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Body Worship Phone Sex

It is such a beautiful, warm September day that I decided to explore the city. During my walk, I sat down in the park and felt the sun on my face. It felt amazing. I like to people watch. Sometimes I can pick submissive guys right out of a crowd.

As the sun warmed me up all over, I started to feel very sexy.  Taking a moment, feeling the sun cascade over my body,  and enjoying the warmth of sun all over me, I wish I could rip off my clothes in the park. I am craving sex as I picture myself naked in the park. 

As I got heated up sitting there basking in the sun, my pussy is tingling.  I am hot, horny and wet. I fantasize about dominating beautiful, sexy men, lots of men, worshipping my body, all over.  Running their fingers along my neck, my inner thighs, and worshiping every inch of me.  Kissing my stomach, breasts, and feet. My submissive men lick my pussy and ass. My boy toys offer their cocks to me. I ride each of them until they make me cum.

Their only purpose is to give me pleasure. 


Written By: Mistress KoKo
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Trailer Park Gangbang

My uncle decided that we needed one last fun weekend before summer was over. Little did I know that he had invited every man in the trailer park, and I was the main attraction.

When I walked out, I saw a long table set up in the front yard and all the men gathered around it. My uncle led me to the table. I knew what to do from there. I stripped down, laid back on the table and spread my legs and the fucking began! There were cocks of all shape and size, all hard for me, dripping pre-cum and ready to fuck! I was on my back with my head hanging off the table, taking cock in my mouth and pussy and stroking one in each hand. Every time one came, there was another cock ready to ram inside. Once every cock was drained, including my phone sex uncle’s, I was left there in exhaustion, my holes filled to the brim with cum and probably knocked up again. Written By: Bobby Sue
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Fun With a Nasty MILF

I love all phone sex, but MILF phone sex is my favorite. It’s not a stretch for me to play the naughty mommy next door, it’s my life! Some men just need a Mama in their life to remind them what bad boys they are and I do love a bad boy. I live to nurture and mother these boys, like a good mother should. They confess their sins to me and I divvy out the punishment as needed. I may give them the spanking they deserve, but I more than make up it up to them if I have to be hard on them. Mommy Jordon is a nasty mommy . I love taking boys and showing them exactly what Mama likes. The guys love it. They’ve had fantasies of a Mommy like me all of their lives and I love to accommodate their deepest need. Come see Mommy Jordon for some nasty, no taboos fun! Written By: Jordon
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Naughty Summer Intern

I have had a great summer working in your company doing an internship. Now, it is time for you to write my recommendation letter. I wasn’t always here on time every day. I took long lunches so that I could run to the mall. I called in sick one day, but when I returned it was obvious by the tan lines that I had been to the beach. I got the cute guys in the office to some of my work for me. Obviously, I am not the most productive intern, but I am hottest!

I walk into your office to discuss my performance. You start with all my flaws, and I start to unbutton my blouse. I promise you ANYTHING if you give me a great recommendation! I slip out of my skirt. I show you my stockings and garter belt. You go crazy. You are hard!

By that bulge in your pants, that I am going to drain, I know that you are going to give me the best recommendation possible!


Written By: Little Lucie
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He Loves My Tits!

I’ve always had a beautiful curvy body. Men have appreciated it my entire life. Fucking me is a dream come true and I’ve never had any complaints. My holes always hit the spot for a hard cock. However, my latest guy doesn’t have as much interest in my holes as he does in my tits. He loves them and the only thing on me that he wants to fuck are my boobs. I don’t mind. I push them together nice and tight for him and let him fuck away. You would think it wouldn’t do much for me, but hearing his grunts and groans and watching him push his stiff cock in between them really gets me hot! He’s so aggressive, sometimes pinching my nipples and slapping my tits until they’re red. It’s so sexy! When he cums, it’s all over my neck and face. I just dip my fingers in it and rub it all over my tits… over course, that gets him hot again, seeing his seed all over them. Pretty soon, I’m working them up and down his stiff rod. I love it just as much as he does. Who knew titty fucking could be this fun?!


Written By: Abby
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I’ll Keep Your Secret

We all have our secrets– little things that we have to keep to ourselves because no one else could ever understand. Since I’ve been a phone whore, I’ve learned that a lot of my guys have huge secrets and they desperately need someone to share them with. Luckily for them, they have me. I’ll keep your secret, no matter how big or small, innocent or filthy. Not only will I be your listening ear, I’ll make your secret fantasy a reality. I don’t judge anyone, in fact I love your deviant behavior. The more depraved the better for me. You can’t know how much better you’ll feel after you confess the things that make your cock hard. No need to hold back with me. Spill your guts. Tell me what you like. We’ll take those pervy thoughts and make them feel real.


Written By: Naughty Raylin
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A Walk on the Wild Side

I had worked a long week and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home. My girlfriends had another idea. They told me that they were all going to a new sex club that had opened and begged me to come along. They finally wore me down and I went. This place was amazing. I had never seen anything quite like it. We all agreed we were only going to watch. There was something for every fetish. We walked to one section that was completely empty accept for stools on the floor and holes in the wall. I knew what it was, but wondered where everyone was. A man leaned over and whispered that the glory holes were for volunteers only, a way to have some secret sexy fun. My girlfriends laughed and started to move onto the next room. I would have gone too, but then I saw the cocks. The big, gurthy throbbing cocks. It’s like my body had a mind of it’s own. I walked over and took my place on one stool. I slowly took the first cock in my mouth and sucked hard. Soon he was cumming in my mouth. It could have stopped there, but I was in a mood and couldn’t get enough. Before I knew what had happened, I had finished them all off and had a throat full of cum to show for it. The club became a regular hang out… but I didn’t limit myself to the glory hole room after that night…

Double Your Fun

Phone sex is always fun, but did you know that you can kick it up to a whole other level? If just 1 is fun, 2 is twice as nice. Luckily for you, you could have me AND my sexy little sister, Brittany! She and I always have the most fun together. We’ve been sharing men for years and all that experience adds up to a hard cock and messy explosion for you. Let us show you just how good two slut sisters can make you feel. Twice the mouths to suck your cock, twice the tits to rub all over you and twice the wet holes to ram your aching cock into. We also don’t mind if you just watch. We love playing together and putting on a show for you. It’s Friday, treat yourself. You’ve worked hard all week and it’s time to splurge. I can promise you that it will be the BEST money you’ve ever spent. Cum double your fun with 2 sexy sisters!

My Boyfriend’s Wife

I had been seeing this guy for a while when he finally decided to share with me that he was married. I was furious and wanted to break things off immediately. I don’t have issues fucking married men, just married men that lie. Before I could toss him out, he told me that his wife was very interested in meeting me. I started to say no just as I heard the door open and close. She came into the room… and she was gorgeous. She looked me up and down and smiled. “She’s perfect.” I have to admit, seeing the way both of them were looking at me made my panties very wet. She walked over slowly and started running her hands up and down my body. She leaned forward and licked my lips, sinking with me down on the couch. Her husband/my boyfriend sat in the chair across from us, his cock already out and throbbing. She and I undressed each other, totally caught in the moment. Her body was so fucking hot and my lips nipped at her nipples and my tongue swirled inside her delicious pussy. After I made her cum with my tongue and fingers, she pushed me back on the couch and pinned my legs back. She started slow, just easing 2 or 3 fingers in, but soon her entire fist was working in and out while her tongue flicked my clit. I was screaming with pleasure, it was so fucking good! My legs were shaking as he walked over. She pulled her fist away and he shot his load all over my gaping pussy. She leaned in licked it up. I have never cum so hard! Since that day, my boyfriend’s wife is now my girlfriend.

A Night In With My Sorority Sisters

I received an email from one of my sorority sisters and asked if I was interested in a little reunion. I couldn’t wait and told her to count me in right away! We met at one of their houses and the talking, laughing and drinking began. It felt just like old times. All the girls looked amazing. After dinner, we decided to slip into our swim suits and play in the pool for a little while. That’s when things got interesting…
While I was floating along, I felt fingers brushing against my inner thigh. I sat up and saw one of my sisters with a sly smile on her face. I smiled back, knowing where it was going. I grabbed her face and slipped my tongue into her mouth. Even though my eyes were closed, I knew what was going on. I could hear the giggles and moans from the other girls. I floated back to the side of the pool, my sorority sister following me, pulling my bikini top off. Before long, we were all naked. Some outside the pool on the lounge chairs, some in the pool. I was propped up on the side, her tongue slowly fucking my pussy. As I was moaning, another came over and squatted above my face. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pulled her down so I could glide my tongue around her swollen clit. Things were getting wild fast. The moans and giggles turned into screams, including my own. Soon, everyone was sated and ready to go in. When we went in, there was one more surprise. One of the sisters brought a toy box… and there was more than enough to go around.