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Brother/Sister Family Fun Phone Sex

I’ve been addicted to my older phone sex brother’s cock lately. I had it a few weeks ago for the first time and I can’t get enough. He said the college girls his age couldn’t take his huge cock so they end up just jerking him off. Not until he came home from school break, I tried his huge cock. After a little stretching my tiny, young pussy, it fits like a glove. It just took one hot sister/brother fuck and now we’re practically married. We fuck all the time now and we don’t even care if Mom is home. In fact, we caught Mom spying on us and she had a little finger session herself while watching us.

I can’t wait till he gets home because I haven’t stopped touching my pussy since he put a huge load of jizz in it this morning.



 Written By: Corina
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Stripper Chrissy: Come Upstairs To Play!

I work one night a week as a stripper in NYC.

It is so empowering to have all men watching me, wanting me, devouring me with their eyes when I am on stage. 

The most exciting, and most alluring part of the evening, when I invite you upstairs to a private room at the strip club.

I tease you, seduce you, into setting up a private dance with me. I promise to rock your world and give you an experience that you will remember forever. You can’t resist me, even though you know that is getting late.

Come on baby, I whisper in your ear. Come upstairs with me to the private room, and I will let you feel the hot wet walls of my pussy dripping in your lap. 

Your Naughty Stripper,

Chrissy Written By: Chrissy
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Just For Fun

bambiI was in the mood for a little fun, so I decided to find a fuck buddy for the night. I went out to my favorite local bar and started looking for the lucky man. It was sort of a dud night. None of the guys really did anything for me. I was starting to give up when I saw a pretty little thing sitting at the bar. It was obvious that she didn’t belong there and had probably been drugged there.

I went over to her and struck up a conversation. She was so sweet and innocent. It really got me going. I was really friendly with her and talked her into coming home with me for a drink. As the wine started to flow, she loosened up a little. I decided to make my move. My hand went under her short skirt and I started kissing her. She was a little nervous at first, but soon she was melting underneath my body.

I quickly undressed her and myself and my tits were rubbing against hers. Her little whimpers made me wet and I started licking down her stomach. Her pussy was so wet and sweet! Her body started shaking with each stroke of my tongue. I pushed her legs back and started ramming my tongue in and out of her delicious cunt. She was gasping now and begging for something she didn’t even know about. I inserted 2 fingers and started sucking her clit hard. She started trying to push my head away but I didn’t budge. She screamed loudly as she creamed all over my fingers. I brought them to her mouth and smiled as she shyly sucked them off. I kissed her again, tasting her pussy all over her tongue. I felt her hands push on my shoulders. I rolled to my back and let her explore my body. My shy girl got aggressive and I knew I had made the right decision.


Written By: Bambi
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GFE Is My Favorite

I love to tease. I love to fuck. I love punish you when you’re naughty. There’s very little that I won’t do, but being your sweet girlfriend is my favorite of all. There’s just something about being the one you come home to, being your listening ear when you complain about your day, being the one that you give all that sweet loving to that gets to me. Sex isn’t all wild fucking. Sex is about intimacy as well and I love when you share that part of yourself with me. There’s nothing wrong with being sweet after we make passionate love, sharing our secrets with each other. I know that more men long for that feeling than they say. It’s nice having someone special to share your life with and I’m the perfect girl for that. My sensual southern hospitality puts you at ease. I can make you forget about everything when you’re with me. All of your stresses will melt away when you’re in my arms. If you need that girlfriend in your life who focuses on you and you alone, call me. I have the body and mouth of a high priced whore, but the voice of an angel. I’ll take care of you like a girlfriend should.


Written By: Rachel
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Pain is Pleasure

I’m a strong female that likes to give as good as she gets, but I’m a subbie at heart. I finally met a man that has it in him to really dominate me. He called and gave me instructions on what to wear. He wanted me in a pair of panties and nothing else, except the butt plug. I was on my knees at the door just as he wanted. He lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom. He blindfolded me and tied my wrists and ankles to the head and foot board. I felt his fingers plucking at my nipples, pulling them up and putting on clamps. He gave them a good tug to make sure they were in place. I was spread wide open for him and could sense him moving around the room. That’s when I felt it. His flogger was slapping my pussy hard. Over and over and over. I begged him to stop, but the slaps kept coming and soon I was as well. This torture went on for some time. I was trying to lock my knees together. I had been made to cum so many times and I was shaking all over. I felt him untie my hands and remove the plug from my ass. I thought it was over, but he grabbed me and pulled me over his knee. It was time for him to give my backside the same treatment as the front. His first spank had me squirting all over his hand. I could feel his hard cock at my stomach and knew that the punishment had just begun.


Written By: Teagan
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Dirty Pantyhose

I was running late for work and just had to throw on anything I could find. I managed to look presentable for my boss but I knew he could tell that something was off with me. He and I have been fucking for months and so far it had been a very beneficial relationship for me.

He called me into his office and I could tell he had something on his mind. He loves my legs in pantyhose, but I had to tell him that I had found these in the bottom of the hamper this morning, so they weren’t so fresh. His eyes darkened a little bit and he asked how dirty they were. I was a little embarrassed and told him they were very dirty. He sat me on his desk and got on his knees in front of me. He buried his nose in the crotch and breathed in the smell of my pussy. He ran his tongue down the leg, all the way to my foot. He took my heel off and sniffed the somewhat crusty material. I knew they must have smelled so gross and sweaty and figured it would turn him off. I was wrong. His cock was harder than I had ever seen it. I could tell he was ready to go and started to slide them off. He stopped me and told me to leave them on. He ripped a hole in the crotch and slid his cock in. He brought both of my smelly feet to his face and held them there as he thrust in and out, even taking my toes into his mouth. I couldn’t believe how hard he was fucking me! He kept telling me what a dirty little slut I was as he pounded my pussy. He pulled out and came all over my feet. As I was catching my breath, he told me to wear the same pantyhose tomorrow. He can’t wait to feel those smelly, sticky feet all over his face again.


Written By: Charlotte
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Nosy Step-Sister Ashton

My step-brother caught me going through his things again. He had warned me to stay out of his room, but I was way too nosy to listen. Last time I was in there, I found all kinds of naughty pictures and videos and I just had to see more!

I was browsing on his computer when I heard the door shut. I looked up and he had a strange smile on his face. “Like what you see?” I did like what I saw. I was currently looking at pictures of him with another woman and I couldn’t believe the size of his cock! “You know, people pay a lot of money for more taboo pictures and videos.” I knew it was time to go. I laughed off his comment and tried to get to the door. He stopped me and pushed me back on the bed. I saw him flip on a camera that he had on the desk. He started stripping his clothes off and I tried to get off the bed. Soon his body was on top of mine and he was ripping my clothes off. I asked him to stop, but he only laughed at me. Soon my step-brother’s cock was inside of me and he was holding me down and making me take his hard pounding. He was so much bigger than me and there was no way to buck him off. Despite the fact, I was starting to enjoy his huge dick moving in and out of me, he then whispered in my ear; “I’m going to cum inside your little teen cunt, Ashton.” I screamed and tried to get away, but he only laughed, held me tighter and told me to get ready for it. I felt his cum flood my pussy. A few minutes later he carried me to my room. “Feel free to come back for round 2, little sister.”

Written By: Ashton
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Sexy Holiday Slut

So sweet and innocent but I know your naughty secrets. You’re a cute, dirty little panty thief.  I know you’ve been wondering what I got you for Christmas. Well, I thought we can start early, let’s open your gift now. Only because I think it’s time that you stop sneaking my panties out of my room. I know you’ve been wearing them. I know you want me to teach you how to be sexy slut. Well, Merry Christmas Dirty Girl. I got you, your own sexy pair of panties along with a matching babydoll dress. Your gonna look like the cutest holiday slut. Before we start making our rounds on Christmas, let’s fit in a little holiday masturbation under the tree with each other. Let’s try on your sexy little outfit. I’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know this holiday season.  Spread those sexy legs and show me how you rub your clitty.


Written By: Janene
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Energy Thief


You say Santa I say Satan, you have your dumb ass fantasy figures but I know the truth. You have something I want, and you can give it up the easy way or I can cut it out of you. Take your pick because either way your energy is mine.

Light some candles, strip off your clothes and turn off the lights. Are you ready? You are exhausted from watching porn all day and beating off. This type of porn you’ve never watched before, something made you decide this was what you needed, you were bored with typical man/woman shit.

You feel a presence near your bed and your hands go back to your dick for more stroking. You hear my soft voice whispering in your ear. I tell you to let go, free yourself of that energy with each stroke and beat of your heart. You are going faster now, you’re at the edge and about to cum. Your energy is mine, the air is warm again, you remember nothing. Did you sleep for days? You look at the clock and see barely minutes have passed.



Written By: Malaya Maxx
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Sweet Southern Comfort

When it comes to sex, I love it all. Crazy fucking is so much fun, but there is something about sweet, tender love making that makes me weak in the knees and gives me a creamy pussy. Being with that special someone that wants to take his time and make us both feel good is more exciting that anything else to me. A dark room with candles lit, champagne, soft kisses, it makes my heart skip a beat. Every touch and taste has meaning. There’s no need to rush it. We can take our time getting to know each other’s bodies. Foreplay takes hours and when he finally pushes his cock inside of me.. it’s Heaven. We’re right there together and it feels so very good. A slow and steady pace until neither of us can stand it anymore. Passion takes over and we’re grinding against each other, breathing heavy, sweating. It’s so intense! When we finally allow ourselves to cum, we cum together.
When love making is done right, there’s nothing in the world that can compare to it.



Written By: Rachel
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