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Your Little Mommy

You have been hiding something from your wife. You’ve been sneaking around with me for months and living out your crazy fantasies. You think she would be mad, and I think she would be disgusted with you.

I’m not your teen lover, I’m your teen MOMMY. We never fuck… are you kidding?!?! With that little baby cock? Never! But then again, it’s not a fuck buddy that you need. You like for me to diaper you and treat you like a naughty baby boy.

You come to me in your business suit and beg me to diaper you. I take you to the special room I have made for you, complete with playpen, crib, and changing table. I take your clothes off and ask if you’ve been a good boy. You shake your head yes, but I don’t believe you! I spank your little ass before I lotion you up, put on the powder, and then your diaper.

I put you in your footie pajamas and walk you over to the rocking chair. I sit down with you and  you sit on my lap. Time for you to “nurse” on Mommy’s tits. As you suck, Mommy reaches down and rubs your little dicky through your diaper. You coo like a little baby when you make a sticky mess for Mommy.
And your wife always complains that you’re too serious, if she could see you now!


Written By: Raylin
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Are You Man Enough?

Are you man enough to fuck me? Maybe the question is are you fucking brave enough? I need a lover that can take whatever I choose to do to him. I need my sex to be rough, violent and a tad bloody. You may leave my bed a bit bruised, battered and stumbling; but you will never forget a session with me.   

Imagine my tight cunt wrapped around your cock, and my beautiful hands wrapped around your neck? I won’t fuck you like your wife does, way to vanilla for me. Ho Hum! What I will do is leave you begging for more. No man or woman ever forgets the smell and feel of me. What do you have to lose? Maybe your sanity and your soul.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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I Love to Babysit

I’ve found a fun new job: Babysitting! But it’s not the babysitting you’re thinking of. I’m talking ADULT babies. There are so many men out there that really want to be coddled and treated like babies. It’s been so fun for me!

I have a new man that wants me to take care of him. I come over and immediately make him strip out of his “big boy” clothes. Once he’s naked, I lay him down and diaper him. I put baby lotion all over his little bottom and and powder him. When he feels that diaper against his cock, he gets so hard! The rest of the day is me taking care of him. When he’s good, he gets to play; when he’s naughty, he gets a spanking. At the end of the day, I cradle him and bring his mouth to my little titties and let him nurse. As he coos against me, I pour baby oil all over my hand and put my hand down his diaper. I stroke his cock and listen to his coos turn in to moans. He makes a big, sticky mess in his diaper and babysitter Wendy has to clean him up all over again.
Do you need a babysitter? I have great references!


Written By: Family Fun Wendy
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Adult Baby Phone Sex With Mommy Morgan


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Every little baby needs a “mommy” to love him and tend to his many needs. You are helpless and small. It is a big scary world, but Mommy protects you. Mommy loves you. Mommy gives you a teddy bear and toys. Mommy reads you “Good Night Moon,” before your nap. Mommy sings you a lullaby when you are fussy. As any baby, you need to be bathed and fed your milk so your tummy is full. Of course, you are spanked when you are naughty. Even when you are naughty, you are always loved and nurtured by your sweet but strict Mommy Morgan. Oh my, Baby, you need your diaper changed once again. You are so messy. I find the sweetest little pampers for my little baby’s bottom and the most adorable little outfits for baby.

Mommy Morgan takes care of all your AB/DL needs!

His Diaper Needs Changing

One of my diaper babies called me frantic because he was out of diapers because he forgot to do a wash and needed a changing. What a stupid little fucker, I mean he knows to always have them on hand. To top it off, he is crying for his bottle which will only add to the mess in his diaper. When this is all taken care of, little Mikey will be getting a huge punishment!

Time to improvise as he is too pathetic to drive to get some. I make him remove his diaper and push his face in it to smell what he did. Then I tell to to grab a roll of paper towels and form them into a diaper. I am getting super fucking impatient with him listening to all his whining. Sometimes I think you can’t pay me enough to deal with this shit and do I mean shit!

He finally has the diaper set and cries because he stabbed himself with the huge pins. I really want to just slap the fuck out of Mikey but I tell him to get his bottle and look at his “special” magazines while he sucks on the nipple of his bottle. What he doesn’t know is there is a little something extra in the milk! Soon that diaper will need another changing.

Fetish Frankie

Making you feel fresh

I know your secret, you’re a business man by day and by night you turn into my sweet little baby. I make you do all the things that you tell me that you don’t want to do. It’s time you take the next step and act like a big boy. I make you go out in your diaper to the grocery store to pick up some clean diapers and a new rattle and a few other toys for our fun. I make you tug your shirt up and your bottoms down so there’s that risk someone will see your diaper. You come home excited that you have new diapers and toys. You smile from ear to ear. You are such a good boy completing all the tasks that I give you. You coo away telling me all about your new rattle. Now, it’s time to be a good boy for me. I’m smelling a stinky in your pants. Lay down so I can change you. I grab a warm wash cloth and start cleaning you up. You start to coo and baby talk when I blow you kisses but you still start to cry. Awe, I think your hungry after your long trip to the store. You start to pull on my shirt, pulling me in so you can suckle my breasts. Your little wee wee is growing. You’re so cute, no worries I’ll take care of that too.



Oh, My Sweet Babykins!

 I have a little babykins that I just adore. I give my babykins lots of mommy attention. I like to dress my baby like a pretty little dolly. Putting a beautiful ruffle pink dress so she can twirl and twirl around. I put lots and lots of cloth curity diapers on my baby’s tushy. I make sure the diapers are really snug. I pull and pull rubbing those diapers right up against his little weenie. I have to use so many baby diaper pins to make sure they are nice and snug. I then cover those bulging diapers with some rubber pants. Nurse Mommy has to double check babykins diaper by running her fingers along the edges under the diapers. That makes my baby wiggle, giggle and sometimes wetsy.

I like seeing babykins try to walk with all those diapers between his legs. He waddles and sometimes falls down. I pick him up and make him my little snuggle bunny. I hold babykins close to my bare chest and let him be comforted by my breasts. He likes to snuggle close while I rub him and rub him til he can finally relax. All the rubbing has made babykins become betsy, wetsy. I have to start all over again and change my sweet baby’s diapers. I love changing him!

Nanny Cameron

You’re such a good boy and so cute! Today you will be spending the day with me so cum to Nanny Cameron so I can give you lot’s of love and take care of you. I’ll cuddle and kiss you just like your Mommy does when you’re at home. I have a fun filled day planned for us. Let’s start by changing that Icky diaper that you have on. It’s feeling wet and soggy. I want your bum to be nice and clean. Now little one, be a good boy and don’t fight with me to put a fresh clean diaper on you or I’ll have to force it on you. We can start with getting your stroller out and go for a nice walk in park and stop at the playground. Your such a sweet boy you always make new friends when I take you there. We always have so much fun together. When it comes time for nap, I know you get fussy because you want your bottle.  I know your Mommy wants you off the bottle but I can’t say No to you! Your just so cute I just wanna pinch those cute cheeks of yours. If you promise not to tell your Mommy I’ll sneak you a bottle when I put you down for a nap. I just love watching you snuggle up with your blankie when you lay down sucking on the nipple of that bottle. I know honey, it reminds you of when Mommy used to breast feed you. Now, be a good boy and shut your eyes and take a nappy for me.

Hugs and Kisses,
Nanny Cameron

Pull Down Your Rubber Pants!

I love dressing them up in those soft white cloth diapers and having them soil them and get them all stinky and messy just for me. I love hearing those squeaky baby voices beg mommy for my attention crying for that baby bottle and being all spoiled and cranky because they want the baby binky. Such big babies they are rolling around playing with ruffles around their rubber pants. They get all excited when Mommy let’s them roll around in the play pen with all the other babies. Mommy loves hearing all the baby talk and when they all wet those clean diapers at the same time. Mommy makes sure to change them all and once again get them all nice and dry and then it is feeding time and they seem so hungry for my milk. Come play with us!

I like the freaky shit

I like my sex really fucking freaking as hell and finding fresh meat to experiment on or with is ultimately what I live for. Last night my enema whore called for some fetish play and I decided to give him a hardcore ride for his money. Forcing him into a diaper in front of his hot little wifey, dominating his cock, owning his ass and not taking no for an answer. He was so humiliated poor pathetic ass baby but I didn’t give one flying fuck. My bitches do what I want them to do or I tell them to piss the fuck off! It was definitely a sight to see and all for my entertainment only. Pushing his limits, forcing him into the utter most humiliation situations possible. Mmmm so fucking hot. I will tell you this it was as entertaining as it was, I often become bored very quickly so you can only imagine the shit I put this bitch through. It was a three ring fetish circus baby, for sure, and as always I am the twisted ring leader.

Get your freak on with me baby. But do be warned I am not for the faint of heart.