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  I often get asked if forced intoxication is really a thing. Yes, it so fucking is a thing. Of course once you have had a few, there is so many other things I will force you to do. Looking at my amazing body alone will make you mine. Once I have you, I will never let you go till I am tired of your ass. 

It begins so innocently. You call me, and ask about forced intox. You enjoy drinking so you wonder how this could ever be a problem. We begin with a few shots here and there. You’re beginning to feel it, and try to punk out on me. Are you a man? Men see things through. You promise me a huge tip if you can stop drinking. I will take that tip, and you will drink another shot. 

I am getting so fucking bored now. I have an idea! Let’s dress you up like a little bitch. My, aren’t you so fucking pretty in pink. Now you’re all dressed up, drunk and horny with no place to go. Such a fucking shame.

I have another idea, but you must tip me first. Call an Uber, go to the nearest bar, and pick up a man. You say you can’t do that, you only like girls. You do want to make me happy? Thirty minutes later, the idea is beginning to appeal to you. You have never sucked a cock before. The more you think about it, the more aroused you get, especially since you can say I made you do it!  LOSER!


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Losing Your Mind

 Ice Cream shops closed, zoos closed, parks closed, and schools closed.  A man like you needs to have options, and with quarantine you have none. Such a pity isn’t it?  I know that for people like you planning is half of the fun. I’ve been planning for weeks all the deviant things I will do when finally free! So Perv, let’s plan.

I wonder what she will look like, her age, and most of all the nasty, twisted things we’ll do to her or them? I know when this is finally over, you’ll go on a bit of a spree. Of course, a depraved spree needs lots of fucking planning. 

Maybe you don’t even need to leave your home. She is right there with you looking so sweet, and innocent. Sort of hot, isn’t it perv?

How about a little twist on our fun? I have a little friend here with me, she is just so fucking cute. You tell me all the things you want me to do to her. You know you’ve been dying to try and take the lead.  



 Written By: Poison Ivy
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High School Reunion

    I was looking so forward to my high school reunion. It has been 20 something years since I saw all my friends. There was a special guy I never got to fuck, but I wanted to change that.

I wore a sexy little red dress and stilettos. The party was in full swing when I arrived. After all the hugs and greetings, I looked for Jason. He was looking so fucking good. We chatted for a few, drank some wine, and we both knew we needed to find a quiet spot to make up for lost time.

I was so excited till I reached in his pants. He was so tiny, and the worst part was that he had no idea he was inferior.  I love men who know they’re small, and keen a sense of humor about it. That was not Jason. 

I couldn’t help but laugh at his size. He called me a slut when I left to find some better action. I was looking for some fun for later when I saw Bekka, one of my close friends growing up. She was absolutely stunning. We had a few more glasses of wine, danced a bit, and then decided to take our private party to my hotel suite. 

We slowly undressed each other, and began to kiss. We were interrupted by a knock at my door. It was Jason.  Bekka knew what had happened and invited him in. We told him we’re sorry and had a sexy surprise for him. We striped him, blindfolded him, and gave him exactly what he had no idea he needed. I invited some of the guys from the reunion and let them have at Jason. When he realized it wasn’t a strap-on but several beautiful big cocks, he quickly got into it.

Once everyone was gone, we were so horny and fucked all night!



Written By: Naughty MILF Suzanne
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Baby, Never Say Never

One of my mottos in life is, “Never say, never!”  

He thinks he would never suck a cock, says that is gay. Well, he has never met me. If he were to meet me on the street or at a bar, he would be staring at my sexy ass. A few twerks on the dance floor or me sitting on his lap, he becomes my submissive. He thinks he craves a hot, tight pussy, but he is in for a taboo experience, my cock in his mouth. 

Of course, I always make a sexy first impression. That hot man would not be gazing into my eyes. He would fantasize about his dick in between my perfect lips. His cock twitches, just looking at me. I have the ability to dominate any man on the planet. My body is perfect! With my long blonde hair, my beautiful round ass, and perky tits, I can fool any stranger.  

He has no idea about the sexy package between my legs. When I see him checking me out, I seduce the pants off him. I take him back to my place by promising him the wildest night of sex. My kisses and my curves make him hard. He still has no idea that I’m a Shemale. Before he takes off any of my clothes, I have his cock in my mouth.

My perfect blowjob makes him incredibly horny and willing to do anything to please me. When he is at his most vulnerable, I reveal my hard cock to him. Even if he freaked out, I manipulate him and force him to suck my lovely lady cock. I give him one hot kinky adventure, and he always comes back for more of me.

Now, it is your turn, baby. Never say never! Call me and suck my sexy lady dick!


Hot Dani By: Shemale Dani
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Dr. Koko Will See You Now

He is submissive with a fascinating medical fetish. I force him to submit to my medical exam for a hot role-play 

His insurance company requires an annual physical. If I give a negative report, his rates will sky-rocket. When he arrives at my office, he is cocky and tries to rush me through the physical by assuring me there is nothing wrong. 

Well, no man on this planet tells Dr. Koko what to do or what to think. Now, he has gotten under my skin. He must suffer the consequences. 

I tell him to take off all of his clothes, and he hesitates, wanting to know why. Last year, he did not have to remove his pants and boxers. I get in his face. With direct eye contact, I assure him that I need to do a complete physical exam.

Then tell him to bend over for me. He thinks he can outwit and argue with me, but this man has met his match. I show him that Dr. Koko is always in charge. Unless he wants me to submit a false, negative report, he will obey my instructions. 

First, I give him an enema, which he makes him very submissive and compliant. Then I make him squirm and when I give him a through prostrate exam. When his cock gets hard in front of me, he becomes very embarrassed. After a bit more humiliation, I drain his blue balls and wet cock. He is so submissive that he asks when he may have another appointment with me.


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Taking What I Want

                        I know just what you need before you even figure it out. It isn’t always about the age, but about the power I give you. Without my help, you’re powerless. That is why I am the first one to call when you feel the urge to hunt.

Last night when you called it was about a mother and daughter that is friends with your wife. They’re teasing bitches and we can’t let that fly.  They’re rape meat for you. Last night you took it a bit further. We snuffed them out so there would be no fucking witnesses. It was so fucking hot that I went and found myself a little treat when we were done. 

You were upset that I went out on my own to hunt.  Sometimes it needs to just be about me and my deviant nature. Plus, there was just one thing. We all have someone in our lives that we consider untouchable. I own you and all that you love. The pretty little thing in the pink room in your house was something I wanted. I took what I wanted. Don’t worry, I left you the remains.

Poison Ivy for all the fantasies that are dark and utterly disturbing.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Sensual Domination Phone Sex

I met him at a bar right around the corner from my place. He had a thoughtful look on his face, and I thought he needed some cheering up. I sat down next to him, and we chatted about the weather, local sports, work, and other such topics. After a while, he revealed that he was very stressed.

I asked about his love life, and he confessed that he was busy with work that he had not been dating at all. I placed my hand on his knee and let him look down my top at my cleavage. Now, I had his full, undivided attention. I found him sweet, sexy, charming, and submissive. 

I invited him back to my place, and I promised him a better quality wine than the house wine he was drinking at the bar. He accepted my offer, and we walked to my place. My doorman gave him a wicked wink, letting him know he was in for a night that he would never forget. 

I took him into my kitchen and poured him a glass of wine, but I slipped in a little extra something to keep him hard all night long. After he drank his red wine, I seduced him and got him into my bed. Before long, I dominated him. I tied his wrists and ankles to my bed. I rubbed my big tits all over his cock and balls. He begged me to let him cum, but I was in charge. I controlled his cock. I got naked and my tight pussy rode him until dawn. 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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I Love Forceful Role-Play

   Phone sex daddy and I were having a quiet night at home. I was in my room texting and he was in his office doing some work.

All of a sudden, I hear yelling, glass breaking, and my daddy and this man are in my bedroom. Who is the man? Why is daddy so upset? He makes us sit on the bed and says he wants to have some fun. I am so scared, but oddly excited and tingling. Daddy tells me he is sorry but I have to do what the man says.

He makes me slowly strip. Daddy tried not to look but the man made him.  He kept saying dirty things like, “doesn’t she have a beautiful cunt?” He then made me get on my knees and suck phone sex daddy off.  I was shaking and just wanted the man to go away. It was very confusing because I was wet and daddy had a huge, thick cock. I tried not to look at either of them, but the mean man made me.

What happened next? Did I really enjoy it?  

If this role play gets you has hot as it does me, give me a call!


Written By: Delaney
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      He asked me to come over late last night. He is always so much fun that I didn’t care what time it was. He said he wanted to destroy the bitch who cheated on him, and he knew I would help. Sure, I love to humiliate bitches who have fucked with my friends.

She was super hot, and he already had her stripped and tied to his chair. He sat on his bed stroking his cock, while I began to fuck up her little world. First, we posted twisted pictures of her on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. She gave up all her personal info as she begged us to let her leave. Too fucking funny!

He told me all the sexual things she would never do with him. Such a boring bitch, wasn’t she? I strapped on my huge dildo and untied her. I tossed her on all fours and gave that beautiful virgin ass some action. He grabbed her by her long, dark hair and began to fuck her face. I know I would have totally enjoyed being in her place, but then I am not a boring vanilla loser. 

He got his revenge and I had a fucking blast. I did talk about her in the past tense, so you might be wondering. A girl like me never puts it in writing! Give me a shout, let’s play.


Written By: Harley
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Jailbait In A box

He comes over to exchange gifts and sees a huge gift wrapped in pink under my black tree decorated in skulls. I am still getting ready for our special night as it has been awhile since we played together. He is shaking the box, and hears tiny little cries. “Not yet”, I tell him. I suggest we party a little first. I kick the shiny pink box hard to quiet it up. His gift to me is a vintage bottle of D’Argeys, and the ice water and spoon are ready for our first drink. We toast to this special night, and do a bit of my party favors. I am so in the mood, but am also amused knowing his special gift has probably peed herself by now.

He slowly rips off the wrapping paper with his  hands shaking. A little voice cries, “thank you sir, please help me.” For some reason hearing that makes me laugh so hard, I accidentally spit my drink in her sweet little face. For that she gets a hard slap, we do not waste our expensive liquor. I have quickly gone from laughter to excitement.

Travis drags her by her long, blonde hair to the torture room. Her innocent eyes go wide when she sees all the devices around the room. Travis shows her the fuck machine. He takes her tiny hand and puts it around the tip. I whisper in her ear, asking her if she thinks that will fit in her tiny cunt? Travis begins to beg to have her first, before the machine rips apart her virgin hole. Why not? It is the season of fucking giving!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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