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Lingerie Shopping with Bambi

 I just love lingerie. I have so many different shades, colors, and styles. I especially love wearing it for you. I love going to Victoria Secrets and having a shopping day out. I shared a very erotic phone sex call with a gentleman this week where we took a trip to Victoria Secrets and he asked me to model several different styles of lingerie for him.

He picked out about 10 different things from sexy bras and matching panties, to baby dolls. I love the feel of silk, satin, and of course, lace on my skin.

I asked him if he wanted to come into the dressing room with me while I changed. I began to slip on a gorgeous black bra and matching panties. The man I was with immediately became hard. He gave me a ravishingly deep kiss.

Before you knew it, we were making out in the dressing room of the store. He began to taste my pussy through the sexy panties. I am sure that the people in the store could hear my moans as he sucked my pussy lips through the panties. Wow, who would have thought a shopping trip for sexy lingerie could be so hot.

If you would like to hear all the details of our erotic shopping trip then give me a call today.

Written By: Bambi
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My Victoria’s Secret Order

There is a knock at my door. I answer it and there you are holding a package.

You ask if I am Isabelle. I say that I am. You explain that you signed for my package. You hand it to me. I realize that it is my Victoria Secrets order. I tell you, thanks.

You tease me. You would hate to be responsible for depriving a pretty girl of her lingerie. I smile and invite you in so we can get to know each other. I find you gorgeous and charming.

I pour you a cold drink, and invite you to sit outside with me. I am still holding the package. It’s driving me crazy. I really want to see what is inside.

I explain how anxious that I am to open the package from VS, and you encourage me to do so. I slip inside, leaving you alone on the patio.

I come back out wearing a super sexy bra and matching panties.  You like what you see. Now it’s my turn to tease you. I run my fingers over my bra making my nipples hard. I ask you should I keep this or send it back?

I climb into your lap and we start making out. We end up fucking right there on the patio.


Written By: Isabelle
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Valentine’s Day Panties


 You have been snooping in my bedroom again, haven’t you?  You see the sexy red satin panties on my bed. For a brief moment you think about me in them, but then your thoughts go in a very different fucking direction. You check the time, and know I won’t be home for several hours. You giggle, as you rub them against your face, feeling how soft they are. Checking the clock again, you  slowly strip as you watch yourself in my full length mirror. You put on Bump and Grind, and begin to dance as you slip on my red panties. You run your hands down your body, feeling so sexy.

You hear laughter at the door, and turn around to see me and 2 friends watching you. Don’t you look so adorable?  My girls dance with you for a few, as I pick out sexy lingerie for you. A red clincher, red 6 inch stilettos, red satin bra, cherry red lipstick, and a red wig. You look like a slut! You’re so excited, and begin to dance some more. 

You beg us to take you out for the night with us. We pick the perfect dance club. There is always hot professional men looking for a walk on the wild side. You flirt with the bartender, and you get all our Painkiller cocktails for free. That gives us all an idea. We’re all giggling but you have no idea why. I talk to the bartender and soon men are waiting in line at our table. I take their money and follow you into the restroom. You pull up your dress and take off your panties. A line is forming, and I watch you take 4 cocks at once. Quite impressive, I must say.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Sissy Sluts!


Written By: Harley
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Pantyboy Masturbation Party Phone Sex

Hey there, Pantyboy! I have some new little panties for you. They are so soft and silky. You are adorable in my panties. Your cock is so tiny that we can tuck it in your panties. You are as smooth as I am between your legs. 

It is time for a Pantyboy Party. I invite you over for an evening of fun and sex games. I talk you into putting on a pair of my panties for me. My hot roommates are waiting for you to start the show. Come out and show off for the girls, my little exhibitionist pantyboy. Shake your little ass! It makes the ladies laugh and tease you. 

You are hilarious. The night is full of so much laughter because you are walking around all night in just your panties. The girls and I surround you. You are excited but intimidated. You feel weak and controlled by girls half your age. It is humiliating but exhilarating to be in nothing but a pair of panties in front of so many giggly girls. 

Spread your legs, pantyboy, and rub yourself through your silky panties. Your cock tingles and twitches. Put your hand inside of your panties. Grab your little cock and rub that head against your panties. Put on a Pantyboy Masturbation Show for us girls. Keep playing. We guide you, control you, tell you what to do until you cum in your little panties.

The girls tease you and laugh so hard when you finally squirt into your panties!


 Written By: Bratty Bree
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Romantic Summer Evening

I surprise you by sending you a text while you are still at the office. Usually, you don’t want me to bother you at work, but today you don’t mind. I send you a picture of my new  Victoria Secret’s lingerie and ask you to leave work a little early. I have a romantic dinner planned on the balcony this evening. 

You text me back asking if I will be wearing the new lingerie when you arrive. I text back saying that I have on a short dress since we are having dinner on the balcony. (I am wearing my sexy lingerie under my dress, but I will share that with you after dinner.) It is such a perfect day that we should eat outside tonight. I entice you to leave now with some hot sexting. Usually, we wait for the weekend to spend time together, but it is always fun to have a sexy midweek date.

After dinner, we enjoy a second glass of white wine. The sun will be setting soon. I bring out a cherry tart from a bakery down the street with two forks.  I take the first bite and make this cute little “yummy” noise. I take a second forkful and feed you the delicious, decadent dessert. I feed you another forkful and then slide into your lap. We kiss and caress each other. You are even more yummy!

I stand up and slip out of the dress. Let the neighbors call the cops! I need you here and now. I lean back against the railing and pull your pants down.  You push my panties to the side and slip your cock into me, fucking me right here on the balcony.

Love you,


Pantyboy Phone Sex

Hey there Pantyboy! 

I know that you have been out shopping at picking up new sexy panties. Victoria Secrets has the sexiest little panties. What colors and styles did you buy? 

Call me! I want to hear all about your new panties.

I have new panties too! Let’s play in our new panties. It is so hot when we cum in our panties together!

I love to dominate you, pantyboy! 


Naughty Back To School Girl

I am your teen brat. I expect you to spoil me. I want you to take me shopping, my special sexy Daddy. I want a new phone so I can take naughty pics of me and send them to your phone. I need new clothes. I want to the sexiest girl at school. I want really short skirts and tight tops. You are going to get a lot of calls from my new principal about me breaking dress code, but you will take care of him. You just pay him some money and tell him to let me dress any way that I want.

Also, I want the prettiest little Victoria Secret’s panties. I will let you sniff when they are dirty, Daddy.  Maybe even when I am wearing them. I am so naughty. Such a tease!

Maybe at the mall, you can help me with the zippers and the buttons in the dressing room. We can get super naughty and play in there, Daddy. I love to model my sexy new clothes for you.

You know I always take care of you in the naughtiest of ways when you get me back home. When we are behind closed doors, it is my turn to make you feel special and spoil you!

Every girl loves her special, sexy Daddy!


Lucky Little Boy

My phone sex nephew always tells me he is the luckiest little boy in the world. He has an Auntie who understands and even gets excited by his needs. It is cold and dreary where we live and I think a trip at a lovely hotel is in order.

I helped him pack his bags and unlike with his mom he didn’t have to had what he was packing. He looks a lot like me and is such a hot little girl when I dress him all up in lingerie. We got to the hotel with him as a girl, I named him Angela. The clerks even remarked what a lovely little girl I have and we should make sure to take advantage of high tea.

He was squirming so much I think he made his pretty pink panties already wet. Angela noticed I was flirting with several of the young men at the hotel helping us and asked would they be joining us later tonight. I explained that this would definitely be her first time as a full and complete girl. After a lovely dinner we changed into our silky , slutty lingerie. He was so excited he wet his panties yet again. Oh my, this will be quite a night. I wonder just how good a cocksucker my darling Angela is.

Dirty Auntie Debi

Panty Thief Left His Cum in my New Pink Panties

I bought a bunch of very cute panties at VS during the After Christmas Sale.

I notice that you have been hanging around my bedroom a lot lately and you have this weird grin. You look guilty about something. When I ask you what is going on, I always get the same answer from you, “Nothing.”

Tonight, the girls and I are going to a party. I go to put on a new pair of my panties, a pretty pink thong. I look down as I pull them up. There are white stains in my new panties. Now, I know these stains were not there when I brought them home from VS. I carefully placed all my new panties in my top drawer.

I remember that dirty boy look on your face. You naughty little fucker. I am so pissed! You fucking jacked off into my panties and put them back in my drawer.

Get your butt in here and expect to be verbally humiliated and teased. Maybe I should bring all the girls in here so they can dress you up like a slutty little pantyboy.

What Can a Girl Do To Get Privacy

With such a big family it is hard to get any kind of privacy. My mom married a man with three boys and they are always teasing me, trying to look up my dress and trying to keep me from boys at school. It isn’t as bad as it sounds because the oldest is really hot! *giggles*

I went to Victoria’s Secret and bought some new things, nothing like the panties and sleep things I already have. They were really sexy, I mean eventually a boy will ignore my brothers and get up the nerve to date me. There is so much wash to do that we toss it all in separate bins by color and wait till there is a big enough wash.

I wanted to wash my new lingerie so before every one came home I went in the laundry room to take care of it. My oldest brother came home early and asked me what I was doing. I tried to stuff it all in my jean’s pockets but even as small as the panties were it wouldn’t all fit. He stood behind me pulling it out and I could feel his cock pressed against my ass. He wanted to know why I was hiding them and did mom know I bought such naughty, sexy big girl lingerie.

He promised he wouldn’t tell on me if I would try them on for him. I pretended I didn’t want to but I loved teasing him. I told him to turn around and I would try on the little black tanga pair. I told him it was alright to look now and he just stared at me hungrily.  Next thing I know my big brother was on his knees licking the out side of my panties making my teen pussy all wet. He pulled them down and pushed his tongue deep inside me tasting my tight little hole. It felt so good I held his head and moved against his tongue till I came. He stood up with my juices all over his face and told me it was time to try on the white pair and my turn to suck his cock. I put on the while lace pair and was down on my knees quick with his big, swollen dick head pressed right up to my full lips. I gave him the best blowie he ever had but he didn’t want to cum on my face.  He pulled me up, sat me on the dryer and pushed his hard cock into my creaming dripping pussy. We heard the front door and he fucked me faster shooting his hot load in me. He left the laundry room and distracted mom so I could sneak upstairs with my new lingerie and clean up.