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The Boss is One Hot Bitch!


Your company’s new senior manager has a reputation for being a very hot, but a demanding, bossy bitch. There is only one way to tame her and to please her. It is very simple. Become her sex slave. Get lost in those huge tits. If you pleasure her sexually, you will see a slight increase in your paycheck.

Ava is a cougar that loves young guys with hot bodies who are eager to go down and lick her until she cums all over their faces. She loves rough sex, so bring your A-Game.

The Boss Lady is in her office day and night, so stop by for a long one-on-one meeting. If you are willing, she might even get out her strap-on and fuck you. She will give you something you have been missing at home.



Written By: Ava
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Accomplice Phone Sex

One of my specialties and favorite role-play scenarios is accomplice phone sex. I’m as trashy, sick and twisted as they come. I will always squirt hard when I get a caller that wants to talk about abducting a youngster and turning them into our personal little fuck toy.

We can take our play thing into my bedroom of my trailer and do a hot rape fantasy. I will hold her down and quiet her screams as you force your huge hard cock in that tight, bald pussy. You make that tiny little cunt bleed as you spread her wide open.

There’s so many other scenarios that we can do with this sweet little package. I will never turn down an abduction phone sex session with my horny, perverted boys.


Written By: Peggy
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Accomplice Wanted

You are feeling sort of restless, a bit uneasy because you don’t understand the freaky thoughts you have been having. No worries, I’ve dealt with dirty, nasty, violent, twisted thoughts my whole life. I could use a worthy accomplice to come play with me.

First of course, I need to know what your pleasure is? Is it younger girls or boys, is it blood sports, are you thinking about raping your hot but dull neighbor? I have all those dirty fucking thoughts and so much more. Trust me, after a session with me, you’ll never think you’re extreme again.

You still thinking your thoughts and inclinations are still hotter and more violent than mine? Cool! Give me a shout, and prove me wrong.



Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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Your Partner In Crime

You have a little crush on a girl that works in your office. She’s such a little goody-two-shoes, but you need a little help bringing her around to you the dark side. So, of course, you call your favorite little accomplice, Raylin. You know if anyone can turn her around and get her addicted to your cock, it’s me.

You keep her after work late one night. When she comes in, she sees me sitting there on your desk, a naughty smile on my face. I walk right over to her, grabbing her hair, forcing her to her knees. It’s time for the fun to begin.

I see that wicked smile of yours that I love as I lead her over to you by her hair. She’s a little scared and confused, but who cares? I pull her up to her knees and put my fingers in her mouth. You take your fat cock out and start shoving it in and out of her mouth. My fingers go down between her legs and play with her little pussy while you fuck her mouth. She fights a little, but soon gives up.

Now she’s all ours.

I bring her to her feet and bend her over your desk. I get her skirt and panties out of the way for you. While you shove your dick inside, I put her face right in my pussy. We both use her together. I pull your head to mine and let my tongue tangle with yours as we work her over.

You give her a nice creamy load in her pussy and I give her face a cum bath. We use her until we get tired of her, then take her home and dump her out in her front yard. I love the work we do together.


Written By: Raylin
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Playing Hard To Get

It’s common knowledge that I’m a cock whore. I love men, I love cock, and I love being fucked. But there is something so very sexy with not giving it up and quickly as I would like to.

I like taking my time and letting men work for it. It’s especially fun when it’s with someone that doesn’t really know me. I can act as innocent as I want and they never know the difference. They want in my panties so bad and do anything to have just a little taste. Every time they suggest any little sexual thing, I act like I’m so embarrassed. They eat it up and try even harder.

When it comes time to get naughty, I put up a little bit of a fight. Holy fuck! They turn into animals. I find myself pinned to the bed and getting the pounding of my dreams. It’s hard to act like I’m not enjoying it, it feels so good. I just whimper a little and they just fuck me harder. I “beg” them not to cum inside of me and I get my pussy filled to the limit!
Being a good time girl is fun, but playing the innocent can be fun too. I get everything I want, and a little extra.



 Written By: Ginger
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Craving Chocolate

Every once in awhile I get a craving for some chocolate and when I say chocolate I’m not talking about the Hershey, Godiva kind. I love black cock and my pussy defiantly responds well to really hung black men.

I love sitting on my knees and sliding off their pants, exciting to see how big the package is, that I am about to receive. I’m never disappointed, and I never get less than 9 inches. I love to worship it in my mouth and black men tend to be very forceful and like to shove my face down on their 9 plus inches. I’m the type who likes it a little forceful and it even makes my pussy wet to hear myself gag on a huge black cock.

My favorite position is being fucked from behind. I back my tight holes up and that black cock forces itself in my pussy and ass until I’m completely stretched, and I’ve squirted all over. I love seeing my white, creamy juices all over his dark man meat. I suck all my cum off and he squirts a huge cum load all over my face and hair.

I love being a black cock whore. Call me and I will tell you more of my real black cock stories and fantasies.


Written By: Stacey
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Personal Fuck Doll

I find your weakness.

I use my feminine charms and sexy curves to lure you into my world. You’re helpless. Quickly you realize that you are completely powerless. You must obey and submit.

I take you to my favorite Dungeon party. I put you and your cute little ass on display for all the ladies. You’re so scared, nervous, anxious, but excited at the same time. You’re tied to a chair in the center of the room. The ladies are picking out their sex toys to use on you.

I humiliate you. I use you. Your slutty body is mine now. I am going to turn you into my personal little fuck doll, and you are going to love it.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Crown Of Thorns

    Every year women and men flock to my Easter show. It’s like nothing you could possibly imagine. A deviant mix of sex, violence, and blood. This year will be more intense than ever. People are bored and need the kind of release only Malaya can provide.

My guests begin arriving. They look elegant in their gowns and tuxedos.  Sexy girls in bunny outfits are handing out party favors. I welcome all my guest, and the lights are dim.

There is several crosses with girls strapped to them. I place a crown of thorns on each of their innocent heads. I press the crowns as blood trickles down their faces. My audience is getting excited now. I look out and see a few of the men have their cocks out.  How I have missed these shows. Several tiny party favors are walking about sucking cocks, licking pussy’s, and sitting on laps. 

The girls are crying, and begging to not be hurt. My guests are voting on who will be the sacrifice of the night. I invite a few of my guests on stage to rape the girls. The night is going better than I planned, and it is almost time.

They have picked a girl to be sacrificed. I bring my knife to her throat, I smile, and cut her throat from ear to ear. 

My main show is now over, but a few are invited to remain for the second part. Join me in my perverse Easter celebration.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Twisted, Violent and Hot ask me to join you for a little twisted, violent, sexy fun. How could I say no to that? You have it all planned out. She is a bitchy, prudish friend of your wife’s, and you fucking hate and want to fuck her at the same time. 

We knock at her door and when she answers you tase her. Normally, we would need to work quickly, but her husband is out of town, and we have all the time we need. We strip her, and tie her wrists to the post on the headboard. We tell her not to scream, and no one will get hurt. I show her the picture of her little girl asleep in the next room. She knows if she doesn’t behave, I will go into her child’s room.

I take my magic wand vibe, and put it against her clit forcing her to cum. I am all about humiliating the bitch. I grab her head, and push my dripping cunt against her pretty face. My friend eats her pussy and ass making her cum again. I love how fucking much she hates this. He slaps her ass hard, and shoves in his cock. My hot pussy against her mouth is drowning out any sounds of hers. 

She has passed out, and my companion is ready to leave. I smile wickedly, and tell him that I never promised to leave the girl alone. He hands me the taser, and I promise to video the rest of the night.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Office Relationships Get Hot When I Dominate

It has been a long and crazy year. You have been a good boy, following all rules. Working at home, tending to yourself with porn, and masturbating alone. Possibly you fantasized about being back at work with all the sexy office ladies. No porn star makes you cum, as I do. She doesn’t have my seductive and dominant voice and words.

Now you are back to the office after working at home for several months. You find yourself back in your suit and tie again. The attractive ladies in the office dressed in their tight skirts, stockings, and heels, making your cock hard? No lady rocks a pencil skirt and a sexy blouse like I can! My curves tease you and force you to crave me. You want me to dominate you.

Hot office fantasy phone sex with me is the answer!

My big tits, hard nipples brush against your lips. Your mature, sexy female boss is in charge now. Being sexually harassed by the sexiest office bitch in town is so incredibly hot! You have to make me cum or lose your job. Drop to your knees and lick my clit, finger my pussy, and make me squirt all over your face and hand.

I have the big corner office, and I own you! Give me what I need. I am the toughest boss you have ever had. I play to win! Give me intense orgasms, or I’ll find someone who will. You shiver and hope your cock is up the task.

As I undress you, I smile and stroke your hard cock. My tongue slips into your mouth as I kiss you hard and tug on your cock. I lick the pre-cum dripping off the tip. Now call me and let’s fuck in all my favorite kinky ways!



Written By: Ava
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