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 My Stats

Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'7

Weight: 115

Measurements: 32B-24-32

Pussy: Bald with a little trail, to show that thick throbbing cock where to go!

Ass: Tight and ready for some pounding action *winks*

Favorite Positions: On top of a hard throbbing cock!

Strangest Places I've had sex: On the alter in a church

Hobbies: Football, painting (with my body) cars, swimming, hiking, fucking, giving head, of course, parties and freinds

Specialities: Anal, Oral, Role Play, Domination, Sissy, Feminization, Forced Femme, Forced Bi, Cuckold, Financial Domination, Age Play, No Taboos, Watersports, Edge Play, All Fetishes, Body Worship, Blackmail, Rape Fantasy, and anything your dirty little mind can think of!


Hello sexy men out there! I am Layla! The hottest little teen around. I am laying on my bed, very horny and waiting for your call.

Do you have a naughty little fetish or fantasy you want to play out? I thought so! I do it all! I get so wet playing out nasty taboo fantasies. Need a Goddess to worship? Look no further, my young face and soft voice will have you eating out of my hand in no time. You have a desire for phone sex and I have the voice and body for it. Let me help you have a mind blowing phone fuck today. Everyone always tells me I am like an addiction.You try me out once and you just can not stop. You become obsessed and need me everyday. Maybe it is because of my soft, sensual voice, or just the fact I have the body of a Goddess. Whatever the reason you keep coming back for more, I am always wet and ready for you. Each time you bring me a new naughty fantasy and I fulfill every time. I’m young and my body is your personal playground and meant for you to enjoy every inch of it. I can’t wait to hear which one we will fulfill today.

Luscious Layla

Call 1.877.470.3643
for Phone Sex with

10 Responses to “Layla”

  • Layla is what it is all about. She knows just what a gentleman needs and knows how to take care of his needs to get it out of him. I cannot think of a klassy kat that I would rather do it with then Luscious Layla.

  • OK calling all pervs, horny ol’ men, masturbators, fetish freaks…. HERE SHE IS! The woman WILL DO IT ALL. SHe took direction well and also then took control when I needed her to. She was completely intuitive… Smokin voice… and fantasttic, uninhibited imagination. Gawd, I can’t wait til her mom comes home!!!!!

  • Even on a first call, Layla made me feel like we’d been making love for years.

  • WOW, that “be my bitch” blog entry is the hottest thing I’ve read in ages. I’ve very rarely had phone sex but that is tempting indeed, I’d actually love to have this experience for real but playing it on a phone might just be a lot of fun, well written anyhow and deserved a comment. you probably don’t care either way about these sort of comments from people who aren’t really clients but thought you should know anyhow, . Thanks for brightening my afternoon.

  • So layla how have U been what U been upto these day Im wonderin will U B here mmmm

  • Hi Layla,

    I hope that we can catch up soon…

  • Hey layla what have U been upto U wanna play mmm

  • Wow, Thanks for the wonderful call last night Layla. It was so very hot! Glad that you liked my bra and shoes!

  • Mmmmmm!Wow! That fuck session was absolutely the best ever by any one of the Klassy Kats. You can count on us working again. You were very leading and sensual to my needs, and yours as well. Keep up the great work! I luv you!

  • your fucking hott

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