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Forced Bi Phone Sex


I have a special treat for you today. Nothing is hotter than a sexy, hot Goddess forcing you to do things you might not do unless you’re forced.

I love having you over to my house and bringing my friends over and force feeding you some cock. Both of us on our hands and knees as I hold the big, juicy thick cock and feeding it to your cock sucking lips. As I whisper all kinds of nasty things in your ear, you slurp that throbbing cock down into the back of your throat. I place my hands on the back of your head and forcing it in, inch by inch until you make that cock pulsate and squirt a huge load deep in your throat.

Oh! You think you are done just because you sucked him off? Oh no, nothing turns me on more than watching you roll over on your back and hike your legs in the air and spread your pussy cheeks, and watch you get fucked by some BBC. Uh huh, I said it BBC baby and you will take it all and you’ll make him cum deep in your tight pussy hole.

Call me for your orgy party!


 Written By: Parker
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Married Cock Phone Sex


I love married cock, I just can’t seem to get enough. I love taking your cum and leaving nothing for your pathetic bitch wife. You hired me as the nanny but little did you know, I would be seducing you and making your cock throb for me night after night. You can’t even get hard anymore unless you’re thinking of me riding you and stroking your cock in my  young, tight pussy.

I love when I’m riding you and your cock is bare back inside of my wet pussy, and your bitch ass wife calls while I’m sucking on your wedding ring. I want all your cum, I don’t want you to give it to her anymore. I love fucking in your bed where she sleeps. Taking all your time and attention away from her that doesn’t appreciate you the way I do.

I would love to suck your cock in front of her and show her how your cock does get hard for me and then spit your cum in her face. Show her all the things I will do that she wont do!

You know you need a home wrecker in your life, and I’m the perfect girl for you!



Written By: Carlee
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Cum Dumpster Teagan

I’m in charge so much. In charge of myself, in charge of others, even in charge in the bedroom.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a man that just doesn’t care. He doesn’t ask if I want it, if I’m ready, how I need it. He takes the decision away from me. He treats me like his little cum dumpster. I’m just a hole for his dick and he never lets me forget it. We can be anywhere; a nice restaurant, visiting my parents, driving on the road; when he wants my pussy, he wants it, and I don’t have a say.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it feels to not have to think for myself. To just be a fuck slut for him to play with. To take his cum whenever he chooses when to give it to me. I haven’t felt this good since high school. Who knew that being a whore could be so good for you?!?


Written By: Teagan
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Ready To Please You

Why don’t you cum quench your thirst with a sexy brunette who is hot, horny and ready to please you. Are you in the mood for a no limit’s open minded very sexy girl today? One of my most favorite things to hear about is your wild and perverted secrets, and then play them out on the phone with you!

I’m a very sexual girl with a very sinful imagination. I’ve been known to be the slut tease who can’t get enough of seducing men. Just the thought of you jerking your big, hard cock or little cock gets me excited as I masturbate for you . It makes my tight, pink pussy so wet.

Think about one of your hottest fantasies that makes your cock rock hard for me. We can do anything you like. No limits, no taboos. I cant wait to feel your throbbing cock shoved in my tight pussy.

Give me a call and I promise you’ll never forget my sweet voice. I can’t wait for us to cum together and talk about all those naughty, kinky, fantasies we both enjoy.



Written By: Janene
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I Squirted All Over His Desk!

One of my professor’s has been after me for awhile. He was a lot older than the ones that I usually fucked, but I was failing his class and he decided that he finally had his chance.

I showed up after his last class of the day, ready to get it all over with. He wasn’t in the mood to go fast though. He pushed me back onto his desk and buried his tongue deep into my young pussy. I was fucking blown away. I have never had my pussy devoured so hungrily or thoroughly! He was starving for my cunt and couldn’t get enough. I honestly lost count of how many times I came.

He took out his cock and practically rammed it into me. It was huge. I tried to breathe but he was pounding me so hard. I held on tight to the edge of the desk as his balls slapped against my ass and he growled with each thrust. When he pulled his cock out of me and slapped my pussy hard, I squirted all over his desk! I hope the rest of the student body doesn’t mind my pussy all over their final exams.


Written By: Ashton
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Cheating with Me

Married men are so much fun. Their wives never fuck them the way they want to be fucked and some never give them any at all unless it’s their birthday. Luckily for those poor bastards, they have me to drain their balls. I’m the ultimate guilty pleasure for these men. It doesn’t really take much to get them going and they are beyond easy to please. Just a little sniff here, a touch there and they are jizzing in their pants. They take all that pent up frustration and energy and give it all to me. Unlike their ugly wives, I absolutely love the way they paw me. They give me everything they’ve got and I cream all over their cocks for it.

They can’t wait for their next session with me and it makes them very generous, with their fucking and their wallet. If only those prude wives knew how much money their husbands spend on me! Any of them will tell you that I’m worth every single penny they spend.

I’m everything a married man could want. I’ll fuck your brains and I’ll keep your secret. Why would I tell your wife and ruin all of my fun?



Written By: Charlotte
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Older Woman Fantasies


I know you have older women fantasies you have been hindering since your childhood. Perhaps, it was your sexy Aunt, older sister, the MILF next door or even your teacher. There is something that gives you an erection every time you think about it, and I would love to hear every detail.

Don’t hold back with me, you wouldn’t think I was a nasty freak by looking at me. I like to dress and act a certain way when I leave the house but people have no idea what kind of woman I am behind closed doors.

Only a mature woman like me knows how to drain every last ounce of cum out of your balls. I do have first hand experiences, and believe me, I do kiss and tell.

Rest assure, I am the perfect MILF to have all your older woman fantasies explored. Not all mature women are as perverted as me, and lucky for you, I’m as sick as they come.


Written By: Rosanna
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Daddy’s Got a New Girlfriend

My phone sex Daddy has a new cute brunette girlfriend and it’s ME!

 Last night during sex he said he has deep feelings for me. It was so romantic! He was telling me he fell out of love with Mommy because of me. He went on to tell me he hates having sex with her. If she bitches about not getting any sex, he fucks her out of pitty. He said he thinks of me the entire time, and it’s the only way he gets hard. He feels so guilty fucking her when I’m right down the hall, and he feels like he’s cheating on me. 

 Of course, we have to keep our relationship a secret….for now. I’ve been tempted many times to tell that bitch when she’s yelling at me. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she catches us.

 I’ve been begging Daddy to cum inside me but he normally pulls out and cums all over my tits. Now since I’m his girlfriend, I think we should take our relationship to a whole new level. I would to see Mommy ‘s reaction when she sees me with big, round tummy.


JesseWritten By: Jesse
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Kinky, Real and Addictive

Looking for that girl to do what most girls wont do? I’m that extra kinky girl that is ready to push you to the edge and beyond.

The kinkier the better and nothing is off limits for me. I eat, breathe and live for something extra kinky. I mean anything and everything goes with me.

You can say I’m a nymphomaniac. I am always ready to play, I love being a freaky little sex kitten. I just can’t help it, I’m addicted to sex.

I really enjoy and get off to your fantasies. I love talking and getting to know each other and getting off together. I love talking about my experiences and things I would like to delve into. I like just being real about things, and I love it when a man is open and honest and can be real as well.

Warning though, you are likely to become addicted to me. I want to be your next drug, call and get your fix today.



 Written By: Parker
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Always a Daddy’s Girl

My phone sex daddy wasn’t too happy that I moved out of the house and moved in with my new older boyfriend. He’s uber jealous that I’ll be sleeping with another man every night.

For the past several years, daddy has come into my bed every single night. He stays with me until mommy’s alarm clock goes off and then he sneaks back to their bed.

I gave daddy a really hot goodbye fuck when I left but he still needs his little girl. Every morning and night I get a text from him and I have to be honest, I was missing him too. My boyfriend has no idea I have sex with my daddy. 

I was getting really homesick lately that I started closing my eyes during sex with my boyfriend and picturing my daddy on top of me. I even called him daddy when I was cuming. He questioned it but I played it off pretty good.

One night my boyfriend went out with his friends, and I packed my things and left to move back home. I sneaked into my house, got undressed and went into my bed. My parents were in their room sleeping. I sent Daddy a text to see if he was still awake and I told him to come into my room, I had a surprise waiting for him. He came in and was so excited to see his little girl. We made love 3 times that night.

Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl.



Written By: Ariel
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