fancy silk pillow case under my adorable teen ass, and lets both cum all over it! If fucking me isn’t enough, not to worry Mr.  neighbor, I will text some of my friends to join us.

                                                                                           Bratty Teen AJ 


Written By: AJ
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Red Cock Sucking Lips

           Aren’t you just the cutest little thing trying on all my sexy clothes. I think a night out with Ms. Cameron is just what you need. Let me have a look to see just what we have to work with. Strip down and take a shower. Don’t forget to shave those legs. Nice and smooth for all the men you will service.

Sit down while I do your makeup. Eyeliner, lots of mascara, and most important red cock sucking lips. A lovely long brunette wig, and now it is time to dress you up. Looks like someone is so excited that his clitty is tingling.

Now we shall dress you. Sexy black lace panties, a clincher to show off that tiny waist. One of my tiny mico mini’s, a pair of heels to show off that sexy ass, and we are ready to drive the men wild.

We get to the club around 12 am and it’s packed. The doorman lets us both in ahead of the line. I promise him a blowjob from my hot friend. We meet him in the bathroom with you already down on your pretty knees. He quickly shoots a load into your mouth and laughs as he sees the line forming to get a piece of you. You are more than eager with your mouth open, your ass in the air, and your two manicured hands out and ready to stroke. 

A night out with Ms. Cameron is always naughty, exciting and very profitable for me. Join me?


Written By: Cameron
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Teen AJ Is Cock Obsessed

I am completely cock obsessed. Ever since I accidentally saw my daddy’s cock, that is all I can think about.  I see my neighbors, and I can’t help but look at their crotch. I wonder how big they are, what type of head it has, and of course, what does it taste like? When I spend the night at friend’s homes, I try and catch their brothers and dads and brother friends, and any man that is over! 

Last night I stayed over at my friend Chrissy’s house. I picked her as my BFF because she has 3 brothers, her dad, and many times her Uncle stays there. A virtual Cornucopia of cock! Now you can call it what you want. Dick, cock, prick, dong and so on.  *Giggles* No matter what you call it, I want it! 

I found every excuse to check out the bathroom. Maybe someone was changing, showering or taking their cock out to pee. Either way, I want to see them. I noticed her 3 brothers were in the bathroom. What could they be doing? I cracked the door just a bit to see them jerking it with their sister’s panties. They didn’t have to sneak around. They could have just asked me for mine. They hear me, and I pretend I need to wash my face. They begin to snicker and talk about giving me a facial. I guess they have no idea that I know what a facial is. I am down on my cute little knees before another word is said. 


Written By: AJ
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The True Madame Of Cum

I know for a fact that a lot of girls say they love cum, but do they really? I think some girls blow smoke up your ass and tell you what you really want to hear.

I’ve watched many porn videos and I hear the girls beg for the mans cum. Right before he shoots his load, you see her squinting her eyes. Why? Because she’s afraid of it. Or, she takes the cum in her mouth and shows off that she collected a big load of hot jizz, but only to spit it back out. A true lover of cum would never do those things. If a girl truly wanted to eat cum, there wouldn’t be a single drop left.

I love the feeling of being on knees and waiting for that warm, fresh load of cum. Every man cums differently. Of course, the more the merrier for me. I truly get excited to see it all over my beautiful body and then taste it all. I treat it as my well deserved reward.

  Only a true Madame Of Cum will appreciate your orgasm and knows exactly what to do with it.

Written By: Madame Joanne
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Step Daddy Loves Cleaning Me Up

I have such a kinky step dad. He loves inviting all of his friends over to fuck his pretty young step daughter. He sits in the corner and strokes his dick while his pals take turns on me. It’s when they start shooting their cum all over me that he take a role in the gang bang. He jumps and starts slurping that cum up as quickly as he can. He licks it off any part of my body and closes his eyes like it’s the best thing he ever had. His favorite way to take it though is from my young cunt. He sucks it out of me like he’s starving for it… and maybe he is! He begs his friends to cum on me again, again and again. I don’t mind. He can eat all the jizz he wants off of me as long as he keeps bringing those big dick daddies by!


Written By: Ashton
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Will Daddy Ever Learn a Lesson?

My phone sex daddy came into my room and confessed he took my expensive panties I just bought. He wanted to be punished for what he had done. I had him bring me my panties. When daddy handed them to me, I saw they were dirty! I asked him if he was stroking his little dick in my panties again? His face turned red. He said yes, and he was very sorry. Hearing Daddy apologizing wasn’t going to cut it this time.

I told Daddy to get naked and to get on his knees where he belongs. I told him to spread his man pussy while I get my 12 inch strap-on ready. I forced every bit of my big cock inside of him. I was mad at him, and he’s going to feel how angry I am at his actions. He cried that I was fucking him too hard, but that only made me thrust deeper into his tight man hole. He asked if he could touch his little dick while he was getting fucked, and I said yes. I thought that was a good idea.

I could hear he was enjoying the pounding and I knew he was going to cum soon. I quickly pulled out and ran to grab a bowl. I put the bowl under Daddy’s little penis and told him to jerk off in it. I was shocked how much he came for having a such a little dick. I slammed Daddy’s head down to the bowl and made him slurp up his own cum. After Daddy ate every last drop of cum, I slid my strap-on into his mouth so he could taste his own ass juices.

Will pathetic Daddy ever learn his lesson?


Written By: Andie
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