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All Yours


Maybe you don’t realize how much my hot, young cunt aches for you.  How wet I get when I think about you and the way you touch me. My mouth always waters when I think of your rock hard dick sliding in my mouth going balls deep on you. I drool and lick it up then suck your mushroom head while I stroke your shaft.

I am your submissive slut that will do absolutely anything to get you off, and I mean anything. 

You can take me rough and pull my hair while you slam my pussy. Fuck my tight, puckered hole then make me go ass to mouth. I want nothing more than to please you because I want that creamy surprise at the end.

I’m all yours to do whatever you wish to…



Written By: Andie
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A Night With My Husbands Boss and My Cuck

Being married is wonderful when you’re in charge and everything goes your way. My little cuckold husband thinks so too. His place is at my feet or in between my legs, eating a hot cream pie.

We started off as a swinger couple then chose the cuckold lifestyle. We love it and won’t have it any other way.

Lately, I’ve had the urge to humiliate him more and more, it really gets me off knowing he’s ashamed and humiliated.

We had a small gathering last night and I invited his boss. His boss is black and very hot! Can you imagine what I did after the gathering was over? I seduced his boss right in front of my pathetic cuckold husband, it was the ultimate humiliation.

I took that black meat like a pro and loved every inch of it. He blew a huge load of cum in my hot, married pussy. He even told my stupid husband to clean up. I like a black bull who knows how to treat a cuck.


Written By: Simone
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I Need A Real Man

You’re so fucking pathetic, telling me how you’re going to fuck me with that little 2 inch non-existent “cock” of yours. Did you really think that something like that would really turn me on? I’m so fucking insulted. The only thing I can tell you is you better know how to eat pussy and ass because that’s all you’re getting, and you’re not even getting that unless I have a creamy load in both from real men.

You know that I’m a size queen, and that equipment you’re packing doesn’t even begin to cut it.

You better get on your knees and beg to clean up the mess the men before left behind. That is the closest thing to pussy and a piece of ass you’re going to get from me. I need a real man, with a real dick.

Keep that in mind the next time you even think about showing/offering it to me. I am an absolute Goddess! Now, get down and worship me.


Written By: Abby
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My Favorite Treat

I’ve always been a cum slut. Just the thought of heavy cum-filled balls makes my pussy drip. I will take it anywhere: my face, my tits, belly, back, mouth, ass- but I love when my pussy is filled with cum most! Nothing feels as good as a cream-pie pussy. Especially if there’s more than one load in there. Feeling that wetness between your legs, feeling it run down your thighs.

I usually can’t wait until they’re gone so I can play with it. I lay back in bed and let my fingers sink into that creamy cunt. All that jizz feels so warm on my fingers. I love the sounds I hear when my fingers are moving in and out. It makes my clit throb.

I cum over and over with that sticky cum deep in my pussy. When I pull those dripping fingers out of my pussy, it’s my favorite treat.



 Written By: Ginger
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You Will Learn

You don’t like being laughed at by every woman you try to fuck, do you? That feeling of dismay and shame when you realize that once again, you came too soon, doesn’t feel too great, does it? How many times do you need to be mocked for premature ejaculation before you realize that you have a problem?

The fact is, no one wants to fuck a man who can’t keep from shooting after one minute. Phone sex with a mean Mistress is just what you need to teach yourself to hold back from premature ejaculation. Listen to her tease you, making that cock rise to attention, and then hold you enrapt and obsessed with the sound of her voice until you just about forget how badly you want to cum. Your focus should be on your phone sex, not on your orgasm, and you know that if you cum too soon, your phone sex Mistress will humiliate and torture you beyond words. You will learn to control your cum!

Of course, no lesson learned goes unrewarded. If your phone sex session proves you to be a really good slut, maybe she’ll give you a treat- something warm and creamy, shot straight from that aching cock of yours! Then again, if you cum too soon, you’ll have a huge mess on your hands that your phone sex Mistress will want no part of, and you’ll have to clean that up, too. If you want to feel yourself shoot that badly, you better get used to the taste of your own cum, or learn to not cum at all.



Written By: Lacey James
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Do What You Are Told


Crawl to me lover. Look up at me, my obedient fuck toy.  I hold your face in my hands and tell you all the sexy, filthy, deviant, and delicious things I want to do to you.

I wrap my hand around your cock and lead you to my big bed. I bite your lip and pull it out with my teeth. I hover above you where you feel the heat off my curvy body. I kiss you long, hot, and slow. Your cock is touching my clit, but not yet. We have the whole night ahead of us.

       I rub your pre-cum on my nipples for you to suck off. So obedient. I mix it with my pussy juices and you hungerly suck it off my nipples. Now, I rub it all over my sexy lady cock and feed it to you. You belong to me.

You lift up your tone legs, showing me your sexy ass. I kiss, nibble, and bite your ass cheeks. I spit on your pucker, lick it, and slowly slide my tongue in. You beg for me to fuck you. Not yet.

I slide my body up yours and sit on your face. I lean forward to reach your balls and lick, suck, tug, twist, and bite them. Pre-cum is gushing out and I rub it all over my lips and kiss you. 

I need to pound you. You wrap your hand around my lady cock and guide it into your tight asshole. I demand you show me how much you want it, by moving back and forth. Grind on me!


Written By:  Tiffany
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Wake Up Daddy

I love waking up my phone sex daddy with my soft, young voice. It’s exactly what his cock needs in the morning. I like crawling into your bed and stroking your big, hard daddy dick while I whisper naughty things I want to do with you in your ear.

I know it turns you on when I go in Mommy’s closet and play dress up with her sexy lingerie. It makes my pussy wet when you tell me I look hotter than her. I love when she goes to work early in the morning so we can have lots of play time. I normally go to bed thinking about you. I pump my tight, wet pussy anticipating your daddy cock inside me.

My mornings are the best when you put your daddy cum in me before I go to school. I like to brag to my girlfriends. I pull them all into the girls bathroom so they can see my cum filled pussy. They get so turned on that my daddy fucked me that they stick their fingers inside me and have a taste for themselves.

Tons of licks and kisses,

Your Little Corina



 Written By: Corina
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Cum Dumpster Camille

I want to lay on the floor and have you and a group of your friends surrounding me, jerking off while looking at my gorgeous body. I don’t want to be touched, you can just look.

I touch myself, starting by pinching my nipples. I’ll slowly drag my hands down to my pussy, spreading open my soft pussy lips, and start rubbing my horny cunt. I grind myself hard while your friends stand around watching me until they can’t take it anymore and blow their huge, hot loads onto my body. I love feeling the cum hit my soft skin. It gets me so excited feeling it drip down my stomach, across my face, into my mouth, and on my tongue.

Do you have a group of friends who would maybe want to do this to me? Let me know.


Written By: Camille
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Jerk Off Instructor

I love watching you touch your cock and telling you exactly how I want it to be stroked. I tell you the precis amount of pressure I want around your cock. I tell you how to work your hand down your shaft all the way to the base, and slowly glide your hand up and squeeze the head of your dick. I want you to work your cock harder so you release some pre-cum from the tip.

I then instruct you to take the pre-cum, rub it on your fingers, and put your fingers in your mouth and taste it. Taste so good, doesn’t it? I know you love the taste of your own cum. I bet you can’t wait to taste your heavy load. You can’t have it yet though, you need to work your cock a bit more for me.

As your jerk off instructor, I tell you when and how I want you to cum. An early release will only result in a severe punishment to my liking.

Are you ready for your explicit instructions? Call me and I will take care of the rest.

Your Jerk Off Instructor,



Written By: Julie
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Good Little Cuck

I have a man in my life that takes care of almost all my needs. He spoils me, supports all my expensive habits, and keeps me in lavish comfort, but he’s lacking in one important area, the bedroom! His cock is just too small and he cannot satisfy me. He knows what a cock hungry size queen I am, and knows that his little dick just doesn’t make the cut.

He does serve some purposes though, he is an amazing pathetic little cuck! He stands at the foot of the bed and watches as a real man fucks all my tight holes. I look up at him and smirk. All he can do is stroke his little pencil dick. I can’t help but laugh at the look on his face as my current lover taunts him, telling him how fucking good my pussy and ass feel. He’ll never know that pleasure. There’s no way that sad excuse for a cock is coming anywhere near my perfect cunt. His job is to serve me and my wants and needs.

After hours of fucking, I have one final task for him. I put him on his back and squat above his face, letting all the creamy cum drip down into his mouth. He knows I expect all my holes to be cleaned out by his tongue. This is as close to my pussy that he will ever get, so he takes advantage, licking and sucking all he can. He’s the perfect man, my good little cuck.


Written By: Abby
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