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Your Cock Is Worthless To Me

I know you want me, loser… and guess what? You can’t have me! I only go for real men with huge dicks, not pathetic fucks like you.

I’m that hot, sassy princess you can never have. The only thing you get out of me is giggles and verbal abuse, maybe an occasional strap-on fuck if you’re a sissy faggot.

I had this total loser call me me the other day. He thought I would enjoy a picture of his small pencil dick. Ha, ha! He was all proud of his cock until I put him in his place. I told him I would never fuck him, even if he was the last guy on earth. He didn’t realize how pathetic  he really was until I set him straight. Now he knows his cock is worthless to me and he can’t cum without permission.

Call me, stupid. Get ready to serve and spoil your princess.


Written By: Princess Paris
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Sex On The Beach

Sometimes I like to imagine laying on a beach, wearing a skimpy bikini. As I am soaking up the sun, you approach me. Towering over me, you block the sun’s rays and I ask you to move but as you do, you hand me a bottle of sun block lotion. You offer to put it on me because you noticed that I am starting to burn.

As you start rubbing it on my back, I begin to take my top off so that you can fully cover my whole back. As you rub my back, you notice that I am getting turned on by the way you are touching me. Have you ever thought about having sex on a secluded beach?  I have, maybe if you call me sometime, we can live out that fantasy together.



Written By: Jayme
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My Perfect Submissive Boyfriend

I have been exploring strap-on play with my boyfriend for awhile now. We both enjoy hot anal and it’s becoming a very erotic part of my sexual fantasies. I’m always trying to come up with kinky and creative ways to get my lover off. We do a lot of role playing and this includes dressing up as well. Sometimes he calls me in the middle night begging to be completely controlled. It’s something we both must have and I can still remember every detail of the very first time I popped his man cherry. Slowly, seductively I took what was mine and demanded his obedience. He served me well and proved to be the perfect submissive boyfriend.



 Written By: Brandy Lynn
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Accomplice Phone Sex

One of my specialties and favorite role-play scenarios is accomplice phone sex. I’m as trashy, sick and twisted as they come. I will always squirt hard when I get a caller that wants to talk about abducting a youngster and turning them into our personal little fuck toy.

We can take our play thing into my bedroom of my trailer and do a hot rape fantasy. I will hold her down and quiet her screams as you force your huge hard cock in that tight, bald pussy. You make that tiny little cunt bleed as you spread her wide open.

There’s so many other scenarios that we can do with this sweet little package. I will never turn down an abduction phone sex session with my horny, perverted boys.


Written By: Peggy
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Naughty Miley


I was a bad little girl last night. I couldn’t sleep because of the thunder, so I got out of my bed. I walked down the hallway to your bedroom. You heard the sound of my little feet scamper against the hardwood floor as I walked to your bed. You pretend to be asleep. I am not supposed to be in here.

I climbed into your bed next to you and snuggled against you. I rubbed my little body against you. I made you hard and before you realize what is happening, my mouth was sucking your hard cock.

You can’t believe how good it feels, my naughty little girl mouth sucking your cock in the middle of the night.

I am your favorite naughty little girl.

Written By: Miley
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Age is Just a Number!

Age does not matter to me at all. Age play is one of my absolute favorite role play fantasies. I have callers telling me all the time I look like their niece or daughter. I’m so young and petite, I can be anything you want me to be for a naughty underage call.

When it comes to guys I fuck, I don’t put any age restrictions on that as well. I’ve always been with much older guys from when I was young. One of the first times I had sex was with a 46 year old. He had salt and pepper hair and he wanted me to call him Daddy. From that point on, my pussy only wanted older cock.

I just hope you don’t cum too quickly with my young, sweet voice, and creative role play scenarios. I want my daddy’s to take their time with their Baby Britt.



Written By: Baby Britt
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All American Dream Girl

I am your All American Girl.

I am your total dream girl. I got those sexy curves that you love so much. I am the complete package. I got everything you dream about. Be careful what you wish for when you dream. You might not want to let me go. I am a hard habit to break.

I’m your red, white and blue bikini wearing girl with a smile that will melt your heart, and a mouth that will tease and tantalize your cock. Oh, how hard I make you. My sweet voice whispers all those dirty words in your ear. Baby, we got all night. Let’s lose some sleep and fuck until dawn.

Sometimes you need a break from your daily stresses. You’ve been watching porn, but you need that something extra to cum. You know that I am always hot and ready to go. I can take a ride on your hard cock. Push my big, all natural American girl tits in your face. I know how much you adore my breasts. Admit it, I drive you wild. I am your ticket to the wild side of life. I do things that your wife won’t do. Let’s get naked and explore every fantasy you have together.

Written By: Skylar
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Daddy/Daughter Role-Play

I had a great daddy call last night! There’s nothing I love more than to be a daddy’s girl.

Last night I played a young teen. I was laying in my bed, wearing a white tank top, no bra, and some panties. I had my hand down my panties and I was playing with myself.

Daddy heard me outside my door and peaked inside. He stood there without me knowing, watching me as his cock started to get hard. Finally, he decided to let me know that he caught me. I tried to deny what I’ve been doing but it was useless.

My fingers were wet and daddy really couldn’t care less. He picked me up and decided I needed a nice hard spanking, not for playing with myself, but for trying to lie.

He pulled my panties down and spanked my bottom. Then he decided to have a feel of my wet pussy too. I love it when daddy takes what he wants and I love it even more when his little girl is a nice tight virgin!



Written By: Jade
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I Won’t Tell

We met at a pool party last weekend. You were there with your wife and kids. I was there with my parents. I felt your eyes all over my young body. I made sure you got a good look of my little tits and perfect ass. I saw you taking dip in the pool and I dove in, making sure to “accidentally” brush against your cock. Rock hard and just for me. While your wife was running around with the kids, I slipped you my number.

I saw you taking dip in the pool and I dove in, making sure to “accidentally” brush against your cock. Rock hard and just for me. While your wife was running around with the kids, I slipped you my number.

Later that night, I received my first text from you: “Where can we meet?” I responded quickly that I would meet you at your house. You tried to argue, but I insisted… no one tells me “NO”.

The next morning, I watched your wife leave with the kids and snuck upstairs. You were nervous, but hard just the same. I laid on the bed that you share with her. You hesitated briefly, but as soon as I started exposing my body to you, you couldn’t resist. You were starving for me.

My panties were ripped off and your mouth devoured my pussy. I lost count of how many times you made me cum against your tongue. You pushed me back against the bed and shoved your cock inside. You knew you didn’t have to be gentle with your little whore. I wasn’t your wife and you could be as rough as you wanted.

You grabbed a handful of my hair and rolled me to my stomach. Your mouth went to my ass, shoving your tongue in deep, getting me ready to take your cock. Your mouth covered mine as you rammed inside, covering my screams. You pumped in and out, demanding that I cum for you again. With my last orgasm out of the way, you gave one last push and came inside my ass.

You rolled to your back, gasping for breath. “We can’t do this again, Raylin.” I smiled down at him as I took his cock in my hand.
“I won’t tell if you don’t”.


Written By: Raylin
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Naughty Niece Miley


I like to tease my favorite Uncle. He is very sexy. Sometimes I sneak over to his place instead of going to school. A few times I’ve gotten to spend weekends at his house. Wearing my tiny little skirts makes him stare at my legs and hope for a glimpse of my little panties. Sometimes I don’t wear panties under my skirts and that really drives him crazy.

I am a very naughty niece who knows how to make my Uncle weak and horny for me. By sitting in his lap and wiggling my butt until he gets hard, his big strong hands run up and down my smooth skinny legs.

Sometimes, I ask my Uncle to help me practice my gymnastics. I take off my skirt, just wearing my panties and white t-shirt, my Uncle holds my little butt and helps me do flips in his living room. I am naughty. Sometimes I pretend to fall, so my Uncle can catch me.

Before he knows it, his pants are down and my mouth is around his cock.

Written By: Miley
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