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Mom’s Boyfriend Is Pimping Me Out

Even though I’m 8 months pregnant with a big belly, I’m still getting pimped out by my mom’s boyfriend. I’ll be laying in bed trying to sleep and step-dad barges in with a new man that has paid good money to fuck his preggo step-daughter. They love my big belly and milky tits. I have to admit, I like it too.

I love my pregnant swollen cunt filled with as much cock as I can get. Sometimes they come in 3 or 4 at a time to have a go at me. It’s such a delicious taboo and they know they can cum in me over and over and never have to worry about getting me pregnant.

I have no idea how much they pay because I never get any of the money, but it must be good because he keeps bringing them in to take me. I’ve started sleeping naked because I know there will be a man or 2 in my bed at some point in the night. Some of them can’t get enough. My step-dad is already planning on a breeding party after I pop this baby out. I can only imagine how much money he’ll make off the men that are dying to put a baby in me! Written By: Bobby Sue
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Slumber Party Fun

My bestie invited me to spend the night at her house. I love spending time at Anna’s house because her dad is so hot! I never let on to her, but I think she knows by the way I look at him.  He was supposed to go out with friends for his birthday, but he said he was too tired and stressed so he canceled. That is just so sad.

I asked my friend if we could give him a very special treat from both of us. She giggled and quickly agreed. We were ready for bed with her in her adorable baby doll nightie and me in my white sleep shorts and tank top.

We fixed him a Crown and Coke and then barged in on him in his office. He looked happy for the interruption. He is so sexy! We chatted for a bit and made him laugh. I told him he looked stressed and I began to rub his shoulders. I heard him sigh and saw the bulge in his pants. He suggested it would be better if we left him to his work and went up to bed. He sure doesn’t know me very well. I began to unbutton his shirt, while Anna undid his pants. He tried to say no but how could he resist us.

We had a special plan for this night. We both wanted to be teen Mommies together. One would distract him with kisses, while the other rode him till we got all his baby batter. He tried to push me off of him, he mumbled something about no condom. I was having none of that. I rode him till he drained those balls into my tight, fertile pussy. Then it was Anna’s turn and my turn to distract him.

Let’s just say that was his best birthday ever!

Written By: Baby Bethany
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Spank Me, Daddy!

I was in trouble a lot when I was younger. Daddy would ground me from seeing my friends and from doing anything remotely fun. Nothing would stop me though from going to a good party, or hanging out with a hot boy from school. I would easily sneak out of the window until all hours of the night.

When I returned, Daddy would be waiting on my bed with a very upset look on his face. I knew the routine and would push down my short skirt and my little cotton panties. I bent over his knee and would feel his strong hand hit my bare ass. It was always the first hit that stung the most.

After a few spankings, my pussy always gets really wet. Daddy didn’t know how much I enjoyed spankings from him until one time he spanked me unbelievably hard, and his finger accidentally brushed against my pussy lips. I squirted all over Daddy’s lap! Daddy was shocked and from that point on, my punishments got a little more sexual.


Written By: Sunny
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Unleash Your Forbidden Desires with Julie

With Halloween coming up it’s time to unleash your forbidden desires. It’s okay to admit that your head turns every time you see a cute girl in pigtails. There’s something deep within you that would love to delve more into these harbored feelings but you feel it’s wrong in some sort of way to talk about it.

I’m here to tell you it’s more than okay to talk about age play with me. Ever since I can remember I’ve been a very promiscuous girl. I’ve had a strong attraction for older men and loved showing off my hot, little body every chance I could. There’s been many nights I would finger my pussy to the thought of being with my Daddy or Uncle.

I want to come up with the perfect age-play fantasy that will make both of us explode.

Written By: Julie
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Masked Man

With Halloween coming up, my mind goes to the most interesting one that I ever had.

I was young and still living at home. I had snuck out with my friends and had a little too much to drink. I came home, crawled into bed and passed out. Some time in the night, I woke up to a very lovely sensation. My pussy was being eaten and eaten so good. I tried sitting up, but strong hands held me in place. I came against a stranger’s tongue. It felt so good.

He then climbed on top of me and slid inside me easily. I opened my eyes and looked up into a face covered by a scary Halloween mask. He started fucking me rough and all I could hear was his grunts as he rammed in balls deep every time. I tried to reach up and take off the mask, but he held my hands above my head while he continued to pound into me. He shoved nearly into my belly and came with a rough groan. I tried to keep my eyes open but I was too out of it to try.

The next morning I woke up and was convinced that it was just a dream. I was incredibly hungover and went into the kitchen to ask my mom and stepdad if they had anything that I could take for my aching head. Mom told me to go into the bathroom in their room and look in my stepdad’s medicine cabinet. I opened it and something fell down at my feet. I bent and picked it up and gasped. In my hand was the mask from last night.


Written By: Charlotte
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Daddy Joe

It has been a while since I heard from my phone sex daddy, Joe. I’m a brat and I don’t like being ignored. He thought that he would call and his baby girl would just spread her legs like last time. NOPE! I had to teach Daddy a lesson.

Daddy had to be extra sweet to me before I would even consider being his sugar baby again. He begged, pleaded and promised me anything I wanted for my sweet pussy. Once I felt like he was really sorry for neglecting me, I finally gave in. He was a bad daddy, but he fucks me so good… I had to give it up! I made it clear to Daddy Joe that this was his very last chance. Next time he’s a bad boy, I’m getting a new daddy, good cock or not. I think I should start looking for one now so he knows I’m serious! Does any daddy need a good slut that will drain your balls?


Written By: Raylin
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Country Sluts Do It Better

I had such a hot call this morning! My caller wanted me to be a really nasty country girl.

He caught me out in the barn late at night playing with one of my favorite big dick friends. I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes a girl just needs something huge stretching her holes. The problem was, my “friend” was a prized possession of my daddy’s, and his trusted foreman had just caught me with that giant cock down my throat! Luckily for me, what he really wanted was raunchy fun in exchange for his silence.

He joined in, pushing me back down to my knees in the dirty stall, and fucking me from behind while I pleased that monster dick. Holy fuck, was it awesome! Being pulled and tugged from one cock to the other. That was one threesome that I had never been in before and it was so fucking hot!

The best part was once all was said and done, I had a cream filled pussy and a hot load of cum directly to the face. What more could you ask for?


Written By: Ashton
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Sweet & Innocent Miley

I have to admit, I have a real sweet spot for older men. And, that sweet spot is the wet spot on my pretty little cotton panties. While the other girls around me are dressing like sluts, I know it’s the innocence that really gets the dirty daddies all hot and bothered. I see the way they look at me, and I know they’re thinking about how my perky little girl titties would look all naked and exposed.

I can see how they squirm when they catch a glimpse of my tight little bottom with my pretty pink bikini bottoms highlighting those soft girlish curves. I see all the horny daddies look at me while I innocently lick an ice cream cone, or enjoy a firm banana. For some reason, the sight of me wrapping my lips around something, and sucking translates into naughty things.

I know you want to do very naughty things to me. I may look sweet and innocent but trust me, I like to do very grown up things.


Written By: Miley
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Little Lucie’s Nap Time

He comes to me in the middle of my favorite Disney movie. I ignore him when he tells me to turn off the tv. He tugs on my pigtails and tells me that it is nap time. Now, he has my attention. I cross my arms and pout. He grabs the remote and off goes my movie. 

I let him know that I am a big girl and not a baby! I don’t need a nap! He does not like my childish attitude and that I am fussy, so it is time for an afternoon nap. 

To demonstrate that I am a big girl, I stand up, put my hands on my hips, and calmly state that I am not sleepy. It makes no sense to lie in my bed if I am not tired. I want to watch the rest of my movie while he does his work on his computer. Geesh! 

Now, he is getting mad and frustrated. He spanks my butt one time and picks me up. He carries me to my bed and tugs off my jeans and my shirt. In a sweet voice, I ask if I can wear my pink summer pj’s. He hands them to me. I won one battle. Mommy would never let me wear these. 

I curl up in my bed and remind him that I am not sleepy, not even a little. I ask if he will get into bed with me because it is so boring to be in bed alone when I am not tired. He takes off his shoes and jeans and crawls into bed with me. Now it is time to play! My little girl fingers start to wander around inside his boxers. He is not sleepy either. I made him hard and he wants to play daddy/daughter games. Let the fun begin!

Little Lucie


Written By: Little Lucie
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Family Fun Role Play

  I am in the mood today for a very naughty family fun role play. I have so many dirty ideas, but I would love to hear what my callers think. The dirtier and taboo the better! I can be any age you want for our fantasy call. 

I was thinking that I could be your little girl who can’t keep her hands of her hairy little pussy when she hears mommy and daddy fucking. The sounds mommy makes seems like she is really having a good time. I can sure understand why! Daddy has such a big cock. All my friends ask about him. Tonight is the night I can finally climb into bed and join them. 

Mommy takes me into the bathroom to make sure I am ready. She makes sure I haven’t trimmed my big, beautiful bush. She then gives me an enema, because daddy wants to fuck my cute little ass. I can hear daddy’s porn in the bedroom. I bet our threesome will be better than any porn.

I hope this excites you as much as it does me. Cum join me and I know it will be better than the porn you’re watching.

Love and kisses, Emily


Written By: Emily
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