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 My Stats

Age: 20

Eyes: Baby Blue

Height: 5'4

Weight: 113

Measurements: 34D-23-34

Pussy: Bald, tight and I squirt!

Ass: Looks great bouncing up and down on your cock

Favorite Positions: Doggy, 69 and riding

Strangest Places I've had sex: In the movie theater, sitting right in front

Hobbies: Softball, reading, organizing photo albums, playing piano and watching porn

Specialities: Extreme age play (I have a young voice), Family fun, Mutual masturbation, GFE, Daddy's girl, Submissive slut, Impregnation, Gang bangs, Rape, Torture, Naughty babysitter, Ass play, Sissy sluts, Showers of any kind, Nipple play and much more!


I am your naughty little baby girl Emma. Actually everyone usually just calls me baby girl. I have always been a bit of a naughty little girl. Even back when I was really young. I started developing at the age of 11 and my body has only gotten better with age. Not that 20 is old.

I have a naughty family secret I have been dying to share with someone. The summer I turned 13 I went to our annual family reunion and I did something very naughty. My Uncle Tim always thought of me as his favorite, but that summer he proved it. I had developed a lot over the summer and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me the entire time. Well, the last night at his house he took it. My virginity that is. I was alone in my room when he snuck in and started licking my sweet little pussy. I moaned for him to stop, but the wetness of my pussy made he want me even more. He put the mushroom head against my pink rim and looked me right in the eyes when he pushed that pole home. I screamed and he fucked me harder. I just loved when he called me baby girl with his cock in deep. He pulled out just as he was about to cum and sprayed my face with sweet sticky goo.

It’s been 7 years since I lost my cherry, but I still give it to Uncle Tim every chance I get. He calls me a begs for more all the time. I swear he is addicted to my sweet little pussy. I am your no limits little family slut. I will do anything to make a guy cum. Some of my favorite role-plays are: Incest, Daddy’s Little Girl, Naughty Nurse,Teacher/Student, Extreme age play, Submissive Slut. The possibilities are endless with me!

Your little phone slut will do it all. I can be anyone you want. I love dressing up for the role you want me to play. I have tons of slutty outfits to make your cock go wild. Whether it is mild or wild this little fuck slut is up for the game. Call Emma for your dirtiest fantasies.

Baby Girl,

Call 1.877.713.8368
for Phone Sex with

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  • Hi Emma. i think you’re absolutely stunning and beautiful.Could you let know what your schedule is. Also, this is a bit forward but do you ever get asked by your clients to watch them. I apologise if its not appropriate. Thanks

  • Hi Emma, you were absolutely awesome. You’re young, sexy voice and experience with daddy’s girl role play had me going in no time. I love the way you did an interactive call were we were both guiding the roll play, it was so hot it was tough to hold out for most of the call time! I’m looking forward to more fun! Thanks.

  • I have to say wow. Words can not describe how wonderful you are. Each call I cum so hard. Your navy man stationed in Hawaii. Mahalo.

  • I forgot to mention you have very remarkably looking tits and I wish you could see my wonderful balls!! Greatfully

  • Hi, Emma. Thank you for a wonderful, ball draining call! you really have a great voice!!!!

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