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A Kiss With Her Blood


   It starts with a bloody kiss, a kiss from the blood on my lips where I licked the razor cut. It is tinged with the white powder where you broke the white rock on her ass cheek. There is no way to describe the feeling, so hot, so erotic and I sometimes wonder if the feeling could ever be so intense again? Of course it is; every fucking time we plot, hunt and capture our victim. Picture the first time you broke a virginal cherry, tasted her sweet cunt juice or felt the needle pierce your skin.

With that first bloody kiss, we jumped down the proverbial Rabbit Hole, never to return or regain our sanity. She sits in the corner, makeup smeared and begging for more. Yet she knows more means she will be used more. Even in her battered and torn state, she is plotting on how to become an accomplice for us, how to toss one of her little friends under the bus. This is how it begins, our unending supply of party favors that all began with late night plotting and a bloody kiss.

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 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Pleasure The Boss Lady Or Be Fired!

The end of the month is the end of the fiscal year, and it is time for performance appraisals. Everyone is anxious and concerned this year. There are rumors that corporate is looking for ways to reduce staff to save money. You were hoping for a fantastic review this review, but upper management will be conducting reviews this year. You get an email from Ms. Ava that your performance appraisal is in her office at 5:30 tonight. 

You send a text to your wife that you will be home late tonight because you have summoned for meeting after work. You go over your numbers and have a list of successful projects that have been completed by you and your team. You should be confident, but you are nervous. 

You arrive right on time at Ms. Ava’s office. Her assistant has left the day, so you walk into her office. At first, she does not look up from her papers. She ignores you. You realize that the chairs in front of her desk have been removed, so there is nowhere for you to sit. You stand there, just waiting and waiting. You know that she has all the power here. When she does look up, she doesn’t say anything. She looks you up and down. She is checking you out! She is wearing a very low cut top which accentuates her huge tits even more. Looking at those big tits makes you even more nervous but excited.

Suddenly, you realize Ava’s game. You pleasure her, fuck her, give her fantastic orgasms, and she will give you a favorable review. In other words, you take care of Ava, and she will take care of you!


Written By: Auntie Ava
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School is in Session


GOTH GIRL IVY Fall is in the air, you can smell it, can’t you? We both know what that means. You have a new hunting ground going from the beach to sitting in front of schools. Little pink bikini’s leave little to the imagination but a little Catholic School Uniform is a total different story. Isn’t it perv?  Pretty little packages for you to unwrap?

What is under those little skirts? You can see those cotton panties in your mind’s eye, and if you imagine hard enough you can smell their bald twats.  Admit it to me, tell me who you are! 

You want to please your goddess, to make me proud of you. Here is your chance. This time it will be me waiting for you to bring me a present. I am greedy tonight, I want two presents. I taught you well, and now you most show me your worth. Do it, perv!


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Tell It To Daphne         Some of the time when you call me you are very quiet, you tell me you aren’t sure what it is you want. I talk to you, coax it out of you with my sweet but sexy voice. That is when I get to see the real you. The man who has such naughty thoughts that need to be set free. 

 I am wondering what it is today? Are you thinking about your employee’s hot wife and wondering if she is a slut? Maybe you’re thinking about the pretty teen girl where you get your coffee, the one with the long hair and tight, teen body? I think you want to get a little rough with her. 

You have stolen the panties of the MILF you do computer work for. Just what do you want to do with those panties? I think it is time you call me and spill it all. Tell me your wild fantasies and let’s make them come to fruition. A little shy perhaps? Don’t worry, you’re in my soft and capable hands now.


Written By: Dirty Daphne
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Teaching Her a Lesson

There’s a new girl at my gym and she seems to like taking all the attention. Some of my girlfriends and I were getting a little tired of her prancing around in tiny little shorts and her tits out and getting the guys hot and bothered.

We decided that if she wanted to act like a slut, we would ALL treat her like one. One day in the shower, I snuck up behind her and put a towel around her neck. I drug her out, kicking and screaming, where the others girls were waiting. She looked up from the floor and saw us standing there, completely naked, dildos in hand. She wanted all the cock and we were going to make sure that she got it! She tried to get away, but found herself pinned to the floor, one of the girls sitting on her face. Since it was my idea, I put on my strap on and slid it in first. She screamed and got more than a pussy in her face, one of the girls slid a 9 inch cock down her throat. We laughed and teased her as we took turns ramming fingers, toys and tongues into her holes.

When we finished with her, her holes were gaping and she was covered in sweat. We left her laying there on the floor. It was the last time we saw her and after hearing what we did to her, the men can’t keep their hands off of us.


 Written By: Bambi
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Accomplice Fun With Harley

HarleyWatching over my little phone sex sister is so fucking boring. I would rather be out partying with friends. I can honestly say, I hate the little bitch. She is in her room dancing to some annoying pop band when I get a text from a very important, and twisted older male friend of mine.

He wants to know if I am still stuck with her and when I tell him I am, he suggests I bring her by for some fun. I love his kind of fun and it immediately makes my pussy wet at the thought. Fuck, the little bitch won’t have a clue when we pull up to his huge Brownstone downtown.

She is wearing some sort of Disney shirt and shorts and it takes all my patience not to rip that off of her. Dumb little twat. He greets us at the door, and drags her in by her braids as I follow laughing at her. He is still dragging her and I can hear her crying for Mommy as her head smacks on the stairs. Let me tell you babes, this is going to be one depraved afternoon of family fun and pedo play.


Written By: Harley
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Too Hot

It’s summer time and hotter than hell… and wouldn’t you know it, the AC is out at the house. I can’t stand it! One night, I had just had enough. Not only did my older brother have a friend over, but I had to sleep upstairs where it’s the worst! I had a fan on, but it did nothing for the heat. I said fuck it and stripped naked. Maybe I would get a little relief. Around 2 in the morning, I felt the bed move and tried to sit up. My brother’s friend was naked too, stroking his cock over my nude body. I have absolutely no attraction to this freak and had no intention to do anything with him. That didn’t seem to matter to him. He grabbed my hand and forced it up and down on his cock. I tried to pull away, but his hand wrapped around my throat and held me in place. His hand moved away from my wrist and forced his hand between my thighs. I kept trying to get away and he kept squeezing. I finally decided to cooperate when I felt myself getting light headed… he meant business. I stroked him and let him touch until I felt the warm spurt of his sticky jizz shoot all over my face. He used his hand to rub it in, laughed and left the room. I didn’t know what to say.. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I slowly slipped my clothes back on, just in case he came back for another round. It didn’t happen that night, but he’s started coming over more and more. He gives me a look, letting me know it’s on his mind. So I wait…

Caught AGAIN

Not too long ago, my teacher walked in on me in the coat room at school, playing with my pussy when I should have been doing my work. I couldn’t help it. All the sexy boys in my class had my teen cunt in a frenzy. He gave me a warning and told me next time, he would be telling my parents. Little did he know, that wouldn’t surprise or matter to either one of them, but I tried to be good regardless. A few weeks had passed and I got that stirring in my panties again. I asked to be excused to the bathroom and skipped down the hall to take care of myself. I must have been gone for a little too long. The door to the stall popped open and there stood my MALE teacher in the girls room. I tried to get my panties up and explain, but he wasn’t having it. “What did I tell you, you little slut?” He forced me back in and turned me around and smacked my ass hard. “You want to be a whore during school? Let’s make you a slut.” He bent me forward and shoved his cock inside. He put his hand over my mouth and pounded me hard. Every time I moved away, he just fucked me harder and faster. His moans, grunts and name calling only made me pussy wetter. He grabbed my shoulders and gave one more hard push and came deep in my young pussy. He quickly zipped up, slapped my ass and told me to get back to class. After he left, I had to play again. I knew he was going to be mad, but I was hoping for another punishment!

Phone Sex Brother’s Teen Cock Tease

  delaney    I was getting ready for school and trying on my uniform because classes are starting back in just a few weeks. I noticed my shirt has gotten so tight and skirt so short. I knew my phone sex brother was watching me through my window, and teasing him is one thing I love to do. Watching him stroking his big dick outside my window gives me such power. I mean he can’t touch me nor would he dare too.

Honestly, it also excited me when he left his load of jizz on the outside of my window. I had to finger my hot little pussy. Lol, no I didn’t shut the door but like I said,  I love teasing him. I could hear him breathing, standing over me as I squeezed my tingling nipples and pushed in 3 fingers. It felt so good that I pushed in a 4th finger.

I was so into it that I forgot he was even there till I felt his lips on mine and his hand between my soft, teen legs. I tried to pull away because it was my brother and it made me feel yucky but he wouldn’t let me. He called me a teasing slut and rammed his dick into my wet, tight pussy. I have to admit, I fucking loved it. I tilted up my hips and begged him to fuck my sweet little asshole. It hurt a little but I still screamed for him to go harder till he emptied his balls in my ass and I squirted all over him.

Written By: Delaney
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Hard to Get

It’s common knowledge that I’m a cock whore. I love men, I love cock and I love being fucked. But there is something so very sexy with not giving it up and quickly as I would like to. Taking my time and letting men work for it. It’s especially fun when it’s with someone that doesn’t really know me. I can act as innocent as I want and they never know the difference. They want in my panties so bad and do anything to have just a little taste. Every time they suggest any little sexual thing, I act like I’m so embarrassed. They eat it up and try even harder. When it comes time to get naughty, I put up a little bit of a fight. Holy fuck! They turn into animals. I find myself pinned to the bed and getting the pounding of my dreams. It’s hard to act like I’m not enjoying it… it feels so fucking good… but I whimper a little and they just fuck me harder. I “beg” them not to cum inside of me and I get my pussy filled to the limit!
Being a good time girl is fun, but playing the innocent can be fun too. I get everything I want, and a little extra!