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Daddy Kept a Big Secret From Me

Phone sex daddy kept a big secret from me and I wasn’t to happy about it. He forgot I have all his passwords to everything. I wanted a shopping day for all new cute outfits so I checked daddy’s bank account and he got a very large deposit. He never told me he got a big, fat tax return.

I approached daddy when he was watching tv in the den. I crawled up on his lap and started playing with his hair. Daddy seemed stressed and said he had a bad day but that didn’t stop me from getting what I wanted. I nestled right in on daddy’s lap and it didn’t take long before I felt something poking me, hehe. I wiggled my butt back and forth on daddy’s cock. He started to get really hard but then I started grinding my sweet, teen pussy on his hardness till the point he was just about to cum in his pants. Of course, I didn’t let him until I got what I wanted.

As I was still humping daddy, I told him I was not happy and I wanted ALL of his tax return he received. He said he needed some of it, so my wet pussy starting grinding faster and harder and soon we negotiated to me having every last penny of it. As soon as he told me I could have all the money, I got up from his lap. Poor daddy wanted to cum so badly but I had to go make a bank withdrawal.



Written By: Princess
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Stripping For My Phone Sex Daddy

Ever since I was a little girl I loved taking dance class. I used to love to perform my routines in front of my phone sex daddy.

As time went on, my performances were more sexual and they were turning into a seductive dance more than my normal ballet routine. I could see it was exciting to him and he encourage me to do whatever made me happy. My outfits were getting very skimpy and I started giving daddy lap dances. I could feel the huge bulge in his pants as I grind my little body on his cock. I know he was so turned on and he was trying so hard not to touch me but one day he couldn’t resist. I felt my phone sex daddy’s hand graze across my tiny thong and he could feel my wetness. Daddy’s cock grew even more. I starting grinding my wet pussy against his crotch and it didn’t take long before I felt a warm mess touching my panties. I realized I made him cum through his pants.

It was so hot and erotic that when I turned 21, I worked for a strip club for a short time. I realized it just wasn’t as taboo as dancing for your own daddy. I enjoyed getting him off way more than old, drunk men.


Written By: Dakota
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Daddy’s Little Escort

It was Friday night and I got an escort call and had to go to a hotel. I got dressed up in my slinky black dress and black stiletto heels. When I arrived at the hotel, I was very impressed. My customer text that he was in a suite so I knew this guy had money.

I got to his room and when he opened the door it was my Daddy! We were both in shock. He told me he got into a fight with mommy and wanted to treat himself to a night alone. He went on to tell me that they haven’t had sex in months and he was really looking forward to an evening of raunchy sex.

He had no clue I was an escort and he didn’t seem upset at all. In fact, he was happy it was me and not some ugly, fat slut. He opened up to tell me he always wanted to fuck me but was to shy and didn’t know how to approach the subject.

He handed me $1,000 cash and asked if he could fuck his little whore. I immediately took off his pants and gave my phone sex daddy a blowjob of a lifetime.

We fucked 3 times that night and he came inside me every time. Daddy said he will be my #1 customer.


Written By: Olivia
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You Don’t Like My New Boyfriend

You don’t like my new boyfriend, and you want me to break up with him. 

He is a total badass, a real bad boy. He has tattoos, a pierced tongue, curses, loves fast cars, hot motorcycles, and has pics of half-naked famous porn girls posted in his auto shop. He gets into fights at bars, but all the ladies in town love him. His bed is never empty for long. 

You don’t know where you went wrong with me. I was always the good girl. I have always brought home good grades and introduced you to my boyfriends who were shy, quiet boys, and who were age appropriate.  They were always polite and respectful, but here I am hanging out with a bad boy.

Everyone tells you that your little girl is just going through a phase. You lay in bed at night, staring at the clock. It is 2 am, past my curfew. I am late, again. You picture me with him, and all sorts of salcious images go through your mind. He likes slutty girls, and he must be turning me into a slutty girl. Taking me anywhere and anyway he wants!  His strong hands grab me and caress my young, firm body. You have an image of him bending me over, at this auto shop, late at night. Fucking me so rough and so hard. Fucking me like a porn star.

This image in your mind has made your dick hard. You put your hand inside your shorts and masturbate your hard cock while you picture your little girl getting fucked like a little slut by a real bad boy.



Written By: Layla
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Jizz Junkie Daddy

I don’t live in a typical household where Daddy puts me to bed and reads me a bedtime story. It’s more like Daddy coming in my bedroom with a brand new sluty outfit for me to wear that night. He makes sure my hair, makeup look perfect and my teen tits and ass are hanging out. He always says the higher the stiletto heels, the bigger the cock I’m going to get.

He sends me on my way and I go out and get my holes filled as much as I can. My phone sex Daddy is like a pimp, he expects my body to be dripping  with cum from head to toe and if I’m not, he will be disappointed. I always surprise Daddy though with more than enough cum.

When I get home, I crawl into his bed and slide my barely legal body on top of him and let the cum drain from my holes into his mouth. He loves sucking out 10 plus loads from my ass and pussy. Daddy is such a jizz junkie that sometimes I go back out and get more for him because I love him so much!

Now you know where I get my cum obsession from and don’t think for a minute I let Daddy eat it all.


Written By: Jizz Junkie Mandee
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Teen Anal Training

When I started fucking, I loved having my teen pussy fucked, the harder the better. Two, one it didn’t matter to me, but I was terrified of having my little virgin asshole taken.

One of my sugar daddies decided that it was time to pop my anal cherry! He took me upstairs and worked on lubing my puckered little hole up. His fingers moving in and out burned a little but it soon started to feel good. He got up to 3 fingers inside of it, then decided to push it. He held up a butt plug and I started to panic. I had no idea how it was going to fit! It took some time, but he finally got it in. I was so uncomfortable and my first instinct was to push it out. He shook his head no and then I felt a vibrator on my clit. My legs started to shake and it all started to feel really good.

His hand worked the plug in and out. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to cum for the first time with my ass full! Right before I came, he replaced the plug with his lubed up cock and finished me off with a hard pounding. It felt so good! Since then, I can’t get enough ass fucking!


Written By: Josie
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Role-Play With Lil Baby Bethany

    My neighbor yelled to me from his window. He said it was a huge emergency and would I please come to help him. Being the good obedient girl that I am, I rushed right over still in my babydoll. I didn’t understand what was wrong. OMG, he was laying in bed nude with his big dick in his hand. Did he hurt his back and can’t move?

He asked me to come closer because he really needed my help. He had both his  hands on “it” and was moving them up and down. I was curious even more now as to what was happening. He told me to put my face near it. I did as I was told and he grabbed my hair and pushed my face down all the way to his big balls.  I started to gag and he grunted loud and shot a load of salty white cream in my little mouth.

I just love role-plays of all sorts. I can be your sweet little girl, your naughty curious neighbor or your teasing little sister and more.

Written By: Baby Bethany
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See Me After School

You wrote, “see me after school” on my quiz, instead of giving me a grade. 

Math is too hard. I don’t like it. I would rather learn about faraway places or read stories about kings and queens. I like reading and studying fun things. I get good grades in English and History, but that does not help me with my math homework.  I keep getting stuck, and I did not do so well on my last math quiz. Now, you are making me stay after school. Usually, I end up in the principal’s office because I am chewing gum, or talking in class, or most recently, because I forgot to wear panties under my short skirts again.

You are my favorite teacher, and I want you to like me, think I am pretty and sweet. I want you to think I am smart, but I am not when it comes to math. When I open your door after school, you don’t even look up me. You just keep grading papers.  Quietly, I stand there waiting for you. Finally, you look up me. As I stand there in front of you looking at your handsome face, you scold me for not trying hard enough as you talk about my quiz grade. I burst into tears, I tried so hard, but it is just too hard.

You take pity on me. You give me a big hug, and I enjoy your big, strong body squeezing my tight little teen petite body. I don’t want to let go. I am so ashamed that I have disappointed you. You promise to make it all better. You slip your fingers under my skirt and find it is another, no panty day, for Miley. You assure that there are other ways, fun ways, that I can earn a good grade is your class. I look up at your face and unzip your zipper. 

Your little girl,


Written By: Miley
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Sharing Charlie

My step-daddy loves to show me off. I don’t blame him, look at my tight teen phone sex body? He knows I would do anything for him.

Today, I had planned on skipping school to hang out with some guy. Daddy called and asked if I would like to go on a shopping date with him. I couldn’t pass that up. I love when daddy spends his hard earned money on me. We shopped for hours and it was so much fun. New lingerie, heels, and the perfect cocktail dress. I wasn’t sure what daddy had planned but I knew it was going to be a special surprise.

When we got home, I ran upstairs to change into my sexy new outfit. When I walked down stairs, I was glowing for daddy and he had a huge smile on his face. I smiled back and looked around the room and noticed all of daddy’s co-workers. He had arranged to share me with all of them, what a treat! It makes me so happy that I can please daddy and all of his friends. I think daddy has a big business deal in the works and wanted to use me as his secret weapon. I know to never ask daddy questions, I just keep everything nice and discreet. His secrets are always safe.


Written By: Coed Charlie
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Step Daddy’s Watching

black and white after danceMy stepdad came to NYC to watch me perform.  He drove through a hellish snowstorm to get me.

I am an understudy filling in because the dancer couldn’t make it back into the city due to all the airports being closed.

My big debut!

Although the seats were mostly empty due to the weather, the show must go on! I danced my heart out, especially knowing that daddy was watching me.

 After the big performance, daddy and I went back to my apartment to celebrate. He brought a nice bottle of champagne and a dozen of long stem roses.

He noticed how much my body has changed. For the first time ever, he didn’t see me as a little girl. He hugged, and we started kisses, well making out actually.

It was like a dream, as my dress came off, and daddy’s pants came down. I sat back in a chair, and he slowly pulled my panties off of me. He went down on me, and I came for him. Written By: Chrissy
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