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Kendall wants to be your girlfriend!!

You need that special hot young girl to tell you how amazing you are in every single way. That girl that email’s you through out the day begging for your cock. Letting you know how special you are to her. The girl that whispers sweet things in your ear through out the day.

I’m Kendall and I want to be your naughty temptress girlfriend. The girl who gets you to cheat on your wife in every single way. Not only will you give me your cum but you will give yourself emotionally to me too. I want to share our days with each other and end up falling for each other in a way like no other.

I want to be all that you think about and take all your stress away. Be that breathe of fresh air that you need every single day. With me in your life you will want to be a better person.

We will have hot passionate love making sessions and you will crave to have your cock inside of me where it belongs every single day. What are you waiting for?? Call your future girlfriend now. xoxoxo Kendall

Little Willy Whacker

That’s right, I didn’t stutter you’re a little pathetic, willy, whacking, wanker who loves to pump his pencil penis like a penis pumper. You can’t help to look at hot young girls like me and wish you had a big cock so I would fuck you. Oh no though,  you’re to tiny for that, and I wouldn’t even be able to feel something your size.

Staring at my perfect body, I’m sure you already have a small little boner in your pants. Guys like you have to pay girls like me to stroke, and you don’t mind at all because you’re so small, and know that you could never have a hot girl like me unless you pay. That’s right, you have to pay to pump you penis pumper.

I love to tease and make fun of  itty bitty little micro wee wee’s. Every man with a small cock should be put in his place. Don’t forget, you’ll have a cum tax fee too. It’s not free to cum in this world for micro pencil dicks like you.

Put down your itty bitty little dick and stop willy whacking that pathetic little penis and call me now!


Written By: Carlee
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You Belong To Me


That’s right, you are mine! I own you now and you will be my little sex pet. You will get on your hands and knees and obey all my orders. You’re going to be my fuck toy and my boy toy. I will use you for all my sexual pleasures.

I love to have my ass licked and worshiped. My body is so perfect how can you not? Starting at my toes and moving all the way to my lips.

I love teasing your cock and bringing you to the brink of cumming, then denying you the pleasure to squirt your huge, juicy load for me. Edge playing is the best.

You will please me for hours while I sit on your face. I know you love it when my pussy squirts all over your face. I will instruct you on how to masturbate for me and let you know when it’s time to cum.

You love your sensual Dom and you will do anything and everything for me. You belong to me, so submit now and call your Sex Goddess.



 Written By: Parker
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Daddy’s Naughty School Girl Phone Sex

Yes, I’m your sassy naughty little school girl that loves to fuck and suck. I started having sex at a very young age and take what I want when I want. I’m your bratty teen, or your sweet, shy virgin babysitter that loves to come over after school and play. I love teasing and taunting men and making their cocks swell until they can’t take it anymore.

When I was younger, daddy lost a poker bet and I had to pay for him and pleasure all his friends. So I have been trained at a very young age what men want and need and I’m ready to be your naughty little school girl and please you.

Looking for that slut that wants to edge you and milk all the cum out of your balls everyday? I’m that girl for you.


Written By: Brittany
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Bigger Than Daddy

Your father has never dated , let alone married a young woman like me. You love the way I dress and prance around the house showing off my body, and all the attention I give you. You even sneak into the bathroom and watch me shower when you think I don’t know. I know you’re also sneaking into my room when I’m not home and playing with your step Mommy’s panties. It’s okay, I leave them for you. I also love the attention, and the way you look at me and I see the swelling in your pants. It’s normal and I want to teach you what sexy women like me want from a boy like you.

The night you crawled into bed with me when your father was working late was a night I will never forget, and a night I want to happen all the time. I’m not going to lie, I brag a little bit to my friends about how you are so much bigger than your father.

Are you ready to play with your new step mommy, and let me teach you how to pleasure a real woman.



Written By: Janene
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Your New Little Girl Wants To Play!

You have been dating my Mommy for a long time now. Soon you will be married and I will be your little girl. You will be my new Daddy. Yes, I flirt with you. It is not your imagination. I tease you when I walk around the house looking hot and cute. I show off my little tits. You tell my Mommy that you love her big tits, but I know you really love my tiny tits better. My tight little body, sitting on your lap, grinding away. Mommy doesn’t make you hard as much as I do. You’re only marrying Mommy so you can spend more time with me. Like every night, in the same room, with me in my little pj’s, bouncing around the house. You want to get inside of my little, white cotton panties. My little pussy is getting creamy just thinking about you being my new Daddy.


Little Lucie 



Written By: Little Lucie
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Last Minute Requests?

Any last minute requests as 2018 comes to an end? Perhaps there was something on your sex bucket list that didn’t get checked off yet? Maybe you’re harboring a forbidden fantasy that crosses your mind more often than you’d like. I think maybe now you’re coming to the realization that you need the perfect seductress to take care of that ache in your pants.

You’re in luck because there’s still time.

I want to be the one who explores that desire that no one else knows about. That one deep, dark secret that makes your cock throb every time you think about it.

Once you call me, there’s no turning back. We’ll explore, masturbate and have that unforgettable orgasm you’ve been craving all year.


Written By: Sunny
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Shower Time

I recently remodeled my bathroom and decided to really splurge on a new shower head. The one I found had so many settings and I was really excited to try it out. I couldn’t wait for my first shower.

I did my usual routine and washed and rinsed my hair and then soaped up my body. As I was rinsing myself off, I realized why this particular shower head was so expensive. It was so powerful. Running it over my nipples was intense and made my pussy wet immediately. Then I let it travel down my tummy and on to my aching clit. Holy fuck. It was almost too much! I moved to the next setting and it was even better. My legs were barely supporting me. I braced myself against the shower wall and held it to my pussy. My entire body was shaking. My screams were echoing off the walls and I could feel my cunt shooting juices all down my legs. I felt myself sliding down the wall and shivering in the tub. Even my toys didn’t make me feel that good. It as easily the best money that I’ve ever spent, but I find myself taking 4 or 5 showers a day now. I can’t get enough of my new lover.


Written By: Ivette
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Home Alone For Christmas? Cum Get Some BBC with Faith


Are you looking for some big, black cock to  worship? I’m the girl for you, and I will get on my hands and knees next to you and feed that monster BBC to your mouth watering lips.

I love giving you that Christmas treat you deserve. Just like you, I love to get fucked in all my holes and my nice big titty’s by some big, black cock. I love begging for their cum as they pulsate, pump and jack that cum out of their nice big, black balls. I can’t wait to get my hot surprise by their cocks squirting juice out of those black dicks all over my face and titties.

You don’t have to be home alone for Christmas when you can cum play with your favorite girl, and have me force you to suck and get fucked by some  BBC!

Merry Christmas!



Written By: Faith
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Granny Stuffed For Thanksgiving

I love having all my phone sex grand-kids under my roof for the holidays. Since I’m in charge of all the cooking and entertaining, it can get a little stressful for me. My phone sex sons and grandsons sure know how to make Granny feel appreciated and de-stress me before the big day. It’s tradition that all the woman in the family go out to dinner and see the Nutcracker, while all the men stay with me at the house.

Now, while they’re are doing their thing, we have a secret special tradition we do at home. Granny gets on all fours on her living room rug and I have a family gang bang. It’s so nice to catch up with my sons and well hung grandsons when they’re driving their hard cocks deep in my wet, sloppy cunt. They take turns fucking my holes and when it’s  about over with, I have cum dripping from everywhere on my body. I pick someone different every year to go in the shower with me to wash up. We get in one more fuck session in the shower.

I gather myself together and get ready for the girls to be home. Since my cunt got stuffed good, I’m ready to stuff this Thanksgiving bird.


Written By: Granny Trudy
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