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Hot New Guy In Town

You are the hot new guy in town. All the ladies are talking about you and flirting with you. You are a sexy bad boy, strong, muscular, mysterious, a man of few words. Rumor has it that you have a great cock and are single.

I spot you at the post office. You are filling out your forwarding address paperwork. Everyone is staring. You are captivating and charming, but rugged and manly. I mail my package and hang back watching and waiting for you. You finish your business at the counter. As you walk past me, you nod and put your sunglasses on. I follow behind you and watch you hop on your motorcycle. Damn, you are hot!

Lucky for me, you turn right out of the parking lot which is the same direction that I need to travel. Maybe I can follow you. I am an only a couple of cars behind you at the first red light. My pussy is throbbing from the excitement. I have never stalked a guy before now. I almost lose you at the next light, but I hurry through the yellow light.

There is quite a bit of traffic as we get closer to the mall, but I manage to keep you in my sight. You drive past my building, but I decide to keep following you. I tell myself just five more minutes. You turn right, so I turn right. I follow you into my favorite fish market. I sit in my car for few minutes and touch up my makeup. I walk inside and realize that you are there for an interview. You are talking with the owner behind the counter. The owner is the only one there today. He greets me with a friendly smile and tells me all about the special of the day. I point to you. I tell the owner that I want you. Did I just make you blush? The owner realizes that you would be great for business. Every lady in town will make extra trips to his fish market just to get a glimpse of you. The owner sees the excitement in my eyes and hires you on a trial basis. You can start right away. I can be your first customer. He goes into the back of the shop.

You smile at me. You ask if you just saw me at the post office. I admit that I followed you here, but I live close and stop here a couple of times a week. I am so turned on. I want to run my hands all over your chest. You are hot, and I want you. In my fantasy, we fuck right here and now. I suck your cock as you look down at me with your smoldering bedroom eyes. You bend me over the counter and fuck me. Well, a fish market is a horrible place for sex, and you just got hired. The reality would not quite be as sexy as my fantasy.

When you ask me what I would like, I order Gulf shrimp and invite you to my place for dinner tonight. I give you a kiss and tell you that I can’t wait to get you naked.


Daddy’s Little Girl Phone Sex

Hi, step-daddy! It’s Reese your favorite little fuck toy. The little girl you started fucking when I was very young. It all started when my mom married this older man and he was attracted to me. He uses to always stare at my young breasts with desire in his eyes and a big bulge in his pants. I remember it like it was yesterday and I was just a little girl.

First, he started coming in my room and watch me sleep and masturbated in my bed at night. Then that became boring to him and he couldn’t hold back anymore, he had to have my tight, young pussy. He would fuck me practically every night when mom was knotted out from her usually spiked drink he would make her. He hated the nights she was home sick or on vacations cause that meant no hot, young pussy for him.

He took my asshole as well and loved fucking it because it was safer that way, he didn’t have to worry about pulling out he could just dump all his hot cum in my tight little young asshole. I love to fuck older men. I would love to suck your huge dick until it squirts all over my tiny titties. Call me Daddy!

Raunchy lil Reese
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Extreme Fantasy Or My Real Life Adventures

        HarleyNothing makes my pussy gush and my little deviant heart happier when a guy says, ” Hey Har, I read your blog and…” . Yeah babe, you know I love it!  I had several guys take me up on my offer to have them try and shock me and it was a fucking blast. Thing was though, it looks like I did most of the shocking.

 That is cool because it just shows I got more than a hard fucking from my creative writing teacher. Some of my calls are extreme role-play but some I pluck right out of my life. I go by my mood and what my caller is asking for. 

What are you looking for today in our call? In the mood for my real life stories or in the mood for extreme role-play? Maybe something in between. A virtual mixed bag of depravity? No matter your mood, Harley is your chick so give me a call and lets see where our minds can take us.

HarleyWritten By: Harley



My Favorite Panty Slut

I had another fun call with my favorite panty slut, Markita! I think she really, really likes when I talk about her on here. I don’t mind to sharing! She loves to be taken out of her boy clothes and put into something a little more skimpy.. especially when it comes from her Mistress’ closet. I put her in pretty panties and sometimes a little baby doll. I make sure her hair and makeup is done and that she’s wearing fuck me pumps before I’ll even consider playing with her. When I hear that soft voice beg, “fuck me, Mistress”, my pussy soaks through my panties. I play nice for a little while, and then I take out my special toy and give her what she begs for. I tell her to play with her clitty while I take care of her cunt. She squeals when she makes a mess in my panties. Such a good, obedient little slut my Markita.

Limitless Sky

50 shades of skyYou have heard the expression, “The sky’s the limit.” That expression describes me perfectly. I have no limits, no boundaries, no taboos. I am open-minded and uninhibited.

I have a very great understanding of fetishes, so I am the perfect girl to explore your fetish and satisfy that urge. Fetishes go far beyond fantasy. A fetish is like an itch that needs to be scratched. Phone Sex with me is a perfectly safe and sane way to explore your fetish.

Or maybe you are in need of that perfect fantasy girl. Role play is the best way to delve into your favorite sexual fantasies for both of us. I absolutely adore doing role plays. What kind of role plays? The sky is the limit! Please don’t ask me to select a favorite role-play. There are hundreds of role-plays that I enjoy. Share your most naughty fantasies with me. Secrets are meant to be shared but only with someone who is trustworthy of keeping your secret and not judging you.

I am creative and provide lots of descriptive detail. Your mind can truly achieve sexual gratification, and you can have the best orgasms.


Your Naughty Girlfriend Skylar
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Adult Baby Phone Sex With Mommy Morgan


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Every little baby needs a “mommy” to love him and tend to his many needs. You are helpless and small. It is a big scary world, but Mommy protects you. Mommy loves you. Mommy gives you a teddy bear and toys. Mommy reads you “Good Night Moon,” before your nap. Mommy sings you a lullaby when you are fussy. As any baby, you need to be bathed and fed your milk so your tummy is full. Of course, you are spanked when you are naughty. Even when you are naughty, you are always loved and nurtured by your sweet but strict Mommy Morgan. Oh my, Baby, you need your diaper changed once again. You are so messy. I find the sweetest little pampers for my little baby’s bottom and the most adorable little outfits for baby.

Mommy Morgan takes care of all your AB/DL needs!

Snuggle Cuddles Phone Sex


I know how excited you are that we have another long weekend ahead of us. Since Mommy is going to be entertaining this weekend kicking off the summer. I think we should get our special time in. It’s still early sweetie and you look like you just got up. Come and crawl back into bed with me and let’s do some snuggle cuddles with each other. I want you going into this weekend with a smile on your face and mommy is going to make sure of that. You crawl up into mommy’s big bed and snuggle under the blanket with me. I run the back of my hands through your hair while you rest your head on my plush tits. I unhook my bra and let your hands and mouth roam my body. It’s been some time since we had our special time. You make your phone sex mommy so happy. You know all the right spots that mommy likes. You smile and let out a little giggle. Well honey, now it’s mommy’s turn to make you feel really good. Lay back and let your phone sex mommy do all the work.

Mommy  Toni



Once is Never Enough

bambiEver since I started fucking, I’ve never been satisfied with just one round. I always hear how uncomfortable that first time is, yada, yada– that was never the case with me. Even that first time I was down licking his balls after, trying to get him stiff again. It’s the same way with calls. I love cumming with all of my guys, but as soon as that call is over, I’m jamming my fingers or my toy in one of my holes trying to cum again. Once just doesn’t do it for me! Every once in a while, I get that caller that just knows what buttons to push with me. Once, twice, three times… it’s not even close to being enough for him either. Those calls are ALWAYS my favorite! I love when a man dedicates time and effort to making me cum as much as humanly possible! Just because it’s over the phone, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be good.
If wham, bam, thank you ma’am isn’t for you— call me. Let’s see how many times we can cum together!

BBC Worship

Everyone knows that I love BBC… but this post isn’t about ME. No, this post is about a little cock sucking faggot that I talk to that we’ll call Mike. He’s one of my regular callers who has always loved being treated like a cum dumpster, but we finally got down to the thing he really, really wanted. He wanted that thick, long, hard black dick. I can hear it in his voice when I say those magical words that he’s been waiting for. No one but me knows how much he loves it…. and I always tease him that I’m going to tell everyone about this craving he has to worship black cock. And not just one.. oh no, Mike wants them lined up to fuck his slutty holes. When I talk about how big and meaty they are, how they’re using him like a piece of fuck meat, I can hear him getting close. When I tell him that I’m going to write a blog and tell the world about him, he explodes. I bet no one would believe how much you crave cock, would they Mike? This was a nice post.. just wait till next time 😉

Weekend at Hailey’s


Come fuck me. I know you’ll be sitting on the couch watching your wife/girlfriend run around shopping, cleaning this weekend. And of course neglecting every one of your sexual needs. It’s simple she doesn’t have the time to even listen to your hot, steamy fantasies. Well, that’s why I’m here for you. To take care of you the right way. I’ll be sure every time you hang up the phone with me you’ll have the biggest smile on your face. Feeling completely satisfied. My mission is to make you shoot your load so hard. Leaving you happy for the rest of the weekend. Come and fuck me before it’s to late, you might be spending your day doing weekend chores. I can’t wait to be your hot taboo slut that will do anything to please you.