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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Toni

I know you can’t keep your eyes off my beautiful, voluptuous tits. I am glad that someone appreciates them. My husband doesn’t that’s why I cheat on his pathetic ass. Don’t worry, he knows all about it. I have turned him into my sweet little cuck, my own personal little fluffer.

I have plans for all of us for the New Year.  I know you both want to make me happy and keep me satisfied in every possible way. I know you’ve been drooling over my body and would love to slide your cock into this married pussy. It really turns me on humiliating my husband watching him suck cock. I want him on his knees ready for your beautiful cock, getting you nice and hard to fuck me right in front of him.

Fuck me and ravish my tits with your hungry mouth. Show him how a real man fucks this hot body that was made for fucking. Just think how much it is going to turn me on when you slide your cock  out of my freshly fucked pussy and slide it in his pathetic mouth to clean up. 



Written By: Toni

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Sissy Bitch Show Off Party

I know just how excited you are to show off your new outfit I got you for Christmas!  You just love getting all slutted up don’t you?  Well, I hope you’re ready, my little cum whore. I’ve planned a special event and you’re the Guest of Honor!  You’ll also be the sweet little party favor, you sexy little sissy bitch! 

First, I’ll pamper you a bit in a sensually scented bubble bath. I’ll even have your fingers and toes painted while you soak. Oh don’t you worry my dear, we’ll have pillows at the party so you don’t hurt your knees like the last time. This time you are the Bell of the Ball, and will be treated as such, or until you end up covered in cum shots. One more slap on that bare ass of yours and then you better get in before the water gets cold.


 Written By: Amber
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Booty Call Brittany

I love guys with small dicks, they’re so pathetic and I have such a blast making fun of them. It seems like lately every guy that has been hitting on me and wanting to fuck me, has a small shrimp dick! What am I suppose to do with that? I can shove all my fingers in my pussy and it would be 10x better. Since it has been happening a lot lately, I have been turning them into my little cuck bitches since they all want to fuck me so bad.I have been giving them a dose of what a big cocks looks like and how they fuck. You know, the ones that I really like fucking. The ones that stretch open my pussy.

I took this one guy with me on a booty call and let him watch how my pussy got pounded on. He was simply amazed and turned on like never before. He was so fascinated by the size of his cock. I thought it would be fun to let him tag along for a second time. Boy, was he hungry for cock this time. He was on his knees seducing his cock with his tongue getting him nice and hard for me. He knew I was going to be satisfied with a good hard fucking like I deserve.

I have so much in store for him. It is the Holiday season so I’ll be giving him the best gift he’s ever received in his life.


Written By: Brittany
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Convenience Store Piggy


   Just when I thought I had heard and seen it all, along comes Philip. Ms. Cameron loves her sissy boys, especially when they take it to a whole new level. How do I even begin to describe the mess that is toilet face Philip. He is this mixed bag of “what the fuck did I just hear”?

First, shall I call him a he or a she? Very perplexing! Imagine you are traveling with your lover, and stop into a Stop and G0 for a bottle of water. Then you see it! A man wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes, heels and lipstick is standing at counter flirting with clerk.

I went to use the restroom but it was such a dirty mess, I just couldn’t. I guess he heard my conversation and offered his mouth up to me. Jokingly my friend asked if he would suck his cock as well. He was joking, but Cunty Face said he would love to, and even asked if he could lick my lover’s asshole. 

I could go on and one about him, but sometimes you just must hear it all from my beautiful mouth!



Written By: Cameron
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Creamy Halloween Treats

One of my girlfriends asked me to go to a Halloween party at a pretty bad ass club last night. I can never say no to going out! Since I absolutely love this holiday and love dressing up, I took the invite.

It was a pretty cool club, I was definitely getting a lot of attention from all the men in there. I was wandering around in my sexy little outfit when this one man approached me. He was really hot and I wasn’t really sure what to expect of him. He leaned in towards me and whispered in my ear, how horny he was for me and and needed to fuck me. He was definitely my type of guy. 

We made our way down a side street, it was busy but not that busy. The next thing I knew I was up against a wall with his hands sliding into my moist panties his big, thick fingers started teasing my pussy making me want him as bad as he wanted me. My juices were gushing down his fingers. That is when he grabbed me by the waist and bent me over. He was tall, dark, and handsome. He grabbed my ass and spanked his big, black cock on my wet pussy and asshole. He asked me which one should he start with?

Now, my sweet little fucker… that is reading this. I have a creamy treat in both my holes. Come be my trick and I’ll let you have your treat like a good boy. 


Written By: Sierra
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Cum Eating Sluts

Let me tease you about what a cum eating loser you are. I know I love a thick, gooey creamy load and I am sure you do to. I think you have a few more secrets that you’ve been hiding.

My pussy has a nice creamy load marinating in it. I left it there just for you. Climb in between my legs and start licking my perfect pussy. I have a cream filled treat waiting for you if you can dig your tongue deep enough. You’re so eager to clean every drop up. Lapping up my juices making my pussy sloppy wet. Once you eat all the delicious cum out of my pussy, just position yourself right at my sweet little shit hole. I have another surprise for you.

Give me a call and let’s put your tongue to work.



Written By: Lusty Lindsay
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How Much Can You Cum?

I know a lot of women say the most important thing is cock size. That is very true because no woman wants a tiny dick…..ever! Micro-penis’s are only fun to laugh at. What I think is one of the most important thing about a man is how much he can cum. I’ve had a glorious 9 inch cock before, only to have him squirt a little teaspoon of cum! I pretty much assumed that all big cocks cum big, and I realized (the hard way) that’s not always the case.

I love cum in me and on me, so for a man to cum a little bit is defiantly a turn off. I really like watching porn where men are jerking off and seeing how much they can shoot. Of course, the best is when they can explode across the room or all over themselves.

Many of my callers tell me they always cum so much with me. I get told it’s because of my voice or my wild imagination that gets them so turned on. I love hearing about it, and what you’re going to do with it once you do cum. Of course, my ultimate is when you eat your own cum. It’s such a waste otherwise.

If you love cum like me or you think you can cum a lot, please call and share it with me.




Written By: Lexi
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Forced Bi Phone Sex


I have a special treat for you today. Nothing is hotter than a sexy, hot Goddess forcing you to do things you might not do unless you’re forced.

I love having you over to my house and bringing my friends over and force feeding you some cock. Both of us on our hands and knees as I hold the big, juicy thick cock and feeding it to your cock sucking lips. As I whisper all kinds of nasty things in your ear, you slurp that throbbing cock down into the back of your throat. I place my hands on the back of your head and forcing it in, inch by inch until you make that cock pulsate and squirt a huge load deep in your throat.

Oh! You think you are done just because you sucked him off? Oh no, nothing turns me on more than watching you roll over on your back and hike your legs in the air and spread your pussy cheeks, and watch you get fucked by some BBC. Uh huh, I said it BBC baby and you will take it all and you’ll make him cum deep in your tight pussy hole.

Call me for your orgy party!


 Written By: Parker
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Cum On My Tits Phone Sex

I love cum, I always have. I have a little bit of a fetish with cum all over my big, natural tits. Feeling that hot cum splatter against my skin as I hold my breasts up for you with both hands… yummy!

When I have more than one cock, it’s even better. It’s coats my sensitive nipples and makes my pussy so wet and creamy. I love to rub all that sticky goodness into my aching breasts and then lick my fingers clean. Tasting the combination of your cum and my skin is so fucking intoxicating.

Luckily for me, my tits are so big that I can make extra sure that they’re extra clean. You can watch me suck and lick on them, and hopefully your cock will get hard and we can make another mess together!



Written By: Abby
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Labor Day Pool Party

I stopped by my Mom’s house for Labor day and she was going to a neighborhood pool party. I tagged along and I couldn’t believe how many hot neighbors she had.

I didn’t have a swimsuit so I didn’t go swimming but that didn’t stop the married guys from checking me out and flirting with me. The drinks were going down pretty good and watching all these hot guys in wet swim trunks made my pussy wet.

It was a few hours into the party and I was raging horny. I needed cock in me. I saw 2 guys talking to one another by the food table. I approached them and started making small chit chat. They didn’t seem to pick up any signals from me so I just told them straight up: “HEY, YOU GUYS WANNA FUCK ME!” That got their attention.

I took them to my Mom’s backyard and we went behind her tool shed. We all got undressed, and I sucked their cocks for a couple minutes. They lifted me up and slid my horny holes onto their hard cocks, then they started fucking me. I love having 2 cocks in me at the same time. I didn’t know if they were married or had girlfriends, it didn’t matter to me, I just need to be fucked and hard.

When we were finished, we headed back to the party. I ran into my Mom and she wondered where I was. I slid 2 fingers in my cum filled pussy and brought it up to her mouth. She sucked my fingers and said “you naughty girl.” My Mom wanted to leave the party and share a little dessert back at her house with her daughter.


 Written By: Jersey
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