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Humiliation In The Red Light District

Humiliation is the name of the game for you. The more humiliated you are, the more excited you become. Being put on display in very embarrassing situations is thrilling for you, and entertaining for me. 

You work for me in the red light district. There are clubs for every erotic desire lined up on both sides of the street. I own one of the best clubs, and you are my star. Every night, you perform up on a stage in front of a large audience.  Before the show, you and I stand on the street, wearing only our lingerie to lure people into my club. Yes, you wear whatever slutty little outfit that I select for you: corsets, bustiers, bras, thongs, stockings, pantyhose, chemises, bodysuits. You have to stand on the street enticing the crowd to purchase a ticket for the show. You must stand there and endure all the name calling, whistling, and illicit touching until every seat is full, then the real show can start. 

Every night there is something different. Always new tantalizing treats for my voyeurs to enjoy. Sometimes on stage, you are dressed like a slutty little whore, and sometimes you are completely naked. I instruct you to perform for the crowd. One night you might put on a masturbation show. Occasionally, I use my strap-on and fuck you which is a real crowd pleaser. You service the ladies on Ladies Night. When I want to push the envelope, there are water sports for you. Every Friday night, you become a cock loving, cum drinking whore. I bring men up from the audience. Either one at a time or a group of men with very large cocks. They can use your mouth and then your ass to put on a fucking fantastic sex show. 

It is humiliating to be used in this manner, but you, my naughty exhibitionist, love it! 

Mistress Brynna 


Bad Girl Brynna
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Babysitter Phone Sex with Mommy Patrice

Hi, there youngins! I’m known in the south Florida trailer parks as Mommy Patrice. I smoke, drink and party until sun up with young cock and pussy. Why not? I’m retired and drawing on my husband’s pension.

When my step-daughter asked me to babysit her two boys for the summer, I thought they were going to be a royal pain in the ass, but was I so wrong. One day I decided to get up early and start drinking and I got so drunk that I feel asleep and told the boys to just watch tv while Granny takes a nap. I woke up to this wonderful dream of having my pussy being licked and tits being sucked. I realized then it wasn’t a dream but it was my Grandsons. They had found my porn videos and was practicing on me. They took out their cocks and before I knew it, they had them shoved down my throat and taking turns fucking their Granny’s old hairy pussy and they’ve been fucking me ever since. It felt so good I never wanted it to stop. What can I say, they love their Grandma!

Naughty Mommy Patrice
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Breeder Babe Wendy

Oh no! My uncle is at it again! He’s trying to knock up his sweet little Wendy. I always know when he’s back on his kick because we start fucking a lot more– like a lot more! Every single night he’s sneaking into my bedroom and shoving his cock into my tight teen pussy. I always tell him to pull out, but he never listens. I know what’s on his mind. He wants to see his favorite fuck toy with a big round belly and milky tits. No matter how many times I say no and beg him to stop, he does it anyway. He tells me how much I’m going to love being a mommy. It’s easier not to fight– he’ll just hold me down and cover my mouth with his big hand. This latest spell has lasted longer than usual. It’s been months and he’s determined to knock me up this time! I guess his little fuck doll is turning into his little breeder whore!

Written By: Wendy
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Rough sex For His Little Kitten

       Sometimes waiting for the special surprises my sugar daddy elle6-300x426brings home to me seems like an eternity. I never know if it will be lingerie, jewelry, plane tickets or my very favorite of them all….several hot and horny men for me too fuck.

Some men are greedy and want to keep you all to themselves but mine loves sharing me as much as I love gang bangs.  I always wait relaxing with a drink when he says it is “surprise time”. One time it was a beautiful fem/dom with a 10 inch strap-on.

       Last night it was 5 tall men who looked a bit rough around the edges. I knew right then I was in for a rough fuck. William sat down and made himself comfortable as he got ready to watch his trophy girl get all her beautiful holes pounded.   Sometimes I pretend to cry and beg them not to rape me. Lol, you know it just makes them fuck me harder. Want to join in and rape this beautiful blonde? I promise you will have the best fuck you can ever imagine.

                 Kinky Elle Kat

College Girl Blackmails Pantyboy

I was down in the laundry room of the apartment building. I had several loads to do setting near one of the washers. I got really behind in my laundry because I was so focused on preparing for final exams. It was early afternoon, so I thought I could leave the first load of laundry in the washer unattended. I ran up to my apartment to do a very sexy call with one of my favorite callers. He made me cum so hard that I drifted to sleep, forgetting about my laundry.

When I woke up and an hour later, I felt fantastic, but I wanted more. I started touching myself. Suddenly, I remembered my laundry. I threw on some clothes, and I ran downstairs. There you are, my naughty neighbor sniffing my dirty panties from the dirty laundry basket. Your pants are open, and your cock is exposed. I know that you were going to masturbate with my dirty panties. I threaten to tell the landlord that I caught you stealing my panties if you don’t do exactly what I say. I am a horny college girl in need of a really good fuck. Fuck me right here in the laundry room, and I won’t tell anyone your secret panty fetish. Don’t deny it. I know a pantyboy when I see one. Just shut the fuck up and fuck me now! You are lucky. I could be worse. I found you while in need of a hard sexy fuck, and I like the look of your cock, so I blackmail you into fucking me just the way I want it. 


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Revenge Is A Bitch

HarleyI have the sweetest brother, he’s cute, hot and nice. I mean the total fucking package. He was dating one of my friends for a few weeks and the bitch just used him. Only thing she drained was his bank account. So, I am mad as hell and a little revenge is in order.

The parties at my house are famous, I mean anyone who gets an invitation is privileged. I plan one of my parties and invite the cunt. She is all dressed up and ready to party. I admit, she looks HOT! She sees people dancing, drinking, awesome music and she begins to really let loose and enjoy herself. Little by little the chicks begin to leave, like they were instructed. The music turns to Max Hardcore porn.

She is drunk, but not that drunk and tries to leave. “What is your problem bitch? The party’s just starting”, I say. She sees my brother sitting in a chair smiling and assumes he just will get to fuck her. Not a fucking chance my baby brother is too good for her. Her clothes start getting ripped off, the bitch is screaming and being tossed around like a rag doll. They are rough, raping her holes and hurting her bad. Ah man, now is that is just a shame. Too fucking funny!

HarleyWritten By: Harley

Test Drive

A few years ago, I needed some extra cash and took a job working at a car lot. The owner knew he could probably get some sales out of me, so he put me out on the floor. I was doing pretty good. As he suspected, the men loved me! One day, a customer came in that made the other salesman run. One told me that he was a hard guy to work with. I took it as a personal challenge and decided to volunteer. I was expecting him to drool all over me like the rest, but he didn’t. After a few frustrating hours of working with him, he decided he found one that he wanted to test drive. I got in with him and he spun off. He didn’t say much, just drove. I noticed that he was going a little further than permitted and said something to him. He kept driving. Pretty soon he pulled off into a wooded area and shut the car off. I sat there, a little scared, a little pissed off. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I laughed a little at the situation… I was sucking this asshole off. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face close to his. He told me if I wanted to make a sale today, I was going to be a good slut and take his cum down my throat. I still fought a little, but he was already forcing my head up and down on his cock. I could barely catch my breath. He was ramming it in hard and fast. I felt his body tense up and prepared for the blast. So much jizz shot into my throat that it was coming out of my mouth. He pushed me away, zipped up and started the car again. We drove back to the dealership and I collected the biggest commission of my career. The guys all wondered what my secret was, but I have a feeling that some noticed the telling stain on the front of my sweater…

Naughty Librarian and You

191 bree

I am a student librarian, and you are a naughty Professor at the University.  I am putting away books on the top floor of the library.  It is a quiet part of the library where the rare book collection is stored.  You were my French History Professor last semester. You are a powerful, naturally dominant, sexy man.  Now, here you are among some of the oldest books in the library, with your tongue down a pretty girl’s throat and your hand up her skirt. You are fingering her, and she is just about ready to cum for you, as I interrupt you.

Immediately, you pull your fingers out of the girl’s panties and wipe your dirty fingers on her skirt. Then you push her away and tell her that this can’t go any further because you could lose your job. You send her away. I walk up to you, brushing up against you, teasing you about playing with fire in the library.  I tease you about what I saw and how I should report you to the head of the University. I could ruin you. You beg for mercy. You promise me anything. I lift my glasses and look up at you.  “Anything?” I ask as I run my fingers along your throbbing hard cock.

I put my finger in the belt loop of your pants, and I make you follow me. Your ass is mine. I blackmail you and force you to have sex with me, just the way I like it. The tables are turned. It is my turn to have my way with you. I take you to a private back room of the library where we are going to fuck. I am one bratty co-ed who dominates you. You give me every pleasure with your tongue, your fingers, and your hard cock. 


Erotic Phone Sex

My American father taught me how to stroke cock so men really enjoy it. I can give the best handjobs and blowjob around. The very first time I tasted his cock I knew I wanted to bring men to their ultimate pleasure by giving them a sloppy blow-job. The feel of hot cum from a man’s pee hole squirting all over my face and in my mouth is the ultimate pleasure. I especially love erotic bondage, being hard tied and helpless. I may cry and beg for mercy but my hard nipples and dripping slit will give me away. Torture my nipples, spank my shaven cunt until I scream. No matter how rough you get, I’ll only beg for more. Maybe afterward, you’ll have to teach me a lesson, put me over your knee and spank me hard I can be extremely submissive. When it comes to any kind of sex, anything goes for me. Call me and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Forced Bi Phone Sex with Reese

If you were to walk pass me on the street you might take me for an innocent girl but appearances can be deceiving. Trust me, daddy, you’ll never meet a more hardcore little girl than me. I lost my virginity in a forced bi experience involving me, my Daddy and his side chick. My Daddy was trying to get in my pants, and I was a big tease until he and his freaky girlfriend conspired to abduct me, and take me back to a seedy hotel room, and force me to eat her out all night, she wanted to smother me with her pussy. Then he joined in and tore me apart with his big, rock hard Daddy cock. Since then, they’ve introduced me to all their bisexual swinger friends and I adore fucking other women especially older ones. I love pussy and having my slit licked as much as any dick. Think you can take me farther than they did? My first time was a blast and you can use me any way you want no matter how perverted we get, I will always beg for more.