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Let Mommy Kiss Your Boo Boo


     My phone sex son came home from his first day at summer camp, and he was limping. I asked him what was wrong, but he went right up to his room. I gave him some time but I could hear him moaning in what sounded like he was in pain. My poor baby, I hate when he’s hurting. What could I do to help him? I knocked on his bedroom door, and then sat on his bed for a talk. 

 I told him to remove his jeans, and to let mommy see. He began to blush, and told me not to look. He finally dropped his pants, and I could see how swollen his cute little cock and balls were. I suggested he let me rub them to possibly make the swelling go down. He was so embarrassed. It was so cute. I put some lotion on my hands, and began to massage his cock and balls. They seemed to be getting bigger, not less swollen.

He looked so helpless and cute. I started kissing his sweet cock. I could hear him starting to breath a little heavier, and then a huge sigh. All of a sudden he said, “Mommy I’m going to have an accident.”  My sweet little man then shot a load of cum all over my face. I told him it was time for dinner, and that we might need the special treatment before he goes to camp tomorrow.


Written By: Suzanne
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Stroke It For Mommy Georgia

Oops! Mommy walked in on you in the bathroom. Not only were you completely naked, but you had a pair of my dirty panties practically pushed up your nose. I know how good my pussy smells. Especially the freshly fucked pussy that was in those panties last night. No need to feel embarrassed, everyone needs relief every once in a while.

I take my hand and put it on top of yours and start to help you stroke. That’s my good boy. Stroke it for Mommy. I see you look back at me in the mirror, and I decide to let my top drop and my tits fall out. There we go. Now your hand is moving faster. I take my hand away from yours so I can watch. Your whole body is shaking as you build up speed. Your teenage body breaks out in a sweat.

I sit back on the counter and spread my legs so you can see how wet Mommy’s panties are getting. Harder and harder you go. I love the sound of your hand sliding up and down on your slick cock. You throw your head back and look at the ceiling as you cum, everywhere! All over you, all over Mommy, everywhere. I just laughed and started to draw myself a bath. Care to join me?



Written By: Georgia
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Family Fun Role Play

  I am in the mood today for a very naughty family fun role play. I have so many dirty ideas, but I would love to hear what my callers think. The dirtier and taboo the better! I can be any age you want for our fantasy call. 

I was thinking that I could be your little girl who can’t keep her hands of her hairy little pussy when she hears mommy and daddy fucking. The sounds mommy makes seems like she is really having a good time. I can sure understand why! Daddy has such a big cock. All my friends ask about him. Tonight is the night I can finally climb into bed and join them. 

Mommy takes me into the bathroom to make sure I am ready. She makes sure I haven’t trimmed my big, beautiful bush. She then gives me an enema, because daddy wants to fuck my cute little ass. I can hear daddy’s porn in the bedroom. I bet our threesome will be better than any porn.

I hope this excites you as much as it does me. Cum join me and I know it will be better than the porn you’re watching.

Love and kisses, Emily


Written By: Emily
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Meet Me on Valentine’s Day

I’ve had an online friend that I’ve been playing with for many years. It started out as cyber sex, then we moved to the phone, then web cam. He lives so far away, but after years and years of teasing each other, we’re finally going to meet.

I was thinking about all the romantic things we could do together, but I know that we’ll never see the outside of my bedroom. I have all sorts of toys to play with and things like that, and I decided to just splurge on some pretty lingerie for him.

I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror. Imagining him ripping it off of me and taking my body like we had imagined for so long together. I bought it for him, but ended up touching my body through the satin. Thinking about having his mouth all over my aching pussy had me rubbing it and thinking about his big, hard cock stretching into me had me shoving 3 fingers into my wet hole. After I gushed all over myself, I decided to fold my panties and wear them for him without washing them. He’s going to love my smell and I’m going to love my smell on him.


Written By: Charlotte
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Is That You Daddy?

I wanted to take a minute with Valentine’s Day almost here to let my callers know just how much I appreciate and adore them. I have the most awesome, fun and sexy callers! One special man knows that I am all about everything supernatural. My pussy creams at the thought of being taken by a vampire. He picked a fantasy that was just for me. The coolest part was I came 2 times on our call! So fucking hot!!

        I am in my bed trying to sleep, but I have so many thoughts in my head. I remember my daddy with his warm hands, tender kisses, and most of all how much he loved me. I was his baby girl. Even my friends loved him. I was the girl with the hot phone sex daddy.

I hear a sound, my curtain is blowing around through my open window. I watched way too many Dracula movies, and my imagination is getting the best of me. I can’t sleep, so I just lay out my cute red dress, panties, and heels to wear to school on Friday for Valentine’s Day. 

I can’t shake the feeling someone is watching me. Maybe if I cum a few times, I will get to sleep. I hear my name in a soft masculine voice. “Angel, it’s me, your daddy. “I missed you so much”, he says. Daddy is standing over my bed looking so handsome. He cuddles next to me and begins kissing and biting me all over. It feels so good. I don’t understand, I thought my daddy left us forever?

He begins to suck and bite my nipples. Daddy is biting so hard, but I love it. I am so wet and horny I can’t stand it. I feel his cock against me, and it is huge and hard like a steel rod. But??? Why is daddy’s cock so cold?

I must have finally passed out from all the rough sex. I wake up in my bed and I am alone. There is a note that says ” Next Valentine’s Day I will visit again, Peanut. This time- I will take you with me.



Written By: Delaney
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Give Me Your Heart

It’s Almost Valentine’s Day and there is something I must have from you. I want your heart. Feel my soft but strong hands on your chest as I feel your heart beat. As I slide onto your cock with my warm, wet cunt I feel your heart beat even faster. Do not have a heart attack, I want you alive till I am done fucking you. I ride you faster, as my tight cunt grabs your dick. The thought of death makes sex so much better. Imagine this is your last time. I know you assume this is fantasy, and that we are role playing. You can’t imagine such an angel faced girl would tear out your heart. At least, not in the physical sense. 

With one last thrust, you grunt and cum inside me. You reach for me to kiss my soft lips. I bite yours and I bite hard. A bit of blood trickles down, and I lick it off. I am ready for more. You are hard again, and I allow you my pale lovely ass. It is Valentine’s Day and I want it all from you before we’re done. You cum yet again, with another loud guttural moan. 

I smile and press my hand harder on your chest. I whisper in your ear that this will hurt, but not for long. My long red fingernails are gripping your chest now. I lower myself back down onto your still rock hard cock. Just as I cum, I rip out your heart. 

May all your Valentine’s Day nightmares come true.


Written By: Malaya Maxxx
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Pop My Cherry


Have you ever tasted such a hot, wet young pussy like mine? I see the way you look at me when I am staying over for a sleep party. You find every excuse to check on us. I think you are trying to catch us doing sexy things with each other. You bring us pizza, drinks, and you even try to stay and watch Netflix with us.

You know what daddy? This is your lucky day! I have been thinking about getting my cherry popped by an other experienced man that I can call daddy? I mean what girl wants her first time fucking to be with a young, boring inexperienced guy when I can have a daddy. I am waiting daddy! I can be your everything.


Written By: Teen Torrie
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He Asked For It

The man I fuck sometimes told me that he was really interested in me spanking him. I’m sure when he told me that, it was just supposed to be some easy little ass slap. He should have known better. I don’t half ass anything. If he wanted to be spanked, he was going to get fucking spanked.

I immediately told him to bend over on the bed. The first slap I gave him made him scream and start to jump up. I grabbed his balls and twisted them hard and told him to get back down. He acted like he was worried, but his cock was standing straight up and throbbing.

I gave the other cheek the same slap and his little gasp amused me. I went crazy, spanking him as hard as I could. His cock was leaking pre-cum all over the place. I told him to close his eyes. When he did, I grabbed the paddle I had hidden beside the bed. I told him to start at 10 and countdown for me. He slowly began to count, but I was impatient. I grabbed the handle with both hands and swung as hard as I could. He screamed in surprise and came hard all over the bed. He fell and was catching his breath, but I snuck in another slap. I knew he was hurting, but he got into position again. I smiled and decided to take my time this go around.


Written By: Bambi
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Chestnuts Roasting


 You have been torturing those heavy balls for years now. You want more than just a little pain, but you are scared to do any more than pinch, slap, tug and twist your balls. Don’t worry as your holiday present is here. Let me rid you of those big, boring things. We can do it the easy almost painless way or we can do it the painful way. I think you know my choice. 

Before we begin our painful session, let’s make sure you have everything needed to rid you of those nasty things. You will have with you a mallet, paddle, flogger, and hot wax from a candle. This will be a bit more difficult but I must have a butt plug, Urethral Sound Beads in 3 sizes, and most of all a scalpel or an elastrator castration device.

Scared yet? Don’t worry it will be painful! Merry Christmas from Nurse Brianna, removing balls for my enjoyment.


Written By: Brianna
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Eternal Sleep

When callers have a very unusual call, it’s me “Fetish Frankie” they usually call. I will be clear on my disclaimer. This is a roll place, and did not actually happen. It was sexy, exciting and very different than anything I have every done. Shall we begin?

His husband owns a mortuary, and death has always been something exciting for them to talk about. The wife, I will call Beauty. Death to him is the most beautiful thing in the world to him. The thought of being dressed, and put for his lover to be on display is all he really wants. 

It is time to prep. They whole time I talk to him before he’s done. It is a very complicated procedure. First, he must put on his wig, and put on his makeup. Death is beautiful. He puts his lovely gown on, and it is time to finish. He sprays in his mouth the special squirt bottle that will help him fall asleep. Then he must move quickly. He puts on the black lipstick with his mouth closed. The rest of his makeup is on, and he lays down for his eternal sleep. 

His husband watches him as he finishes. He isn’t there so he watched with his cam. Beauty is asleep now, a beautiful eternal sleep. 


Written By: Fetishista Frankie
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