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Always a Daddy’s Girl

My phone sex daddy wasn’t too happy that I moved out of the house and moved in with my new older boyfriend. He’s uber jealous that I’ll be sleeping with another man every night.

For the past several years, daddy has come into my bed every single night. He stays with me until mommy’s alarm clock goes off and then he sneaks back to their bed.

I gave daddy a really hot goodbye fuck when I left but he still needs his little girl. Every morning and night I get a text from him and I have to be honest, I was missing him too. My boyfriend has no idea I have sex with my daddy. 

I was getting really homesick lately that I started closing my eyes during sex with my boyfriend and picturing my daddy on top of me. I even called him daddy when I was cuming. He questioned it but I played it off pretty good.

One night my boyfriend went out with his friends, and I packed my things and left to move back home. I sneaked into my house, got undressed and went into my bed. My parents were in their room sleeping. I sent Daddy a text to see if he was still awake and I told him to come into my room, I had a surprise waiting for him. He came in and was so excited to see his little girl. We made love 3 times that night.

Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl.



Written By: Ariel
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You’re Fucked, Loser!

You have been a very bad husband. You pimped out your wife, and stole your Mother in Law’s diamond necklace. Now it is time to pay the piper. You had no idea your mother in law was a practicing witch craft, now did you dumb ass? Karma is a bitch, so now you will be our bitch.

She found me, and now you are FUCKED. You must pay her back for that necklace, but at the same time you must make financial amends with her daughter, your ex wife. You barely make enough to pay your bills. So what is fucking next then?

You could try to run, but you are bound to us and there is no escape. Think on it awhile, the answer to your problems is your two fuck holes. Yes, loser you’re going to see what it is like to be pimped out. I am going to give you lessons on just how to suck a dick. If I am into the man, I give the hottest, sloppiest wet blowjobs. Your head would blow off with excitement. Watch me so you can learn? Hardly, you pathetic loser.

Down on your knees, and do a good job so you can get your $5.00 to give to your Mother In Law. At this rate, it will take you years to pay your debt. By the time we are done with you, you just might enjoy sucking dick and getting your ass pounded.


 Written By: Poison Ivy
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Kendall Doesn’t Like Your Wife!

You know I’m so much prettier than your wife. That fat slob doesn’t appreciate you the way I do. Years of neglect has lead you to me, your perfect little home wrecker.

I make you feel a live again and make you smile, and  of course, make your cock oh so rock hard. You want to take me away on your business trips and you know I will fulfill your every fantasy.

I love riding your cock while you talk to your wife on the phone and I’m sucking on that wedding ring. Fucking you without a condom and making you cum so deep in my pussy!

Call your sweet little home wrecker today!


Written By: Kendall
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Looking For My Barbie Doll To Play With

That’s right, I’m looking for my Barbie Doll to play with. I want to give you special beauty assignments, such as first by shaving all the hair off your body. Then giving you ballet workout to really tighten your core.

Next, would be placing you on birth control and hormone supplements so I can watch your hair, nails and most of all having your breasts grow for me.

I can’t wait to paint your toes, nails and do your makeup to perfection. I want to put you in that extra tight pink push up bra and matching pink thong panties. I will also make you walk in those extra tall “cum fuck me” heels. Let’s not forget doing your long hair and painting those lips to match your nails. You can even carry a purse for me while you prance around.

Just remember though, once you look like a sissy slut, you’ll be fucked like a slut. I can’t wait to use all your fuck holes and make that sweet tight Barbie pussy mine!



 Written By: Parker
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Here For All Your Phone Sex Fucking Pleasures


I’m always your extra kinky deviant sex kitten ready to play and I aim to please. I have no taboo’s and I mean no taboos. I enjoy age play, cuckolding, humiliation, domination, sissy boys, diaper boys and I’m the best girlfriend you could ever have too.

I enjoy all fetishes, nothing is to kinky for me. Actually, the kinkier the better in my book. Those were just a few things I listed, my specialty list does go on and on though ;).

I love to flirt, taunt and tease with my huge boobs too. Something about a man when he wants to submit to me makes me so wet. Nothing wrong with pleasing your Goddess and being a good little slave boy.

So if you’re looking for an open minded girl, I’m here for all your phone sex fucking pleasures.

Cum To Bed with Faith



Written By: Faith
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Kendall Laughs At You During Phone Sex

That’s right, calling all sissy’s I know that not every little sissy is the same but I sure do love playing a sissy slut. Something about dressing you in my panties, sexy tight bras and making you prance around like my slut, gets me going.

I love when you get all dressed up head to toe and run to the mailbox for me so everyone can see what a slut you are and I expose you to your friends and neighbors.

Then you come home and I tell you, you know what happens when you dress like a slut, right??Well it’s true, you get fucked like a slut.

I love fucking my little sissy’s and making them make cummies in their panties LOL, while I  laugh and tease you about getting your pussy hole fucked. Not only your pussy hole but all your holes you little slut.

So obey and call your owner now, so I can control my sexy little sissy.


Written By: Kendall
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Apha Males Vs. Beta Boys

Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I didn’t learn at a very young age what cuckolding is. I love when you clean my cream pies out of me. You sitting in the corner, stroking your small white cock while you watch me get fucked by a alpha cock. That’s right alpha fucks and beta pays, you’re a beta.

Beta boys like you get on your knees and arch your ass in the air and let me fuck you with my strap-on. Better yet, I want to watch you get fucked like the slut you are by a real alpha cock.

Ten plus inches of throbbing cock sliding inside your tight, little pussy hole, while I watch and laugh at the little cuckold you are!



Written By: Carlee
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Role Play with R.

I have a caller that always has the best role plays. They’re so dirty and detailed, but they always end the same way… with him taking cock for me.

Sometimes he just likes for me to be myself- a beautiful woman that turns the tables and dominates him, but sometimes he likes me in more manly roles, roles that involve me fucking him with my big cock and making him call me daddy. Those are my favorite.

I slap his ass and give him the fucking that he’s been begging for. Plenty of men have fucked me, I never knew just how fun it could be to be the man. He’s always such a good little slut and cums extra hard when I talk to him in my deep voice. He’s always begging Daddy for more cock!


 Written By: Ginger
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Next Door Neighbor Phone Sex


I was laying out in the sun in my little black string bikini when I heard a noise over the fence. I looked over and saw Mr. R, the neighbor spying on me through the fence. He took off running.

I went over to check on him to make sure he was okay. The back door to his house was open so I just decided to walk in. To my surprise, he was standing there with his pants down jacking off.

I told Mr. R that if he didn’t follow all my instructions, I was going to tell his wife. He is much older than me but I always had a secret little crush on him. Well anyways, I’m going to teach Mr. R a lesson.

I told him to go to the bedroom and I crawled up on his bed and gave him a full view of my huge tits. I guided Mr. R though a slow JOI and made him blow his load all over my tits. I told him this isn’t going to be the last time I come over to his house. I explained I will be back for more or I will inform his wife of our naughty little jerk off lessons if he doesn’t follow my orders!

So obey! Call me now lets play!


Written By: Faith
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The Perfect Family

Look at my perfect barely legal body. It’s so ripe and pure. Wouldn’t I look beautiful if I were to get pregnant? Not just with anyone’s seed but with my phone sex daddy’s.
Just imagine making love to your little girl with her big, round belly, just knowing it’s your baby inside your daughters belly. My small round tits will soon turn into beautiful big, milky ones with huge erect nipples.
Once we get rid of Mommy, we could be the perfect family. I’ll be the new mommy around the house and make sure daddy’s cock is taken care of all the time.
Written By: Andie
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