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 My Stats

Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'1

Weight: 98

Measurements: 32A-21-34

Pussy: Tiny and little

Ass: Small but can take big packages

Favorite Positions: Sitting on your lap

Strangest Places I've had sex: Toys R Us Department Store

Hobbies: Rock climbing, scary movies, live music, jalapeno poppers, taffy, roller-blading and having sex in the rain

Specialities: Extreme age play, Incest, Any kind of role play, Mutual masturbation, Gang bangs, GFE, Cuckolding, Tickling, Daddy's girl, Kinky stories, Footjobs, Anal, Dirty talk, Young girl voice and much more!


I’m Raemi! Your tiny little doll. I am small all over and sometimes guys just don’t realize I am legal and old enough to play all the naughty games that men love so much. I have the mind of a 23 year old, but the body of a preteen. I am the little girl who never grew up. They guys from school use to call me “Tinkerbell,” because I was so small, but that never stopped them from wanting to play all those naughty games with me. I actually think they liked the fact that I don’t look legal.

I love all the attention I get when I try and go inside of a bar or an adult store. One step inside has the management running to make me leave and all the older perverts begging them to let me stay. If they don’t believe my ID, I have ways to convince them. Wouldn’t you love a cute little angel sucking your cock too? Sometimes I am really naughty and I freak them out by telling them right when they’re about to cum that I lied and I really am as young as they thought I was. That makes them shoot so hard.

I love being a bad girl. I can wear all those cute little outfits that you fantasize about. Nothing is off limits and I can be the school girl or the girl scout your cock has been throbbing for. I have some cookies to sell and if you buy them I promise I will let you see the new panties I got. White ruffles look good on my little girl ass. If you buy them all I might even let you slip your big man cock deep inside while I bounce up and down and scream for more. I promise my pussy is so small and tight you might not realize I am legal either.

I love the naughty fantasies that are not supposed to happen. Doing phone sex has opened my eyes to even more dirty little kinks the I could ever imagine. I was the teen babysitter who loved to watch porn when the parents were away, but getting caught is so much better the money they paid me. I have to do everything the “Daddy” wants or he might tell on me. I promise I will scream when you pop my cherry and I might even let you knock me up. Remember I am legal, or am I?

Call 1.888.229.3013
for Phone Sex with

6 Responses to “Raemi”

  • Oh my god! She will blow your mind. The nastiest fuckin’ little girl in the universe.

  • I absolutely love women with a hot body like yours. Have you ever wanted to have that belly swell larger again so those gorgeous tits ripen with milk, the nipples swelling and turning dark signaling your oncoming lactation, aching so you need a pair of warm willing lips to help you relieve the building pressure? You can sit on my cock facing me while I lap your sweet milk as you fuck us crazy!

    Do you want someone to hold those luscious hips and drive your face in the pillow to unleash a torrent of sperm into your fertile womb? That is so hot to see a gorgeous woman like you as she carries my baby to term.

    Want to share my fantasy hot one?

  • Raemi is absolutely mind-blowing! Her little girl voice is to DIE for, and no one could ask for a kinkier or filthier mind…

    Raemi, baby, you are the PERFECT Lil’ Cum-Whore for Daddy! 😉

  • Thank you for an absolutely mind-blowing time, babyslut! You drained Daddy’s cumsac of every drop, just like a good little cum-sucker whore! 😉

  • Raemi is the hottest of the hot, the sexiest of the sexy, and i would marry her and be her bitch forever.
    oh what a voice and what a woman. soo cool so incredibly hot and juicy. raemi, raemi, raemi!! i luv you.

  • Look no further guys because Raemi is the best. She is extremely playful with an amazing young voice. Thank you Raemi for coating my throat with your sweet honey.

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