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Your New Little Girl Wants To Play!

You have been dating my Mommy for a long time now. Soon you will be married and I will be your little girl. You will be my new Daddy. Yes, I flirt with you. It is not your imagination. I tease you when I walk around the house looking hot and cute. I show off my little tits. You tell my Mommy that you love her big tits, but I know you really love my tiny tits better. My tight little body, sitting on your lap, grinding away. Mommy doesn’t make you hard as much as I do. You’re only marrying Mommy so you can spend more time with me. Like every night, in the same room, with me in my little pj’s, bouncing around the house. You want to get inside of my little, white cotton panties. My little pussy is getting creamy just thinking about you being my new Daddy.


Little Lucie 



Written By: Little Lucie
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Daddy’s Special Frosting

     Phone sex daddy is always tempting me, he talks about the yummy cream cheese frosting that he can whip up. I didn’t know that daddy can bake yummy sweets? I sure do love getting a mouth full of white frosting. I guess he found out about my sweet tooth when he saw the empty can of frosting. Daddy said he had something much better, but that I would have to work for it. Work for my sweet treats? I am not sure exactly sure what he meant by that?

I went to bed early only to be woken up by daddy in my bedroom. He told me he knew I liked a little sweet treat late at night. I didn’t see anything in his hand. Daddy whipped out his cock and told me if I sucked hard enough that I would get my treat. He said it was pretty thick, well ah yeah frosting is always thick. I got down on my knees while daddy sat on the bed and began sucking. He told me if I was able to get my lips down to his big, cum filled balls I could get all of his special frosting. I licked, sucked and used my hands feeling his balls getting full and tight. Then it happened! I got a mouth full of yummy, thick white frosting.



Written By: Teen Torrie
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Cock Loving Slut


      I went out clubbing with friends last weekend, and I had no idea where I woke up. You would think that happens to me a lot as I am a huge party girl.

I texted one of my friends, and she said I left the club with 5 guys. I looked around the room, and once things weren’t so hazy, I found what was left of my dance clothes. There was two guys at the foot of the bed passed out. I began to look around, and realized I had been to this house before.

My step-dad was in the kitchen having coffee. He pulled me onto his lap and began whispering in my ear. He was telling me all the dirty details of last night. I was a little scared, but completely wet. I could feel my phone sex daddy’s cock getting hard under me as he kept giving me more and more details. I was about to ask if this had all been arranged but he pushed me down on my knees, and shoved his cock down my throat before I could say a word. The men from the club were all standing around me, and telling my Step-dad to fuck my face good.  I just can’t help being such cock loving slut!


Written By: Callie
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Good or Bad

My pussy started to get really wet when my phone-sex daddy walked in my room and wanted to speak to me. He sounded so stern. It seemed like he was really mad and disappointed about something. He yelled out my name and told me to sit on the edge of the bed and not say a word. At that time, I wasn’t really sure what I had done wrong but phone-sex daddy was going to discipline me. I am sure he had a valid reason. So, I was a good girl and sat quietly. 
He sat down next to me and he had a thick leather belt in this hand. He ordered me to pull down my pajamas and my panties and lay across his lap, like a good girl. So I did so. I could feel his warm hands rubbing my ass cheeks. I knew he was going to spank me hard. As I thought about  the tingle I was going to feel, my pussy started to get wet. This makes my phone-sex daddy even more excited and the spankings become harder and more intense with his bare hands. It stings but I secretly like when my phone-sex daddy puts me in my place and gives me a little discipline. Of course, I cry out and act like I don’t like it, but we all know I was a naughty girl on purpose.
Written By: Emma
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Daddy’s New Secretary

Phone sex daddy has been spending a lot more time at the office lately. He doesn’t come home until after I go to bed. It’s been pissing me off so much that I had to see what or who was keeping him at the office longer and not home (where he should be) with his little girl.

My Daddy had a dentist appointment and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to drop by his work when he wasn’t there.

When I walked into the office, I saw a new secretary sitting where Bonnie (the 60 year old Grandma) would be. Daddy’s new hire looked young and trashy. I knew right away what was keeping him at night. I knew her little plan. She is working her way to the top by keeping my Daddy happy and satisfied. I know Daddy’s weakness. He loves young, petite, and long brown hair girls. And of course, she looks just like me too.

She doesn’t know that she’s making the boss’s daughter very upset because she’s draining Daddy’s balls and nothing is left for his little girl. 

Maybe you and I can come up with some sort of a plan to get this bitch fired so Daddy comes home to his little Baby Britt.




Written By: Baby Britt
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Young Lil Bethany Needs a Fucking

Hi Phone Sex Daddies! Your baby girl is super horny today and needs a big daddy dick to play with. I love having my head pushed into the couch while my sweet little ass is getting pounded. Some girls are into making love, but not me. I need it hard, rough and deep. I want my little fuck holes to feel used up and temporarily stretched out. Bring over your friends, and let’s make it a gang bang!

Are you the type of daddy that wants two of us? I love to play with other girls while daddy is listening and stroking for us. Why not go for a sexy 2 girl call and give yourself a special treat. I am into playing with another teen like me or even a sexy Milf. I am waiting phone sex daddy!



Written By: Baby Bethany
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I Love Role-play Phone Sex!

I just love family fun role-play. I get asked to be anyone from phone sex sister to phone sex daughter. I can even be Mommy Callie if that floats your boat. I know it sure will be a hot one for me.

I love reading role-play suggestions from all my awesome, very naughty callers. Feel free to email me, and tell me what dirty thoughts are in your head today. Maybe we can put our heads together and cum up with a role-play that will get us both off!

I had a brother/sister call last week and it was so fucking hot! I was the older sister and he was younger brother. I went to sleep-away camp and learned some interesting tricks with my tongue.

Give me a call! If you aren’t sure what you would like to do with sexy, little Callie, just shoot me an email. I am looking forward to it! Let’s get really dirty!





Written By: Callie
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Faggot Daddy Part 2

        Faggot daddy came home and told me something that totally pissed me off. He said that there is another phone sex daddy/daughter making movies and they are outdoing us. Well I sure can’t have that. I am the nastiest little porn princess, and my incest play is the best fucking EVER!

Phone sex Daddy ate a fresh load of cum out of my bald little pussy while we talked about what we could do to fix that. I’ve seen and done most everything with daddy with just two exceptions. I never made him get fucked by a furry friend, or be my human toilet. That was about to change! 

We got ready for our producer to come over. Daddy put on a pink silk thong, little matching training bra, and his wig and makeup. I love when daddy looks like a cheap crack whore! I put on a cute little easy access dress, and stripper pumps. Daddy’s eyes got huge when he saw all the men with huge dicks. OMG, even I began to drool at those big dicks. Of course, tonight it was all about humiliating faggot daddy.

    Cum be my phone sex daddy? I love family play, humiliation, toilet play, fisting, glory holes and anything else that is totally taboo. Give me a call, let’s see what you got!


Written By: Teen Torrie
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Daddy’s Got a New Girlfriend

My phone sex Daddy has a new cute brunette girlfriend and it’s ME!

 Last night during sex he said he has deep feelings for me. It was so romantic! He was telling me he fell out of love with Mommy because of me. He went on to tell me he hates having sex with her. If she bitches about not getting any sex, he fucks her out of pitty. He said he thinks of me the entire time, and it’s the only way he gets hard. He feels so guilty fucking her when I’m right down the hall, and he feels like he’s cheating on me. 

 Of course, we have to keep our relationship a secret….for now. I’ve been tempted many times to tell that bitch when she’s yelling at me. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she catches us.

 I’ve been begging Daddy to cum inside me but he normally pulls out and cums all over my tits. Now since I’m his girlfriend, I think we should take our relationship to a whole new level. I would to see Mommy ‘s reaction when she sees me with big, round tummy.


JesseWritten By: Jesse
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In Trouble For Going Hairless

I got into so much trouble last week, and I promise I will never make that mistake again.

At the pool, in the shower, at sleepovers I see all my friends with bald little twats. Before I went to sleep at my friends house, I was fingering myself, wondering what it would be like to feel myself all smooth and hairless. I did get to feel my friend Shanna’s smooth pussy, but that is for another blog.

I took a hot bath full of sweet smelling bubbles, I grabbed a pink Venus razor. I shaved every bit of hair. It felt pretty nice, yet different. I couldn’t decide if I liked it.

My friends Dad came in to use the bathroom, so he said! I was just getting up to towel off and he noticed all my beautiful pubs were gone. He was so mad, and said he wasn’t going to finger me, lick me or fuck me till it all grew back. He then pushed me down to my knees and face fucked me till I couldn’t breathe. I was so fucking horny after that. I begged him to touch me, eat me, fuck me…. anything! He slapped my ass, and said “no”.  He asked me if my phone sex daddy knew. I begged him not to tell. Well that just got me another face fucking and 10 times as horny!


Written By: Emily
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